Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 12

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Cum Through

When Sarah and I finished our rambunctious fucking and sucking we sat around discussing her budding career in fashion design. She had told me she had signed up for several classes at the community college here in the valley a few days ago and was starting on Tuesday. Then the unexpected. She told me that she had to move from her apartment tomorrow as she had to go part time at her job due to school. She asked if she could move in with me, at least until she could figure out what else to do. Without hesitation I agreed. To have my trophy sex fiend in my bed was a fantastic idea and I told her so.

The next evening we moved her stuff (not much) into my apartment. When we finished I popped a couple of beers and crashed on the couch, nude of course. She ordered some pizza from Papa John’s and we shot the breeze until the pizza guy arrived.

Sarah went to the door in all her naked glory and opened it. It was a young guy of about twenty years old. I thought he was going to faint. Sarah took the pizza and handed him the money. She said that she had not enough for a tip, but would give him something much better.

At that she put her hand on his already bulging crotch and he squealed. She then undid his belt and pulled his pants and underwear to his knees in one motion. He was panting by this time. She got on her knees and took him in her mouth and gave his cock a thorough thrashing. In no time at all he erupted in her mouth and she took it all. She stood up and thanked him for bringing the pizza and asked him if the tip was enough. As he pulled his pants up he could only mumble that it was more than he had ever got and left.

Sarah brought the pizza over to the couch and sat down.

Sarah, “I have dreamed of doing that since I saw it done in one of Tim’s porn videos.”

Me, “I am dumbfounded at your brazenness. The least you can do for me is let me taste his cum.”

Sarah swirled around some saliva and kissed me hard on my open mouth. She deposited a mixture of the saliva and what was remaining of the guys cum.

Me, “That’s some damn tasty cum. What do you think?”

Sarah, “I liked it a lot, but the thrill of sucking him off in the doorway was way to cool.”

We were interrupted by the phone ringing. To my delight it was Steve. My cock stood to attention with his news. His gig was over and he would be landing kağıthane escort at LAX at four in the morning on Thursday. It made me delirious with desire.

Sarah, “Oh my, your lover is coming home. I am so happy for you, and me come to think of it.”

Me, “I have a package that came from Steve yesterday, let’s celebrate.”

I retrieved it and tore it open. There was a lovely enameled box inside, which I opened. There was probably four or five ounces of Steve’s manhood wafting its delicious aroma into the room. I plunged my lips into it and guzzled maybe half of it in one swallow. Sarah leaned over and licked my lips and chin clean.

Sarah, “That’s the cum of a real man, not a boy. Damn, it tastes so good, I would like to have some more.”

Me, “Finish it, I can get it from the source in a day and a half, which is much more satisfying.”

I handed the box to Sarah and she sucked it all up and held it in her mouth for a bit to savor the flavor, before swallowing. She then licked the box clean.

Sarah, “That is so good!! If you wouldn’t mind I would like to get it from the source also. Could I?”

Me, “I would be thrilled for you to do that and I think Steve would be delighted to deliver you a load.”

Sarah, “Man, what a full day. Polished off three fantasies in no time. I have another one that may sound too wild. One of the porn movies was about a Japanese girl who was going to attempt to set a record of how many men she could fuck at one sitting. I think the record was like two hundred!! The first scene was chaotic with probably 300 naked men milling around playing with their cocks. After the camera zeroed in on a number of heavy hitters the girl walked onto the stage already naked and ready for action. She lay down on a low table with a thin mattress on it and threw her legs over her head exposing her cunt for all to see. The announcer asked the biggest cocks to line up as it would be easier for her as time went on to take the smaller ones.

