Customer Friendly Ch. 04

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The hottest shoot we did almost didn’t happen. We had set up a date to do some photos of the next year’s line of SUV’s. Susie called me about 8 that morning, saying she was going to have to cancel. She sounded tired.

“You OK??” I asked.

Susie hesitated a moment. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a mess. My husband was in the mood, so I’m lying here still in bed with his come dripping out of me-a LOT of his come. I don’t know what got into him this morning.”

“Is he still there??”

“No, he just left for work. I just thought I should cancel the session this morning. I’m afraid I won’t be much good like this.”

I thought a moment. “I can work with that. If you can, come on over just as you are. Don’t clean anything up. I have an idea.”

“OK…” Susie said slowly. “I bet this will be interesting.”

“I think so. Bring your detail kit, though. Might be a bit messy.”

“Detail kit?? OK,” said Susie. By now she knew enough to go with it when I suggested something. “I’ll get there as soon as I can, probably about 45 minutes.”

“Good. See you then. I’ll have some breakfast ready for you. Oh, and, no panties. But do bring a short skirt or dress. You know how I love a sundress.”

Susie laughed. “Your wheels are turning early. I’ll be there soon!!”

“Don’t forget, no clean up.”

“Mmm hmmm,” said Susie. I could hear the smile in her voice.

Susie showed up about 45 minutes later in her usual Tahoe. She was wearing a sleeveless button down denim dress that came to mid thigh, and a pair of wedges. Her dress was unbuttoned down to where I could see she was not wearing a bra under it. She looked adorable, and I told her so.

Susie kissed me. “All I have to do to be adorable is show up here with no underwear,” she said, smiling.

I smiled back at her. “I’d think you were adorable if you were wearing nothing at all.”

Susie laughed, looking at me with her pale blue eyes. “You always make me smile,” she said, kissing me again. “So…what did you have in mind for me that you didn’t want me to clean up??”

“Get in the back, undo three buttons on the bottom of that dress,” I told Susie. She complied, opening up the back of the Tahoe and climbing into the seat, undoing her buttons as I asked. “Now lean back, and open your legs.”

“You know what a mess I am,” said Susie. “Dean left me quite a load this morning, almost as much as one of yours.” I smiled as Susie leaned back, putting her left leg up on the seat, her right foot on the floor, showing her still wet and matted bush. Her pussy opened, and sure enough a large glob of her husband’s come dropped slowly from her spreading labia and onto the floor. I caught the slow motion action in a series of frames on my camera, taking some of Susie close up, showing her pussy in all its sloppy glory, and some full body shots, showing her in her dress. I had her undo more buttons, taking photos as she revealed more and more of herself, til finally I had her on the seat, dress fully open, nipples standing up and messy twat dripping a white streak down her ass and the front of the seat, making a puddle on the floor.

I looked at her there, a back seat dream. “You’re hot, sweet, sexy and gorgeous, all rolled into one.” Susie just smiled. Then she saw the bulge in my shorts.

“Looks like you’re ready for a go at me, too,” she said, looking at my now tenting pants, the head of my hard cock obvious under the light colored fabric.

“Exactly,” I said. I sat up on the seat next to her, undid my shorts, sliding them to the floor, my hard on bobbing out in front of me. I turned to Susie, who just lay there smiling, reaching for my cock as I moved over her.

She licked her lips in anticipation as she pulled it to her. “I’ve been thinking about this all morning. I’m just sorry you had to get me second.”

“I’m not. It’s a little fantasy of mine, getting sloppy seconds from my girl. Besides, I know he has first dibs on you. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already.” Susie played the head of my cock over her clit, rubbing the head up and down her glistening slit. She sighed as the fat head played in her slick furrow. I slowly pushed in, feeling the steamy, slippery warmth of her husband’s cream as I pushed to her depths, only stopping when the head of my dick hit her cervix. Susie let out an “umph” as I hit bottom. I stayed where I was for a moment, partly to savor the feeling, partly because I was so turned on that I was afraid I’d come in no time if I moved. Susie noticed it too.

“Wow, you’re hard,” she said, looking up at me.

“Told you,” I said. “This is one of my prime secret dirty fantasies. It really gets me stoked. I probably won’t last long, but that will help the photo session.” Now that I’d come back from the brink, I pulled about halfway out and grabbed the camera, getting some photos of my cock in Susie’s come filled twat. I put the camera down and slowly began pushing in and out of Susie’s slurping cunt. Susie groaned softly every time Güngören escort bayan my cock hit her cervix, and soon she was whimpering, then soaked me with juice as she came on my cock.

