Dana , Kate

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The typhoon signal was already number 3, and their bus wouldn’t have make it back to Bacolod that night.

The teachers decided that they should have stopped somewhere for the night.

They were coming back from the annual year-end outing, but the typhoon was ruining their plans to be back home for the night.

Dana and Kate, with their classmates were kinda scared, but also excited for an extra night out.

The motel, on the highway, wasn’t surely a 5 star place, but drive longer to reach the next town would have been dangerous, the driver said to the teachers.

The rooms weren’t enough for all, so the teacher, divided the girls in groups of 4 for each room, plus a room for them.

Obviously, Dana and Kate were in the same room, with other 2 classmates, which weren’t really adventurous like them. But it would have been just a night, so they didn’t really care much.

For Kate and Dana was important to be them two together and they didn’t even wait to enter the room to chose the big queen size bed for themselves.

At 10pm on point, the teacher passed by the room to check if they were all ready and in bed for the night. The program was, the morning after to leave soon and get back in Bacolod for the 1st hour of lesson at the college.

Michelle and Christine were already sleeping when the teacher closed their door and locked them inside for security.

Dana and Kate didn’t really need much more. They were in the same bed and as they used to do, time to time when they were sleeping over each other’s house, stay in the same bed together and touch each other to reach an orgasm before sleep was all that mattered to them.

So they did that night. Dana’s hand in the middle of Kate’s legs and Kate’s fingers playing Dana’s pussy till they reached the orgasm.

That was their ‘goodnight ritual’ as they used to call it. Just that night wasn’t enough.

“I’m a little hungry” whispered Dana in the dark of the night. Kate, that was always ready to follow her friend ideas, said “we should go to the vending machine in the hallway and buy something”.

The idea could have been nice, if only they weren’t close in the room from the outside and, also, the vending machine wouldn’t have been beside the teachers’ room.

“I’ve seen there’s a bar outside the Motel. Why we don’t just go there” Dana said.

Their room was on the ground floor and the window could have been easily opened.

Kate and Dana, just slowly went out the bed and dressed up with the first things they found there on the chair. Took a few moneys from their room-mates bag and, trying to be silently as possible, sneaked out the window.

The bar was one of those smokey places, where truck drivers used to stop for a coffee or a drink.

The two 18 years old girls didn’t go unnoticed.

Rumors started between the guys at the bar counter. Compliments and vulgar comments, were also easily hearable by the two girls.

Their outlook, was also a reason for the guys to say those things.

They were just both wearing shorts and tank-tops with wide sleeves, that were easily showing their skin on the side of their unripe but perky tits.

Dana, without listening too much the voices of the men, just went to the chips display and took a couple of Pringles’ tubes. Done that, with Kate, just moved to the counter and asked for a couple of Coke’s cans.

“Hey sweetheart, I’m paying for the girls” said a voice behind them, talking to the cashier.

It was a man. Probably 6’2, kinda fat wearing a lumberjack shirt and a pair of sloppy and dirty jeans.

“Sir, fındıkzade escort we can’t…” started saying Kate to the man, which moving closer, just pushed his finger on her mouth shushing her.

His finger was hardly smelling of pee, like he just came out from the c.r. without washing his hands.

Kate’s facial expression was disgusted and Dana noticed it.

“Thanks Sir, but we better go back to our room before the teacher notice we’re not in bed” said Dana seeking for support from Kate.

“Yes yes, sur…” tried to say Kate, that once more was shushed by the man.

“So we have 2 girls sneaking out their room here” started say the man, looking to the other guys in the bar.

“Naughty naughty girls” said another man, which started moving closer to them three.

Dana and Kate were starting to get scared somehow by the situation. In both their minds, the idea to go and buy something, now wasn’t anymore that cool.

“Let me accompany you back to your room” said the man walking right behind Dana and Kate.

They were walking under the front porch, on the way to their room, and the man just following them a few steps back.

“We’re arrived” said the man stopping in front of the room 106.

“Sir, thanks again, but our room is over there” said Dana, doing like walking away.

