Cynthia’s Submission Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning to the sound of my alarm and felt rather refreshed. Getting out of bed I went about preparing myself for school and the fun, mysterious plans Sage had mentioned. I made sure to put extra effort into my appearance by putting on some extra makeup and doing more to my hair then just pulling it back into a pony tail. All done up I began to dress and as I slid up my short skirt I realized just how thrilling it would be to spend the day not wearing any panties to cover my newly shaven beaver. Once my top was on and tucked into place I slipped into the heels and topped off my look with a gold necklace, along with some sparkly earrings and a nice delicate bracelet. The way I had buttoned my blouse I was showing a bit of cleavage, allowing my necklace to lie against my skin just above my breasts. Before heading out, I gave myself one more look over in my full length mirror and could tell that I looked damn good; I definitely looked sexier than I had ever looked at school before. Satisfied with my appearance, I headed out to my car and towards school.

While in the car, I couldn’t help but to touch myself. I felt so exposed in my little skirt and no panties. The smoothness of my bare pussy felt amazing, but I was able to control myself before I got too carried away. I in no way wanted to disobey any of Sage’s orders. So I composed myself and continued on to school.

Upon my arrival, my heart began to beat a little harder and I became well aware of exactly how I looked to the eyes of others. This feeling fueled me to continue, pushing me to go on as if it was any other day. Heads turned as I walked through the halls to my classroom; everyone was trying to get their best look at me and I was enjoying every second.

As classes started I slowly began to forget how I was dressed and just focused on the lessons in which I was teaching. However, I must say that fourth period, Sage’s class, was constantly on my mind. I wanted badly for time to speed up so I could be alone with her during lunch. Because of this, my day instead seemed to drag on; seconds felt like minutes and I started to get discouraged that Sage’s class would never come.

Slowly but surely fourth period did arrive and no one could have been more relieved than I; all I had to do was get through my lecture with class and I would be free to submit to Sage. I noticed immediately when she entered, I always do; she was wearing cut off jeans shorts that accentuated her firm butt and a tight cotton t-shirt that fit like a glove to her trim torso. She looked amazing as always, and seemed to know it. When she entered my room, she hardly looked my way; Sage practically ignored me, causing me to want her attention that much more. I found myself trying to push out my chest, or flipping my hair in attempts to get my mistress’ attention. All of which was to no avail however. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I knew she was my mistress, and I her sub, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that she even knew if I was present.

Determined to get to my time with Sage, I pushed through with the lecture and the following discussion, and unlike before the time seemed to fly by. The class was soon over as signified by the ringing of the lunch bell and the moment I had been looking toward to all morning was finally before me. I would finally get my chance to be alone with Sage; submitting to my mistress.

The rest of the class filed out as Sage took her time gathering her belongings. When she finally stood, she was the only one who remained in the room with me.

“Good morning Cynthia, my sub slut. How are you doing today?”

“Good morning mistress, I am doing well, I couldn’t wait for this moment. All I hope is that my outfit suits your requirements. Is my skirt’s length to your liking mistress?”

“Cynthia, the length of your skirt is relative. If it made you feel different while wearing it at school then its length is suitable. However, I must see if you followed the rest of my instructions, so would you please remove your clothes, leaving your heels on, to prove your compliance.”

“Yes mistress, but should I close the door first?”

“No my slut, not now; I was going to do that for you, but since you are unable to do as I command, I feel it to be an appropriate punishment for you to have to undress while it is open. Is that clear my slut?”

“Yes mistress.”

Scared and amazed by her forcefulness, I began to undress as not to further upset her. It was quite nerve racking to undress in my room with the door open while school was still in session. I had an open door policy with my students, meaning any time my door was open they were free to stop by and ask me questions about class topics. With the door being open a student could walk in at anytime. I pushed the thought aside and focused on getting my clothes off quickly to please my mistress. Within moments I was once again naked in my class room as I had been yesterday; this time though I was allowed to stand and keep my shoes on.

