Dani’s Cumuppence Pt. 03 – Final

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Steps ascended to the large berth of the hearth and I was instructed to take that first step.

Naked but not fully noticing anymore, I moved to take the step.

The crowd gathered…

Dani’s Cumuppence — The Final

Part III “Possession”

He reached out and stopped my ascent. Pausing, he pointed to some very high heels and told me to put them on. Surprisingly they fit me perfectly, but I was unable to balance in them. Clumsily, I stood and they added to my height giving the illusion that appealed to many. Even I, who did not like to wear heels, felt that they made one look and act sexier. I was fearful I would fall or at make a fool of myself in them.

Capturing my hand in his, he led me to base of the steps in front of the platform. I remained naked and grateful that the heels maybe took away from some of my weight. I could not focus on that now as so many other thoughts were occupying my thoughts. “What was going to happen?” “Why was this happening to me?” “Why was I feeling aroused, heated and admired?” As if reading my mind, Aidan had me pause from the climb and made me stand in front of a gathering crowd. Quickly glancing, I noticed that men had begun to gather in a semi-circle in front of us. Many of them stood naked or had clothing that could easily expose themselves to me if they so chose. I was sure I was turning all kinds of red in front of these men, as a flush consumed my body.

Slowly Aiden paraded me within the semi circle close to each of these men, I was assuming they were members of this society. They were able to completely see me and many of their eyes glanced my length and lingered upon my pussy and many eyes rested upon my large breasts that were swaying when I walked. Their looks nailed me and made me burn to the core. I felt a moistness that was captured between my naked thighs. It was obvious that these men and their stares were exciting me as my body was making that very clear to me. If I was fearful, unsure, embarrassed, my body was betraying me and not aware of those feelings as it began to grow more moist in my inner core.

I watched their eyes and the arousal I was witnessing and I was sure my heart, because of it’s rapid beating; was ready to jump out of chest. My thoughts would slip elsewhere even though I could see the numbers of men and some women enjoying Aiden’s parade of his new conquest. I wondered how I got myself into this situation. Then, remembered that it was not me that got myself into this situation but it was them; my friends and my husband all strategized to get us to this evening. I could fight it and run, or I could admit that this is secretly what I have wanted for quite some time. My boss’s husband apparently has wanted me for some time as well and I would be a fool to deny my feelings, emotions and desires for him. Truth is, I have lusted for him for quite some time. I have watched him come into the office. I have watched him at Christmas parties where my body responded and I personally felt my pussy begin to moan and cream itself. I would feel it bubble out of my little snatch and slip down between my big girl thighs; much like it was doing right now. During our company get-togethers, seeing him left me oozing, sticky, lusting and wishing, but I never confessed it to my husband or others. I learned to leave my panties at home even if my husband had told me to anyway. I craved the feeling of decadence and answered it with a wanton approach at those parties, wearing more provocative clothing and became more and more flirtatious. Aiden was a very powerful, commanding presence and eroticism oozed out of him. It was not long and my body would respond to him every time I saw him.

My biggest surprise was I never figured my husband would take part in this scheme. I was not sure how I was feeling about all this now, perhaps a little surprised or a little betrayed. Maybe if he had just shared it with me. But all my friends said at one time or another that they knew I would not acknowledge this sexual side of me, at least not very easily. I had to appreciate their efforts and time it took to get me to awaken within. I was becoming ‘hooked’, if I was not already. My body was what indicated that to me; the excitement, arousal, the ache, and excitement. Feeling unbelievably aroused; my body was feeling an mom porn amazing arousal with all these men and some women’s eyes on me. What really made my body moan with desire however were the eyes of Aiden upon me.

Yes, I am ready. I want what Aiden and the others offered.

My body was tingling.

My inner sanctum was wet to the core.

My breasts were feeling like they had been mauled already as they felt so sensitive with every look cast in my direction.

My nipples felt so hard and erect.

“Dani, you will at this time begin to acknowledge these members of the society by your acceptance of them. In front of each are comfortable pads to kneel down on to begin the ceremony. You will do whatever is asked of you by the ten members present here, is that clear?” Aiden subtly commanded.

“Yes,” I affirmed quietly with a nod of my head.

“You will follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the society, as well as your Master?”

“Yes,” I answered again. I was certain I was not even aware of the rules and guidelines of “the society”.

