Culture School Ch. 02

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Chapter 2


I was staring at my Mother!

Then through a swirling fog, I heard Mistress Anna’s voice cut through. “Mistress Tammy, this is your new charge Jenny. Jenny this is Mistress Tammy. She will take charge of you now Jenny and get you back to the hall in an hour.”

Slowly, my mind started clearing and it wasn’t my Mother, but a young woman who looked remarkably like her; she was about 5 feet 10 inches, long red hair flowing down around her neck to her large breasts. At least where her breasts should be for I now saw that she was wearing a uniform of thin white linen with a green band tie. Further down the uniform consisted of the smallest plaid skirt that I had ever seen. Were I a few inches shorter, I would probably be looking at her fanny.

“Come in Jenny. I’ll show you the dormitory and ex plain some of the preliminary rules of our school.” With that simple statement she bent in and kissed me full on the lips like my Mother had mere minutes ago. My mind was still foggy and spinning. I could feel my arousal start again. And it had only been 30 minutes since the doctor and nurse had carried me to a soaring climax. Yet, Mistress Tammy was causing me to get turned on again.

She placed her arm around my waist leading me deeper into the dormitory room. I scanned as we walked. On either side of the room were two double beds with a small chifforobe on each side of the beds. Her hand was rubbing gently down toward my bum, just touching, then upward again. My temperature kicked up another few degrees and I didn’t want her to stop.

“We need to be conservative with space in our quarters, so two students are assigned as dorm buddies and sleep together. Each has her own wardrobe and chest beside her bed. Your clothes and only your clothes will be orderly stored in your chifforobe, and it is inspected daily. Forgetting or violating any rule will be disciplined, as it should be to any naughty girl. JENNY!”

“Yes Mistress Tammy?”

“Letting your mind drift when a Mistress or Master is speaking is the act of a naughty girl. Normally, you would receive three or more strokes of the birch, but this first day you will be excused. We realize how difficult it is for a new student’s first day and we post a listing of rules and a schedule in the study room so you can review them until you know them by heart. We also assign you to an older buddy who is responsible for seeing that you learn and grow. Any infractions and she will be disciplined along with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Tammy.”

“Now, ahead on the right is our lavatory which you can see later. On the left is the Junior Mistress’s sleep area. By the carpet outline, you can see the boundaries. You may never step into that area unless either your Mistress or Master invites you. The same is true for any other area in the school. You are forbidden entry except by invitation or scheduled activity.”

She stopped talking and I took a look through her area. It had a king size bed, nightstand, makeup dresser, and a desk. On the desk was a PC and miscellaneous papers. I wonder if the sheaf lying on top was my sex history. The arrangement seemed strange until I realized that the bed was positioned at the outer edge to give her a full view of the buddies’ beds. She started walking again to the left towards the sunlit room.

“This is our study and relaxation lounge. You can study out here in the daytime when not attending classes and in the evening between dinner and lights-out. And, this is Amy, your Dorm Buddy. Amy this is Jenny. I’m leaving her in your charge now to get her personal belongings sorted and see that she is in uniform before going back to her parents.”

“Yes, Mistress Tammy.”

“Hi, Jenny. Come on I’ll show you around and explain everything. First you may want to look around the study. Note that the rules and schedules are posted on the corkboard. You can come in here any time before lights-out to review them. I know you’ll love our school, especially in this dorm.” Then, like Mistress Tammy, she leaned in and gave me a deep open mouth kiss.

Again I felt a little sizzle in my crotch. To control myself, I looked all around the study, at the board and out the windows. We were on the east side, overlooking the visitor’s car park and I could see Father’s car below. I turned around and looked at Amy again, wondering how peculiar it was that she was a spitting image of me. Same height. Same blonde hair and apparently the same size breasts. “How strange” I thought. My buddy looks like me and my Mistress looks like my Mother.”

Amy grabbed my hand then, leading me off to the first bed near the entry door. My luggage was already there and with no hesitation, Amy lifted one bag to the bed and opened it.

“Okay, take out only your toiletries and very personal items. Leave all of your clothes in there for now”, she said. “We can finish the details after dinner. Besides, the school provides any needed clothing like uniforms and sleepwear.”