“Wow, about 50 guys lined up. The camera scanned across their crotches and were these big, some like horses. He motioned the first guy to the table and said let’s get started. He rammed it in and did the old in and out for about five minutes before shooting his wad. The next guy took about the same time. The announcer then said that this

would escort beşiktaş not work at this pace. He told the next two guys to go to the back of the table and the girl would suck one cock and jerk the other to get them ready cum. So she took one giant cock in her mouth and pulled on the other. When the guy fucking her came the one being sucked fucked her and three were at it at all times. It was only taking a few minutes for three to drop their loads in her pussy. This went on for over three hours getting down to the smallest pricks in the joint. Finally there were only about twenty left when she got up to stretch. Cum was streaming down her legs and the mattress was covered and dripping into a huge puddle on the floor.

“She said to the announcer that was she done in and incredibly sore. She wanted to know what the number was. He announced over the loud speaker that she had fucked 216. He asked her if she wanted to stop now that she had broken the record, she said yes. The guys waiting started an uproar. She then said let’s finish it and lay down again and took about twenty more.”

Me, “That really happened?”

Sarah, “I saw it clearly. I dream about that and find myself waking up with my cunt dripping. Maybe we could inquire on the internet about breaking that record.”

Me, “Yeah, we could do that. However, one of the drawbacks is most likely no vaginal sex for some time after.”

Sarah, “It would be more than worth it. You told me you held that fantasy of your patio for quite some time and it came true. Do you have any others?”

Me, “There are two others that recur quite frequently. They are almost just like yours.”

Sarah, “Please tell me, I’m so hot and my pussy is dripping after fantasizing being fucked 200 times. I want to see how much hotter I can get listening to yours.”

Me, “Alright, here goes: Do you remember seeing that swing a little way up the canyon in Griffith Park?”

Sarah, “I do.”

Me, “It starts with me going up the canyon naked before daylight to get an early start on some good cum eating. I get a little ways in and a dominatrix steps out of the bushes wearing leather pants with the front and back open and a leather bra circling her naked tits and carrying a riding crop. After some sexy banter she says you will be my slave for the morning and slaps the crop on escort maslak my cock. I answer yes. She then whistles and two guys come out wearing just chaps with large cocks draped between their legs. They are carrying this apparatus with cuffs attached and sort of a chair seat back. The dominatrix says to the guys to get started. They sit me down on the swing and stand the contraption behind me. They strap me in, lean me back and attach two straps to the swing ropes so that I am supported in a prone position. They then pushed my legs straight up and cuffed them to the ropes also, so that my love tunnel Is exposed.

“The dominatrix comes over and swats my cock again. She says I was a good slave so far, but if I struggle she will whip I my cock raw.

“She then straddles my face and grinds her pussy and ass into my face, while at the same time, one of the guys lubes me up and rams his monster cock into my ass. While I’m being fucked she tells me to open my mouth and let’s go with a gusher of piss, commanding me to swallow it. Which I do. The first guy dumps his load and the second guy takes his place. Meanwhile the first guy shoves his semi hard dick in my mouth and also fills my mouth with piss. This is repeated by the second.

“It is now starting to get light and a small crowd of naked guys stroking their cocks is watching. One of the guys goes behind the bush and returns with a jar of lube and several towels and lays them on a rock next to me. The three of them retreat to see what happens.

“One of the crowd approaches and lubes up. He pushes his cock into my butt hole and fucks me hard until he busts his nut. The crowd of six take their way with me and go on up the canyon. Every now and then one or two more will come by, size up the situation and bust my ass.

“To cut the story short, I got fucked about 50 times before the threesome takes me down. I stumble down to my car walking like a cowboy who had been riding horses all his life. That’s it.”

Sarah, “That is so wild. I am hotter than ever. Fuck my ass, please?”

I get the lube and rub it in and around her hole and grease my pole. I lie down on the couch and Sarah lowers herself on my cock and rides me like a bucking bronco.

Sarah, “I can’t fuck you fifty times but I can do it once. She gets her strap on fucks me silly.

I turn her around and bend her over so I can lick and suck my cum out of her asshole.

Me, “All in all, a fabulous day. I can’t wait till Thursday and again have Steve’s gorgeous meat in my mouth and suck him dry.”

Sarah, “Let’s go to bed, I’m bushed.”

Continued on Thursday.

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