Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 16

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Sixteen

Sasha’s belly swelled. Sometimes it was difficult for medical professionals to tell just how long a dragoness would carry an egg for, if she was not of the kind to birth live young, but Sasha was definitely nearing her time. Walking became a little more difficult for her and she grumbled through the day, restricting herself to the house for her own comfort, even if she had to use Fyr a little to sate her needs.

“That’s a good girl,” she crooned, patting her daughter on the head as Fyr buried her nose between her mother’s legs for the umpteenth time that evening. “It’s too bad when you’re at work really, unable to tend to me. You should be here, doing what you do best.”

The dragoness’ cheeks burned but, although Fyr grunted against Sasha’s soaked pussy lips, she did not pull away or even dare to voice a complaint. She knew better than that. It would only cause more trouble and trouble was something that she just didn’t want. It would complicate things and take her attention away from the sweet nectar flowing over her tongue.

Groaning softly, Fyr flicked the tip of her tongue over her mother’s clit, using every trick in her bag of them to give her mother the utmost pleasure. That was what she was there for, wasn’t it? Her pleasure? Fyr’s pleasure had long ago fallen by the wayside and, although her loins ached for some attention of her own, she hardly dared masturbate anymore for the fear of what repercussions it would bring.

But she had to sometimes, if only to relieve the need enough for her to not be a simpering, whimpering mess of a dragoness. She’d been like that once, after the club, and it had impressed no one. Burning with desire, the dragoness had flung herself on the floor and begged Ropes to fuck her again, tail raised and pussy dripping with need. It should have been a display enough to entice any male but a demon of lust had an ulterior motive and a better option present in the same room.

“Honestly, Fyr,” Sasha said, clicking her tongue sadly against the roof of her mouth. “I would have thought you’d learned by now not to put on silly displays like this.”

Fyr moaned and pressed her forehead to the carpet.

“Please,” she whined. “I need you… Ropes… Please fuck me. I’ve wanted you so badly since the club.”

Sasha laughed cruelly, tail slapping the mattress in her mirth.

“Oh, isn’t that a gem, sugar! You get one cock up you and one pounding your maw and now all you want is another? You think you’re good enough for him now, darling? You think you can still take my lover?”

Fyr shuddered and did not reply. There was no need.

Ropes had taken Sasha again, right there and then, while Fyr moaned and rammed her fingers into her cunt, forcing herself to a crude orgasm while her husband fucked her mother in the brutal way that only demons seemed to want to fuck. What was wrong with them? Were they indestructible or something? For it was true that Fyr had hurt and hurt after finally getting the cock she’d wanted, Ropes’ roughness leaving muscles aching that she had not even known existed. What she would give for loving missionary, a long, slow love-making session that stretched into the night and the sweetly touched early hours of the morning.

Only, it would still be lacking something, something that Fyr still did not care to admit, not even to herself. That realisation would come in time and, by far, would not be an easy one to accept.

That was okay. She had time.

After the humiliation of begging for sex and getting nothing in return, they’d left her with a toy in her pussy, a little egg that she had, originally, thought completely innocuous. Something that small surely couldn’t cause her any harm, could it?

She’d been wrong. It was not harm that the egg caused but, out in public, complete and utter torment. Taking her out shopping was supposed to be a treat, but Fyr had only picked up one T-shirt that she thought her mother may have liked – forgetting that she was allowed to get things for herself too – when the egg burst to life in her pussy. Rammed up against her G-spot, it vibrated madly and Fyr cried out, dropping the hanger and shirt with a clatter that turned heads.

“Fyr?” Sasha blinked innocently at her. “Darling, are you quite alright?”

The dragoness stood up as straight and steady as she could, but the buzz of the toy was relentless and it was mere seconds before her legs were trembling. She looked wildly about her, her husband smirking at Sasha’s antics rather than her discomfort from across the store, although there was no rest or respite to be had as her mother ushered her on.

“Come gorukle escort on! This is supposed to be a treat. Don’t you want a treat, Fyr?”

