Daddy Games

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“DAAADDDYYY!” Her words were more like a banshee wail than a real comment, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I mean, I’m not into banshees, or any other form of the supernatural. And I am not into the daddy shit, either, but she is the one calling the shots. For tonight, anyway!

“Daddy, fuck me harder!” I was already pounding the shit out of her so I had no idea how to respond. I decided to play her game and see where this was going.

“Oh, you LIKE your Daddy to fuck you, don’t you?” My words were almost grunted because of my hard pounding. “You LIKE your Daddy’s hard cock inside you, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. I love feeling your thick, hard cock stretching my hot, wet pussy. Please, Daddy, don’t stop. I want to feel your hard cock fill my wet pussy with gallons of baby batter. I want to feel you cum inside of me. Are you about to cum yet, Daddy? I am about to cum and I want you to cum with me. Can you cum with me, Daddy?” DAMN, this bitch likes to talk! I had been fucking her for about ten minutes and her words were going to make me cum much quicker than I wanted. I looked down at her tight ass, loving what I saw.

She was about five feet eight inches tall and absolutely smoking hot. She was slim and smooth and slightly muscled, making it obvious that she worked out regularly. Her hair was long and dark, and fell in waves more than curls. Her eyes were dark and penetrating and the set of her jaw made it obvious that she expected to be in control even though I had her bent over her kitchen counter as I fucked her silly. And right now, her long hair was bunched up in my left hand as I pulled her head back. For the third time in six hours, we were fucking, and I loved it.

DAMN! How could I be so lucky?

I was at my favorite Irish pub to watch the Monday Night Football game when I saw her walk through the door. As much as I love my football, and as much as I hate it when someone interrupts the game, I took several seconds to watch her.

She pushed her way through the doorway and paused, taking her time to look around. Then she let the door close behind her as she walked past the tables and up to the bar. She didn’t even wait until the bartender looked at her, she just called out her order.

“A dry white wine, please.” He looked up from what he was doing to see who was giving orders but she never even noticed him; she was still scoping out the pub and its customers. I didn’t know if she was looking for a man or a woman, but I wanted to jump up and down like a first grader and shout “Pick Me!”

Her ivory one-piece pantsuit was snug but not skin tight, and the material was soft and light and more than a little transparent. I could see the shadow of her dark panties as they hugged her tight ass. Through the top, I could see her dark areolae centered by her even darker nipples. She wore no bra and I loved watching her large and beautiful boobs bounce and sway as she walked to her bar stool and sat down. This woman was gorgeous and smoking hot, and she knew it. What’s more, she expected others to know it, too.

After scanning the room again, she glanced at me with a cool and distant expression. I casually nodded to her and then picked up my Crown and Coke with lime to take a sip, further expressing how casual and unaffected I was by her casual acknowledgment. Yet inside, my heart was pounding and my dick was getting hard. There was something about her that really affected me and I was beginning to like it. And through it all, we maintained eye contact. I hoped she couldn’t see me breathing hard.

I stood right at six feet tall, although I doubted she could see that since I was seated at the bar about six stools away from her. My sandy blonde hair was cut to just over my ears on the side and just below my collar in back. My eyes were a pale green and they sparkled when I was laughing or excited. My face was relatively handsome, if I took seriously the comments of the many women I had dated. I was coming up on my fortieth birthday, but I wasn’t as affected by that as many of the women I knew had been by their fortieth. I worked out only twice a week because I didn’t want to look like a body builder. I wanted to stay slim and in good condition but I had no interest in impressing women with my physique. I was an investment advisor with a small investment firm and I made a good living at it because I was good at assessing potential and risk.

And I quickly concluded that this woman had great potential, but at great risk! And DAMN, I was interested in investing!

Still making eye contact, I saw her smile and nod at me. I took that as a signal that she had finally chosen, and the prize was mine to claim. I gulped, trying to hide my excitement behind a casual smile. I picked up my drink and slowly walked over to her. I wasn’t really sure what came next because I was always the one doing the choosing — it was always me doing the smiling and nodding. And for just a split second, I wondered what I was getting into.

