Danielle’s Depravity Ch. 05

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The exquisite adventures continue.

Thanks for all the feedback, darlings! Please, keep it cumming.

Andrea x x

(…and I ADORE in the comments of Chapter 4 when someone suggested Tammy might be a shemale! A special muah x to you for that!)


In the next few days, it emerged between Danielle and Bethany that they had both become individually besotted by the blonde angel “Tammy” and her exotic Asian partner whom they had only briefly encountered in the restroom at Heaven. Admitting as much to each other on a post-fuck pillow, they resolved to somehow try and meet that incredible pair again.

They had planned to return to the nightclub on the following Friday, a week on from their first sighting, and the remaining days until the weekend seemed to pass excruciatingly slowly. When the Friday finally arrived, their excitement had become almost unbearable.

They had spent the whole time leading up to the day fantasising about the other pair, inventing lifestyles for them, and dreaming about their possible fetishes and bedroom practices. The fantasy pair became elevated to goddesses in their combined imaginations, and Dani and Beth equipped them with make believe characters that matched the level of their obvious beauty.

Danielle knew she had been very excited by the scraps of the bitchy traits that the Asian had shown, and she had shared that with Beth, who knew that Dani wasn’t really naturally dominant, just enough for their precious relationship together. The prospect of the Asian riding over both of them (literally) was very appealing, and Dani and Beth got themselves more and more thrilled. So, it was in a state of wild expectation, curiosity and pussy-needing lust, they had gone back to ‘Heaven’ on that next Friday, hearts in their mouth, bodies on show….only to be denied. They had not managed to see their exotic ‘targets’ anywhere.

The same was true on the next Friday too, and then the next one after that. Each failure became a crushing occasion which saw the girls’ initial blazing hope and lust fading to a feeling of loss.

Dani and Beth had got increasingly more desperate over the weeks and the pair of them admitted to one another that they were at a point where they would gladly sacrifice anything for only the fleetest glimpse of the Asian and blonde together. What was it about that mystery pairing that was driving them nearly insane? Try as D&B could, they couldn’t place it. They wondered about trying Saturdays, or other trawling clubs on Friday nights, after all they were pretty sick of ‘Heaven’ by now, and were only there for one reason. Repeated questions and some big tips to Michael, Bethany’s contact as the place’s head door man hadn’t helped either. In fact, when Beth had offered to suck his cock if Michael could tell her anything about their target pair and him still not offering up any info, they had to believe him…

On their series of unsuccessful evenings out, Danielle and Bethany had lost count of the number of times thay had been hit on by men (and also more than a couple of women). The attention they had received wasn’t new to them, and depending on their mood the girls had often courted the interest (especially that from the cuter females), stringing the males along like perfect prick teases, but over the previous fortnight, the pair of them had only been interested in their one special quarry. It seemed like the many other alternative opportunities that were being presented to them were just a light year’s second best to the forbidden Asian and her blonde lover.

In fact, all the male offers Beth and Dani had received had been dealt with by a savage “Fuck off”, and a glacial-cold look, to which the answer had usually been “Fucking dykes!”. In the case of propositioning females, the “Fuck off…sweetie” also came with such a winsome smile from the pair that it couldn’t possibly warrant a comeback from the rejected pussy-seeker. So Dani and Beth would return home and fuck as a close pair, trying to forget about their fabled pair….realising now that they had come and gone from their lives so briefly.

And then, well, things were never to be the same again…

The fateful night, Dani and Beth looked irresistible yet again. Each time they had prepared in the hope of seeing Tammy and her Asian partner, they had made every effort at preparation, since they knew that with another meeting of the exotic couple, they were going to have to impress instantly. Perhaps deep down, they had known. As Beth had been getting ready, she had stopped thoughtfully at one point with her hair irons held ready, and she had simply told Dani that for some reason she had a good feeling about this night.

Beth’s freshly dyed dark-chestnut hair spilled down in a series of stepped waves that were heavily styled as a very retro Farah Fawcett-type flick. This lovingly created mane brushed down to her shoulders, touching against the flimsy black toga-type dress that she wore. The toga was bursa escort a very sexy single piece, and was cut so that it hung entirely off one smooth tanned shoulder, exposing a lot of her upper chest, and the flappy skirt part finished just about mid-thigh. The arms of the dress were elbow length and falred very wide, and the loose fit of the whole toga was interupted in the middle by a wide latex black belt which cinched it all in to Beth’s slim waist, while keeping the top a little baggy. The loose upper half of the dress also had broad slashes down its sides that provided flashed side views of Beth’s totally unsupported breasts and much of her globes were also visible from the front too due to the slashed ‘V’ from her neck.

