Dan Ch. 02

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Authors Note: Elements of this chapter are true – Dan’s argument with his GF, my feelings for him though not in the scenario depicted here, and the ending. He didn’t seek refuge with me after his argument but stayed with his brother. The rest of the story is my fantasy.


Dan and I were in bed, him behind me slowly fucking my ass with his big hard cock. There is something sensual and loving about slow fucking. Pulling the cock back till it was almost out and then slowly sliding it back in until it was balls deep, over and over. I had one leg straight and the other leg bent at right angles to give Dan maximum penetration. He had one arm under my neck and the other wrapped over my body playing with my nipples. My hard 7″ cock was leaking a steady stream of precum with each thrust Dan made inside my fuck chute. My ass was loose and sloppy from the four previous fucks and cum loads he had given me.

He started to nuzzle into my neck, kissing me on the earlobe while continually slow fucking my hole. As his breathing started to quicken he whispered in my ear “I’m gonna cum daddy. I’m gonna fucking cum. I’m gonna breed your cunt daddy.” He continued slow fucking me as I felt more of his boy juice start to fill my gaping fuck chute. My ass was on fire from his fucking, tingling and burning from the invasion of his cock and deposit of jizz. I clenched my sphincter and with a moan from my lips, my cock exploded with what felt like a gallon of hot daddy cum onto the bed sheets.

“Fuck … fuck … fuck … oh god” I moaned as I drenched the bed sheets with my daddy jizz.

We lay spooned with Dan’s cock slightly softening inside my hole. He didn’t go completely soft or slip out so I just pushed my ass back as far as I could onto his cock while he dozed. I started to think about the mammoth fuck session escort ataköy we’d had since I received his text the previous day.

His text had read: “I’ve had an argument with GF, can I cum over and spend the night. Need to get away for awhile.”

He’d told me previously he could fuck and cum many times in a night but I hadn’t experienced that yet, though he had fucked me multiple times each time we had met up over the past few months. I wasted no time in replying: “Of course you can stay the night. Hope argument wasn’t too bad?” – while secretly hoping it was enough to split them up so he could move in full time with me. I was falling for this boy in a big way.

He texted back: “It’s a long story. Will be there shortly. Get ready, I’m horny as fuck.”

I quickly showered, douched and squirted lube up my cunt, then put on a pair of backless trunk pants and a T-shirt, then sat and waited for him to arrive.

A short while later I heard his car pull into the drive, and then a knock on the door. When I opened the door, there stood my tall rugby-built handsome man. He was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. His hard cock was sticking out of the zipper of his jeans. He was horny all right!

I grabbed hold of his cock and pulled him into the house and closed the door behind him. As he was a lot taller than me he had to bend to kiss me, his tongue invading my mouth, his lips engulfing mine completely. His hands moved around to cup my ass cheeks and pull me towards him pressing me into his cock and groin. A finger started playing with my ass hole, circling it feeling the lube I had coated it with. He slipped one, then two then three fingers up inside my cunt. “Mmmmm you’re lubed up. Nice” he said. “I need to fuck you.”

With that he stood, turned me around and pushed me up against the wall holding me fast escort taksim with one arm across the back of my neck. He rubbed his knob head over my ass hole coating it with some lube, then positioned himself against my cunt and invaded my ass balls deep in one thrust. I hadn’t been fucked for a few days so I won’t lie, it hurt which made me shout “Holy hell, Dan. Take it easy for a minute.”

“Shut the fuck up daddy and take my huge cock,” Dan answered. “I said I need to fuck, and I’m gonna fuck your cunt bitch, so shut up and fucking take it.”

He rammed his huge piece of cock meat in and out, hard and fast slamming me into the wall which each forward thrust as he reached into my pants with his free hand and started wanking my cock furiously. He was like an animal, fucking as if his life depended on it, and saying “Take this cock your fucking bitch, you cock hungry faggot. I’m gonna rip your cunt open bitch.” The force of his fucking and his language was turning me on big time. He was almost raping my ass, which was a big fantasy of mine and I fucking loved it. It didn’t take him long to reach his climax and with a final push, slammed into my pussy as deep as he could pushing me hard up against the wall with his whole body. I felt his cock and his whole body spasm as he released his hot spunk deep into my guts, filling my fuck chute with his creamy sperm. I couldn’t hold off any longer and shot my cum load into my pants, filling them with my seed.

When he had spent his load, he pulled his still hard cock out of my sore cunt. A huge dollop of his spunk followed out onto the floor with a loud plop noise. Dan bent down and rubbed his fingers in the spilled cum then shoved the fingers in my mouth. “Don’t waste my cum daddy” he said.

I licked his fingers clean then said “OK what the fuck was that all about?”

“What, escort etiler you didn’t like it? You’ve always said you wanted to be raped. And I really needed to fuck hard. And keep those pants on. Let your cum pool around your cock and balls. You know the smell and taste of a cummy cock turns me on. I’m gonna fuck you again soon, possibly all night.”

Sensing this had something to do with he and his girlfriend’s argument, I avoided the subject, smiling and saying “Yes I eventually fucking loved it. Took me by surprise is all. You were like you were possessed. You may need to be a bit more gentle next time.”

He hugged me tight to his chest and said “Sorry daddy. I won’t hurt you like that again.”

We fucked three more times that night. I couldn’t keep up with Dan’s stamina and only managed to cum once more. He was a fucking machine. He had me sit on his cock both facing him and with my back to him, on my back with my legs in the air, doggie style – but none as forceful as that first fuck. He loosened my ass hole and filled me with so much cum it was running out of my pussy constantly. I was scared to fart.

And now he had just filled me again with his fifth load within around 12 hours. How did he keep producing so much cum?

We lay in bed for awhile spooning with Dan’s cock still inside me. I was blissfully happy and thought I may be falling in love with this boy. As it was now very late in the morning we thought it was about time we got out of bed. We showered together rubbing shower gel over each other but we didn’t fuck.

Just after midday Dan got a text from his girlfriend asking to meet as they should talk. He left about 2pm and went to see her. I spent the rest of my day wondering what was being said. I wanted badly to get in touch with Dan to make sure he was OK, but decided to give him space.

I didn’t hear from Dan till late the following day. Two texts – first one read “She’s pregnant.” Second one followed almost immediately: “Can’t fuck you or see you again. Can we still be text buddies?”

That was a week ago – I still haven’t replied.

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