Dare Me Ch. 04

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I woke up to the knocking at my front door. My grogginess turned into anxiety. Whatever power Dylan’s dare had over me last night had passed. With that also came excitement that the curse was potentially a thing of my past, or at least a secret again.

I jumped up and grabbed the briefs from the floor and put them on. I put them on! I actually had clothes on my body again!

I bounded to the door and opened it to see Dylan with two cups of coffee.

“You have underwear on!”

“I do!”

“And it looks like my dare worked for you last night…”

“Huh?” I looked down to my body where he was looking. “Oh shit, sorry dude!” I ran away back to my bedroom to clean off the dried cum from my stomach. Idiot.

I put on some jeans and a shirt after and it felt so good to be covered up again. Over coffee we discussed the night. How surprisingly happy I was last night and even now today. How I didn’t have any urge to turn my phone on which was the only fear I had.

Dylan apparently had done some research last night and couldn’t find anything on Google about this curse. I hadn’t told him the exact details like the website for some reason. Maybe shame. Maybe I thought if I told him about it he would accidentally stumble upon it and he’d fall into the same hell.

After we caught up we headed over to the mall in his car. While at the store the clerk asked if we wanted to port over my data and contacts and we both said “No!” a bit too urgently. I explained I had a bad break up and wanted to start fresh. New number. No contacts. Clean slate.

He seemed confused but also disinterested so he just set me up with a new phone and number.

While we were out Dylan and I did some browsing and ended with lunch. I felt so much better.

“Happy to have this all behind you?” he asked while we ate.

“Well, it’s not really behind me. But yeah, now I’m not in the fire at least.”

“Ah, yeah that’s true. Any thoughts on how to fix it?”

I sipped my water, “honestly no. I’m going to try and retrace my steps tonight and then go from there.”

“You’re going to try and get cursed again, dude?”

“No! But, I’m pretty sure I can’t get worse. The curse website was pretty specific on accepting dares.”

“Wait, it was a website?”

Ah shit. “Yeah. There was like, an incantation that I must have accidently read that made me this way. I’m not sure why I didn’t tell you.”

“Why were you even there?”

“It’s kind of embarrassing, but it was basically a pop-up during a porn sesh.” I took a bite of my burrito bowl.

“Fuck. I’m paranoid to look at porn now.”

“I doubt you’ll ever stumble across it.”

“Why? What sort of porn were you looking at?”

Fuck. I was accidently giving too much away to Dylan.

“Let’s not talk about that here or now. Just, I think you’ll be fine.”

“Okay, B.”

The first few days after that were filled with anxiety. I constantly wondered if I would bump into that bitch or she’d somehow get my number. But after the first week, things became more normal. Work was going good, I was hanging out with the guys again (albeit at houses now, no more bars for me), and it was becoming easy to forget about my curse.

Two weekends later, my dishwasher stopped working at my place. It took another week for maintenance to come take a look and they asked I be there even though they had a key. They like their tenants available in case there are questions which I think is pretty bull shit but I took a half day.

When the guy finally got to my place he was an hour behind when he was supposed to show up so I wasn’t pleased. The dude was probably late 30’s, early 40’s. He wore some junk overalls and a blue flannel shirt. He may have been handsome 15 years ago but I could tell his muscle turned to soft flesh and his beer belly was clearly present. I’m not sure why he chose to dorn a thick mustache either. Whatever, his life.

“Brandon Zaverick?”

“Yup, come on in.”

“The dishwasher, yeah?”

“Yeah, over this way.” I led him to the kitchen and pointed it out. “It sounds like it’s running but nothing’s getting cleaned. I’m not sure if it’s a water problem or something else.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look. Give me a couple hours.”

“Hours?! I’ll need to get back to work after lunch.”

“Sorry man, best I can do.”

“Well if you had shown up on time we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Do you want a fixed dishwasher or not?”

I debated on just throwing him out but I’m sure he was the only maintenance guy they had on staff. If I didn’t want him to fix it up that just meant gaziantep escort it wouldn’t get fixed.

Sigh, “fine, yeah. Just try and make it quick.”

He gruffed and got to work inspecting it. I headed back into my room and got my laptop open to check some ESPN while I waited. Probably 45 minutes later I decided to go check on him.

When I got to kitchen I was shocked and pissed instantly. My dishwasher was disassembled almost fully, parts strewn across the kitchen and everything seemed wet.

“What the fuck dude? This place is a mess!”

“I have to take it apart to see what the issue is.”

“Really? That seems like a stupid way to do this.”

“Are you the repair man or am I?”

“Honestly, I don’t know at this point.”

“Kiss my ass,” he said nonchalantly.

“Are you fucking kidding me, man? I want you out. I’ll call the front office to get someone competent.”

“Huh, oh that’s right. I’m supposed to start it with a dare.”

My heart dropped, “what did you say?”

He cleared his throat as he stood up. “I dare you to kiss my ass?”

I widened my eyes in fear and horror. How? How did this guy know? Did she tell him? Did Dylan? So many thoughts ran through my head as I walked over and knelt down. He turned around and pushed his clothed butt out to my face and I gave it a nice smooch on his left cheek.