“Very good Cynthia, I see you are beginning to understand that when I tell you to do something I want görükle escort it to be done immediately and without questions. Also, I am pleased to see you followed my instructions about not wearing any underwear and shaving your bush. If you would my slut, please bring your clothes over to me so we can begin our first fun assignment of the day.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sage was still standing at her desk which was four rows back from where I was and halfway to the open door. It scared me to have to move closer to the open entry, doing so meant the chance of exposing my nude form to anyone passing by would be higher. I bit the bullet however, not wanting to anger my mistress again, and proceeded to walk my clothes over to Sage.

“Thank you Cynthia, your ability to complete my command quickly shows your willingness to serve me. Now, please walk back to your desk and sit down in your chair.”

“Yes mistress.”

I returned to my desk and sat down just as she told me to. When I looked I saw that she had begun putting my clothes into her bag.

“Cynthia, I am hungry and am going to go to lunch. You are to remain at your desk until I return, which I promise will be before the next period starts. As for the door I am going to shut it so that you aren’t completely on edge. Be a good little sub slut and I promise a reward.”

With that she exited the classroom, closing the door behind her as she left, and holding my clothes in her bag. I was left stunned and still. I couldn’t move; I was in a state of shock. My nerves were bouncing and my heart was racing. The only thing that calmed me down was the fact that she had closed the door. I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone entering the classroom without knocking first. With this realization I began to get control of myself and my emotions. Now all I could do was to sit and wait. I kept wondering when Sage would come back; would she come back soon or would she wait until lunch was almost over to return. I had no way of knowing and this made me nervous, but more than that it made me excited. I became very aroused thinking about the different scenarios in which Sage would return. My pussy began to flood out onto my chair, but I didn’t dare move. I did not want Sage to come back and catch me playing with myself. It took a lot of self control but I was able to hold off. Instead I watched the clock, and counted the seconds off in my head; counting down the time remaining for lunch and the keeping track of the length of time in which I sat there, alone and naked behind my desk.

With just about five minutes remaining for the lunch period my door opened and my heart dropped. Fortunately it was Sage, and she seemed to be happy. Closing the door behind her, she spoke.

“Hello Cynthia, how was your lunch break? Were you a good little sub slut?”

“Yes mistress.”

“That is great Cyn. Well I guess I should reward you for your good behavior; get up on top of your desk, on your hands and knees, with your ass facing me.”

“Yes mistress.”

I quickly climbed atop my desk and positioned myself as directed by Sage. I felt very vulnerable in this position, as well as aroused. Hearing movement behind me I got the sense that Sage was approaching. She very softly let her hand slide across the roundness of my left buttock. Her touch felt amazing, but unfortunately ended too soon when she began to speak again.

“Cynthia, I think it is only appropriate that I grade you on your performance so far; to allow you an understanding of how I feel you have been meeting my standards. With that said you have been very obedient thus far, and except for your slight resistance earlier I still feel as though your ability to serve me is at an A level. So, for your reward I will present you with your grade.”

Sage then reached forward and began to, what felt like to me, write on my left buttock.

“You may look back at your reward slut.”

Turning my head to the left, I saw that she had indeed written on me. Sage had written, in thick black maker, the word “Behavior” followed by the letter “A” on my left ass cheek. Lifting my eyes I saw Sage holding a large permanent marker in one hand and my clothes in the other.

“I hope you are satisfied with your behavior grade Cyn, because after school you will work on your performance grade. Now get dressed before class starts; you wouldn’t want anyone to catch you looking like a whore would you?”

“No mistress; thank you for my grade mistress.”

I then got down off my desk and began to get dressed. While I dressed, I looked up at the clock and saw that the bell would be ringing at any second. Once my clothes were back on, the bell rang and Sage was no longer in my room. Within seconds, students began to file in.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to go by in a blur. I was constantly aware that I had been naked for the entire lunch period, and that I was extremely lucky that no one came into my room while I was. The thought of being so vulnerable got me hot and excited; I could feel my pussy becoming wetter as the day progressed. It was also bursa escort bayan a thrill to know that Sage had written on my naked butt and that at any point if my skirt would happen to lift up, not only would my ass be exposed but so too would my behavior grade. That would only add to the embarrassment and humiliation if such an event was to occur. Though such a thought did scare me, it also added to my arousal.

