Curious Roommates Ch. 03

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Alex grabbed the baby oil and squirted some into his hands and rubbed them together. He slid both hands over my entire dick and then on and around my balls. My pubic hair was trimmed short, as was his, and he wiped the excess oil around my groin and on my belly between my abs and my dick. It felt so good and made me shiver with excitement.

“I guess my groin muscles don’t get touched very often. It feels nice to have those tight muscles all around my dick rubbed,” I said.

I reached down with one hand and massaged my right groin muscles as I said it.

“I can massage those muscles for you,” he said. “It’s not everyday that you are so close and exposed to someone that they can work those muscles for you.”

“Alright,” I said eagerly.

He then sat on the floor in front of me and stretched out each leg to the side, one at a time, out to the side, then placed them back on the ground. Then he motioned for me to scoot my butt out towards him and lean back on the couch. He spread my legs and put some more lube on his hands.

He began with my left upper thigh about six inches from my dick. He began massaging from my upper thigh into my groin to where it reached my penis. My dick was still hot and throbbing, pointing up to the ceiling. He pushed my hard on the balls to the right as he massaged the oil into my skin and worked those muscles. He first worked the inside of my thigh into my pubes and then moved to the bottom on the leg working in towards my balls, pushing them aside to expose and massage the part where the shaft of my penis has entered my body behind my balls. As he massaged those tense, yet sensitive areas, my cock continued leaking precum, which trickled down various areas of my shaft.

After about five minutes of massaging my left groin muscles, he switched to the right and repeated what he had done on the other side. After five more minutes of massaging my right side he moved to my abdomen, working my abs down to the base of my member. From focusing on my abs, he moved below and worked the area around my pubes, the whole time inadvertently moving my dick around with his forearm.

Once he was done massaging my abs and groin he lifted my legs, one at a time, until my knees hit my chest, stretching my glutes and hamstrings. He then replaced my legs to the floor, spread them out wide, and pulled my even further towards him so my anus was slightly exposed. He applied more oil and began gaziantep escort massaging my perineum. He would push my balls up towards the top of my penis and massaged the entire area between my balls and my anus.

He tugged on my balls a few times, pulling my dick towards him and replacing it back to rest on my belly. I was so excited and could feel myself climb towards climax, even though he hadn’t been stroking my cock at all.

“Whoa, it’s starting to feel really good,” I informed him, “I don’t want to get much closer to the edge yet”

“Okay,” he said let go of my balls.

This was the moment when both of us acknowledged that instead of just feeling each other’s cocks, we were helping each other get off. That felt like where this was headed and I was pretty sure we were both okay with that.

“Have you ever played with your anus before?” Alex inquired, “It can be quite the erogenous zone.”

I was a bit surprised by this, yet comfortable with it. For some reason it felt like a normal thing to talk to each other about.

“Yeah, sometimes I massage it when I jerk off,” I answered. “Every once in a while I massage my prostate too.”

“Me too,” replied Alex.

Alex poured some oil onto my anus and wiped it off thoroughly with the towel I was sitting on.

“I gotta make sure it’s clean,” he said with a smile.

I realized that he asked me if I played with my anus because he wanted to play with it. I had never thought that I would ever be wanting another guy to finger my asshole, but I was somehow thrilled by this proposal. “Erogenous zone,” Alex had said. He was further acknowledging that we were in this for the pleasure as well as to satisfy our curiosity.

He then put some oil into his hands and rubbed them together. I spread my legs further apart with excitement. I was anxious to see how it felt to get my anus massaged and fingered by someone else.

Alex was gentle with his touch. He began playing with my anus, gently massaging it in circular motions, then rubbing it back and forth. It was good to get the relief from stimulation to my dick, while still getting sexual stimulation somewhere else. Although this felt amazing, I knew it wouldn’t make me cum.

“Wow, it feels great,” I said. “This is way better than doing it myself. It’s an incredible feeling having someone else massage it. I don’t feel relaxed when I massage it myself because I always feel like I’m straining just a bit to reach it. This is great.”

