Cum in Boots

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While I was going through college I shared an apartment with three other people — one girl and two guys. For a while now Nancy and I had been noticing someone messing with our shoes, especially sexy pumps and boots. Sometimes they were moved (we thought), or there were sticky spots and white stains both inside and out. On one occasion I took a pair of black leather office pumps to work and stuck my feet in without checking and had to work all day with my stocking-clad foot smeared in a sticky-white mess.

So we decided to keep an eye out for anyone abusing our footwear.

One day after work I was laying down on the sofa watching some Korean soap and still wearing the office uniform (a modest knee-length skirt, blouse, and dark stockings) when Rob, our black jock football-player roommate came in. I had a suspicion he was the guilty party because in the course of many girlfriends I had noticed him giving their sexy footwear a certain glazed look while getting obviously excited. I sort of had a thing for him though my mom and her Korean sensibilities had warned me against men of other race. The one time I dated a white guy had resulted in an evening of being screamed at (and worse, bitter tears) — and she though I had only dated him. If only she knew what I had given him, including my virgin bottom, it would have been the end of my college aspirations at least.

Anyway, that’s another story. For now I pretended to sleep and see what would happen.

Rob came in to the living room doorway.

“Hello Lisa.”

I stayed quiet and apparently asleep.

He stood there awhile. Then I heard his cloths rustling and a rhythm rubbing sound. I realized that while laying there my skirt had ridden quite high and my thighs were a bit parted revealing my garter, stockings, and white panties. Also the curtains were up so anyone on the other side of the street must have gotten a view. Not just now but, like the entire last year. No wonder the kid across the street looked at me like he was constipated every time I saw him.

Then it hit me that Rob must be able to see the entire Korean banquet reflected in the window and getting ready to be served. The rubbing sound must be him masturbating to the idea of spreading my legs and fucking me.

Just as I was getting used to the idea and beginning to think what to do about it Rob turned around and headed for my bedroom.

Slightly disappointed, I squirmed on the sofa to get a better view: I had opened our entranceway closet so with the mirror I was able to see most of my bedroom.

Rob opened my closet and took a long look. He manisa escort reached in and fondled some of my pointy pumps. Also, he ran his hand in and out of my boots, including a recent pair of leather-lined riding boots.

He kept looking at a brand-new black leather platform over-the-knee boots. Soon he could not resist and picked one up. Running his hand up and down the smooth leather a few times he then brought it to his groin. With one hand he opened up his fly and pulled out his semi-rigid cock. He began to rub it against the leather tracing rivulets of per-cum onto it.

At first I felt angry and wanted to burst in screaming, yet soon I begin to feel a bit turned on by the sight of his large cock slithering in the folds of the boot. I decided to wait and see where this would lead.

He was clearly aroused by his boot-play, yet he wanted more. He looked through my shelves and found a personal lotion (left over from my fling with the white boyfriend). He uncapped it and squeezed some lube onto his palm and then pushed his hand inside the shaft. I could see him rubbing the lotion onto the leather inside the boot.

He then squeezed the top of the boot shaft until it was nearly closed so it looked like a yielding vagina, brought the tip of his cock to the opening, and slowly pushed in. I thought I heard him whisper my name. Taking his time he carefully worked his cock deeper. Soon it was sliding fully inside the shaft; his balls rubbed against the opening with each slow stroke. Even that wasn’t enough – he began to push his cock deeper. The boot shaft scrunched to accommodate his length. After another series of strokes the tip of his cock bottomed out – these were wickedly sexy pointy boots and now the tip was bulging with his thick long black cock inside.

After his cock was finally clasped tight he began fucking steady. After a few minutes low moans and grunts began to accompany the sounds of fucking. His hands were kneading the leather to better accommodate and satisfy his large cock. As his motions became more urgent he pulled his cock out and then shoved it back in groaning loudly. His back arched as he exploded inside. He pulled back and then pushed back in spasming as more of his cum spurted inside the tight heated boot. Pulling back his cock slipped out and a jet of hot white cum spurted on the black leather. He shoved back in and continued milking his cock into the boot. From the time it took his motions to slow he must have practically emptied his large balls inside.

By now I had slipped a few fingers into my slit and begun to rub my groin and the kütahya escort motion must have caught his eye in the mirror. First he appeared embarrassed with that caught-in-the-act look. Then, seeing my excitement he smiled and slowly pulled his now slimy cock out of the boot. He gestured for me to take a seat next to him.