I lowered myself in front of the first man. Afraid to look up and squinting my eyes shut, I heard Tom tell me it was ok and to open my eyes. I did, and it was my husband holding his red-hot poker pointing straight in front of me. He was encouraging me and I was grateful that he was my first. I looked at him and opened my mouth. He had been a part of this all a long and I was now kneeling before him. He began to rub it upon my dry parched lips and told me to “relax…take it kitten,” and pushed himself further into my mouth. Opening wider and working my saliva around inside my mouth, I took him. I felt the taste of his pre-cum as I let my tongue chase it around coating my lips’ dryness. I felt my body tingle and I felt my tummy flip as ecstasy coursed through me. I felt my nether lips throb as he looked down at me while I sucked him. He was smiling, lustfully…if that was possible. He thrust again into my mouth, until I took him down the back of my throat. He was throbbing and my throat opened to his movements. I took him so deeply and at times could stop the gag reflex. Working him against the roof of my mouth and my tongue massaging him, I felt a gag coming on and this seemed to make him even harder. We had worked many hours on my learning to get past the gag and let his dick open my throat and screw it. Remembering that, I held him down inside my throat for as long as I could and he withdrew, surprising me. He whispered…”Move on kitten.”

I came to the next and the next and each of them a different size pumping my mouth full. Each one doing it different…some slapping my face, some shoving it in fast and hard, and withdrawing equally so. Some liked to watch me gag and others seemed gentle. Some wanted to cum and did, or squirted in my face, filling my mouth or denied me, each one tasting so different; some worse, some better than the others. Master Aidan stayed with me while I sucked each and every one of them. My knees were tired and sore but I had one remaining. That was Mikey, my girl friend Nikki’s boyfriend. How strange this all seemed; I had to admit very arousing. Now, here I was sucking off Nikki’s boyfriend! I wanted that; she had told me time and time how hard he could stay and what a great fuck he was. Now I would see! Now I would experience it.

I looked up at Mike and he had this look of sheer delight on his face. “Been waiting along time to feel that voluptuous mouth wrapped around me, Dani!” “Give it to me baby!” he commanded as he stood there stark naked, cock rigid and unbending as he took himself at the root and thrust it at me. I did not hesitate, I was enjoying myself, getting into sucking the membership and loving it. I was aroused, thrilled, tingly, and fucking wet and thoroughly loving it!

I took Mike like a good cocksucker as I began at the tip then the purplish head and slid slowly around the bottom and back to the top. The dick slipped with my movements as it journeyed guided by my seductress mouth. I slapped his cock fully as my tongue trailed an invisible line under his length, pressing his thick, purplish cum vein. I lapped at his full balls, flicking them making loud slurping noises, noises that conveyed the artistry of my cock sucking. I had crossed over mobil porno and was becoming one of them. I wanted it, felt I needed it and was craving it. I could not wait to see what was next. I wanted it; I wanted all of it!

He came hard…filling my mouth full and I swallow all of it. A few drops remained on the corners of my mouth when Master Aiden took my hand helping me to stand. “Tsk Tsk Dani, we do not let a drop go to waste” as he took his finger and wiped the corners of my mouth and put it to my tongue to suck. With that, I looked at him and my pussy released and I came with a whimper. Cum slithered down my inner thigh and I was not surprised. It was Aiden after all.

Walking me to the end of the platform and up the stairs; I noticed my fear was not there anymore, I felt no apprehension and I was no longer self-conscious about my body. I had been a big beautiful woman for many years now and these friends preferred my size; I felt acceptance, burning desire and arousal feeling that my size really was preferred, something that had been unknown to me. I reflected that there must be something within me that my friends liked, especially Aiden, to take me this way. My body was not perfect but it was hot, it was craving, it was ready, I could do marvelous things with it, and had the confidence and attitude to accompany that.

Yes, I am ready.

I was led by Master Aiden to the edge of the cold slab of hearth. “Dani, it is time, it is just the beginning. But at no time do you cum Dani, as your job is to hold your orgasms until I see fit to allow you to cum.” he whispered. “This is all taking place because it needs to happen for you to become part of us here,” he shared.

I could feel my wetness seeping down my leg, my tits were getting harder and my chest was becoming red from the excitement that was coursing through my veins. I saw the members below us again with raging hard-ons reflecting their excitement. I had no idea what was next but my body was raging with anticipation. The men, all naked now completely lined up at the bottom of the steps. The women were gone now, only the men remained.

I was Aiden’s chosen one. I was the center of this ceremony.

“Lay down upon the hearth Dani, and present yourself before the membership. You are becoming one of us at long last and you will do as I say,” spoke the Master.

I laid my body down upon the hearth. It was cold to the touch, but my body was on fire! I was exploding, my thighs were sticky and my pussy so, so moist!! I was excited and afraid of climaxing too soon. My hands were moved above my head and stretched to reach the soft but inflexible leather strips that were anchored at the corners. My legs were put into stirrups and bent at the knee; my heels remained. I was in such a position that my pussy-hole practically hung over the edge of the hearth near the steps. I was sure I was dripping onto the floor.

