Dad and Brother Punish Anne

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Big Tits

It was after my 19th birthday, the summer that I came home from University that my family decided to take matters into their own hands about my ‘slut” lifestyle. I don’t even get it. Just because I like sex does NOT mean I’m a slut.

But… I wasn’t complaining about their form of punishment…

I think it was the numerous times they came home to me fucking someone on the couch or having a threesome in daddy’s bed. My brother Sean or my dad would yell at me then my fuck buddy or buddies would scramble off and leave me high and dry. If my mother was there, she would understand but my daddy and her are divorced.

Sometimes, I would catch a glimpse of Daddy’s or Sean’s erect cock. I would quickly glance away so they would t catch me staring. I would run to my room and shove my dildo or fingers into my bare pussy until I came while thinking of them fucking me with their obviously big dicks.

One day, I was having an afternoon nap in my room, in only my thong when I woke to probing against my tits. I blinked open my eyes to see my hot brother tweaking my nipples.

I gasped. “What are you doing!?” I yelled.

He smiled lazily up at me. “I think it’s time you learnt how to be an obedient slut. No more fucking like an animal.”

He slowly moved his bursa eskort bayan fingers up into my mouth and shoved them in. I gagged.

“Well,I thought you would be better at swallowing fingers or cocks considering you do it almost every day. Yes I’ve seen you fucking a different guy every week, you little slut.”

I pondered this for a moment. I thought I was alone most of the times. They must have gotten cameras installed. I wondered if they got off to me fucking many cocks.

His hands yanking off my panties brought my attention back to the present.

“Get on your knees Anne” he demanded.

I hesitated.

He quickly grabbed my hair and pulled my face up. “Get on your knees NOW” he said more forcefully.

I quickly obeyed while he pulled down his sweats and boxers. Out sprang his semi erect cock. He shoved my face down onto it.

“Suck it. Suck it like you do all those other boys. Suck your big brother’s cock that I know you love so much. I’ve seen you staring at it, thinking you were so sly.”

So he did know.

At that moment, the door opened and in walked our father.

“Daddy!” I squeaked, “dads you hear all that?!”

He nodded grimly and crouched to my level.

My brother spoke up. “Dad, bursa otele gelen eskort bayan I think little Annie here learned that fucking a bunch of boys comes at a price.”

My father nodded grimly, stood up and pulled down his pants. He yanked me up to a standing position.

“Bend over that bed little slut. Stick your ass in the air.”

I compiled without hesitation, knowing what would happen if I did.

“Sean, I want you to take our little slut form behind while I fuck her face.”

Sean nodded and directed his cock to my pussy. He licked his lips and sunk into my tight cunt. I moaned while he groaned. Daddy moved onto my bed and knelt in front of my face. He yanked my face forward onto his hard erection. He filled my entire mouth with his silky cock. I began to move my mouth around it while cradling his balls in my hand. He groaned and pushed my face faster against it.

From behind me, I could hear Sean’s balls slapping against my ass cheeks and his moans escaping his mouth. I felt a few of my own moans reach the surface. I countinued to suck my daddy’s cock as I felt the climax build up inside me.

Suddenly, I felt Sean’s and Daddy’s cock twitch inside of my mouth and pussy and bursa eve gelen escort began to shout out the hot gooey cum into my body.

This only fueled my desire. I soon could feel my orgasm intensify and my moans came more frequent.

“Daddy! Sean! AHHH! Your cocks are amazing! Your going to make me cum!”

I screamed as my hot cum came shooting out of me and down Sean’s dick.

After recovering, they promptly removed their dicks and daddy moved to behind me.

“Stay still Anne” Daddy instructed.

I could feel their cocks brushing up against my ass and felt them going inside my…

“AHHHHH!” I screamed as their huge dicks both penetrated my ass hole. It felt li,e they were ripping me apart.

“Shhhh. It will only hurt a bit. But I suppose you deserve this pain you little slut” Sean cooed, “tell me you deserve this pain.”

“I derserve this pain” I managed to get out.

They slowly began to pump into me. One after the other. They didn’t get very far into my tight ass it wasn’t long until I felt the familiar climax rise.

“SHIT ANNIE. You feel great. Move your ass just like that!” My daddy yelled.

I’ve all started yelling undistinguishable noises as they pumped their hot cum into me. No need to worry about unwanted pregnancies. I was on the pill.


I screamed out “I am! This dirty cunt is yours!”

“That’s right! No more fucking little boys anymore! Your ours!” My brother stated.

And that’s how we spent most of our time together. Fucking into the dead of the night.

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