I quickly went to sorting, as she threw another bag on the bed and began going konya escort through the contents. Before I got my toiletries onto the dresser, Amy had gone through a second bag. Placing all of the bags back on the floor, she started to put out some clothes. It was my new uniform.

“Here, put on your uniform. We need to get you back to your parents on time.” Amy said. “You need to wear your own shoes today but we will check about standard shoes tomorrow.”

I looked at the uniform and asked, “You gave me a red tie. Why is that different from Mistress Tammy’s? And why are our uniforms plain dresses and hers is a plaid?”

“The ties are our class colors. First year is red, third year is green and second year yellow like mine. Plaid skirts are only worn by Irish or Scots students, they are their clan Tartans. Now hand me your clothes as you take them off and I’ll fold them and place them on your luggage.”

“You mean right here?” I asked.

“Of coarse. This is your dressing area, just as we all have our own dressing areas.”

With a funny feeling, I began undressing. This was the second time today that I would be completely naked in front of near strangers. As I handed each piece to Amy, she folded it neatly and put it away. She didn’t seem to be paying any attention to me. But, Mistress Tammy was. She had walked over and sat on the next bed watching.

“Now give me your knickers,” said Amy.

I thought I was going to be embarrassed when they saw my bare fanny, but when I looked up and saw the smiles on their staring faces, I broke out with a big smile myself. They actually liked me. I picked up my blouse and slipped it on first. It felt hot having their eyes peering at my fanny. I buttoned up and picking up the tie I struggled to get it on. Amy stepped up to me and tied it for me. Next I slipped on the skirt and looked to see that it was not quite down to mid-thigh. And that was the end of the uniform; there were no more clothes on the bed.

“Where are my knickers?” I asked.

Mistress Tammy spoke up then “Oh, no student wears knickers here. See?”

She leaned back on the bed and spread her legs, giving me a view of a neatly trimmed, fiery red muff that matched the coloring of her hair. I looked at Amy and she, too, was holding her skirt up above her waist showing off a pretty bare fanny looking just like mine. Except, I could swear she was blushing.

Mistress Tammy came over and took me in her arms and gave me another kiss. Next, Amy gave me a real sweet feeling kiss, along with slipping her hand under my skirt and caressing me. I didn’t want to leave, now. I could feel my skin tingling and starting to burn.

“Let’s go Jenny. We need to be on time for your parents” Mistress Tammy said.

Leaving Amy behind, we went down to the entry hall where my parents were waiting for us. Mistress Anna was with them. She introduced Mistress Tammy to them telling them her position of dorm Mistress. My Mother was wide eyed looking at her near double.

I said, “Isn’t it amazing how similarly you two look and she’s Irish too. I’m afraid every time I look at her I going to think of you Mother and get homesick.”

“Oh no, dear. She younger and much more beautiful than I am.” With that they both blushed. “You do like the school, don’t you dear?”

“Yes, yes, Mother. Just one day and it’s already been so exciting. I don’t think one of those leading Universities could be nearly as nice. I can hardly wait for my classes to begin.”

That brought smiles to everyone’s faces and a blush to Father’s. Or was that there before? I noticed he was still holding that sheath of papers in front of his lower body, but this time he had it face out. It was a copy of my sex history the nurse had recorded. Then I joined them in blushing.

“Thank you Mistress Tammy. I will take the Whitely-Brown’s out for a tour of the campus grounds now and have them back in time for dinner”, said Mistress Anna and we parted.

We walked almost directly into a garden filled with lovely flowers, mostly roses from what I could see. On the right was greenery everywhere.

“The campus is actually an old Tudor estate,” said Mistress Anna. It is still maintained in its entire splendor. The flower gardens on the left and the food gardens beyond are part of our agricultural program. They are hundreds of years old with many rare and one of a kind cultivars. Miss Jenny is eligible to choose that from our many electives. On the right, are the Topiaries and the Forbidden Maze. Everything is maintained by staff members and those students who elect Agriculture as their major area of study.”

As we walked past the Topiaries, I saw some were old traditional designs with a few, I assume, modern sculptures like voluptuous, reclining women with their hands fondling their breasts or petting their fanny’s. Men and Gods stroking their penises, others pressing into some women. I felt my Mother’s arm encircle my waste and tighten. My loins flamed even higher.