Just Kate wasn’t enough far from him. He held firmly her arm and said “I don’t think we are done here”.

Dana, somehow scared for Kate, started saying “Sir please, let her go. We get in trouble if we don’t get back into our room”.

“Don’t you think is uneducated not payback a kind man?” said suddenly the man without letting go Kate.

Dana was scared, but she was big enough to know what the man wanted from them, so she just said “Ok Sir, let go my friend and I’ll pay you back”.

The man opened the door of his room and miming a bow, welcomed Dana to enter with his hand gesture.

“Please, let Kate go” Dana said again.

“She can watch” answered the man annoyed, while unbuttoning his pants.

Kate, was sitting on a dirty armchair in the corner of the room, while Dana was getting closer to the guy with still the plastic bag with the chips and the coke inside.

The acrid smell of pee was hitting Dana every step she was getting closer to the man. His trousers on the floor, revealed a pair of sloppy briefs yellowish on the front.

“Get down on your knee you little bitch” said the man to Dana.

She was scared, but hopeful that after make him cum, they would have been free to leave and get back in the room and in each other arms.

Dana pulled down disgusted his panties, revealing a flaccid but knotty dick.

The tip was covered by the foreskin, that looked like wet. His smell was hitting her head like a hammer and she was barely able to keep up from puking.

Dana, with her tiny hand, held that flaccid dick and started stroking it and pulling little by little the foreskin, revealing a dotted reddish tip, but he wasn’t getting hard yet.

“Take off those shorts and show me yourself masturbating” the man yelled to Kate “I wanna get hard” finished saying.

Kate, scared but obediently, removed her shorts and spreaded her legs to masturbate and let the man see her well.

Dana, still on her knee, was stroking him, when he held her hair and pushed her face against his belly, making his dick hit her lips.

“Suck me now whore… how do you think to pay me back?” yelled badly the man.

Dana, held firmly the dick and pulled back the foreskin. Right behind the red dotted skin taksim escort of the tip, there was something creamy, white, smelly. It looked like he dipped his dick inside a creamy cheese, but the smell was way worse.

“Suck me you whore… what? You’ve never tasted smegma before?” yelled again the guy pushing her head again on his dick.

He pushed so firmly that the dick went straight in her mouth, leaving her lips dirty of that white cream.

With Dana’s head between his hands, he started fuck her mouth, making her choke and get on the edge of vomiting time to time.

She was gagging and retching and the man was getting excited more and more every-time her saliva was leaving her mouth.

The dick from flaccid became really hard and it was a fat one. For Dana was really hard to breath when he was pushing deep in.

Dana had another retch and moved away from the guy, who got upset and pushed her away making her fall on her ass.

“You little slut” said looking at Kate “let’s see if you’re better” miming with his hand to get closed to him. Kate looked at Dana like scared, and Dana nodded her back to reassure her.

As it was happened to her, the man took Kate’s head in his hands and started fucking her mouth.

Dana, still sit on the floor, cleaned up with the tank-top her lips from the smegma that was still giving her that stinky feeling she thought that would have never left her mouth.

“What the fuck are you still doing on the floor” yelled the man “take off those shorts and show me your pussy” said to Dana.

“Sir please…” started Dana “I have period” she said.

She though that those words could have turned off him, but instead, like a hungry vampire, he just said “take off those shorts and panties and let me see”.

With Kate sucking and licking his dick, like she was enjoying, Dana removed her shorts and panties, showing her hairy pussy to the guy.

“Sit on the armchair and show me” said the man.

Dana, sat on the dirty armchair and spreaded her legs.

The little handle of her menstrual cup was showing while she was spreading her pussy lips.

“Take it out” said the man with a really horny voice.

Dana, started slowly to take out the cup and a flow of blood stained the seat where she was sat.

“Stop now you slut” the guy said to Kate.

“I wanna fuck your friend” continued, moving to the bed in the room and removing everything with a fast gesture of his hand.

He swept away and made fall also a few empty bottles of liquor on the floor making a loud noise.