Maybe not the kind of treat her mother had in store for her. She forced Fyr to shop with her legs pressed together, her juices making the egg slicker and slicker with every passing moment. The dragoness flushed heavily as a sales dragon helped her with a blouse, even offering to fit her for a bra as she had seen Fyr looking at the sign for custom fittings. Of course, Fyr had only been trying to distract herself from the vibrations and otherwise had absolutely no intention of being fitted for a bra. Her stutters fell on deaf ears, however, and, of course, her mother of all furs had ushered her back into the changing rooms to get her top off while the vibrating egg was cranked up to a pulsing maximum.

Fyr still wasn’t sure if the sales dragoness had bought her explanation that the sound had been her phone going off in her bag. Either way, she never was going to return to that store ever again whether under threat of pain or death or something worse still!

And all that came down to the moment with her mother leaning back on the sofa, legs kicked up over her daughter’s shoulders as she howled in orgasm, thrashing like a dragon possessed – well, she was a demoness – and expecting her daughter to ride her out through the storm. That was all Fyr knew how to do and she growled into her mother’s pussy as she clung to her legs, neck aching as a flood of desire drooled into her mouth, the dragoness practically squirting with the force of her orgasm. It was only, that time, the force of Fyr’s fingers ramming into her, hardly filling her mother but providing the much-needed stimulation to tip over the edge into wondrous climax.

She’d never felt so much like a sex toy before. And Fyr loved it. She loved being used, lapping her mother’s juices off the side of her muzzle and asking her, oh so very sweetly, if she wanted more.

Her mother tossed her aside like a toy as she wandered off to find Ropes. Despite her condition, the cougar had not been any gentler with her of late, but perhaps they did not need to worry about things like that, being demons. He filled her several times a day as she screamed for his seed and, if he dared play coy with his demoness lover, Sasha certainly wasn’t in such a position that she couldn’t pin him down and ride him to a thrashing, yowling climax.

At least they’d stopped breaking so much furniture. Fyr was getting rather sick of fixing things but she still had some modicum of power in the household and a few pointed comments, even if she couldn’t quite bring herself to say anything directly, had done the trick nicely enough. Any overly enthusiastic activities had been confined to the growing ranch property after dark from that point onwards and it had allowed Fyr to devote her time to the construction of the barn, putting the finishing touches on the side that would be the main part of their livelihood.

Sasha’s heavily pregnant body didn’t stop her competition with Ropes from continuing, either. A string of males came and went from their home with Fyr trying to make their comings and goings as discreet as possible. Most seemed to be drunk or too cocky to care though, Sasha choosing her males for their bodies and not their minds. What did it matter to her, after all, if her stud of the evening was lacking a few brain cells? She wasn’t about to engage in a lengthy conversation with any of them!

It wasn’t so much the ones with large cocks either that seemed to grab her attention, but the fine types, the ones that were more exotic than the usual fare in the town and beautiful to boot, for Fyr wouldn’t have called them handsome. But that was where the lure would have ended for Fyr, if she’d been the one fucking them, as she couldn’t have dealt with a male that needed to be told what to do at every turn. Why, the only sounds that some of them made were grunts and moans if what she heard through the walls was to be believed!

But that was what Sasha liked, in a way. She wanted to be on top and wanted to be able to dominate a male, grinding and humping on them as if they were nothing more too than the sex toy she’d reduced her own daughter too. Fyr had even heard her teasing them, through the walls, for she was never allowed to watch Sasha’s conquests getting what they needed, that she’d allow them to have her daughter too – if they were good studs for her, that was. After the interlude with the drake in the club, Fyr wasn’t all that sure that that was a good idea and made herself scarce at such times.

And, oddly still, Ropes wasn’t jealous in the slightest about Sasha fucking whoever she pleased. That may have been because he was bringing home a different companion every other day, although he was a side less discreet about it than Sasha. He seemed to want everyone and anyone to know what he was up to and smirked as Fyr tried to hide his lovers, the often altıparmak eskort bayan feline partners laughing and cooing at her, running around as the little cuckold life.