Then my boss Alexis, who had mounted the steps after us and before the men, had a wash basin of warm water and cleaned the vortex between my spread thighs. I was amazed at her act of contrition and of subservience. For a minute I felt her finger delve between the opening of my labia and press a little further than was necessary. I wondered at her brashness. I saw Aiden look her way with caution as she kept her eyes cast downward. After completing the bath of my inner most sanctuary, the men came forth.

Tom was the first as he stood between my legs and he took my knees under his palms, held onto his huge member and thrust it into my wet, craving and voracious pussy. I was past ready, quickly ignited upon his entering me because I had been primed for this. They had driven me to the pinnacle that I had not dared tipped over. I was on edge and so ready to let my body explode with the culmination of what I was feeling! But I could not! I ached with the pain of needing full release! He fucked me, and fucked me hard. He pumped and plowed, pumped and plowed. Salaciously his cock filled me full.

“YESssssssssssssss I blurted out…as Tom pumped me harder and harder and harder….”OHHHhhhhhhhhh gawdddd, I moaned over and over again as my shrill screams were heard in the darkness of the night. His cock so hard and thrusting as if connecting on all fours…he pistoned into me xnxx porno over and over as he moaned his climax and his seed spilled deep within my dark, wet abyss. His white jiism coating my pink walls of my subserviant cunt, he then withdrew his semi hard penis. I was dying to join him, my cunt dripping with my madness; but still I worked to keep from orgasming.

There were 9 more men who eagerly waited their turn to fuck Aiden’s new mistress. Each one with a hard-on that surpassed any I had ever felt before. I spread for them, each one as they fucked me slow and then faster, hard and then harder. Their cocks were wild and animalistic as they drove into me. I moved upon the hearth, my boobs jiggled and swayed, my body rocked and my moans picked up speed as I eagerly received them, wondering why I had waited this long. I wanted this, I needed this, and I craved it. I could not get enough nor would I ever, I was sure of it. Each one continued their assault on my pussy and I screamed wanting to cum and not able to hold back any longer.

I was born for this. I wanted this and more. I wanted more! So wet, the wet slab of hearth had not absorbed my ejaculant as it crept up my back and sloshed under my amble ass. There was so much feminine liquid as it mixed with theirs.

“Do NOT Cum DANI! were the words whispered in the darkness. I could not hold it in much longer, I was sure of it. Aiden, the last to take his rightful place had already shed his clothing. He would be the final one to plow my belly and leave his seed within me. I would receive him and then retire for the evening with him.

He was ready to enter me with passion, lust, devotion, and with so much desire that I could read it in his face. Without a doubt, he was whom I wanted so deeply within me.

His fingers personally spread my slit wide open and he let his fingers enter me. I watched him boldly as my head came up off the hearth not letting my eyes wander. My body writhed and gyrated as he finger fucked my cum-filled pussy. He spread me further and as if unable to contain his release, his thickness entered me. His tight ass thrust deeply as he forced his cock into me and I spread for him, welcoming him with screams of ecstasy. My body reacted like a wild animal and it only pushed him further as he fucked me harder. Over and over and over again, he forcibly shoved his throbbing cock into me. The membership watched, many of them hard again as they watched the pulsating scene before them.

He banged my cervix over and over again as each thrust brought him closer. Pulling out most of the way, he had thrust that much harder back into me. He needed release too, this is what he had been waiting for all night. He was beyond ready himself; needing that release.

It was not but a second upon entering me that final time that my body arched under the restraints. I SCREAMED into the ecstatic aura of the evening exploding with a huge gusher, my juice pouring out in all directions. I ejaculated onto the floor at the edge of the hearth. Gushing, streaming, and squirting, my giving hole responded like never before. I was not to question the whys or how’s of any of this, but I knew now that I was Aiden’s. I was his slave and I was willing to give to him anything he ever wanted.

My cunt spasming, my body quivering as I felt faint, my head lulling to the side as he finished and shot his Master’s load into his mistress’ cumbucket.

Finishing, he spoke, “We want and desire a great many things in this world Dani and sexual expression is a huge part of the center of our core. We are a family and we seek freedom in everything sexual, erotic, and sensual. We choose to express ourselves in this manner and you now are a part of us. We welcome you into this membership but belonging to me. The ceremony is now complete. In the future, the women will, in their own way, welcome you. You belong now to me, Master Aiden, and to this membership.”

I was released from the restraints and my body helped up to stand before the men in the room; my heels remained. There was a loud roar of celebration as Master Aiden led me down the stairs and through the path the men had created for us to exit. I was used thoroughly and marked as theirs. I was a member of this gathering and in time my understanding would become clear. Many questions went unanswered; those of my husband, those of the women, those of my boss Alexis who I thought was Aiden’s wife. My body tired, aching, but full of their acceptance; I joined Aiden. Tired but not finished, I longed for more, insatiable to the core as always.

The End

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