Dad’s Boy Ch. 02

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Weeks went by since my father, Stewart and I had any physical contact with each other. I was hoping since our last incident that we would get to spend some quality time together. I was so horny and tired of jacking off thinking about what happened between my father and me. I needed to have some physical contact!

My thoughts were interrupted as my father called me downstairs for dinner. My family usually chatted about what they did that day. It was all good. I kept looking at my father thinking about how much I wanted to suck his cock again. When dinner was done we cleaned up and I went back upstairs to my bedroom.

I had laundry to do. I gathered my laundry and went down stairs, my mother was just walking out the house and said “See you later taking your sisters to see a movie so just you and your father home.” I said “Ok, enjoy the movie!”

Cool my father and I were alone in the house for a few hours, I wonder if we will get to spend some time together like last time. My thoughts were running wild.

I continued down to basement to put my laundry on. I put my laundry in the machine and turned it on noticing there were still clothes in the dryer. I opened the dryer and took the clothes out to find my father’s jockstrap amongst the clothes. Damn, I was so horny I stripped out my clothes to put on his jockstrap. We had a bathroom in the basement which I walked into to see my reflection bursa otele gelen escort in the mirror in my dad’s jockstrap. Damn I was horny as my cock was rock hard. I closed my eyes and was massaging my crotch, thinking of my fathers cock and balls in this jockstrap I was wearing. I was moaning whispering “Oh yeah daddy, you like the way I look in your jockstrap?” “Your getting a hard-on looking at me aren’t you?” I continued.

“Yes, you do look amazingly hot in my jockstrap!” my father walked up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt his hard body against me. He caressed my chest pinching my nipples saying “You like wearing daddies jockstrap, gets you hard thinking that my cock and balls were in those, doesn’t it son.”

“Yes, sir it does.” My cock was throbbing with pleasure and so was my dad’s. I could feel his hard bulge against my ass.

“Daddy is so horny knowing that his son is enjoying himself wearing daddies jockstrap.” He said as he was licking my ear and fucking it with his tongue. “I was hoping we get to spend some time together since our last encounter.”

“Me, too!” I moaned. I was lost in my father’s lust. He knew exactly how to turn me on and make me want him.

My father was now massaging my crotch with his strong hands, grinding his bulge into my exposed ass. I was leaning back into him enjoying the feeling, bursa eve gelen eskort when he suddenly turned me around and shoved his tongue down my throat deep kissing me. Damn I thought I was going to pass out I was so horny!

Of course I was kissing him back our tongue swirling around each other, my hands were busy undoing his trouser. I wanted his cock.

“Your a horny little boy, you want your daddies cock. You want to suck it like you did last time?” he asked.

With that I got on my knees pulled down his pants and took his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock in and out of mouth and knew he was enjoying it as he held my head and said “Yeah, that’s it boy suck my cock get it good and wet”

I looked up at my father “Do you like me sucking your cock, it taste so good.”

“Yes, son you are getting it good and wet” he said as he was reaching for something in the cabinet. I could not see what it was but he suddenly pushed me away, picked me up and took me into the bedroom that we had in the basement. He throw me on the bed and gave me a look that kind of scared me. “Turn around and lay on your stomach, now!” he ordered. I was still wearing the jockstrap so I could only imagine how hot my ass looked to him. He had taken a jar of Vaseline out of the cabinet and was now smearing his cock and my ass with it. I did not except this. bayan escort bursa “Just relax, this is going to hurt at first but once your sweet hole adjust you are going to love it” he said as he pushed the head of his cock against my ass.

“Oh, dad wait, it hurts”

“Yes, I know son, as daddy pushes his cock in you push out like if you are going to the bathroom. I told you once my cock is all the way in you are going to enjoy the ride.”

I did as what he instructed, it still was uncomfortable but once he was in and started fucking me slowly I got used to the feeling and it did feel awesome. My dad was actually fucking me. “Dad that does feel good”

“I told you. Now I am going to make you my little pussy boy. This ass is mine any time I need it”

“Yes, fuck my boy pussy daddy, you can have my ass anytime you want it!” with that my dad started to pound my ass, I could feel his balls banging mine. I lifted my ass off the bed to meet his thrusting. I could not get enough of his big cock.

“Dad I am going to cum” with that he lifted me up toward him and reached around and grab my cock and started to jerk me off all the while impaling me on his cock. “Yeah dad that’s it hear it comes” I came all over his hand which he put up to my mouth and said “Clean it off with your tongue, taste you cum”.

“Yeah, baby here is your daddies load” he screamed out as he came in my ass. I could feel his cock get thicker as he pumped his load in my ass. He laid on top of me kissing my neck. “Damn boy that was good, now let’s get cleaned up before you mom and sister’s get home.

We both jumped into the shower and cleaned each other off, I of course being only 18 got another erection. My father laughed and said put that away till next time!

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