“Many of the Topiaries were started in the Victorian escort konya period and are quite adventuress,” said Mistress Anna. “This is my favorite area in the gardens.”

It could be mine, too. We walked farther and came to a menagerie of horses, cows, pigs, dogs, and more, all breeding. Can you imagine a two-meter long cock? Then, finally we passed the Maze. Mistress Anna reminded us, or me, that entry there was forbidden. A warning that only provoked my curiosity. Passing beyond the maze we came upon a lake with fowl floating near the shore. There were benches and walls lined with sweet smelling flowers in a small copse of trees. Anna led to it.

Mistress Anna then said, “Well, we haven’t seen the gymnasium or the equestrian arena and stables, but only a half hour remains before dinner; so I’ll leave you here to watch the fowl come in to feed and you can discuss matters about Jenny’s entrance to the school. She has been accepted, but if you have any concerns, it can still be cancelled. Your return is about a five-minute walk back the path that we were on. I’ll see before seven Jenny.”

“Yes, Mistress Anna. Before seven.”

I felt such a wonderful relief. I was on fire with my Mother’s gentle strokes along my waist and the edge of my left breast was driving me crazy. I wanted to do more than talk.

Mother turned her head to me and again gave me a long kiss, caressing my lips to the rhythm of her strokes on my breast before asking, “You do like the school, dear?”

“Oh, yes Mother. I really do! I think you like it, too and I know Father does.”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“I see he is holding my exam history in front of him trying to hide his pleasure. Will you come hug me Father. I want to feel your pleasure to be sure that you to are pleased with the school.” Father stepped in closer and both Mother and I reached out to feel a truncheon throbbing beneath his pants.

I started to move my hand up and down as Mother moved her hand away and slipped under my skirt to pet my quim. She was gently slipping her fingers along my now wet lips and the three of us were embracing and kissing deeply. I had just slipped my free hand between and touched her wet bush. I was so excited that I had completely forgotten the view of the lake and fowl coming in to feed at sunset.

We were all startled when we heard, “Lovely evening view isn’t it, folks?”

We fell apart and saw a gamekeeper approaching, a gun in the crook of one arm and a camera slung from a strap around his neck. “I often come by here in the early evening to get photos of the wild life at this time of day. I noticed you were absorbed and had apparently forgotten the time. I didn’t want to interrupt, but it is very near dinner time, so you need to hurry back to the dinning hall”, he said. “You’re welcome to come back anytime to enjoy the views and privacy of the copse, but you can’t tarry now.”

Too embarrassed to speak, we all turned back to the path and practically ran towards the main hall. As we passed the menagerie, I saw Mistress Anna ahead gazing at the Topiaries, her skirt was hiked up and one hand was hidden beneath the folds. When she saw us, her hand dropped quickly and she came to me with a sheepish grin on her lips. She said she was just coming to fetch us. It was getting late.

With no explanation other than her grin, she took my hand and started to rush back to the dinning hall. She led us directly in to a large dinning hall and took us to a table on a low stage at one end of the room. The other new student entrant and her family were already seated at this main table and Mistress Anna led us to the far end. Putting my Father at the outside, she seated my Mother next to him and finally seated me on the inside.

As I was sitting down, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Raise your skirt so that you are sitting with your bum and fanny directly on the seat. Pull your skirt up and spread your legs. Then, look directly ahead. Don’t turn to look at anyone unless they are speaking. You don’t speak unless you are spoken to.”

As I was arranging my skirt, I noticed my Mother was pulling her skirt up just like me. I look directly ahead and saw over two hundred students, from Reception to University, rigidly sitting at their tables and I realized that if they turned their heads they would see my quim, wet and flowing, for I had a constant flow sizzling down and collecting on the seat. I wondered if Mother was having the same thoughts. I would like to be out there looking at her.

The entire dinning room was engulfed by a hush that slowly gave way to the click — click – click of high heels. I could see with peripheral vision, two women approaching in long black evening gowns with waist to hem splits flashing their legs as they walked. I recognized Mistress Whipple by her height, well over six feet tall and slim with an athletic looking body. Her bodice was as revealing as her skirt, deeply cut and showing pronounced cleavage.