The beauty’s slim golden thighs were shown-off deliciously, and whenever Beth sat down, her whole legs became bared by the loose fit meaning she was forced to cross them elaborately in order to conceal her G-string covered pussy. She wore open-foot sandals with a shapely 4.5 inch heel, and the ties of the shoes criss-crossed all the way up her shapely calves and only brought more attention to those stunning legs.

Danielle in turn was dressed in a large man’s black formal dress shirt which was silk and patterned with a thick white pin-stripe and had a large collar and enormous folded cuffs which were both also in contrasting white. The cuff-links at her wrists were large made from large diamonds which Bethany had purchased for her as her birthday present, and they were thousands of dollars of a glamorous, highly ostentatious look. Dani had the shirt liberally unbuttoned so that her black bra was on clear display, along with the wonderfully emphasised cleavage that the bra happily produced for her.

The shirt was long enough to cover over half of the denim mini-skirt she wore, a brief thing itself which barely covered her ass and in fact revealed the underside of her cheeks. It was a very chic club-hopper look for Dani, nicely rounded off by her bare legs in shining black patent leather court pumps which had murderous looking 5 inch black spike heels. She had her blonde hair wound tightly into a ponytail with a high top knot, and a big fringe sweeping long to one side of her forehead in an up-do which promised everything.

So there they found themselves, camped out in the VIP area yet again, nervously hoping they would finally be lucky in their elusive search. At their ‘usual’ sofa which they seemed to have taken up residence on, not wanting to change a thing from the successful occasion they had had before, they nursed their drinks as they used their great view of the club to desperately looking for their catch.

As they sat there Danielle knew she would never forget the moment when she first saw Beth’s expression change so dramatically. The brunette had been chatting idly to her when she suddenly stopped and fixed a quite unusual stare right past her, over Dani’s shoulder, in the direction of one of the bar counters that Dani knew were behind her.

“OHhhhh fuck. Don’t look now baby, but they’re watching us! I mean it. They’re fucking HERE!!” said Beth suddenly, and urgently, almost gugling slightly. Dani could see her lover’s neck quivver.

“WHO is??” asked Dani.

“THEY are. It’s them!”

“What? Where?” asked Dani again, staring at her partner intently, studying the look of fear and arousal that was mixed on her face, feeling the immediate pricking in her own pussy and fighting the urge to whirl round like a blur of lust.

“Over at the bar,” the brunette replied, having glanced away from that direction and now looking Dani right in the face so urgently.

“H-h-ave they seen us. Gaawd, what do they look like??” she asked.

“They, are, fucking, LOOKING at US,” Beth spelled out, eyes widening as she spoke.

As surreptiously as she could in her state of excitement, and as casually as her pounding heart allowed, Dani quickly cast a glance over in the direction Beth had indicated.

She managed to make her brief sweeping look very discreet, or so she thought, and she also gleaned the information her pussy needed. Taking in the scene at the bar, she saw a distinctive petite girl with very long black hair dressed apparently totally in red PVC and perched on a stool. Right next to her, and standing tellingly close, was a strikingly statuesque blonde whose legs seemed to go on forever. The figures she had just seen definitely resembled the mystery pair, but Dani’s snatched look couldn’t actually confirm anything.

“God. Are you SURE it’s them, Beth?” she asked.

“Come on Dani! How many tiny Asian sex kittens and model blondes hang out as an obvious item? It’s them, Dani….Oh shit.”


“Here they come.”

“WHAT?!?” hissed Dani, dying because she couldn’t look behind herself, knowing it would be too obvious.

Indeed the exotic pair were sauntering over toward them, and Dani saw as Beth could do nothing but stare at their approach.

Tammy, altıparmak escort the blonde, truly oozed catwalk and looked as svelte and graceful as she had when she had struck them like a sexual thunderbolt the time before. With her, and forming the erotic contrast that had appealed to Dani and Beth so much, the blonde’s Oriental girlfriend looked just as completely brazen as when Dani and Beth had first seen her as well. She was strutting toward them in the most wicked pair of platform spike heels.