Fyr scowled at the memory. She liked Ropes’ partners less so than Sasha’s, not because they mocked her and patted her condescendingly on the head, but because they acted like they knew Ropes better than her – for years, in fact. A lioness spoke of times before Fyr had even been with him, chilling her to the bone with detailing exploits that would have made the Fyr from before blush and mutter her excuses. Others thanked him for lavish dinners and dates that Fyr knew had to be exaggerated, the lustfully wicked females probably embellishing what had happened just to embarrass and humiliate her all the further. In all honesty, that was something she would have preferred to come from either her husband or her mother. It wasn’t as if she was into being humiliated by strangers after all…

And the implications that some of them had been with Ropes before too. That was worrying. That was very worrying. She thought back to how willingly Ropes had gone along with Sasha’s plan, proposed in the dragoness’ pretty much abandoned living room when they’d visited that fateful weekend. It had seemed as if it was something that he enjoyed, even then, and there was little reason to suspect that his loyalty to her, especially after the interlude at the club, was all that strong anymore.

Well, at least in one respect. He’d not made any move to leave her, working towards their little life together with the passion that only he seemed to be able to embody. She relished the quiet moments working on the barn with her husband, getting his input on paint and even making a workshop for him, though it truly was her that was more about being ‘hands on’ when it came to DIY and repair. It still made him feel like he was just a little bit more included, however, and he’d rewarded her for that by allowing her to give him a blowjob.

Fyr trembled at the memory. Oh, his uncut shaft sliding over her tongue had been divine, even better than the sly road-head she’d given him in the truck. Although it could only have been a few weeks, it seemed like such a long time ago and so much had changed since, Fyr desperate to please and increasingly needy with every passing day. He’d squeezed a tentacle around her throat as he climaxed, painting her muzzle with his cream as he whispered one single word.


And she always would be his, until her dying day and beyond.

That had been a good day. That had been a very good day.

Fyr tried not to think about who her husband may have been fucking before he’s gotten with her mother. That wasn’t a can of worms that she ever wanted to open, as sick as it made her in the churning pit of her stomach.

Her mother sent her off once she’d had her fill of the crimson dragoness and Fyr wandered downstairs, the taste of her mother’s pussy still thick and heady in her muzzle. There were chores to be done and a sink full of dirty dishes calling her name, as much as she tried to ignore the need to do housework. It was both a joy and the very embodiment of the word ‘chore’ as she enjoyed doing it to serve her dominants and yet…well…better to face the facts: there was very little other pleasure to be had from doing the dishes to say the least of it!

And still, she did it anyway, letting her mother and her husband rest where they chose. She hadn’t seen Ropes for some time and assumed that he wasn’t even in the house. Fyr smiled to herself. He probably had another leopard in his arms just to taunt Sasha. The dragoness always fucked him harder after he’d had someone from outside their relationship. Maybe that was the only reason he’d fucked Fyr in the club that time too, as he’d slammed Sasha pleasurably into the wall right after taking his wife as if he needed to show her just how breakable the dragoness was in comparison to the lusty demoness who had taken over her life and world.


The dragoness’ head snapped up from the sink, eyes wide. That didn’t sound like a sexy scream. It didn’t even sound like a demanding one.

Sasha was frightened.

“Fyr!” There was a note of pain in her mother’s voice. “Come quickly!”

Dropping the plate she’d been holding in the sink with a soapy splash, Fyr flung her body from the kitchen and up the stairs, breath raking through her windpipe. She took the stairs two at a time, stumbling over herself and slamming her shoulder into the wall with a barely concealed curse as she fumbled for the handle of her mother’s bedroom door.

“Mom!” She gasped, tumbling over herself into the room. “Mom, what’s happening? You screamed! You…”

Fyr trailed off, words dying on her lips as she took in the naked body of her mother, on her back on the bed with her knees bent up so that her sex could not be seen, blocked by her legs. The dragoness twisted and curled nilüfer eskort bayan her tail around herself, holding her stomach as her chest heaved, breath coming in short, sharp pants. Fyr had left her in a comfortable state so to find her with sweat pouring down her scales, wings tucked up against her back in pain, was enough to stop Fyr dead in her tracks.