As soon as I did I jumped up and away from him, “Who told you?!”

He was laughing hysterically. “I can’t believe you did that. What sort of bet did you lose?”

“WHO TOLD YOU!” I was furious.

“No one. There’s a note on your door.”

I couldn’t connect the dots so I went to the front door and opened. Attached there below the peep hole was a small handwritten note with a simple sentence scrawled on it, “This guy will do ANYthing you dare him to.”

I heard the guy behind me, “I figured you must have lost a bet or something and had to follow dares today or something and your buddies were making sure everyone knew.”

“No. No. No. You need to get out. Now.”

“But what about your dishwasher?”

“Get out! Now! Get the fuck out of my apartment!”

“I dare you to calm down?”

It felt like cold liquid washed over my body and I shivered. My tensed muscles loosened. I still wanted this guy gone but he was right, why did I need to be so uptight about it?

“Would you please mind leaving, uh, I actually didn’t get your name.”

“Bud. And actually I think I dare you to invite me to stay as long as I want.”

“Of course, Bud, make yourself at home. Stay as long as you’d like.” I mean, he was fixing my dishwasher after all. Of course he could stay.

“Haha, wow. This could be fun. I dare you to act like a dog!”

I dropped down to my knees and started to walk around on all fours. I came over to him and sat back on my butt, looking up to him expectantly with my tongue out. “Aw, good boy. Dumb boy.”

“I dare you to chase your tail.”

I suddenly got the urge to chase my imaginary tail around and around. I kept going until I got dizzy and fell over defeated. Not only could I not get my tail I couldn’t even see it! I probably should have been angry at Bud but I could imagine why this would be entertaining.

The entire time Bud had been laughing heartedly. “Okay this is pretty fun. Is there anything you won’t do, man?”

I just looked up at him with my head cocked. What did he mean? Didn’t he already know I would do anything?

“I don’t think dogs wear clothes do they, Brandon?”

I shook my head. They didn’t afterall.

“Think we should undress you then?”

I mean, I didn’t want to get naked but I did agree to act like a dog and he had a point. What type of dog would I be with jeans on? I nodded my head.

“Okay then boy, come over here and roll on your back.”

I did as told and he lifted my shirt off my chest. “Oh wow, you’re in really good shape buddy.” He continued his task by undoing the button on my jeans and unzipping me. My white briefs below became exposed. Bud reached beneath me and slipped his hands under my butt but inside my underwear to help pull them down. In a moment I was naked, lying on my back for Bud.

“Aw, little boy’s got a little boy.” He reached down and took hold of my soft package. I was a little uneasy with this but he was gentle. “At least you’re not neutered, right Brandon?” He started laughing as he jiggled my balls.

“Wanna play fetch boy?”

My eyebrows perked up. Of course I did! I barked a bit with excitement.

“Alright, well since it doesn’t look like you have any toys how about you fetch your underwear for me.”

I looked over and dug my briefs out of my pooled jeans with my mouth. I leaned over to Bud and placed them in his lap. “Good boy,” was the welcomed praise I got. He then threw the undies across the room near the couch. I bounded off after it, my ass bouncing up and down as I chased after it.

Bud repeated this a few times before he must have gotten bored with me. “Okay boy, time to go potty.”

If I had dog ears they would have peeled back. Did he want us to go outside? I mean, a good dog would but I also was starting to feel a little shame. I think Bud sensed it. “Oh, is my little doggo afraid of going outside?”

I nodded with whatever attempt at puppy eyes I had.

“Okay, well good thing you’re not potty trained then. You can just go right there.”

Wait, he wanted me to pee on my carpet? That’s something a bad dog would do.

“Go on, go potty Brandon. Go potty!”

The commands were hard to ignore but I felt such shame. I should be going potty outside! Not inside! I would get in trouble!

“Brandon, I dare you to go potty!”

The stream started instantly. It felt so good; such relief. The yellowing spot grew on the ground under me and started to wet my knees a bit. Once I was done the temporary joy washed away.

“Bad Brandon! Look what you did on the rug!”

I crawled away and tried to hide behind the recliner in the living room. “Nuh uh, mister, get back here. Right now!”

I tentatively walked back to Bud, knowing I was a bad boy.

When I got close enough to him he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face into the wet stain. “Bad! Bad boy! We don’t go potty inside!” While my face was pushed down Bud spanked me hard three times on my exposed butt. Each rewarding him with a yelp from me.

“Alright, you’re going to have to make it up to me, boy. Come ‘ere.”

Bud walked over to the couch and I followed him with my invisible tail between my legs. As he go to the couch he undid the straps of his overalls and almost immediately they dropped to the floor. Little did I know Bud had been going commando under those.

The two things I noticed was that he seemed to be half-hard and my god was he thick. I know I wasn’t exactly average in that department but this thing was like a soda can. It wasn’t that long, maybe only 6 inches? But fuck, it was thick.

But why was Bud getting naked? Was he going to pretend to be a dog too with me? The thought of having a dog friend was exciting.

“Come over here and get to know me.”