“Play it cool. Remember the Asian was a real bitch…” whispered Dani, studying Beth’s face which told her all she needed to know about the strangers’ progress to their sofa.

Moments later, the new pair had wordlessly sat down right alongside them on the couch and Dani finally had her chance to drink the two girls in.

Once again she was taken by the Asian’s breathtaking overall appearance – her natutal look being undeniably, helplessly “slutty”, and the way she had only enhanced it to make it appear even more so. Shamelessly too. It was amazingly erotic.

She was certainly beautiful, but in a kind of cheap, totally sexual way, not a classy beauty at all. This constant impression was just reinforced by her puffed pouting bee-stung lips and her enchanting, exotic eyes. Both were made up powerfully. Just as the last time, the Oriental vixen’s cosmetics skills exaggerated her natural look and sullied it further. It seemed everything she did to her appearance only contributed to creating and advertising a highly sexualized persona. Almost cartoon like, like some kind of aesthetically porno Bratz doll.

Tonight, she had her gloriously silky jet-black hair pulled back into a ponytail, with a full blunt fringe at the front that was classic Oriental meets swinging 60s, cut straight in a line that was way below her thin eyebrows to make a really sexy curtain. In the sleek ponytail, a thick stripe of her locks contained a vivid streak of dyed red.

This hair colouring worked beautifully with her incredible clothes. The Asian was wearing a fire engine red corset that was made from shiny plastic and looked brutally rigid in the ribs, pinching in her tiny waist to some unbelievably narrow width, while magically emphasising her already vast chest. It was impossible to ignore the way her heavy tits were squashed together and pushed up to create a wonderful exhibition of her breast flesh. While her nipples somehow only just remained hidden, nearly the entire upper half of her breasts rose from out of the top of the corset cups, and these mounds of pneumatic flesh rippled oh-so gently whenever she moved.

Somewhere underneath that chest, the middle of the Asian’s already petite frame was further constricted into an ultimate wasp waist, the effect of which also acted to emphasise her wide hips, and her tight bubble of a butt. The curves of her ass and her short legs were held in the tightest of matching red latex leggings which ended mid-calf.

Perched as she was in some patent red sandals with a 2″ platform and skyscraper spiked 7.5″ heel, the Asian looked like cheap sex itself.

Just as Dani and Beth remembered from before, the blonde was simply stunning in turn. Her attractiveness was far more classical than the Asian’s, since her prominent cheekbones, sparkling blue eyes and perfectly shaped mouth, created a whole visage that was actually breathtaking. It was preternatural beauty. She was only lightly kissed with make-up, with lips glossed in a shining wet pink, and experlty smoke-darkened eyes that were gently dusted in cyan too.

All around this comely face, her soft and lustrous just-off-white blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders in dead straight lines. It fell like pale glassy streams and was truly hair with a texture that any girl would kill for.

The magical blonde was dressed with sexy daring too. She had on a nothing of a top that consisted simply of an X-shaped wrap of material in camouflage design. The material crossed once at her front where each strand contained one of her small but cute, round breasts. It then went over her shoulders to cross round her back too, before linking back up with the front X under her ribs. The top was designed to show off the most of her warm, tanned skin and flawlessly toned body and was an absolute success. Under the cross of the front X, her entire navel was exposed, and in its very middle, the shining diamond ring and dangling silver metal of her piercing sparkled. Looped through her sensual belly-button piercing and spanning her micro waist was a glinting silver tummy chain too.

Apart from her quite dazzling looks, the girl’s height and incredibly long pin legs further betrayed Tammy as a model. Those endless legs which she had wrapped together like mating snakes when she sat down emerged from her black mini-skirt which was tiny, and then continued down so elegantly into a pair of mid-calf length boots in black leather. The boots were every style görükle escort slut’s dream, and snugly fitted to the blonde’s ultra legs like gloves, sporting a blocky platform sole, and a devilish pointed toe, they also had the thinnest of 4″ blade heels.

“We saw you staring at us, so we thought you might want a chance to say how hot we look tonight,” the Asian threw out to them almost as soon as she had sat down, a shake of her hair, and her eyes looking them up and down, and glimmering with humour as she seemed to settle straight into an act of teasing Dani and Beth.