“Hello. Are you here Sarıyer escort bayan for the game?” I felt like turning away after asking such a stupid question, but I still managed to maintain my disinterested smile.

“No, I am here for you.” I tried to not look shocked at her bluntness, and I realized that she was mine for the night, if I wanted her. And SHIT, did I want her!

“And why are you here for me? Do I owe you money or something?” Even my grin couldn’t hide how stupid I sounded. What the fuck is going on? I am normally good with women. I tried to keep my thoughts from her as she answered my question.

“Because I am horny.” Her smile disappeared and her gaze penetrated my eyes, which sent sparks straight into my groin. I felt my cock begin to stir again. And then my normal confidence returned and I felt back in control of things.

“And, sweet lady, what can I do to relieve your present condition?” My smile reflected a large amount of tease and she quickly answered.

“You can come home with me and fuck my brains out all night long.” There it was, plain and clear. The challenge had been offered and now I needed to make a decision. I grinned at her, knowing that the decision had already been made. I took a long sip of my drink as she reached for her Chardonnay and almost drained it. I tossed two twenties on the bar and reached for her hand.

Less than a minute later we were in her car on the way to her apartment, the football game totally forgotten.

She couldn’t even wait to get home. Traffic is always bad in Chicago and it was bad tonight. We had started in a pub in the downtown business district and she was headed north among a few million cars driving home for the night. So we moved slowly, from one traffic light to another, while she massaged my hard cock through my pants. I was glad I had chosen to wear light wool-blend dress slacks earlier that day instead of my usual khakis, or even worse my jeans, because the light material allowed her better access to my very hard seven inches. I knew that I didn’t have a pornstar cock, but I also knew that it was thick and hard and very good at pleasing a woman. And she clearly liked what was in my pants.

“Oooh, baby, I can’t wait to get that thick cock inside of me.” She tried to grin at me as she squeezed and massaged my dick. I grinned at her for a second, as I really enjoyed what she was doing to me.

“Well, we don’t have enough time at this red light or I would take you up on that. So, are you into public sex?” She turned toward me and pulled aside her top, baring her entire right breast for me.

“Only when I have a hard cock nearby.” Her smile became wider as she pushed all the tease she could into it. She reached up and squeezed and massaged her boob as she maintained eye contact. A horn behind us objected and she pressed her foot on the gas pedal long enough to take us to the next red light. Then she pulled the other side of her top to the side and leaned forward slightly, allowing the top of her pantsuit to fall to her waist. She sat there grinning at me with both boobs totally revealed. I moaned as I all but studied what seemed to me to be the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.

Her tits appeared to be a large C-Cup or maybe a small D-Cup in size. They were topped by those awesome nipples that I had seen back at the pub. Back there, I could only see the impressions they made in the material of her top but here, I was seeing them completely and I was amazed. At first, I suspected that her boobs were enhanced but the way she was squeezing them made me question that guess. Her boobs seemed natural, soft and squeezable enough to be an incredible temptation. I wanted to lean over and suck them right here, in front of hundreds of other drivers. She saw the look in my eyes and she knew she was in control.

“Why don’t you pull out your cock, baby, and I will give you a handjob now? That way you can last a little longer when I go down on you at my apartment.” I groaned again, feeling like I might cum without the benefit of what I expected would be an expert handjob. And I couldn’t stop myself — I groaned once more.

“And why don’t you keep your eyes on the road so we can actually make it to your apartment?” My voice showed the humor in my question without making my concern too obvious. She laughed.

“Don’t worry, baby. I am an expert at sex while driving. Last year, I sat in this seat driving the Loop while a man sat in my lap and fucked me. Have you ever sat in a woman’s lap and fucked downward into her pussy? It took us a while to figure out how to do it. We must have had a dozen drivers honk at us. He lasted almost two times around the Loop before he finished. I think he was too scared to cum but he hid his fears well. Well, baby, want to try?” I chuckled quietly.

“No, thanks. I value life more than I value inventing new positions.” She chuckled back at me.

“Hell, the position was invented last year. You would merely be trying Silivri escort to measure up.” The challenge in her eyes reflected the challenge in her words, but I declined to reply. She laughed again, throwing her head back in obvious enjoyment of the exciting situation. She continued playing with both boobs as other drivers honked as they passed us. For a few seconds, I wondered how far she was willing to go, but then I became afraid to find out.