I pushed deep, looking down at her. Our eyes met. Her quaking pussy, full of her husband’s still warm semen was too much for me. “Ohhhhh…Susie….” I moaned as the first blast of my come shot into her. I pulled back about halfway as I came, filling her with a load as big as her husband gave her only 90 minutes before, my sperm mixing with his inside Susie’s overheated vagina. She shook again as the warmth of my come spread inside her. I held my cock about halfway up her cunt til I finished coming. I leaned forward to kiss her, my cock sliding deep as I moved closer to her, swimming in her flooded cavern. We kissed long and deep, then I backed off again.

Now having regained our composure, it was time for pictures. Come was spilling from Susie even as my cock was still in her, and I shot a few frames of us joined, sperm leaking around my cock. Now it was time for the big creamy shot, and I slowly pulled out of her, taking photos as my spent but still leaking dick slipped from her soaked labia. Immediately, a large stream of come spilled back, making a river out of her pussy and down her left ass cheek. It dripped on the edge of the seat, then down onto the floor. I kept taking photos as the white fluid flowed out of Susie’s well pounded labia, the swollen deep pink of a well used woman. I backed up to get a full body shot of Susie, now relaxed and laying back against the passenger side door, her dress open, her twat a dripping mess, semen from two men leaking from her wet tangled muff.

Susie smiled at me. “I feel like such a slut.”

“You should see how you look,” I teased. Susie laughed. I got serious. “You look incredibly hot.” I showed her some of the photos with her dripping and the car a mess. “And being a slut isn’t such a bad thing.”

Susie smiled. “A year ago, I’d have given you an argument over that. Now, I’m not so sure.” She dipped two fingers in her still flowing cunt, taking some of the come from inside her and licking them. I got a couple of photos of her with her fingers inside herself. “Mmmm…two is tasty!!”

I laughed, pulling my shorts back up. “Now, stand up in the driveway.” I helped Susie off the seat and out of the Tahoe. She stood next to it, her dress still open. I took a couple of photos of her there. As I was getting my shots, a long drip of come fell from her pussy, hitting her right thigh about half way down, then sliding down past her knee to her calf. I recorded the sight, then had an idea. “Let’s go inside.”

We went into the house, and I had Susie button up her dress, except for the last two buttons on the bottom, and enough to show her tits from the top. I had her stand in the kitchen in front of the sink. I took some shots of her leaning over, washing a pan, getting a good downblouse. She giggled, telling me come was running down her leg. I looked, and sure enough, there was a long streak down her right leg. I moved so I could get a good view, and took a couple of shots as the white trail moved down her thigh, past her knee, and on down her calf, finally hanging up on the strap of her wedge heel.

I showed her the photos of her standing at the sink, come rolling down her leg out from under her dress. “There-typical American housewife,” I said, showing her the photo.

She laughed, then kissed me. “I love how you make the simple, everyday things sexy.” Then her eyes got big. “I just felt a drip.” I looked down, and sure enough, there was a long white streak hanging out from under her dress. I took a couple of photos, now with come dripping right from her pussy onto the floor, along with the streak on her leg. It was incredibly hot, and I was starting to get hard again. Susie noticed the renewed bulge in my pants. “You weren’t kidding about getting turned on by this,” she said as she rubbed my cock through my shorts. She smiled at me. “Let’s go get cleaned up,” she said, leading me from the kitchen toward the bedroom. I watched as more come slid down her thighs. I had a feeling it was going to be fun shower.

Once in the bathroom, we stripped quickly, Susie in no time, since all she had on was a mostly open dress and her wedges. It took me a little longer, but not much. Susie got in the shower and started the water. I followed, and we held each other and kissed in the warmth. I started to kiss down her body, paying attention to her breasts, sucking gently on the nipples til she let out a soft moan, then kissing down her belly to her bush. I eased her onto the seat, then moved to her knees, kissing her thighs, licking the come off them and kissing her. She met me eagerly, tasting what was now a mix of my come and her husband’s.

