Cum Fiend

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I love going to adult bookstores. I just love the atmosphere. It has the air of pure sex and nothing else. My favorite kinds are the ones with preview booths in the back with glory holes in the sides so you can suck the cocks of strangers and receive their delicious cum. I can’t really explain it. It is too amazing to adequately put into words.

One of the many ways I like to be honored with a load is to be sucking a guy through the hole and when he is close, he starts fucking my mouth hard through the hole, causing the booth to shake. He moans and everyone in the place knows that I am about to take a load of thick, hot cum. Another way is to be on my knees out in the hallway while two or three guys stand around me jacking off while I take turns sucking them until they all unload their nuts on me at once.

Anyway, let me tell you about one of my nastiest adventures. I was horny as hell and went to my local ABS. After entering, I walked around for a few minutes, taking in the graphic pictures on the video and magazine covers, feeling the hunger in me rise up. I could wait no longer and turned to go into the booths. At that moment, a couple entered the store and began perusing the merchandise. He was as handsome as she was beautiful. I found myself hoping they would seek entrance into the booth area as I had and then to my joy, they did just that. I went through the turnstile and got in position for when they entered. The layout was such that after going through the door, there was an open theater on the left showing a straight movie and ahead and to the left were the booths. There were two rows of six compartments forming an island of sorts with the doors on the outer edge. As I walked around I looked in the open booths and discovered that about half were occupied. All had one on both sides with the exception of the ones on the ends. The place was just as I liked it, in between dead and crowded. You could hear the earnest sounds of the cocksucker and the pleasure of the one being sucked. By this time I was hard as a rock in my lust for cock and cum.

The couple did not delay and, as I was finishing my inspection, I saw them enter the theater. I followed and chose a seat in the row behind them. The music and the fuck sounds were rather loud and I don’t think they heard me enter with them. Strangely, gaziantep escort she seemed to be enjoying the movie as much as he did. I say strange, because it seems that most of the time, the girl has only recently been convinced to try this experience and she is often rather timid and clings her man as someone who is drowning clings to a life preserver thrown their way. She was not of that mold though. She was obviously into the whole scene. The movie was that of a hot little blond getting it from five hung black studs. She was taking one in her shaved, tight little cunt, one down her throat and she had one in each hand while the fifth was standing at her head, cockslapping her forehead. All had seven to eight inch cocks and all were shaved nice and smooth with the little nose tickler patch above their cock. It was the end of the scene and one by one, the men stood at her face and jacked their thick cocks towards her gorgeous smile. First one, then another sprayed her face and mouth with their huge loads. She never batted an eye and took spurt after spurt with obvious glee. The girl in the row in front of me made little sounds of pleasure at this and had also let the top of her dress down, exposing her tiny little breasts and each perfect little brown areola. Her hand was in her lap and she was urgently working her hand against her pussy.

By this time I had my cock out and was jacking along with them. She bent over and began sucking her man’s cock and then rose and sat on his fucktool. She was going after it pretty hard when she noticed my presence. She didn’t even flinch. She just reached out for my cock. I wasted no time obliging her. She took my member in her hand and pulled it to her mouth. Fuck yeah, her mouth felt like a wet furnace. Her guy was so hot from watching her suck me that he blew his nut all up inside her cunt. When she stood up, I knelt down and stuck out my tongue. She immediately got the idea and raised her leg up to the chair back in front of her and pushed her used fuckslit into my face. She had a perfect little tiny cunt. She was shaved smooth with only a thin landing strip above her hard clit. He was just beginning to spill out of her and I didn’t miss a drop. After the flow ceased, I put my mouth on her slit and sucked as hard as I could to make sure I got every last drop I could possibly draw out of her. She came at lease twice in addition to the orgasm she had while she was riding him.

Now that both had got what they came for, they made as if to leave. I asked if I could contact them later for some more mfm play and they consented to give me their email. I love eating creampies, so this was a promising development for me. We said our farewells and they left.

Enthralled as I was in the previous activity, I had failed to notice that we had an audience. There were 8 or 10 guys standing around the room with their hard cocks in their hands looking at me with lust in their eyes. I didn’t say a word. I just took off my pants and shoes, knelt down in the aisle and opened my mouth. Needing no further invitation, the men lined up and began each in turn, to first fuck my face cunt for a few strokes and then to then spray my mouth pussy with their lovely nut butter. By the time it was over, I had received around a dozen loads on my face and outstretched tongue. So much cum had been spurted onto my face it had dripped down in large quantities onto my shirt and cock. I massaged it into my dick and didn’t touch the treasure on my shirt. I happen to like leaving the ABS with cum all over me so everyone knows what I am; a worthless, cocksucking, cumslut whore.

After this, there was a lull in the action. I guess I had serviced everyone in the place. I wasn’t ready to go yet though. I wanted more cum. I waited for about 15 minutes but no one came in. I knew it was time for desperate measures. I started walking around the booths looking for used condoms. In no time at all I had found eight and I took them all into a room in which I had seen a drinking cup. It was one of those clear, plastic, disposable ones. I proceeded to squeeze the slimy contents of each condom into the cup. After all were emptied, the cup was about half full. Without any delay, I turned the cup up and drained the ambrosia into my open mouth. FUCK!!! It was such a turn on to be drinking cum like that. I had never done anything like that and the sheer nastiness of it had my cock as hard as a diamond and leaking precum copiously. I finished drinking my cup ‘o’ cum and I still wanted more. So I started going in the booths and licking the walls below the glory holes. Most of this was dried up but the taste of cum was unmistakable. I spent the next 30 minutes doing this.

About the time I was finishing the last hole, someone came in the booth area. I was so wanton at this point; I didn’t make the slightest pretense and just walked up to the guy and dropped to my knees, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Luckily, he was in a hurry and just wanted to cum so he didn’t last long, jacking off into my face cunt. After he zipped up and left, I still wanted more. I couldn’t think of where to get any though. As I moved to stand up, my knee slipped on the floor. Then it hit me. There was a lot of cum on the floor.

Off I went into the nearest booth. As I got down on my hands and knees and put my face near the floor, I caught myself. Am I really going to do this? Am I really going to lick cum from the floor of this nasty, filthy floor? My cock throbbed and just about popped. I guess that was my answer. I stuck out my tongue and licked a five or six inch length of the floor where it was shiny and wet. Mmmmmmmmm!!! Fuck yeah!!! It tasted so good; cold cock sauce straight from the floor of a fuck booth. A few more guys came in while I was doing this and I sucked them all off before returning to the task of cleaning the booth floors.

After finishing the last booth, I was getting a little tired so I decided to leave. It was such a rush walking through the now-crowded store covered in cum, knowing I had consumed every drop of cum I could find in the store. By the time I made my way out, everyone had caught a glimpse of my condition. I was so fucking hard thinking about it. I had not come yet and I was as hard as granite and it showed. On my way home I stopped at a convenience store and bought something to drink. I love drinking cum, but it satisfies a thirst of it’s own that is separate and distinct from the body’s need for fluid. The young girl at the counter stared with her mouth hanging open the whole time she checked me out. Again, I was like steel as I thought about this cute young thing looking at me while I had so much jizzum all over me.

After leaving the store, I went home and watched some TV. I didn’t clean any of the cum from my face and I was still wearing the same shirt. I loved the lingering aroma of the sweet, savory cock cream. I finally jacked off and shot my cum all over my chest and belly. As I lay there glowing in the aftermath of my orgasm, I eventually drifted off into sweet bukakke dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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