I suspected that this woman would fuck on the steps of the courthouse, hoping to charm herself out of a jail cell. And I suspected that she was actually capable of that much charm. As I imagined the police asking her questions, I suddenly realized that I didn’t even know her name.

“By the way, my name is Kevin Hurst.” I looked at her, wondering what her reply would be. Maybe she wasn’t into names at all, anonymous sex being her thing. She almost surprised me with her response.

“My name is Charissa Lewis. I am a typical soccer mom facing my fortieth birthday in full denial. My daughter is spending the night with a friend, something she does once a month. This allows me to live my fantasies for one night a month.” She paused, her eyes locking with my eyes for a couple of seconds, and her smile underscored her fantasies. I couldn’t help it — I groaned again. I slowly reached over and pinched her right nipple. This time, she was the one who groaned.

“Pinch that thing harder and I might cum from the pleasure.” She grinned and placed her hand over mine, underscoring her desire for me to continue playing with her nipple. I was happy to fulfill her request.

I pinched harder, twisting her nipple. She moaned loudly, so I repeated my actions.

“Oh, yes, baby! Do it again. Harder.” She was clearly getting into my efforts so I granted her request. I twisted harder, pulling on her nipple almost fiercely. She cried out, attracting the attention of a truck driver next to us. He looked down just in time to see her bounce and squirm in her seat as she screamed her orgasm. The truck driver watched her for several seconds and then honked his horn. He was clearly reluctant as the light turned green but we both drove away from the intersection. Charissa moaned a couple more times and then opened her eyes and smiled at me.

When we got to her apartment, she never adjusted her top. She jumped out of her car and ran to the door of the building. As the doorman let her in, his face passive in front of a half-naked woman, she grabbed my hand and almost dragged me to the elevator. Once inside, she punched the button for the fourth floor and then she attacked me. We made out passionately, our hands exploring each other’s bodies, until the elevator door opened with its expected ding. Then she almost dragged me to her door.

Once inside, she attacked me again, her hands grabbing and stroking my very hard cock. Then she grabbed the bottom of my tee shirt and pulled up hard. A second later I was naked from the waist up, but that was not what she wanted. She attacked my belt and then my zipper. Another couple of seconds had my pants down around my ankles. She gazed at the lump in my boxers, longing in her eyes. Then she yanked my boxers down to my ankles. She helped me step out of them and kick them aside. Standing, she quickly wriggled out of her pantsuit, which had already been pulled down to her waist. We stood in front of each other for a couple of seconds as we closely examined each other’s bodies. We both moaned in appreciation and then she led me to her bedroom.

Charissa knelt on her bed and then dropped to all fours, making her ass available and her desires clear. I stepped up behind her and my dick seemed to find her pussy all by itself. I eased into her, finding that she was already dripping wet.

“See how wet I am for you, Daddy. My pussy has been leaking juices all the way here. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard, Daddy. Fill me and stretch me with your hard, fat cock.” I looked at the back of her head for a second, a series of emotions running through me. Then I shrugged my shoulders and did what she asked.

I tried to move slowly but her frantic demands soon had me pounding the shit out of her pussy. Each time I hit her cervix, she grunted. And then I would pull back and slam into her again.

“That’s it, Daddy. Don’t stop. I am going to cum for you, Daddy. Oh, can you feel my juices as they coat your hard cock with my cum? Oh, Daddy!” And then she screamed her orgasm.

I didn’t even slow down, wanting to make her cum again quickly. And in another minute, I could feel her cum again, as her pussy clamped down hard on my dick. Her pussy muscles rippled and massaged my cock, bringing me closer to my own orgasm. I tried to hold off as long as I could, trying every trick I could think of to keep myself from cumming.

Suddenly, she screamed again, arching her back to an impossible degree. I slowed my thrusting, wanting to give her the opportunity to move through her orgasm. A few seconds Escort Topkapı later, she pulled away from me and rolled over on her back. I dropped to the sheets, trying to recover from the last few minutes.

“Oh, that was delicious!” We locked eyes for a couple of seconds and then looked at the ceiling.