I pulled her forward as I got closer to the prize, her wet, leaking blonde pussy. I looked up at her. She just smiled at me, knowing that if I would Escort İnnovia go down on her after I came inside her, I’d do it with her husband’s come in her pussy, too. Susie looked down at me, and opened her legs a little wider to give me more room. Her labia had closed up some, but were still slightly parted, a white film coating them.

“Lick me, sweetie,” said Susie, her eyes closed, waiting in heated anticipation. I licked right up the middle of her lips, getting a good dose of sperm, making her buck hard when I went over her clit. I slurped up a healthy tongueful of the sperm dripping from her, making her jump again, and lifted my face to hers, kissing her hard. She met me full on, and our tongues wrestled as she eagerly took the mixed seed from me. I squeezed her tits as we kissed, and I felt her squirm under me. I went down on her again, repeating the move I had just done. Susie kissed me hard, again eagerly taking the come off my tongue. I went down on her again, taking more time on this pass, making sure to lick all around Susie’s labia, nibbling the top of her thighs. Again, she took the sperm off my tongue, though she now had a harder time, as she was breathing a lot harder now that I had heightened her arousal.

One more time, I went back down on her, this time licking straight up her slick folds, and latching onto her clit. I licked back and forth all of about three times, and she thrust her hips forward forcefully, almost knocking me over, and letting out a long moan. I put my face back in her crotch, licking slowly as she convulsed over me, finally holding still as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

When Susie reclaimed some composure, I released my hold on her clit, gently kissing up through her bush and belly, kissing the underside and nipple of both breasts, her neck, and finally her mouth. Our kiss didn’t have the lustful urgency it did when I was feeding her the mixed sperm on my tongue earlier, but instead was more sensuous and loving.

We finally parted. Susie looked at me, wonder in her blue eyes. “Wow,” she said softly, a smile coming over her. “Wow. That was incredible. The idea of you going down on me with your come and my husband’s in me….wow.”

“Pretty hot, eh??”

“I had no idea it could be so hot. We’ll have to do this again.” Susie caught her breath.

“Next time he comes inside you, you know where to take it,” I said, hoping to encourage her. “Maybe even have him come in you when you know you’re coming to see me.”

“Yeah. I’ll have to try that,” said Susie, a sparkle now in her eyes.

I pulled Susie up from her sitting position. She stroked my once again hard cock as we kissed, and I turned her toward the wall. She knew where this was going right away, pushing her ass up to make my access to her twat easier. She was still dripping come from her open lips, though not as much as earlier. Still, it was an inviting target. She reached behind her, taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to her steaming love pot. She let out a soft moan as my cock spread her once more, easily sliding deep. I felt my balls on her sticky muff, and pushed in a little farther, mashing them into her clit. Susie let out another moan as she felt them roll around on her sensitive little button.

Now inside her, I started to pump slowly in and out, again savoring the feel of my cock in her now super slick twat. Susie was enjoying the feeling as well, pushing her hips back at me, grinding when I contacted her clit, pulling me deeper in to maximize the feeling. I reached forward, taking her tits in my hands, mauling them and squeezing her nipples. I picked up my pace, now driving in and out of her, my cock slurping and sloshing in her messy cunt.

The noisy coupling was not lost on Susie. “I’m so full of come, I don’t know how you can feel anything, I’m so slick.”

I laughed. “It feels like hot, wet, steamy, creamy, heaven,” I told Susie. “It’s my dark, dirty fantasy, fucking my girlfriend’s hot, sloppy cunt. It’s even better knowing that you’re enjoying it.” I slapped Susie’s ass, making her hips shake as the shock ran through her.

Susie pushed back into me. “I am enjoying it,” she said, looking over her shoulder at me. Her eyes fixed on me. “I want you to come inside me again. I want to feel the heat of your sperm in me all day,” she panted, then spoke again. “I want you to mix your seed with my husband’s…God, I feel like such a….” she looked hard into my eyes, “whore.”

I have been with women who have gone into a sexual frenzy and almost taken on another personality, saying things they’d never say otherwise, when they get extremely aroused. But I never expected to hear such a graphic description of herself from Bible college alumna Susie. Just shows what can happen to a girl when she tips over the cliff into a sexual fog.