“I must say I’m a little surprised,” she went on, “I had you down as a pair of cheap restroom cunts but tonight I think it’s Tammy and I who have lowered the tone. I see you’re actually looking quite nice, girls….,” reaching out as she spoke to lay her hand with its long black acrylic nails on the skin a few inches above Beth’s knee.

“Oh, thank you!” said Beth with genuine gratitude, since she had naively taken the compliment as a completely genuine one. Danielle smiled because her lover’s innocent reply had thrown the Asian off balance a little, and Dani took her opportunity.

“Forgive us, but we don’t your name…” she asked the Oriental.

“I’m Gwen, and I believe you remember Tammy.”

“Yesss,” Beth quickly replied. “She’s been in our minds every minute of the last two weeks. You both have been. We’ve come back week after week just to try and glimpse you gain. I’m Bethany.” she went on, gushing.

‘Fuck, Beth!’ Danielle thought to herself as her lover spilled feelings in a torrent that yelled how helpless they both were. ‘Play it cool, remember?…’

“Awwww, isn’t that nice?” Gwen said with perfect condescension as she returned seamlessly to her taunting role. “And who’s your friend, Beth?” the Asian asked, raising a hand to her own breasts and lazily running her fingers over the top of her tightly held globes as she did so.

“Danielle…Dani,” Beth answered.

“And have we been in YOUR thoughts too, Danielle….Dani?” the Asian then asked her.

Dani bit the bullet. “Only my filthiet ones.”

“Oh, wonderful!” squealed Gwen happily in response, flashing her teeth through her blood red lips and her boobs bouncing just a touch. “I was SO right. We do have a total slut here, Tammy. But then didn’t I say that to you when we first saw them?”

“Yes Gwen,” said Tammy. “You said you thought they were a pair of perfect little sluts.” It was the first time Dani and Beth had heard the blonde’s voice, and it was as beautiful as she looked.

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Gwen to Dani and Beth as the Asian continued to sparkle, “After we last met, you’re not even sure if Tammy’s real or not are you? She might be too good to believe, Hmmm?”

The way she talked about Tammy as if the blonde wasn’t there seemed to speak volumes about their relationship.

“Well, why don’t you get to know her? Why don’t you ask her to dance?” she suggested.

The other three girls looked at each other and now words were spoken. In less than a minute later, Tammy had led Danielle and Bethany to the heart of the dancefloor, where despite the packed capacity and the total throng revellers around them, they soon became very much alone in their intimate group of three.

They were all at one with the pulsing music instantly, feeling it, riding it. Firstly, Tammy danced for them. Danielle and Bethany moved along to the music quite wonderfully as they watched her, but they were treading water. Tammy had dropped straight into a real perfomance, and it was clear that she was leading, and that she would decide how things would unfold out there in the beat.

The house music was fast and haunting and there was no playfulness in Tammy’s dance. It was designed only to be sexual. The blonde had a fluid body and was totally suggestive with it, her hips rolling up and down while her hands slid around her breasts, over her tight navel and pushed onto her crotch. She used her amazing figure in so many provokative ways for Dani and Beth, caressing herself as she writhed continually to the strong seductive beat of the music.

While Tammy’s hands roamed, lost in the music, her mini-skirt and ‘X’ top shifted with her toned body as it swayed, and at every neck whip or roll, her blonde hair would react amazingly in the swirling, coloured lights. Not only was it her sexual movement, and her shimmering hair plus enraptured face that captured her audience, but Tammy’s eyes were killers on that dancefloor too.

Sometimes she ignored Dani and Beth as she danced, shutting her lids or looking high up to the ceiling as she flowed, knowing all the time that the other pair’s eyes never left her body though. Occassionally though, she did choose to flash a glance at the duo, flirting at them using searingly hot looks, burning her gaze at them through a curtain of her long platinum tresses.

Beth was truly smitten. As she watched Tammy dance, close to her side, a beautiful Latina angel was desperately working hard to get Beth’s attention flagrantly using her hips, tits and tongue, scraping it across her teeth and beckoning with her neck and chin. She soon drifted away though when Beth didn’t even bother to look at her, fixed as she was on watching Tammy cavort.

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