It took a couple of minutes for us to catch our breath. I ran at least a mile every day but this had been more like a full sprint for more than a mile. I had been at my limit when she came and I was more relieved than turned on when she did. And while we were staring at the ceiling, I realized I was thirsty. I slowly rolled out of bed and stood there for a moment, enjoying the view.

“What a beautiful body. You are so sexy.” It was a sincere compliment and my eyes underscored that. I took a moment to stare, my eyes moving from her smoothly-shaved pussy, her lips still swollen with desire, to her awesome boobs, her nipples pointing to the ceiling, and finally to her intense, sparkling eyes. I paused, looking deep into her eyes, and then broke the silence.

“I am really thirsty after that workout. Can I get you some water?” She slowly nodded without saying anything, as if she were totally drained.

It took me less than a minute to go to the refrigerator and retrieve a couple bottles of water. Walking back, I paused in the doorway. Charissa was still laying there on the bed, but now her legs were spread and she was playing with herself. I watched her for almost a minute as she massaged her clit and finger-fucked herself. She looked up at me and paused her actions for a moment.

“What a beautiful body. You are so sexy.” She grinned at me for a second as she repeated my words, but her grin slowly morphed into a smile of sincerity. I stood there with my very hard cock pointing straight at her, still hard because I hadn’t cum yet. I slowly walked over to her and reached out with a bottle in my hand. She took it and set it on the pillow next to her. Then she slowly reached out and grasped my stiff dick. Her cold hand made me jerk back for a second, but then it felt calming. My dick began to soften slightly, and I willed it to stay hard. Charissa smiled up at me for a couple of seconds, and then spoke softly.

“You still haven’t cum yet, have you? Well, why don’t we change that?” And she sat up in front of me with her lips about three inches from my boner.

She took a moment to closely examine my dick. She pulled it to the right for a second, and then to the left for another second. She pulled it up and stroked my balls with her other hand for several seconds. Her movements were slow and sensual and my dick was getting harder and harder. Then she slowly leaned forward and kissed it. It was a gentle kiss and her lips touched my cock so softly that I wasn’t sure she had kissed it. Then she opened her mouth and looked up into my eyes, and she swallowed my cock.

It was sudden, even ferocious. She shoved her her face forward and five inches of my cock just disappeared! I was startled and tried to take a step back but she had a tight grip on my ass and wouldn’t let me move.

She paused for a moment and then pushed her face forward. Slowly the last two of my seven inches disappeared. I was surprised that she could accommodate my thick cock down her throat so easily, since very few women could accept my thickness into their throats. She held eye contact through the entire process as she pressed her nose into my pubic hair. She tightened her throat muscles in a way I had never experienced and I groaned as her throat massaged my dick. Then she broke eye contact and got serious with my dick.

She pulled back until an inch of cock was still in her mouth. She paused there long enough for me to see the glistening shaft disappearing in her mouth, and then she slowly pushed forward until my cock was buried again deep in her throat. She did that massage thing with her throat muscles again and I moaned much louder this time. This woman was really good and I knew I would not last anywhere near as long as I wanted to. I enjoyed her actions as I fought my approaching orgasm. She continued moving her head as I face-fucked her. She had increased the pace a little and I had added my own thrusting. I felt like I was face-fucking her but I knew she was the one performing the magic. I couldn’t even last five minutes as I felt the familiar tingling in my balls.

“I am about to cum. Where do you want it?” She locked eyes with me and never even hesitated. She pulled back as I shot my first jet into her mouth. Stroking me with her right hand, she let me empty my balls into her mouth. After pushing me deep into her mouth again and sucking me clean, she pulled back and looked up at me with a smile. She opened her mouth slightly and pushed a little cum out of her mouth. She let a small amount dribble past her lips and down her chin to fall on her right tit. Then she slowly and sensuously smeared it around, making the entire boob shine. Smiling into my eyes, she swallowed once, and then a second time.

“So much I had to swallow twice. But it was so good that I just had to keep some around for me to enjoy later.” And her grin was wide as she continued to massage the cum on her right boob into her skin. I couldn’t help it and I groaned again, this time quite loudly.

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