Susie was deep into it now, her hips thrashing around me, as if she had become possessed. “Come in me, baby. Fill my sloppy whoring cunt Kağıthane escort with your seed. I wanna feel it overflowing me all day, feel the heat of your sperm inside me…” Her voice trailed off and she went into a convulsing orgasm. I held on, the only thing keeping me from blowing my load right then was the fact that I had just come only 45 minutes earlier. That wasn’t enough to hold me off forever, and as Susie came down, her pussy still quivering around me, I lost what control I had to the heat of the moment, and Susie’s clutching twat.

I pulled Susie’s hips close to me and let go, not as hard as I had in the back of her Tahoe, but enough so she felt it splashing into her cervix. That kicked her up into high gear again. “Oh, Gooodddddddd,” she moaned, trailing off into a long cry as her hips shook. I finished coming and slipped out of her, which didn’t take much, she was so slippery. She turned to face me, kissing me hard. I held her close as we kissed, the warm water coursing over us. “I’m so totally soaked,” she said through our kiss. We pulled away from each other, looking down. Susie wasn’t kidding. She had come running down both thighs, and a long string dripping to the floor. She looked up at me and kissed me. “I wish I didn’t have to go in today. I’d love to just lay in bed with you and feel your come all in me and over me.” She kissed me again, then sighed. We again held each other close. I kissed the top of her head gently.

“I’d love that too, to just lay there and have you with me, your head on my shoulder while we watched some old movies or something.” Susie smiled up at me, and we parted, our hands lingering together.

“Oh, well. Not going to happen today,” said Susie, grabbing the soap and starting to lather. She washed off her tits and belly, then her legs, saving her bush for last. I washed up as well, but it was a hot moment to see Susie, her eyes fixed on mine, wash over her blonde pubes, then over her labia. She rinsed the soap off her hands and pushed two fingers inside her pussy, pulling them out to show me how slick they were from the sperm inside her, then licking them.

“All cleaned up??” I asked.

Susie smiled. “Outside isn’t too bad. There’s still a lot of come inside me.” She took my hand and kissed me. “It’ll give me something to think about all day.”

“You’re not going to get a bit of work done,” I teased her.

Susie laughed. “Probably not.” We finished up and dried off. Susie had some spare clothes and panties at my place, so she was able to get herself put together well enough to go to work. I walked her out to the Tahoe. We shared a long embrace and deep kiss. “Call you later??” she asked.

“I’ll look forward to it.”

“Oh, by the way,” said Susie, smiling at me.


“My secret dirty fantasy??”


“Two men in the same day. Had it ever since college. Never had the nerve to do it til now.”

“How was it??” I asked, realizing that sometimes the reality of a fulfilled fantasy wasn’t always as good as it was in theory.

Susie smiled broadly, putting her hand on my arm. “Wonderful!! Kinda strange to feel you inside me after my husband came inside me, but better than I ever imagined, especially when you came so hard.”

“Maybe you should see if he’d be interested…”

“Nah.” Susie cut me off. “He’d never go for it. He’s really traditional with that stuff. Interesting thought, though.” Susie smiled and she was off.

Before Christmas, I made up a couple of calendars for Susie and me, one of her in various poses, partly dressed and some nudes. I also made up a couple of us in which the photos were of us making love in various poses. We both liked the shot of us on my bed, Susie riding me reverse cowgirl. We had just come, I had filled her as usual. Her labia were spread around my cock, and my balls were pulled up, having not returned to their resting position yet. My come had overflowed her, and it was seeping out around my cock. It was a full body shot for Susie, and it was obvious she was still in full arousal, labia open, nipples erect. It was a wildly erotic photo.

After I gave her the calendars, she said, “How come there’s a calendar of me, but I don’t get one of you??”

I laughed. “I’m the photographer. There are almost no photos of me, in any condition. Besides, who would want photos of an old fat guy??”

Susie smiled. “You’re not so old.” She kissed me. “And not so fat, either, except for that beautiful cock. We’ll have to do something about that. Where’s your camera??”

I picked up one of the several I have, and showed her the basics of how it worked. She picked it up quickly, and took my hand to lead me to the bedroom. “Strip down, slowly,” she said. I complied, unbuttoning my shirt, letting her get shots of my chest from several angles. It was a little awkward for me, being the model, since I’m a lot more used to being on the other side of the camera. I concluded that Susie knew what she wanted from me, and followed her direction. She had me in various poses, my zipper open, just a hint of cock showing, mostly the hair around it, my cock sticking up, my cock sticking out the open zipper, finally working to me lying on the bed totally naked, my hard cock sticking straight up, and also on my side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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