Cyber Fun Ch. 04

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** This is the fourth chapter of Cyber Fun. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. **

Rob couldn’t believe how hard he was, how hard she made him. And all they did was talk. He put his cell phone on the charger, closed out the picture on his computer and turned off the machine. The pictures she sent him were less risqué than his were, mostly cleavage, as the red head loved to wear corsets when she went out, and the occasional push up bra that her 36C breasts didn’t really need. But he couldn’t deny that he was a bit of a breast man, so he loved her close ups of her breasts straining against the fabric.

He decided to take a shower, before heading off to bed. Hoping that his roommate was asleep already so he wouldn’t get on his case about walking around with a hard-on, he walked to the bathroom. He turned on the water to the shower and got in. Leaning into the stream of warm water he braced himself against the shower wall, and let the cum from his earlier fondling washed off his body. In his minds eye he could see Red naked in his shower, her red hair matted to Akbatı escort bayan her skin, droplets of water running all over her body. His hard cock strained out in front of him as he fantasized about the girl in his shower.


Her red hair matted to her skin as the water ran onto her. The refreshing water did little to cool her already heated flesh, the droplets of water licked and ran down the length of her body, causing her to become more aroused, her nipples straining out in front of her giving him an idea how turned on she really was.

She leaned in and kissed him then, savoring the taste of his lips as she sucked and nibbled on them. With a devilish grin she ran her nails along his chest, scratching his painfully hard nipples in the process. Her mouth worked its way lower following the trail of her hands. She snaked her tongue along his pectorals and teased his hard pebbles, making lazy circles around the forms.

She dropped to her knees and kissed and licked and ran her hands along his pelvic ridge, she’d Escort Aksaray mentioned before that that was one of her many weaknesses. If he thought his cock was hard before, he certainly thought he was going to explode now. Her every attention to detail as she progressed lower, made him wonder if he could be anymore turned on by her. She ran her hands along his muscular thighs, making their way to his cock. She grabbed him then, in her left hand, and looking up at him licked the tip.

“Oh God.” He groaned, as her tongue flicked the tip of his sensitive penis. He braced himself against the wall, his knees going weak as she licked along the head. Then she did it, without warning or hesitation, she took as much of his long, thick shaft into her hot mouth as she could. Rob could have come then, in the shock of it all, and was a little surprised when he didn’t. She had little over half of his cock in her mouth and was stroking the rest of the shaft with her hand. Red began to with draw his cock from her mouth, still looking up at him.

“Do Ankara escort it daddy, use my mouth.” And replaced her mouth on his cock. Rob placed his hands on her head, and gripped her long red hair. Red kept her hand on his cock to keep him from gagging her but other than that, he had full control. Rob didn’t wait long after getting settled in her mouth before he began to slam his cock in and out of her. Red removed her hand from his cock to get a grip on both his thighs and Rob was quickly sending his cock slamming into the back of her throat.

He could feel the vibrations from her groaning against the sensitive skin of his penis. And it threw him over the edge, he held fast and jammed his cock into her and the jets of cum erupted from him. Red raked her nails along his thighs and against his ass as he clutched her to his rod.


Rob’s hand stroked his cock at an astonishing speed, only slowing as the last stream of cum shot from him. He slumped against the side of the shower and rinsed off. Rob shut off the water after making sure all his cum had been washed from the tile, and then dried off with one of the towels in the cabinet.

“She was right, this is going to be a long night.” He thought to himself as his cock began to get stiff again, his mind wandering to what Red would be doing to help alleviate her mounting sexual tension.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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