There were only two classes left in my day and I was able to speed through them on merely my excitement alone. Before I knew it the last school bell rang and my obligations as a teacher were over, now all I had to do was wait for my mistress to show up for our afterschool meeting. My excitement made it hard to focus on getting any work done; I just sat behind my desk waiting for Sage.

I waited, nervously for what felt like an eternity on Sage to appear at my door. After thirty minutes of waiting I began to fear she wasn’t going to show; that she had decided not to meet me after school and did not feel I deserved a heads-up of her decision. With this fear in my head I began to impatiently pace back and forth behind my desk. When Sage had not shown up after forty minutes I began to gather up my belongings in preparation of leaving. When I was finally convinced that Sage was not coming, after forty-five minutes of nerve-racking waiting, I threw my bag over my shoulder and started for the door at three thirty. Just as I was reaching the doorway Sage stepped through it, almost colliding with me in my skittish rush to leave. Unmoved by our near crash of bodies, Sage simply smiled before opening her beautiful, plump mouth to speak.

“Well it seems somebody is in a hurry to leave. I hope my little sub slut isn’t having second thoughts about our new relationship.”

“No mistress, I just didn’t think you were going to show up. I’m sorry for making such an irrational assumption mistress.”

“I accept your apology slut, but for future reference, if I make a plan or say something, I one hundred percent mean it and stand by it. Now, let us not waste any more time and get down to why we are here; to evaluate you on your performance as a good little sub slut.”

Sage turned to shut and lock the door to the room before continuing on.

“First thing I need you to do is strip down to your birthday suit, again leaving your heels on. Once you have removed your clothes I want you to place them inside of my bag before sitting down at your desk.”

Doing as I was told I once again stripped down and made my way to sit down behind my desk. Once I was seated, Sage followed and proceeded to sit atop my desk, in front of me.

“Cynthia, for your performance grade you are going to orally pleasure me right here, right now. If you are unable to make me climax in five minutes you fail and will be punished; now if you would please remove my shorts and begin your task.”

I eagerly obliged her command and quickly unsnapped her shorts, before sliding them off of her body. To my surprise, Sage was not wearing any underwear, and was sporting a sophisticated, well maintained, strip of pubic hair above her immaculate vagina. Her lips were perfectly proportionate to the rest of her pussy, and were the most delicious looking shade of pink one could want. Even though up to this point I had never thought about another woman’s vagina in a sexual manner, or for that fact, been as close to one as I was then; I could not wait to dive face first into Sage’s moist folds.

Filled with the desire to do as my mistress ordered, and the curiosity of going down on a woman, my tongue darted out and began to lick up the sweet juices that were coating the exposed area of her pussy. I may not have done such an act prior to this point in time, but I instinctively knew what to do; I did what I knew I liked and hoped that it would translate into pleasure for Sage. For the first few moments I slowly explored her wet slit with my tongue; letting it lick up and around the outside bits, and savoring the new taste of her arousal. While my tongue explored, Sage began to let out soft, subtle moans, indicating her enjoyment. This spurred me on to further my assault on her tender twat, and soon found myself burying my tongue deeper into her opening, wet snatch. Sage’s moans became more pronounced and louder, as I realized I was on a time limit, spurring me to go in for the kill and start to flick my tongue across her clit. This immediately resulted in Sage bucking her hips and grunting aloud.

As my pace became faster and more centered on her clit, Sage too became more expressive, spouting out words of encouragement and profanities at the divine. After only a few moments of clitoral stimulation, she was climaxing; shaking and bucking as if she was going into a seizure, and her pussy just flooded my mouth as I continued to latch on for all I was worth.

Eventually, Sage came down from her orgasm smiled at me as she moved back to indicate to me that I was to stop. For being my first pussy eating experience I could not get enough, and gave her a puppy dog look as she got down from the desktop bursa escort and slid her shorts back on before giving me further instructions.

