Dana Ch. 07

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“What did you say he does again?” Dana asked as their Uber driver tore through the winding road passing mansion after mansion in the upper class Orange County neighborhood.

“Our dear friend Robbie is a model. A rather inexperienced one at that,” Marin said as she turned to Dana in the backseat. “He inherited the estate from his parents.”

Dana nodded, staring out the window. “Makes sense.

“I still can’t believe we’re doing this again. What are you doing to me?”

“If I recall correctly, I believe I’ve introduced you to a budding new romance. Not to mention a new and interesting hobby.”

Dana smiled and shook her head. She said no more, for fear the driver would be let on to what they were up to today. “Liam’s a nice boy.”

Satisfied, Marin turned back around as the car pulled up the long driveway.

“All the way up ok?” the driver asked.

“Mmm hmm, thank you love.”

Dana stepped out of the car. She was wearing high heels and a white, summery dress. The dry, California heat caused her blonde hair to be a bit frazzled, but it was by no means unpresentable. Glancing at herself in the window of the Uber left her feeling good. She looked great.

She stopped at the walkway and put her hands on her hips, looking up at the huge estate. “Some inheritance,” she said as the two women approached the front door.

They rang the doorbell next to the huge mahogany front door. It opened almost immediately and both Dana and Marin were shocked to see a beautiful, tall woman standing there smiling as she greeted them.

“You must be Dana and Marin!” She approached them, extending her arms to hug both of them. “I’m so happy you came!”

Dana forced a smile, glancing at Marin to determine if she knew anything about this. Unfortunately, she looked just as confused.

“Please! Come! Come!” the woman stepped aside, allowing Dana and Marin to enter. She was wearing a black dress, wrapped tightly around her perfectly curved body. Her breasts were on display, pressed together exhibiting ample cleavage from the low cut dress. Her hair was full and brown, dangling on either shoulder. She was barefoot.

Before they could say anything, a familiar voice could be heard.

“Hey guys! Welcome to my home!” It was Robbie. Dana nearly burst out laughing when she turned to see Robbie walking towards the front door already completely naked. His soft penis flopped back and forth as he strode up to them, hugging them both. As Dana embraced him, she got a feel for this muscular build and even felt his dick press against her.

Robbie stepped back, smiling as he noticed the girls checking him out. “I figure why not get this part of the way earlier than later, right?” He winked. “I see you guys met Carmen?”

“Not exactly yet. It’s nice to meet you, Carmen,” Dana nodded in her direction. “Thank you for having us.”

“Oh I don’t live here, hun. I live next door. Robbie told me about your little party the other night and asked if I’d like to join tonight. So.. here I am!” Carmen said as she displayed herself in a little half pose.

“This isn’t odd to you?” asked Dana as she gestured towards Robbie’s completely naked body. “This… and us… and… this” she pointed back to Robbie’s penis and laughed uncomfortably.

“Not in the slightest. I’ve seen Robbie in all his glory too many times to count,” Carmen said. “It’s his friend that I’m most interested in seeing tonight.”

“Dave?” Marin asked.

“And the new guy,” Carmen said. Dana assumed she was talking about Liam. Given their newfound romance, she wasn’t sure how she felt about sharing Liam out in the open like this. It was something she struggled with as she prepared for the day. And now she would have to deal with another woman potentially being with him.

“I told her all about it. Even I was impressed by it. C’mon, guys everyone’s out back,” Robbie said as he welcomed the three ladies into the house.

Buck naked, he led the girls through the kitchen towards the backyard. The house was enormous and impeccably clean. They walked through the large, completely open concept first floor. The kitchen area gave way to a living room, which gave way to a dining room.

Before they went out back, Dana immediately saw him. Liam was sitting at a patio table with Dave, chatting while having a beer. He was wearing a bathing suit and white t-shirt. He looked gorgeous as always, Dana thought to herself. She was excited to see him as she replayed memories of their sex-fueled night together in her head.

As they approached the two boys sitting poolside, Dana was shocked to see that Dave was naked as well. She hadn’t yet noticed it from her viewpoint inside. She found it very peculiar that Dave was naked, and Liam was not.

“Hello, you two!” Marin cheerfully greeted them as they both stood up to hug her and Dana. That’s when it became very obvious that Dave was already erect. As he hugged Marin, his large cock smushed against her belly. She looked down at it, giggling. “Already, Mr. Dave?”

Dave sighed. coffeedonutfest.com “Afraid so,” he clutched his penis from the base. “Guess I’m just looking forward to today.”

