Danielle’s Holiday Ch. 04

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Apologies for the delay in posting; I’ve been ill for a couple of months. As ever, everyone involved is 18 or over and I really like getting feedback so please send some!


The next few days of their holiday passed relatively quietly for Jack and Danielle. They enjoyed lazing on the beach and exploring the town and just being together. As much as they loved the group sex with Adele the air hostess and the two twins, Summer and Autumn, they liked having time to be with each other, not just as mother and son, but also as lovers. By the end of their first week, however, their rampant libidos needed something more than just one on one sex and, unknowingly, it was Adele who provided it for them.

The air hostess was able to get back in touch with them and, over the phone, arranged a get together, asking if she could bring some friends and if Danielle would do her a favour. Once she explained what it was, Danielle checked with Jack and, as he said he was on for it, Danielle agreed.

“I still can’t believe I’m going to do this.” Danielle said with a chuckle as she and Jack walked up the drive to a large mansion on the island, the location for Adele’s favour.

“Hey, it’ll be fun. It’s not like you haven’t done it before.” Jack said.

“I know, but that was years ago.”

“Mom, over the last few weeks with everything that’s happened between you and me, Billy, Kayla, Aunt Tanya and Uncle Steve, this is going to be a breeze.”

They walked up to the impressive double doors and rang the bell. It was opened by a young man who smiled and let them in, directing them through to a large room where everyone else was already waiting.

“Hi Danielle.” Adele said, stepping over to her and hugging her. “Hi Jack.” she said, turning to him and kissing him. “You pair ready?”

“Sure. I need to fix my hair and make-up and then we’re set.”

“Great, come on, I’ll take you through to the room where you can get changed and made-up.”

Danielle followed the busty air hostess who, she was surprised to see, was actually wearing her uniform, or at least most of it. The tight, short skirt was there, as was the jacket that was belted tight around her trim waist and buttoned up the front, straining to contain her huge breasts. What was missing was a blouse; underneath the jacket, Danielle could see the edges of her bra and the cavernous cleavage that was created by her big tits.

“You’re looking really sexy in that get-up.” Danielle said as they entered a smaller room where a make-up table had been installed.

“Thanks, but you’re going to look even better.” Adele said, holding up another uniform.

Danielle sat down and, with Adele’s help, put on a little make-up and pinned up her long blonde hair so that it would fit underneath the small hat that came with the air hostess uniform. Once that was done, she dressed in white stockings, suspenders and bra and slipped on the short skirt. The jacket proved to be a little more problematic; it was Adele’s spare and, though the other girl had a way above average bust line, Danielle had her beat by server inches. Eventually, though, the jacket was closed enough, leaving most of Danielle’s bra and huge tits free.

“Thank you so, so much for doing this.” Adele said. “You don’t know how much I’m going to enjoy showing this to my brother.” She leaned in and kissed her, pulling her close, their large tits crushing together.

“Let’s leave it for the cameras, girls.” a man said from the doorway.

They both turned to look at the slightly older guy who stood there in jeans and a T-shirt, Danielle’s eyes widening in surprise.

“Marco?” she cried, rushing over to him and hugging him. “I don’t believe it!”

“Hey, I couldn’t pass up the chance to film the return of Danielle Daily, could I?” Marco said with a laugh. “When Adele told me it was you that she wanted to work with, I dropped everything and came straight over.”

“Marco was one of the best directors Taksim Escort I worked with when I was doing porno.” Danielle explained to Adele. “He shot most of my movies.”

“Starred in a couple too.” Marco said with a laugh.

“You aiming to get in on the action today?” Danielle said.

“Maybe.” Marco said. “But mostly I want to watch you and Adele in action with the guys I’ve got lined up.”

“Let’s go then.”

The three of them walked back out to the large room where a large bed had been placed, surrounded by lights and cameras. A soundman stood nearby, along with three cameramen and, waiting in the wings, was Jack and five other guys, each of them well muscled black men. Danielle winked at Jack who winked back.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen, let’s get this done. Places everyone.” Marco called. Everyone moved to their allotted space and Marco called “Action!”

“Hi Craig.” Adele said, talking straight to the camera. “This is another special video I’ve had done especially for you, big brother. I know how much you like fucking me when I’m wearing my uniform.” She ran her hand across her expansive bosom that was on display. “And I know how much you like watching other men fuck me.” She stepped over to the side where the five black men were waiting, running her hand across each of their chests. “But today I’ve got something really special for you.”

She stepped over to the other side where Jack was stood waiting, a big grin on his face.

