Curious Neighbour – A Short Story

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Yes, I know you’re looking.

I’ve known you can see me for weeks now. I glimpsed you watching me as I returned home from work, watched as I got out of my car, locked the door and made my way up the path to the door.

I’ve seen you at your window, glancing across the road to my house as I close my curtains for the evening. I’ve sensed you watching me, even when I can’t see you at your window. I know you’re there.

I’ve seen you too. My new neighbour. I saw you leaving the house in the morning, dressed sharply for work. You looked great in your suit, your short skirt and sheer tights showing your perfectly formed body, those high heels clack-clacking on the pavement, drawing my attention. You’re attractive and alluring.

Tonight, I sense you watching me as I come home. I’ve been to the gym. All the hard exercise has left my muscles aching in that burning, tight way and I need a shower to help unknot the sinew, tendons and muscle fibres in my shoulders, arms and abdominals. I’m feeling good, and that makes me feel bad. I want to take a risk.

I glance to your window and glimpse a shadow moving, I know görükle escort it’s you… watching me. I go into the house and then switch on all the downstairs lights so that you can see me clearly. I put my gym kit in the washing machine, potter a little downstairs before making my way upstairs. The full-length window in the front bedroom looks down the landing to the bathroom, directly in the line of sight from your window.

I turn on the landing light and then go into the front bedroom. I leave the main light off but switch on the dimly bright bedside lamp. It’s just enough light for you to see me without broadcasting my actions to the wider world.

I very slowly remove my suit jacket, laying it on the bed, before removing my tie. I’m facing you at this point but I don’t look in your direction as I want, for the moment, to make it look like I’m unaware of you. I slowly unbutton my shirt, revealing my chest and stomach. I stretch languidly, arching my back and lengthening my torso, my muscles stretching and flesh tightening revealing my ribs.

I glance towards your window, seeing you move bursa escort bayan slightly. I carry my gaze past your window, making it look like I haven’t noticed you. I turn around and walk across the room into the illumination cast by the landing light. I unzip my fly and draw my trousers and pants down over my thighs to the floor. I bend down to take my socks off and stand naked, silhouetted against the light so that you see the shape of my body from my head, down over my broad shoulders, strong arms, torso, cock and thighs.

I know you can see me, you can’t fail to see me. I now walk out of the room onto the landing, revealing my figure to you. You can see my back, arse and legs as I walk to the bathroom. I hope you’re enjoying the view but I’m going to treat you to more.

Leaving the door open to your view I run the tap and fill the basin with water. I wash my face and, towel now wrapped around my waist, I walk back to the bedroom.

I walk slowly up to the window and look up to the room where you’re standing. I see you’ve moved forward to get a better look. Pretending I haven’t seen bursa escort you I step back from the window and drop the towel from my waist.

Moving to the bed, I lie down and take my cock in my left hand. I begin to stroke up and down, stimulating it, feeling the blood course through it, enforcing it, stiffening it. I stand up, displaying my erection towards the window for your viewing pleasure and then masturbate in long slow strokes.

I look clearly and convincingly in your direction and see you clearly for the first time at your window. You’re staring right at me and our gazes meet. I stroke my cock faster and turn fully towards you, wanking for you now. I see the approval on your face, the desire in your eyes as I pump my cock with my hand. Your hand strays below the sill and beyond my sight but I know you’re touching yourself. I’m standing right in front of the window now and I can see you clearly. You’re watching my hand furiously attending to my cock. You want me to cum for you and you slip off your blouse, revealing your naked breasts, nipples erect and cold against the window pane.

The excitement is building now, my cock twitching and pulsing in my hand. I pull harder and gasping at the strength of my urge, I spurt a sticky load of cum over the window glass. I look to you and you’re smiling, wickedly. I realise I’m going to get to know one of my neighbours much better…

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