“Do you always get a raging boner when you hang out with dudes?” Robbie teased. He, himself, was still soft, but Dana thought it looked as if it was getting bigger too.

“Very funny,” said Dave.

“You know, when I first saw it, I had a hunch it’d go to one side like that,” Carmen said as she studied Dave’s cock. All eyes were now fixated on his left-pointing erection. “Looks like I was right!” she teased Dave as he threw his hands up and shrugged as if to say ‘oh well.’

“Everyone, please. Pull up a chair. We have drinks going. I’m gonna throw some burgers on later. We got naked dudes. We got it all for you!” Robbie said cheerfully as he went inside to fetch some more beers. Dana watched his muscular butt as he walked away before turning to Liam. He was already looking at her, smiling. He knew she was checking Robbie out and had no issue with it.

“So Carmen,” Marin started as she opened a bottle of Amstel Light. “Tell me. What makes you comfortable with such an odd situation.”

“I guess I could ask you the same question, right?” Carmen laughed. “Truthfully it’s something I’ve always been into. Robbie and I have known each other for years. Even dated from time to time. And when his parents moved to New York and left him the house, we decided to ramp up the… exhibitionism a bit more. It’s been a lot of fun.”

“It is indeed, isn’t it?”

“Mmm hmm. Exhilarating really. Then when he told me about you two the other night, and Dave here, and Liam’s secret weapon… I just had to squeeze my way into the next one.”

“Secret weapon?” Dana asked. She knew what Carmen was talking about, however.

“I heard he has a massive… And I mean, massive penis.”

Liam laughed. “Ok, ok, Carmen. I think that’s good.” Dana remained quiet but managed to make eye contact with Liam. He was uncomfortable with the topic as he and Dana had recently become a bit more exclusive.

Unrelenting, Dave added to the topic. “It is though, dude. Your dick is a friggin canon. I thought mine was big at eight and a half,” he said as he held it up for everyone to see. “But yours is on another level.”

Robbie returned with beers in hand as he loaded up a cooler. “What’s on another level?”

“Liam’s penis,” answered Carmen as she smiled across the table. “I’ve heard it’s pretty impressive.”

“I think the moment is here, right?” Robbie asked as she stood by the table cracking a beer. Dana noticed his cock was now mostly erect as he was probably getting excited for the day.

Liam looked squarely at Dana. “We doing this?” he asked. No one except Marin had any idea he and Dana were getting closer. It probably didn’t need to be shared anyhow. Dana smiled at Liam. Something about sharing him with others was unsettling, but it’s how the two of them met to begin with. She winked, seductively.

“Okie dokie,” Liam said as he stood up and untied his bathing suit.

“You can already see it,” Carmen observed as she pointed towards Liam’s plump cock outline.

“It’s not exactly easy to conceal,” joked Liam as he took off his shirt. Carmen raised her eyebrows as she admired his strong physique.

Next, Liam casually lowered his swim trunks, revealing his huge cock, inch by inch. When it was completely out, the head and several inches of shaft were out of sight under the table. “Ta-da!” said Liam goofily as he stood completely naked before everyone.

“Umm, dude. You gotta… umm… you gotta plop it on the table or something. We can’t see.”

“Huh?” Liam looked down. “Oh, shit. You’re right.” He picked up his heavy tool and laid it out on the table for all to see. It was truly an obscene scenario as Liam stood quietly with his mammoth cock on full display.

Carmen’s mouth practically dropped to the table. She was completely caught off guard by the sight of Liam’s dick. Dana glanced at it laying across the table before she watched Carmen’s reaction. There was something very erotic about seeing other women be so impressed with Liam’s size. She was secretly getting off from it, in fact.

Marin was the first to speak. “That’s. That’s quite the pecker.”

“I’m speechless. I am without speech,” said Carmen as she continued to stare, wide eyed. Liam grinned as he picked up his penis and set it down again, drawing more attention to its remarkable size and weight.

“Jesus, man.” Robbie said as he pulled on his cock a bit. “Got some girth to that thing, huh?”

“Heh. Yup, just a little,” Liam responded proudly. Dana watched as he continually checked on her expression to ensure she was ok with everything. Not only was she ok, but she was even aroused watching everything unfold.

“Dave. You have to stand up. Please, pretty please” Carmen asked.

Dave hesitantly rose to his feet. His hard cock hovered over the table. “Compare yours to Liam’s.”

“I think it’s safe to say we know who wins.” Dave was unsure why he had to be compared to the very obviously bigger Liam.

