Daddy-Boy Love

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October 28, 2018

It was a bright sunny day with a pleasant sea breeze at our Clothing Optional Beach in SoFlo in July 2002. I was taking in the sun and talking to a few friends when this really cute young man approached me and said he found older men like me so attractive that he just had to meet me.

Well, what can I say to such a forward and cute young man? He sat with me a while talking and I learned that his name was Danny, he was 22 years old and moved here from New Orleans where he grew up. I told him I lived in the Big Easy for years before moving here in 1980. We had some more small talk and I got a pic of him sitting next to me.

There was something about him that just connected (aside from being cute and young). He wanted to get a pic of us together on the beach and my friends took some with both our cams.

When I got up to leave Danny said he would like to get to know me better and I got the underlying meaning of that from the look in his eyes. I was on my bike, so I gave him my address and said to come by in half an hour when I would be at home.

We got to my place at the same time and had a beer as we sat and talked some more. Danny said he is attracted to older men, to which I added that I am quite attracted to younger men. At this, he got up from his chair and sat in my lap, putting his arm around my neck and bending his face toward mine. Of course I reciprocated and our mouths met, tongues entwining with a very long passionate kiss.

We moved to the bed, where we both stripped off our shorts and shirts and were again naked together, except now it was in passion gaziantep escort and our soft cocks were now hard and pressing against the other’s abs.

I got very oral with this smooth-skin young man and was soon licking his balls, sucking them into my mouth and sucking his uncut cock. I then moved my head downward, lifting his legs and stuck my face between his ass cheeks. There was actually a sweet taste as I licked over the tight smooth sphincters of his asshole.

As I sucked his cock, I worked my lubed finger into his ass and massaged his prostate. He seemed to really like that, so I got a condom, lubed up, and he was happy to turn face-down with his cute tight ass in the air. A little resistance at first but I think he really wanted me in him and with a little thrust, I was. It felt so good pushing into this firm young ass, watching my cock slide in and out of him. Danny seemed to really be getting off on it as well.

I felt the orgasm building in my groin and let out a bit of a moan when I shot off. He must have done the same because I could feel his ass squeeze on my cock as he too let out a muffled yell into the pillow. We both collapsed sweating on the bed, enjoying the feel of each other’s body pressing skin-to-skin as I wrapped my arms around him and we both kind of drifted in and out of sleep for a while.

I really enjoyed this intimacy with another beautiful young man who seemed to really enjoy intimacy with this ‘Papi.’

After some wonderful time of sharing our warmth and embrace, we got up and showered together, another sensual moment of touching and fondling, where Danny got hard again and I gave him head, letting him cum in my mouth.

It was late afternoon when we got dressed and on our way for something to eat. At the Olive Garden, we got to know each other better. Sort of like a date, but in reverse since we already knew each other’s body intimately. Danny said he was born in New Orleans and lived with his mother, Daniela until graduating from high school, then got a job offer in Miami and came here.

Daniela, I thought? What are the odds? There was a friend I knew from DePaul Psych Hospital in New Orleans named Daniela, when my partner Jim and I worked there. She was a nurse on the unit where I was an assistant, a cute dark haired woman from somewhere in South America. She was openly and politically lesbian, so it was natural that she would become friends with Jim and me. But that was history, so long ago. After Jim and I left the country another time, we came back and broke up in New Orleans in 1976.

Then as often happens in this enchanted, Scorpio city, I ran into Daniela one day in 1979 and we arranged to get together and catch up on where we had been the last 3 years. Daniela came by my place that night and picked me up in her 4-wheel drive Jeep and we went out for some pizza and beer in her neighborhood in Algiers. Afterward, we went for a quiet walk along the levee, where, to my surprise, our brother/sister camaraderie seemed to feel more intimate in this romantic setting. I turned to her and she sort of slipped into my arms and we found ourselves embracing and kissing as lovers. It was a good feeling, though a little unexpected, to have Daniela in my arms this way.

We went to her place and quickly got undressed and on the bed. I first made love to Daniela orally, feeling she would appreciate the familiar lesbian lovemaking, even getting carried away with analingus. She reciprocated by giving me head for a while, then I mounted her and by her moans and thrusts it seems we both thoroughly enjoyed the fuck.

Discovering that Daniela was bisexual was much like the time my cousin and I got sexually intimate. Til now my relationship with this lesbian woman was as a brother, with the prospect of sex not even being considered. Now, almost incestuously, we were enjoying a part of each other that we had denied over the course of our friendship, and it was exciting discovering a new sexuality in our already established relationship.

Daniela and I got together a couple more times after that, then she got involved with a woman again, and we again became just friends, eventually losing contact as I moved to Florida.

I asked Danny about his mom & dad and he said he was raised by two moms and didn’t know who his dad was. With further inquiry I found out that his mom was from Venezuela and did work as a nurse.

OMG I thought, I just fucked my son!

I told Danny about my affair with Daniela, and sparing him the details let him know it was at a time we did not use condoms, since VD was still treatable and girls did birth control.

We sat there a while just looking at each other. I was thinking about the synchronicity or providence or whatever that had brought us together like this and wondered how ‘my son’ would deal with it.

Danny just smiled at me and said, “Papi, does it really matter?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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