Daddy Daughter Day

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The events in the story are true and did occur, well mostly true, anyway.

How can I start this off? I am 5 4, with ice blue eyes and a small figure. I’ve died my long hair pink so long ago; I forget what my natural color is. I guess this is the part where I talk about my breast size. I am a 32 D cup.

Let me first start off by saying that I love sex. I enjoy the feeling when my body exploded from pleasure or hands hungrily touching my exposed flesh. My mom left us when I was a young girl. She ran away with some fat fuck, and left me and my dad by ourselves. My dad was heartbroken for many years and even refused to date. I felt like it was my responsibility to take care of him, so I cooked, cleaned and did what I could around the house. It wasn’t till I was 18, till I realized what my daddy really needed. I would bring dates home, which was a rule at the house. Before I could date, I would have to bring him home for dinner. I didn’t realize it at first, but my dad did his best to run potential suitor off. I never really knew what he said to the guys, but I would be single within a week.

It took me a while to realize what he was doing. On the night I realized it, I brought home a half white guy, half black. He was nice enough and didn’t act like he was from “the street”. Even though we lived in an average suburban community, there were more white people that acted like they were “gangsters” then the black people that went to my school.

The night I brought him home for dinner, I wore a semi-tight brown skirt with white polo shirt. I wanted to show off my cleavage, so I went for my white lace bra that was one cup size too small, making my breasts just itching to spill out of them. My father, with his brown hair and athletic build, kept staring at him the entire meal. I thought it was a racial thing, but come to find bursa eve gelen eskort bayan out it was something else.

Unfortunately, the topic came to politics. The situation turned ugly fast, and he was asked to leave. Looking back, I think no matter what the guy’s politics could have been, he would have gotten upset.

“DAD! Why you keep running off all my dates?”

“Because, none of them are good enough for you!” he snapped back. The furry in his words were overwhelming. His teeth were gritted tight, muscles tensed up. I could see the hungry look in his eyes; I knew what he really wanted. That night I was going to give it to him, maybe he could take his 5 years of frustration out on me.

“Oh? What is good enough for me?” I asked, lowering my voice. My eyes locked on to his, as I licked my lips. My father suddenly realized his feet were interesting. I didn’t expect him to be shy.

“What’s wrong daddy? If no man is good enough for me, are you?” asking softly, my fingers playing with his shirt. He muttered something about this being wrong, but he didn’t protest too much when I unzipped his pants down. Slowly kissing his stomach I worked my way down. Moaning as I went down on him. My lips slowly pulling his flesh back, opening my mouth slowly, I took playful nips against his naked flesh.

“I know it’s been a while, since you gotten any, have you forgotten how to do it?” I asked pulling down his boxers. I took his thick 8 inch cock in my hand and played with it, as it became harder and harder.

“It’s not that, it’s not right,” he replied. My soft fingers lightly touching it, I opened up my mouth, as I started to take it in. Rolling my eyes back in my head I worked my mouth back and forth on it. I began sliding up and down, my hand moving up and down bursa eskort bayanlar on the back of his legs.

Pulling back on it, I looked into his deep blue eyes. “What’s not right is mom leaving you, for some overweight fat man. She left you, left me, and now there is no one to take care of us.” I worked his cock back into my mouth my hand on it, as I slowly stroked it, moaning as I continued. Drool soon ran down my mouth and on my shirt. I tugged at my shirt, partly exposing my breasts. He was looking down at them, the look of hunger growing in his eyes, but he was holding back. I needed to push him over the edge. I soon began playing with my breasts through my shirt. My legs were spread wide against my skirt. I moved my hand down in between my legs as I began to play with myself, moaning as I slowly sucked him off. I reached under my panties and slowly played with my clit, making tiny little circles with my finger. As I started to moan louder, I sucked faster. His breathing picked up, as I pulled my mouth off his cock with a loud pop sound.

“Can I drain your cock, daddy?” I softly asked. He didn’t reply.

I stopped. He let out a sign of relief, and pulled his pants back up.

“I guess if you don’t fuck me, I’ll just let the football team run a train on me,” I said playing with my shirt, and my hips swaying back and forth. His eyes narrowed as he grabbed me by my hair and dragged my over to the kitchen counter. My skirt was yanked up over my ass, as he ripped my panties off. My face was pinned down under his muscular right arm. I couldn’t free myself, as he locked my other arm behind me. His thick cock, pushed hard and fast into my wet pussy. Juices ran down my leg as he worked it in faster and faster. My legs started to shake as he rammed me harder. His hand let go of my face, görükle escort bayanlar as I began to scream. I start to cum hard, but he didn’t stop or slow down.

I begged him “Don’t stop Daddy, fuck me harder.” Warm pre-cum and the juices from my pussy ran down my legs. I felt my knees start to give out, as I tried desperately to keep from falling. I didn’t care as he raped my pussy with his thick cock. Reaching down, he began to play with my clit, I began moaning louder. I couldn’t help it, I was cumming so hard. My fingernails dug into the sink. I tried to beg for more, but I couldn’t even manage to utter a single word. His years of frustration were taken out on my poor sore pussy. He finally stopped, and caught his breath.

I fell to my knees, my heart beating faster. I looked into his eyes, as he took his cock in his hands and ordered me to open my mouth. I tried as best as I could, as he started to fuck my face. Gagging, I tried to pull back, but my head hit the back of the counter. I couldn’t go back any further as my daddy pushed his cock so far back, his balls kept hitting slamming against my chin. I had problems getting air as he gagged my mouth with his throbbing cock. My small mouth couldn’t handle so much cock at once, I started to black out. I hit the ground as he pulled out, gasping for air.

He lay next to me, petting my hair.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” he said “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Did you cum?”

“No,” came his reply. I lifted up my shirt and pulled my bra down as far as it could go. Both of my breasts popped out easily. He climbed on top of me as he began to fuck my breasts. I opened my mouth trying to lick his cock for more lubrication. He started to cum, all over my breasts, neck and face. I couldn’t help but lick it up like a good girl, warm cum filled my mouth as I slurped it up. He leaned over and kissed me, rubbing the rest of his cum into my face and hair.

“If you are going to be my personal fuck toy, then you should look like one, too.” He whispered in my ear. He got up and told me to take a shower and join him in the bed. My legs were shaking, but I did as I told because I was a good girl. That was how it all started.

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