Dad, Always and Forever Ch. 03

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This is our story, I was a junior in high school when my parents divorced. Shortly after my 18th birthday I moved in with my father and became his lover and the woman of the house. The previous section detailed my final high school year and my assuming the position of Mrs. K. Mathews.

As I begin this last part I am sitting in the bay window seat at our home. I am now 26 years old and am nearing graduation from law school. I am at the top of the class and will take my bar exam this fall. So many things have happened in the last few years, none have diminished the love I share with dad.

During my freshman year in college mom was killed in an auto collision. She was a passenger in a small car that changed lanes and hit a large truck head-on. Alcohol was a factor, her male friend, the driver was apparently very intoxicated. Dad went with me to the funeral. We both stood there during the ceremony and felt sad, but the tears would not flow. It was almost like it was bad, but far removed from our lives.

I said “I feel empty, but I can’t cry.” Dad said “Know what you mean, to me it feels like an old book that I read and placed on a shelve, no intention of ever reading it again.”

Mom and me had never had a bad relationship, it was I guess, distant, not much in common. All during my growing up dad was my rock, the only parent with love to give.

About a week after the funeral a lawyer called and advised me mother had a life insurance policy with me as the beneficiary. I was surprised, and upon learning it was $150,000.00 with double indemnity for an accidental death or $300,000.00, was shocked. This windfall would completely pay for my continued education. I would actually become an attorney. I left her attorney’s office and went directly to mom’s grave. I stood there feeling confused. I had lost my birth mother, and by her death been given funds to secure my future. I wanted to cry and feel joyful at the same time. I said something like, “Thanks Mom, and I won’t make the same mistake you made.” I was really thinking, “I will never give up dad.”

I remember going home and that night and as we lay in bed I asked my dad about his marriage with mom. Dad said he and mom were in the same school and she had a reputation of promiscuity. He was one of many that had sex with her. He said she was the first girl he had screwed. Mom told him she wanted go steady with him and he jumped at the chance, as it meant sex whenever he wanted it, teenage male hormones.

He shook his head and told me “Your mother wanted sex daily and we experimented in every way conceivable. It wasn’t long before mom got pregnant and he did the proper thing and they were married a few days after his senior graduation.

Mom even taught him about anal sex saying that during her period any sex was better then none. That caught me off guard because dad had never suggested we try anal intercourse.

So as we lay there I thought I got 300k from mom today and now I am going to do one more of her things. I snuggled up to dad and said “Teach me”.

He said “We have great sex all the time, why do you want to try that?” My reply, “If you enjoyed it with mom, I want to do it better, besides I also have periods.”

My first sexual experience in the rectum, dad started by making slow love, kinda like, in reverence of mom’s funeral, then he went doggy style and bursa eskort made me come hard as he finger flicked my clit and pounded his hot hard cock to the hilt in my pussy. I was wet and hot when he pulled out and wet my ass with several strokes of his cock head, dragging my juices up for lubrication. I braced not knowing what to expect and felt that large bulb pop into my tight ring. I tried to relax and let him in farther, but the pressure was extreme. He pulled out an inch and began making short strokes and returned his finger to the top of my cunt. As he toyed with my clit and gently pushed that golden rod into me I was lulled into bliss and before I knew it the short strokes were full depth. The feeling was unbelievable, it felt like his cock was so deep inside me, nearly to my throat as I knelt there, butt in the air and my head on my arms. Dad grabbed my hips and began to hammer my ass, driving in, making his balls slap hard against my cunt.

Later we would find a position where those balls would swing and slap my clit every thrust. Talk about a rush. Dad must have loved the sight and feel of my firm butt as he came so hard he lost his breath. He said it was “Damn near heart attack material.” It was another of those better than the other best ever.

I remember once when we had a rough spot in our relationship. Kenny was depressed, but denied it for a while. One night when we were making love, he made sure I had an organism, then he pulled out before he came.

I knew something was bothering him and as he lay there on his back, I said, “Hey, this is me you just screwed. Want to tell me what is happening to our sex life?”

He finally said, “I feel I am robbing you of a good life. Your beautiful, smart, you could have any one you choose. You could get married, have kids, all the normal things.”

I got mad. I punched him hard in the ribs and yelled “That’s bull shit, you get that out of your mind or I’ll kick your butt. I want only you, good, bad or what ever. Don’t you ever say that to me again.”

Kenny said, “I just want you to have everything you deserve in life.”

I hugged him hard and said “I already have everything I need and don’t you try to take it away from me. I love you, only you, you big lug.”

He said “I’m scared, I love you so much it hurts.”

Here’s a good memory, we had the shower remodeled making it about 5′ square, all tiled with twin opposing shower heads. We had great sex so many times in that little room. Now we had warm water spraying on us regardless of were we stood, or knelt.

I remember now when we discovered this one; we were standing up with my legs wrapped around dad’s waist as he held me up and drove his stiff prick into me. He leaned back away and I did the same, so we both could look down and see his stiff sliding in and out. I reached up turned the shower spray to pulsing stream and directed it onto his shaft just at the opening of my slit. Sensational, that hot pulsing stream vibrated clear up inside me and — BANG – a major climax, followed by his ripping spurts of come. All this; by just standing still and letting the water do the work. Wow. Another better then that other, you know what I mean?

Do you remember that darn black area rug in the bedroom? It is still our favorite rough house sex location. Dad likes to revert to “teenager in rut” sometimes. When our sex is a quickie bursa escort bayan it always seems to be on that rug.