Beside her, walked a shorter voluptuous woman with raven colored konya escort bayan hair, wearing a similar body exposing dress. Before taking in any more sights, they passed the table and walked behind me to take their seats are the center of this main table. I felt more than saw that Mistress Whipple was sitting next to the other new student and the unknown woman was next to me. Mistress Whipple then started speaking and I saw everyone’s eyes turn on her. I did the same.

“Good evening students. As you can see, we have to new students with us this evening. I wish to introduce the families and the students, so that we can bid them a fond welcome to the ‘Cultural School for Young Ladies’. On my right is Mr. And Mrs. Evans with their daughter Claire. On my right is Mr. And Mrs. Whitely-Brown with their daughter Jenny. Both, Claire and Jenny will be in first Year University.”

The entire student body broke out in quiet approach and in unison said “Welcome Claire and Jenny.” Mistress Whipple continued, “Jenny and Claire will be rushing to get prepared for classes during the next two weeks, so give them your help and we can make your life choices come to full bloom here at our school. Their parents will be attending visitation days over the next three years and you can get to know them and show that our school is for the whole family. Now, Mistress Steph has some announcements to make.”

Mistress Steph rose and started her announcements, “First, a general announcement: Academic classes start in two weeks. You need to have all of your elective courses selected before that time. Your curriculum for the fall term needs to be filed on Tuesday, the following day. If you have not completed your curriculum, stop by the administrative office and we will schedule a counseling session to help you.”

“This next announcement is for Jenny and Claire. Since you were accept only today, your schedule for the week was not posted in your dormitory rooms. Report to the admin office at eight tomorrow morning and be will develop this weeks schedule for you.”

“That is all of the announcements. You may begin dinning now.”

On her last word, the students began serving themselves from the family style dinners on their tables. I also saw a side door open and some students pushed serving carts in towards are table. They began serving dinner plates from either end of the table, our fathers first, the mothers and progressed inward to Mistress Whipple and Mistress Steph.

While the serving progressed down the table, a soft hand brushed my inner thigh and I heard a whisper, “Jenny, we are so glad to have you as a new student this year and I hope today has convinced you to finish the full three year training schedule.”

I was surprised and turned toward Mistress Steph. She was looking into my eyes and leaning in so that her gown was billowing out, partly from its cut but mostly from the weight of her breasts, which were almost hanging totally out. “You may speak when being spoken to”, she said.

I nearly bit my tongue trying to speak. “Oh yes, Mistress Steph. I have been pleasured more than ever before and the day just keeps getting better. Will days like this continue?”

“They will, Jenny. And, they’ll get better. I feel how excited you are. Is that from exposing yourself before all these girls or from the exam this morning?”

“Partly both”, I said. But it has been so much more. I have been naked in front of Mistress Tammy and my buddy Amy, I have seen their fannies and I even fondle my Father and Mother. I’m looking at your breasts with those long pointy nipples. They are lovely. Everything today has been driving me higher and higher.”

“I take it that your parents are also pleased with choosing this school for you. Would you look at your mother and then tell me how please she looks? Don’t touch or speak. Just describe how she looks.”

I was lost in joy at all of the students being able to she Mistress Steph caressing my thigh and now my fanny. I wished they would stop eating and look. I slowly turned toward Mother and saw she was turned away talking with Father. Glancing down her body, I could she her breathing deeply and when my eyes reach her lap, they went wide in disbelief. She had hiked her shirt up and tucked it in above her waist. She was more exposed than I was. But I was wetter because I felt a flood of my juices flowing all over the hand of my Mistress.

Turning back to Mistress Steph, I said, “She is definitely pleased with this school. She has her dress pulled up and tucked in her waistband and I could see her full bush. It reminded me of a painting I once saw, ‘Van Gogh in Flames’. It looked like little tongues of fire streaming out and lapping everything they could touch. I don’t know how she is sitting there so calmly talking with Father unless she enjoys showing off her charms to an audience, too.”

Mistress Steph leaned closer to me, nearly popping her breasts into my lap and looked to the sight I had just described. She said softly, “Shannon, may I call you Shannon? We are so happy to see you are pleased with our school. We will make every effort possible to help Jenny become a cultured young lady. We will keep you fully informed of her progress, and, if there is anything we can do to help you adjust to her absence from your home, we will be glad to help you.” She never looked up from Mother’s lap and Mother merely beamed at her.

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