Someone knocked on the wall to complain, but he didn’t give a fuck.

The man, removed his shirt and got laid on the bed.

“Come here you two whores” said looking at Dana and Kate.

Dana’s pussy was dripping blood down her legs, but scared and excited at the same time, walked to the bed where the man showed her to sit on his lap.

Kate, standing beside the bed, didn’t know what she could have done.

The man, held his hard dick, made Dana sit over it and slipped inside her bloody pussy.

“Sit on my face you little slut” said to Kate.

His face was hairy and his beard stung Kate’s pussy, giving her shivers.

Before starting, said just “do your lesbian games you two whores” and his tongue went up fucking Kate pussy while Dana was riding that hard and knotty piece of meat, that was making her feel like wrecking from the inside.

Dana and Kate, started kissing torridly and touching each other breast playing and pinching their nipples.

Dana’s period cramps and his dick başakşehir escort size were giving her so much pain, but also so much pleasure. She knew she would have cum not that far in time.

Kate was feeling his tongue licking her pussy from the clit, down to the lips, to her asshole and back, when she felt his hand on her buttocks.

His big thumb started push on her tiny asshole.

Before softly and slowly, to become more insistent till the point that she felt like broke her skin and his finger enter deep inside her.

The pain, mixed with the finger inside her pushing her bladder, made her lose some pee while he was licking her.

“Hmmm give me more” he said and Kate let go her bladder, flooding the guy’s mouth with her pee.

His finger licking her clit and her bladder getting relaxed, started make her feel like she was one step to cum.

Kate started biting Dana’s lips and her hands squeezing the boobs harder while shivers were passing thru their backbones.

Dana started to feel the man moving under her, like shaking, and also his dick have spasms like he was close to cum.

“Get the fuck out from my face” said suddenly the man, moving Kate away and pulling up Dana from his dick. He stood up beside the bed.

Dana and Kate on their knee on the bed, with the sheets stained in pee and blood from the two girls, and the man standing like a giant in front of them, with his hard dirty dick in his hands.

“Open your slutty mouths you two whores” said suddenly while keep on stroking his dick.

Dana and Kate were on their knee and on all four like kittens waiting for the milk, which didn’t wait long to come.

Stroking faster his dick, the man started moaning and groaning, till a big load of cum started spilling out and reaching Dana and Kate’s faces.

The guy came like a fountain messing their face and hair in a white and sticky cum.

“Kiss each other now and clean your face” said the guy sitting on the bed beside the two girls “I love to see you do dirty stuffs” continued laying his back on the stained bed.

Dana and Kate, licked each other faces and cleaned up all the cum and then kissed swapping cum and saliva on their lips.

The sense of fear at the beginning with the man, got them excited and loving doing those dirty stuffs.

“Now lick clean my dick you two dirty whores” yelled suddenly scaring them.

His dick was dirty in cum and Dana’s period. The smell was unbearable, but maybe the fear that he would have been violent or the excitement for what just happened, brought Dana and Kate down on his dick and lick him clean.

A snoring sound took the 2 girls back to reality. The clock on the room’s window marked 3.30 already. They didn’t notice how long they were away from their room.

Dana mining with her finger to Kate to hush, moved away from the bed and Kate followed.

The guy was snoring and sleeping deep.

They left the room with their panties and shorts in their hands and run back to the window from where they sneaked before.

Back in their room, they throw the dirty clothes on the chair and just jumped in the bed.

“Fuck, I forgot my menstrual-cup in the guy room” Dana said laughing under the blankets.

“Yeah you also stink” laughed back Kate.

They kissed, hugged and fell asleep in each other hands.

It was 7am when the alarm on Dana’s phone rang.

Michelle and Christine were already dressed up and ready to have breakfast.

Their room’s door was already open and the two classmates left right before Dana and Kate slipped out the blankets, completely naked and messed up.

Kate, looking at Dana’s legs with all her blood dried said just “Look at you dirty slut” and both started laughing.

That night wasn’t their first adventure together, and for sure wouldn’t have been the last too.

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