When he first came I was just beginning to glow with the first promise of pleasure. When I was discovered watching him and then invited to join him the temptation was irresistible — after a moment of hesitation I did.

He knelt in front of me and took hold of my stocking-clad leg. Then he reached for the untouched, clean boot and slowly fitted my foot inside. As he pulled the shaft over my knee his hands caressed my leg through the tight leather. Next he brought up the used boot and began to fit the other foot inside. My silky stocking offered no resistance as my foot slid almost effortlessly into the cum-filled boot. As the slippery leather encased my leg my toes slowly sank into hot cum; the entire foot-bed must have been filled with it. Another pull and the boot was on – his cum was squeezed all over my foot and slowly gaining on the ankle and lower leg. I curled my toes inside the boot feeling the sticky fluid swirl around.

Rob gently pushed me back. Sliding his hands up my boots and stockinged thighs he reached under the black leather skirt and took a hold of my panties. I lifted my rear feeling more of his cum squeeze higher in the boot as he pulled the panties down, first to my knees and then to my ankles. Leaning back I lifted first one foot and then the other as he tugged the panties off. I could feel more of his cum dribble down my booted leg as I lifted my legs free of the panties.

He began to kiss and lick my boots. His hands caressed my ankles, legs, thighs, and… Oh… slowly explored my now gushing slit. He squeezed my legs together and humped my boots. While his knees held me trapped he reached inside my blouse and popped open my bra. His big black hands first cupped and explored my breasts and and then tweaked my nipples.

As his cock began to harden again he slowly pulled my legs apart while positioning himself between them. He lifted my booted legs over his shoulders and slowly brought his now full cock toward my exposed slit. I could feel the heat of it touch my bottom leaving a trail of cum and lube, then rise to the base of my thighs. Very slowly he planted the tip of his cock to the entrance and began pushing. Lubricated as it was from its earlier encounter I soon felt the engorged head find a way in. As the slick heat malatya escort entered I couldn’t suppress a moan – the feeling made me straighten my booted feet digging the heels in his exposed back. This motion not only served to push cum farther in the boot but also made him slide his cock in by a few more inches.

Now placing his hands over the top of my thighs he began his assault in earnest. A few more pushes brought his shaft a few inches deeper. As I glanced down his large cock gained another inch. Simultaneously I felt his cum run down the inside of the boot and as I looked a rivulet escaped and slowly ran down my stockinged thigh.

Rob pushed further as I felt another heatwave envelope my body. His thick shaft was rocking back and forth slowly gaining ground. His earlier cum now ran down my thigh over the stocking finally reaching our union. As he pulled all the way out it clung to his shaft lubricating his next thrust. When it came he slid all the way in. His hot cock was totally lodged in my passage and I felt his balls resting on my bottom. Another moan escaped my lips as I felt incredibly filled by his maleness.

Rob paused for a moment and reached to kiss my lips. His tongue parted my lips and explored at will. His weight was on my body and his cock deep inside.

Slowly he began to rock back and forth while his tongue played with my mouth. His strokes went deeper than any man before – his cock was plowing my entire passage. I was in heat – I began to use my booted feet on his shoulders to quicken the pace. This squeezed more cum out of the boot. Our increasing pace directed it to my slit lubricating the action. The sight and thought of his cum inside me was an incredible turn-on; I wanted more of it inside.

Rob’s strokes were getting furious. With each thrust I was being driven deeper into the chair. The sound of his fat black cock sliding into me filled the room. I kept moaning as he filled me again and again. More cum ran down my boot and over the stocking. There was a growing puddle underneath me. I kept curling and uncurling my feet feeling his sticky cum inside the boot.

Rob was now shaking as he fucked me and his cock felt like an iron bar inside me. There was an unstoppable wave building within me – he pulled all the way out and then pierced me with a deep stroke. His cock spasmed inside me and I felt a pulse of hot cum flood my depths. This set me off – arching my back I came violently. My fluids pulsed and flowed mixing with his. Even as he stroked and impregnated me with his seed some of mine was carried with it.

Oddly enough, mom ended up accepting Rob. Perhaps she could smell the cum I carried in my pumps and boots from that day forward. Even now, you might see me at work and never know my stockinged feet and toes are swimming in cum.

And not all of it is Rob’s — but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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