I love that rug.

One special night we lay in bed after a robust love session, I was, of course, nude and spooned into dad’s stomach. As I was drifting into slumber land, my mind recalled, how ever since I can remember dad was there for me. At a very early age I would crawl up on him as he sprawled on the couch. I remember feeling loved, warm, and most of all safe. With those big arms around me I knew no body could get me. Now after all these years here I was wrapped in those strong arms and loved, warm, and safe again.

Had a flash back about how once I had kicked down to push myself up closer to his shoulder and inadvertently kicked him in the family jewels. He jumped and told me that “You only touch that area with love.”

On this particular night I awoke and had to relieve myself so I left the bed for a few minutes. When I returned, with a cooled down derriere, I snuggled back to where I had just left. I remember it went something like this; I reached behind me and cupped my love’s balls with a gentle loving touch. Almost felt like I was apologizing for the kick 20 years ago.

I thought dad was asleep, but he softly whispered, “Do you remember when you were a little tyke how you would climb on my lap and snuggle up? I would wrap my arms around you to keep you safe, it feels like we are in those old days again. I love you little girl.” My eyes were wide open, how could we both, at the same instant, be thinking of the same old memories.

I laugh now thinking of college, I used those precious wedding rings to keep guys away. If I got approached, I would tap my rings and shake my head. Most took the hint, but a few persisted, and by pumping up my biceps and then doing an ape walk – made them realize the pain might not be worth the chance of scoring. I worked part time as a clerk in one of the uppity law offices here in town. Same move, tapping the rings also kept them at bay. Most were puffed up egos, rich egos, but nothing I would ever trade for a single minute with dad.

It was about the end of my first quarter senior year I ask dad to grant me a small favor. I now think he was afraid I was about to tell him I wanted to taper off our relationship or something like that as he was quite apprehensive about my request.

I kissed him deeply and said “This will only firm up our love, relax, It’s only a matter of self control.” We both recall that sensual prom dance and the heat later that night.

He said “You have complete control over your life, I’m just your servant”. Yeah right. I’m sure that was to make me feel I could end our love, break his heart, but with his blessing. Foolish guy.

I had a hunch, female intuition, what ever, I had to know. My request was for us to go to our doctor and have a complete physical exam, including blood panel testing. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

About 10 days later the exam results were back. I knew it, I damn well knew it. I told my professor I was going to a near by state’s capital and research a legal problem, so would be missing classes for about a week. He granted me the leave and would give credit for any paper I produced. I then called dad’s dispatcher and left a message that I was enroute to that city, would he shuttle görükle escort there and join me for his days off. I left information about our hotel reservations. I would bring his change of clothing, no need to even go home.

I packed with care, his best dark suit, a nice white shirt and even those darn cuff links he can never undo. It would appear we were going to a high brow function. I bought him a very nice tie and a secret little item. I called ahead and made all necessary arrangements for the trip.

My sexy little black sheath was now a size too small—in the bust and butt, dang old age. Not to fear, I went out and found another just like it that will make him remember the Bahamas (our first honeymoon). I waited in the hotel room (suite), I was aware of about when he would arrive. I had champagne on ice and a cool sea food platter, including oysters (for virility, snicker, snicker.)

When he arrived, I helped him out of his flight uniform and indicated his dress clothes on the bed. I told him we would be going to attend a wedding in two hours and he had to look nice.

I said to him “Kenny, this won’t hurt you, do it for me.” Kenny is not too great on surprises, and seems to have an aversion to weddings. Tough. I pulled off my wedding rings and told him to carry them in his jacket pocket. By now he was totally confused.

I came right out and said “NO MORE INCEST. You are getting married. I have a gift for you. You are release from being my dad, because you are NOT my biological father. Those blood tests we took, well, I had a DNA test done because you married a sleep around “Mom” and only thought you were the father. She tricked you and dumped me off on you. I suspected and now it’s for sure. You did say you would marry me didn’t you? Did I hear you say yes?”

Kenny was stunned and stammered “Yes, I said yes.”

I stood with my hands on my hips and firmly stated “I didn’t hear you, what was it you said yes too? Ohh , and I want a kid pretty quick, so I am going to quit taking the pill, OK?”

Kenny could just nod, too much, too quick, that me, that’s how I operate. HE’S SUCH A BIG TOUGH WHOOSE.

About 1 hour later after we showered (without sex), Kenny had regrouped and the fever of the event finally reached him.

He swung me up and around, said “Get off those pills, I want to knock you up higher than a kite. I love you and we can be a real husband and wife, with a family.”

You want the details of the next few hours, a little maybe, we got married, my little secret purchase that morning, a solid gold man’s ring, Kenny’s size. We had our second honeymoon, at least the consummation of the wedding vows for most of the rest of the night. It’s more mature sex now, intense, with love, but it still makes my toes curl.

Legally curl?

I sit her now 7 months pregnant, thinking how this all started. I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a sonogram done and find we can expect a healthy girl soon. I know Kenny will call her his princess. I can’t come up with a precious enough name for our child, so still thinking. This will be the crown jewel in our wonderful relationship. I love my husband with every fiber of my being. I don’t like being separated even for a few hours, but life is as it is.

I think also of how you must view this, Well, let me tell you, Kenny has made love to only “mom” and me. I have experienced only one love, Kenny. We are probably a more pure couple, very much in love and true to each other in every way, – than most of the readers of this saga. It’s the ending that counts… Right.

Good night to all. Now we are just a normal married couple, not worth writing about, maybe?

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