“This young man is Jack and, while he’s got a huge cock that I’m dying to get to grips with, he’s not the surprise. I’d like you to meet his mom.”

She beckoned over Danielle who walked on screen and stood on the other side of Jack, smiling at the camera.

“Hi Craig, I’m Danielle Daily. Adele’s told me you’re something of a fan of my old movies. She’s also told me what you and she get up to and you know it’s wrong for a brother and sister to do that, don’t you? But you know what? I don’t care, because my son Jack and I are very close as well. Very, very close.”

Both Danielle and Adele slowly knelt down, one either side of Jack, the camera following them. Adele took Jack’s heavy, half-hard cock in her hand and lifted it up, offering it to Danielle who moved forward and sucked lovingly on the end, licking the knob, all the while looking at the camera.

“How naughty is that, Craig?” Adele asked the camera. “Danielle Daily, our favourite porn star, sucking off her own son.” She gently pulled Jack’s cock free of his mom’s mouth and took her turn, eagerly gobbling Jack’s now fully hard cock.

“You know what’s even naughtier, Craig?” Danielle asked the camera. “Jack here is one of twins and they both fuck me every chance they get.”

Adele let Jack’s cock go and he turned back to his mother, bending his knees slightly and letting Adele point his huge hard on at Danielle’s cleavage. He moved forward, the head of his cock pushing between her enormous tits that were pushed together by the tight jacket she wore.

“But as you saw,” Adele said. “Jack’s not the only lucky guy here today.” She beckoned off screen again and, one by one, the camera pulling back to get them all in view, the five black guys stepped over. With Jack still gently fucking his mom’s cleavage, Danielle and Adele began sucking on the big cocks of the five studs in turn, getting them hard and ready. Once they were all up, Danielle and Adele stood and took off their jackets, their big tits covered by the lace bras.

As the girls wanked the hard cocks that came within reach, the six guys all began groping at their massive tits, pawing at them until first Danielle then Adele lost their bras, freeing their big jugs. The guys bent down and began sucking at their nipples while fingers began pushing and pulling at the girls’ skirts until they too fell away, leaving both of them wearing nothing but stockings, suspenders and their hats. The two girls moved away from Taksim Escort Bayan the men and climbed on to the large bed from different sides, meeting in the middle, kneeling up face to face. They embraced, kissing passionately, their tits pushing together and sliding against each other.

Jack climbed up on the bed behind his mother, followed quickly by two of the black guys, the other three moving up behind Adele. Gently, the two girls were separated and eased on to their backs, the men offering their cocks to their hungry mouths. Each of the girls turned their head from one man to another, sucking any of the large cocks that came their way, Jack moving around the bed to get his sucked by Adele.

Two of the guys moved between the girls’ legs, dipping down and eating them out, their tongues lashing over their pussies. A moment or two later, however, they both knelt up and moved closer, their big hard cocks inching forward and entering them.

“Mmmm, fuck!” Danielle muttered around a mouthful of cock.

“You like?” Adele asked her, gasping as her man began fucking her with long slow strokes.

“Oh yeah.” Danielle replied, turning back to the man knelt beside her head who was offering her his black dick. She lifted her head slightly and sucked on it while another man straddled her waist, pushed her huge tits together and began tit fucking her.

“Go on Jack,” Adele said as the young man moved into position. “Fuck my titties like you fuck your mom’s.”

Jack chuckled and did as he was told, holding Adele’s silicon enhanced tits and wrapping them around his big cock, looking over and watching his mom getting her pussy, tits and mouth fucked all at the same time.

One by one, the men moved around, swapping positions, the girls sucking their cocks and taking them in their pussies and between their tits, Danielle and Adele leaning close to each other and kissing whenever they had the chance. Eventually, it was Jack who moved the girls off their backs. He pulled his cock out of his mother’s pussy and tapped the guy who was fucking her tits, asking him to move.

“Time to get DP’d, mom.” he told Danielle with a grin.

“Whatever you say, son.” she said. One of the guys laid on his back, Danielle straddling him and lowering herself on to his cock while another stood at her head, feeding her his big dick. Adele noticed them moving and disentangled herself from her lovers, kneeling up next to Danielle and holding her ass, pushing and pulling her up and down on the black guy’s cock. Jack moved forward and, as Adele held Danielle’s ass cheeks wide open, he pushed his big cock into her tight asshole, making her moan around the mouthful of cock.

“Go on, Jack.” Adele urged. “Butt fuck your mom.”