“No, no, I know,” Carmen said as she stood up and walked over to the two boys. “I want to see if he’s bigger when soft. You’re hard as concrete, but he’s still flaccid.”

Dave shook his head. “Whatever floats your boat, I guess.” He stepped closer as Liam shifted aside to make room. They were about the same height. Liam’s soft cock stayed resting on the table, but Dave’s was standing straight out on its own. Dave tried to get as close as possible, angling his body in several different ways, ultimately settling on one position.

Carmen stood next to Dave, looking down at the comparison. “Look!” she pointed towards the two penises. “I think they’re the same size,” she guessed.

Liam helped out by picking his dick up and moving it closer to Dave. “I think you’re right,” he agreed.

“That’s insane. He’s not even hard and look at that,” Robbie said from his vantage point.

Dana and Liam locked eyes and smiled. She was proud of her new fling. She adored how impressed everyone was with him and pleased he was able to keep his composure in the spotlight.

“Liam, darling, have you ever considered molding your gift here into a commercially available product?” Marin asked as she gazed at his crotch.

“I’d buy it,” said Carmen.

“Shit, I’d buy it!” added Robbie, facetiously. “I’d use that instead of this one.”

Carmen glanced at Robbie and frowned. “I like your dick, Robbie. It’s cute. And you can shoot really far too.”

Everyone cracked up laughing except Carmen. She looked around, confused. “What? He really can!” The group continued to laugh adding to Carmen’s confusion. “What’s so funny?”

“Carmen, we’re not laughing at you. We’re laughing because Liam here cums a friggin gallon and it goes everywhere,” Marin announced.

“Really?” Carmen looked at Liam’s cock, then to his eyes. He shrugged.

“It’s a lot. And it goes on for a while too,” said Dana, joining in the conversation.

Carmen formed a curious expression on her face. “Well, then. This I need to see.”

Liam grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. “I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet,” he laughed. “I need some prep time. I don’t even have an erection yet.”

“Agreed. I think these other two studs are more prepared, hmm?” Marin added as she took hold of Dave’s penis and stroked it. No one said anything opting to let it happen. Dave remained standing right next to Liam as Marin ran her hand up and down Dave’s big cock.

“Aww, I wanted a turn!” said Carmen.

“There’s room for two hands you know,” Dave said as he gestured for Carmen to join in. Both women’s hands were now sharing Dave’s ample cock. He groaned in pleasure as the day’s first sexual activity commenced.

Not to be left out, Robbie walked over to Dana and pointed towards his hard cock.

“Oh, umm. I’m not sure,” she said, looking up at Liam. Liam smiled warmly and nodded. He was very comfortable with Dana pleasing another man. After all, group sex was the point of the day. They were all there for the same reason. “I think he’s ready to burst for you, Dana.”

Dana smiled as she slowly and hesitantly reached for Robbie’s penis. Once she had a firm grip on it, she couldn’t help but notice how much smaller it felt compared to Liam’s. She likened it to the feeling of swinging a single baseball bat after warming up with two at once. Once you’re used to something, anything less feels inadequate.

Dana couldn’t deny Robbie’s pristine physique. As she muddled her way through the handjob, she got a good look at his chiseled abs and big muscles.

“You have a really great body, huh?” Dana asked as she used her other hand to become acquainted with Robbie’s abs.

“I… I try and workout…” Robbie was struggling to speak as pleasure mounted from within.

Carmen smiled, listening to the exchange from across the table. She and Marin worked in unison, stroking Dave’s big dick from top to bottom. She went a step further and cradled his bloated testicles in her hand to try and coax out an orgasm faster. “Who’s gonna cum first?” she asked, teasingly.

Robbie looked down and puffed out his cheeks as he struggled to keep his composure. Dana’s sexy, slender, manicured fingers were all over his aching and throbbing penis.

“Looks like that’s gonna be Robbie again,” Dave said as she watched his buddy struggle to hold it together.

Dana continued caressing his tight stomach while she jerked him off. It was too much for him. He pulled back and stepped away. Dana froze, unsure what was happening. Robbie gripped his cock and held his breath. Everyone watched patiently.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Robbie belted out as a flow of semen came blasting out his cock, landing on Dana in front of him. She shrieked and got out of the way. Robbie began pumping his cock and turned his body away from Dana. One, two, three more loads fell out his dick as he pumped all over the patio.

“Fucking shit!” he screamed in pleasure as a couple more loads dripped out and fell to the ground.