“Fyr, it’s happening!” Her mother groaned, rocking her hips up from the bed. “Fyr… Oh…”

Devolving into a groan, Sasha rolled to the side, clutching her stomach as she tried to bring her knees in towards her chest. But she couldn’t – her stomach was far, far too large for that, even if it would soon be as flat and smooth as it ever was.


“Okay, mom, I’m gonna need you to relax now.”

Sasha glared at her daughter as she perched on the edge of the bed, smoothing her paw down one blue-scaled leg.

“How the hell do you expect me to relax when I’m about to lay this darn egg?”

Fyr winced.

“Granted, not my best choice of words, but it’s not going to hurt you, you know this. It’s going to feel uncomfortable and you’re going to cramp though. This isn’t like birthing a live hatchling, so you’re lucky really.”

“Lucky?” Sasha growled, green eyes flashing. “Lucky?”

Fyr met her gaze levelly and shook her head.

“Yes. You are. Now, shimmy around onto all fours. You’re putting more pressure on your stomach there than you need to and this will make you more comfortable.”

Evidently, Fyr had read or retained more of the egg-laying books than Sasha, though the older dragoness had point blank refused to go to classes. They weren’t really targeted at dragons anyway and a newly fledged demoness had more questions to answer than was really fair for a female whose body was raging with pregnancy hormones. To her credit, however, Sasha rolled over onto her paws and knees and did as she was asked, letting Fyr take the lead.

The thing about dragons was that they were capable of laying either eggs or live young and, well, Fyr had been birthed and not laid. She’d never gone through the trial of clawing her way out of an egg and never needed to know about egg laying, being with a husband who, genetically, was supposed to pass on the gene for a youngster that would be born in the same manner. But maybe she’d been wrong as what had been growing in Sasha for months on end was most certainly an egg and not a young dragon or cougar.

It would be down to Sasha, however, to squeeze it from her, sweating and moaning and pushing her body to the absolute limit.

Taking her mother’s paw, Fyr smiled encouragingly and caught her lips in a warm kiss. The dragoness’ tongue darted desperately between her lips, taking Fyr’s embrace as a welcome distraction from the cramping in her lower abdomen, body readying itself for the overbearing urge to push. There would not be much pain though, of that Fyr was sure, but it would not be easy for any dragoness, much less one of Sasha’s age.

That gave her pause. Did age count when one had become a demoness? Was her mother immortal? That was probably something she would have to think about at a later date, but things would come to rights once the egg was safely laid.

“Come on now, mom,” she murmured softly, lips against Sasha’s. “You can do this. You had me before and this will be nowhere near so bad, I promise. It’ll even start to feel a bit pleasurable later, though we don’t know how large the egg will be yet.”

Sasha ground her teeth together and shook her head, eyes tightly closed.

“No! It’s so…” She gasped, shoulders hunched with tension. “No… Cramping…”

Fyr stroked her head and neck soothingly, letting her mother rest against her, arms around her torso.

“It’ll be okay, mom, just a little bit longer and it’ll all be easier, I promise you.”

“Ropes.” Her mother’s eyes narrowed. “Get Ropes.”

“I don’t think he’s here, mom,” Fyr murmured.


The dragoness shook her head, caught between a rock and a hard place. She could leave her mother to find her husband but where would that get her? And, despite everything, Sasha was scared.

Fyr winced, though tried to hide it, stroking down the back of her mother’s neck with fingers that played over the sore and tense muscles. It hurt her to see the terror glimmering in the back of her mother’s green, glowing orbs. She was meant to be the strong one, the one that Fyr could look to for help and guidance and to see her so caught by what her body was doing, what she could not control, teetered dangerously on the edge of terrifying.

So she had to try.

“Ropes?” Fyr raised her voice, though she doubted that the cougar was near enough to hear her. “Ropes, can you get your tail in here…please?”

She couldn’t quite leave off the note of respect from the tail end of the utterance, but she did her best anyway to sound as if she was the one of authority. In a situation that was new to each of them, she had to be calm, had to be the voice of reason. Even if her heart was pounding so viciously that she feared it would burst right out of her chest right then and there.

“Where is he?” Sasha groaned when the cougar did not immediately appear. “Where’s Ropes?”

“I told you, mom, I don’t think -“

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