Slowly, inch by inch, Jack pushed forward, easing his cock in the tight back door of his mother until he had the whole of his cock buried in her ass. He began moving back and fore, fucking his mom in the ass while beneath her the black guy began fucking her pussy, Danielle moaning and gasping in pleasure. Two of the other guys stood in front of Danielle, giving her three dicks to take turns sucking on.

“Uhhh!” Adele gasped. “Oh you sneaky bastard.” she smiled as the last black guy had moved behind her and pushed his own cock into her ass.

Jack grinned and pulled his dick out of his mom’s ass, holding it up to Adele.

“You like the taste of cock after it’s been in another woman’s ass?” he asked her.

“I love it.” she grinned, leaning forward and sucking as much of his thick length as she could before he took it from her and pushed it up Danielle’s ass again, fucking her for a few moments before withdrawing and letting Adele eat it again.

Danielle stopped sucking cock for a moment and looked over her shoulder at her son.

“I want a taste.” she said with a smile.

Jack thrust his cock deep up her ass one last time before pulling out and moving up the bed, Escort Taksim the three studs moving out of his way, watching as Danielle eagerly sucked on her son’s cock, tasting her own ass.

The guy butt fucking Adele followed suit, pulling out of her behind and moving round to her head, letting her suck on his cock before he thrust it deep inside Danielle’s still gaping asshole. The three guys Danielle had been sucking off quickly got into the action, each of them taking turns with either Adele’s or Danielle’s asshole, moving from ass to mouth in quick succession. Jack took his turn, too, moving round to Adele and butt fucking the busty air hostess before letting her taste her own ass on his cock.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon.” he gasped as Adele let his dick fall from her mouth and guided it back inside Danielle’s butt.

“Money shot time, guys.” Adele called. Each of the guys moved, giving Danielle and Adele space to arrange themselves, Danielle sat on the edge of the bed with Adele kneeling behind her, reaching round and cupping the blonde’s huge tits. One by one, the studs stood in front of Danielle and stroked their dicks.

First one, then another, and another came, shooting out streams of thick spunk over Danielle’s tits, ropes of cum splattering over her tits and face, dripping down in long creamy strings. All five of the black studs shot off over her, quickly coating her massive jugs in cum until they stepped back, letting Jack take centre stage.

“Come on, baby, cum for mommy.” Danielle said, licking at the spunk that had landed on her lips.

With a groan, Jack began cumming, his cock lurching as he delivered his big load, shooting out almost as much cum as the five guys had managed between them. Thick spurts of jism landed over Danielle’s face, neck and tits again and again until she was covered in the stuff, Adele using her fingers to scoop some of it up and feed it to her. Eventually, Jack’s orgasm dwindled until cum was dribbling from his cock head. Danielle reached out and took hold of his dick, gently pulling him closer so she could suck the last of his cum out of him, swallowing the creamy load with a smile.

Jack stepped back and let Danielle and Adele smile at the camera.

“See you soon, big brother.” Adele said.

“Hope you liked the show, Craig.” Danielle said, turning her cum covered face to Adele and kissing her, the other woman licking the spunk from her skin.

As the cameras stopped rolling, everyone clapped and cheered the two girls who still sat on the bed, Adele licking at Danielle’s cum covered tits.

“Danielle, honey, that was great, just like old times.” Marco the director said as he stepped over to them. “You know if you want to make a return to the movies full time, I can guarantee you work. Same goes for Jack as well. That Peter North guy’s got nothing on the amount of spunk your kid shoots.”

“Thanks, Marco, I’ll think about it.” Danielle said.

“Lets get you cleaned up first.” Adele said, standing up with her and taking her to the bathroom.

When they returned, freshly showered and dressed in clean clothes, the film crew were dismantling the small set, the five black studs had dressed and left, leaving Marco and Jack waiting for them.

“Seriously, babe,” Marco said. “If you want a come back, there’ll be no problem at all. Here’s my number; give me a ring once you’ve thought about it.”

“Thanks, Marco.” Danielle said, kissing him. “You were always my favourite director, so you never know, I might just take you up on it. Oh, and make sure I get a copy of the film once it’s ready, okay?” She turned to Adele. “Thank you for that, Adele. I hope your brother likes the film.”

“He’s going to be cumming in his pants when he sees that. Either that or all over me.” she said with a laugh. “I hope we can meet up sometime. I’d like to meet your other son as well.”

“You’ve got my number, give me a ring.” Danielle kissed her then turned to Jack. “Come on, honey, time to go. Mommy needs a lie down after all that fucking.”

“That mean I don’t get to fuck you back at the hotel?” Jack asked with a smile.

“I didn’t say that.” Danielle laughed as she took his hand and walked out the door with him.

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