Everyone tried hard not to laugh, but it was no use. Robbie just came everywhere after lasting no more than thirty seconds. “You’re good at that, Dana!” Carmen said as she continued stroking Dave while Robbie regained his collectedness. “Usually takes me at least a few minutes to get his loads out.”

“She’s very good,” said Liam, beaming with pride.

“What can I say? I’ve got many more years experience than the rest of you.”

“Jeez, Robbie. You really shot out a good one, huh?” Dave asked.

Robbie surveyed the scene, nodding. “Fuck yeah. That was awesome.”

“I should go get cleaned up,” Dana said as she walked towards the house. “Bathroom inside?”

“Two doors down on the left,” Robbie said as he started to clean up his cum from the ground.

“I’ll help,” Liam jumped at the opportunity to be alone with Dana as he scurried in behind her, his penis flopping around with every step.

They entered the bathroom and shut the door. Liam smiled at Dana as they embraced. Their height difference was at least half a foot. Liam crouched down as their lips locked. Halfway through kissing, Liam stepped back. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy!”

Dana’s hand still had Robbies cum on it. Some of it had smeared on Liam’s broad shoulders. They both giggled like teenagers. “Oops!” Dana said, innocently.

“Comes with the territory, huh?”

“No pun intended?” Dana joked.

She washed her hands before helping him clean off. “You sure you’re ok with this today?” Liam asked, arms crossed leaning against the bathroom door. His soft, yet plump penis on full display.

“I’ll be honest. Carmen was a surprise.”

Liam nodded. “Yup. Same here.”

Dana looked up while drying her hands. “But I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to.”

“It was kinda hot watching you jerk him off, you know.”

“Oh was it?” Dana put the towel back on the rack and approached Liam. “Tell me what was hot about it.”

“Don’t do this to me. I’ve been so good staying soft.”

Dana separated from Liam far enough to glance down at his cock. She picked it up and pressed it against his belly. The head reached past his belly button. “You really have. Not like the other two, huh?”

Liam shrugged. “Self control?”

“Oh really?” Dana bent over and kissed the tip of his cock, passionately. She felt it immediately begin to harden. “We’ll see about that, Mr. Self Control.”

Liam playfully swatted her away. “You’re gonna get me in trouble. You know that?”

Dana winked. “They call me the troublemaker.” Dana was having fun seducing Liam. She bent over one more time and sucked the first couple inches of his dick. He had grown to a half erection. She moaned softly with a mouth full of Liam’s dick before releasing him and kissing him on the mouth. “That’s enough for now.”

Liam smiled as he opened the door, allowing Dana to walk through first. She stopped when she saw Marin waiting on the other side. Marin’s eyes immediately were drawn to Liam’s half erection. “Well hello to you as well!”

Liam tried to cover up, intentionally not being very effective. “Yikes. Sorry Marin.”

Marin put her hands up. “Don’t apologize to me! I was wondering when we’d finally see your soldier salute us!”

“Are you guys done yet?”

“Oh heavens no. Our big friend, Dave is a champ. He’s making it a challenge to see how long he can go. Robbie’s taunting him trying to get him to lose it. I had to take a tinkle break. I’ll see you guys out there.”

“Ok!” Dana said as she led Liam out back again.

“Just look at those big, beautiful, luscious titties, man. Don’t you wish you could just suck those things dry?” Robbie asked as he watched Carmen stroke Dave’s unrelenting cock.

“He’s not budging!” Carmen said as she used two hands on the impressive organ. Precum dripped endlessly to the table below, but Dave still had not ejaculated.

“Dave! Nothing?” Dana asked as she walked over to see up close.

“Nope. I can keep going. Robbie’s trying to get me to lose it, but..” Dave paused to moan softly as he stared at Carmen’s hands. “But I’m good.”

“That’s impressive, bud. I’d probably have caved already,” Liam added.

But Carmen had one more trick up her sleeve. She casually removed one hand and placed it by her side, out of sight. With one hand stroking and everyone watching intently, she was able to sneak her other hand towards Dave’s ass. At first, she just rested it on his butt cheeks, feeling their tightness. But soon after, she shifted towards his asshole. She stuck her middle finger out and quickly inserted it inside and pressed down.

Dave suddenly jutted his pelvis forward in response to the powerful sensation of Carmen’s finger inside him. She gritted her teeth and watched his facial expression change as his mouth formed an ‘o’ shape.

“Oh my God!” Dave shouted in immense pleasure. His cock instantly throbbed and shot out a thick, long rope of cum across the patio table in front of him. Liam and Robbie both jumped back from the table while Dana stood in shock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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