Alex smiled. I could see his cock twitching with excitement, dripping precum onto the carpet. He began to apply more pressure while remaining on the outside of my hole. I lifted my legs and held them up so he could have better access.

After a few minutes of exterior stimulation Alex said, “I’ll be right back. I need to clip and file my nails down.”

I knew that this was in preparation for a prostate massage and I became more excited. I lowered my legs until he came back with nail clippers in hand.

After he filed down the nails on his right hand as far as he could, he grabbed the oil. I lifted my legs back up and he rubbed oil onto my anus again. He massaged my hole some more, this time applying a little more pressure and entering a little further, stopping before my tight sphincter.

“Okay, relax so I can get my finger in,” he requested. I bore down and as soon as I did his finger entered my anus. God, it felt good to have his finger in there.

“This is great,” I repeated. “It definitely isn’t this enjoyable when I finger myself,” I replied.

Alex nodded and moved his finger in and out of my hole, massaging my prostate with the tip of his finger. As he massaged from the inside, I began leaking more precum than I ever had before, a pool of it forming on my stomach.

“I thought I had a lot of precum before,” I remarked. “That was nothing compared to this”

Alex looked up and over, towards my abdomen. “Yeah, fingering myself usually gets my dick pretty wet,” he said.

After a minute or two of prostate stimulation I became excited to work Alex like he worked me. I wondered what it would be like to massage his groin and anus like he did mine.

“You want me to work your muscles now?” I asked. I guess this was code for, “Can I have a turn exploring your erogenous zones too?” since this is what I really wanted.

“Yeah!” Alex answered.

I could tell he was extremely excited, but didn’t want to sound too eager. As he moved to the towel he had laid down for himself I got to my knees in front of him. It was cool to see his dick up close like this. I had never been this close to a throbbing hard-on before. The head of his penis was wet from all of his leaking juices. I grabbed the oil, squirted a generous amount into my hands, and began rubbing it all around his groin, moving his dick around with my arms as I did so.

I treated him to the same experience that he had treated me, working one side of his inner leg and groin, then the other. Working his abs and pubes was thrilling. I consciously moved his cock back and forth as I did so. I applied more pressure on the area just above his shaft, my hands reaching down to cup around the bottom of his shaft and balls. As I did this he let out a short, quiet moan. Continued this motion from palms down to massage his lower most abs to cupping all around his dick and balls. He breathed a little bit heavier out of pleasure.

I stretched his hamstrings like he had stretched mine and pulled his buttocks towards me, exposing his anus. I began massaging all of his perineum, tugging on his balls a few times. He gasped and exhaled slowly each time I did this.

After a few minutes he said, “You better slow down tugging on my balls. I don’t want to get much closer yet.”

“Okay, I’m gunna go clip my nails real quick.” I was excited to feel his hole.

I clipped and filed some of my nails and cleaned his anus with oil and a towel. I squirted more oil directly onto his hole, catching the excess with my left hand. I began rubbing the oil all around his hole before focusing just on his anus. I began rubbing the outside of his hole.

“You’re right,” he said, “this feels so much better than when I do it myself.”

I had never had this intimate of an experience with a man. Although I didn’t have interest in kissing him or being romantic with him, it was so very exciting to pleasure him. I continued massaging his anus for a minute or two, feeling it loosen up as I worked it.

“Okay, you ready?” I asked.

In response, he bore down and my finger slid easily into his hole. He seemed to really like it, his cock twitching as my finger passed his sphincter. His prostate felt a little bit bigger than mine.

Previous to right now, I would have thought it disgusting to insert my finger into another dude’s hole, but this completely thrilled and fascinated me. It was once again surreal to be feeling the inside of a rectum without feeling a finger in my own ass.

I continued to slowly and gently massage his prostate, moving my finger in and out of his hole.

“This is amazing,” exclaimed Alex, “I’ve never had someone one else do this to me and I can’t believe how exciting it is. It feels so good.”

“I completely agree,” I said.

I grabbed his dick with my free hand and pulled it towards me, stroking slowly as I did so. He gasped.

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