“Well well my little obedient sub slut, you did a wonderful job, and certainly completed your task in the given time frame. As your reward for such an excellent performance I will now present you your grade. Reassume your grading position slut.”

I speedily got on top of my desk and positioned myself on all fours facing away from my mistress. Sage then reached out and began to write out my grade, this time on my right butt cheek. Looking back I read to myself as she wrote: “performance A+”. I felt very proud about myself and had a strong sense of accomplishment. As I remained atop my desk on all fours, basking in my moment of glory, Sage instructed me of what I was to do next.

“Now our time together has unfortunately come to an end, but they’re still a few tasks I have for you to complete tonight on your own. First, I am going to take a picture of you as you are now, and then send it to you via your e-mail account for you to print out and hang on your fridge; something you can look at and be proud of. Next, I am going to leave, you are to count to fifty upon my exit before getting down and getting dressed. Lastly, I will post a shopping list on the outside of your door of items you are to purchase tonight before going home. It will take you going to several different stores to get everything, and you are required to get everything; the only thing I ask is that you call me once you purchase the last item on the list. Is everything I said understood my sub?”

“Yes mistress.”

With that, Sage snapped off a picture, dropped my clothes on the floor, and exited the room. I counted to fifty as Sage had ordered and then got dressed, slipping my skirt and blouse on as I walked towards the door to retrieve the shopping list. She had taped it facing out into the hallway on my door, which allowed anyone who may have passed by as I was counting to see what was on it. The list was as follows:

-black fishnet thigh highs with a lace top

-a dark grey pencil skirt (Length just long enough to conceal the top of the thigh highs)

-pair off 4 inch black, pointed toed heels

-10 feet of rope

-3 feet of chain

-2 heavy duty key opened locks

-an eight inch hot pink, realistic dildo

-a strap on harness

-a black medium sized butt plug

-a large red ball gag

-a blind fold


As I read the list I became apparent that these items were to either be worn by me or used on me. To purchase these items I would have to go to at least three different stores; a lingerie store, a hardware store, and an adult toy store. The list excited me, and made me curious as to the meaning of some of the items. Most were self explanatory, but the rope, chain, and locks seemed a bit unusual. However, I did not focus too much on their meaning or use; rather I got focused on actually going out and getting them.

I proceeded to exit my room and head towards my car to begin my journey of purchasing the items on my mistress’ list. It was now four o’clock and my first stop would be the hardware store, as it was the closest. I arrived shortly after leaving my school and upon entering the hardware store I immediately felt a cool draft of air rush up my skirt and send a shiver running through my body, reminding me of my lack of undergarments. My nipples instantly became rock hard and I became even more turned on to be carrying out the instructions of my mistress. I wondered the aisles of the store looking for the items I needed to pick up, having a tough time locating the rope and chains; the locks however, I found easily. Eventually, after minutes of searching I finally found the aisle that the rope and chain where both on, and after a bit of diligent shopping I was able to pick out the proper length for both.

With my items in hand I proceeded towards the checkout line. Being that it was the early evening there wasn’t much of a wait and I was able to get out of there rather quickly. The lady who rang up my purchases did however ask me what I would be using my items for, and with a slight blush and a smile I told her what else but that I would be getting into some restraining. With that I paid her and strolled out to my car to head to my next destination; the lingerie store. I looked at the clock in my car and noticed that I had been inside the hardware store for thirty minutes; time was flying and I was certainly having fun.

My trip to the lingerie store was a little easier to complete, as I had been in their before and had an idea as were to find the items I was looking to purchase. The only part that took some time was when I had to try on a few skirts to find the one that best fit Sage’s description, but after a few minutes and a couple of fitting room visits I found the one. It hung to just about three inches below my butt cheeks, barely doing the job of covering the tops of the thigh highs when I stood straight up, and hugged my thighs tight. The fishnets were easily acquired on the other hand and I soon made my way to the cashier counter. There was no sly banter when I paid for these items, which oddly sort of displeased me, but I took no time to dwell on it, since it was now 5:15 pm. Wanting to get home by at least seven, I sped off towards my last stop.

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