Get to know him? What did Bud want me to do? I crawled over to him and sat in front of his lap, looking at his face, trying to guess what he wanted of me.

“Go on, sniff me. Dogs love to smell crotches.”

Oh that’s right! That’s how I identify people. Of course, Brandon! I immediately brought my face to his balls. They had a really powerful musk smell that was actually quite wonderful. My nose would push into his soft sac a couple times while sniffing around and my cheek rubbed against his thickening member.

“You can lick it if you want.”

Did I? Do dogs do that? I mean, his crotch did smell pretty good so I’m sure it tasted just as good. I gave the side of his balls a little lick to see. Oh wow! It was wonderful! It was such a rewarding, salty flavor that made me salivate. It made sense why dogs loved crotches so much!

I licked more aggressively trying to cover everything between his legs with my tongue. His balls were my favorite flavor but they soon started to taste more bland. I moved to his inner thighs which were also pretty good but got boring faster. I started to lick down his knee but it didn’t taste like much so I went back to his balls.

They had regained a bit of flavor but I decided to try his cock. I licked the side of it and it bounced happily. Bud started to moan a little which I took as encouragement to keep going. And boy was I happy I did. As I licked up the side of his massive shaft I finally reached his head and there was a little drip of clear liquid on it. It was a hallelujah moment. It was like concentrated ball flavor with something new and unique.

I kept licking at his head but he was starting to dry up. I whined when no more delicious liquid was being doled out.

“You like my pre-cum, boy?”

I did!

“I think you may have licked it all out. But I’ve got something even better in reserve if you’re willing to work for it.”

I would do anything for more.

“Go ahead and try and put my whole cock in your mouth. I know I’m big but see if you can fit it in there.”

Strange request, I thought, but why not. If it meant I could get more yummy treats I was down. I struggled to get even half of him in my mouth. He stretched my mouth fully and I could feel my back teeth rubbing against his cock.

“Ahhh, okay, no that’s not working. Too much teeth, boy. Don’t you know how to give a proper blow job?”

A blow job? I wasn’t giving him a blowjob! That’s gay! I was just getting to know him and eating up his treats. What was he talking about?

“Guess not. You didn’t strike me as a fag, I guess. For the record, nor am I. But my girlfriend left me a couple days ago and your impatience and bad behavior got me reeling with opportunity. And hey, getting some action is action, right?”

I just stared at him, occasionally stealing licks of his cock head or balls when I thought he wasn’t paying attention.

“Okay, let’s try something unconventional. Brandon, I dare you to jack me off with both hands while you hold the tip of my cock in your mouth. Use your tongue and just swirl it around a bunch.”

Wait, this was starting to sound like a blowjob! But, he had been really nice to me today. He played fetch with me, got me out of those uncomfortable clothes, and didn’t even punish me much for making a mess in the house. He even let me lick his really tasty parts!

I obeyed my master.

Even though the head of his penis was still really thick, I was able to hold it in my mouth without my teeth rubbing against it. I followed his instructions and jacked him off with both hands while keeping my tongue moving.

He must have been a bit deprived because quite quickly he started to tense up and his moans got louder.

“Ah.. ahhh.. Oh fuck. Fuck! I dare you to swallow my load. Fuuuuck!”

Luckily Bud wasn’t a shooter or the shock may have startled me off his cock but while the cum stream wasn’t forceful it was plentiful. A steady, thick stream of salty gunk filled my mouth and coated my tongue. Because it was slow enough I was able to swallow it all down for him, just like he asked.

I kept up my action though while he convulsed until he told me to get off. “I can’t take it anymore, shit. I’m too sensitive after I cum.”

He just sat there and breathed heavy for a bit. He laughed and grabbed a pillow next to him and threw it over onto the ground.

“Brandon, I dare you to fuck that pillow like a dog until you cum all over it.”

I pivoted away from Bud and leaped over to the sexy pillow toy and went to town. There wasn’t any hole to shove my little dog dick into but griding up against it was filling me with such pleasure. I humped and humped and humped until I felt my balls start to contract into me and furrowed my brow. Unlike Bud, I was a shooter, and my cum splattered onto the pillow but since my dick as pointing up it also went up and over the pillow onto the carpet beyond.

I kept humping through the release until I, too, was panting.

Bud was laughing as I came down from my high. He continued to laugh as he pulled up his overalls and got himself buttoned back up.

“Whew, man. What a day for me. And for you too I suppose.”

He walked into the kitchen and stated to collect his things. I sat and watched him. “Okay, boy. I’m going to go. I have other appointments today that I shouldn’t be late for. I’ll stop by some night this week to finish up your dishwasher though, don’t worry. Maybe we can go for round two also!”

As he started to leave I began to whine. Was he really going to leave me all alone? The thought was unbearable. What if I never saw him again?!

“Oh yeah. Okay, let’s see. Brandon, I dare you to go sit on the couch and stay quiet.”

I did as I was told like a good boy.

“Now, I dare you to stay like that for 10 minutes. After those 10 minutes you’ll be back to the normal you.”

He walked out when he was sure I wasn’t moving and I patiently watched the door. He opened it back up though and said, “Oh, and I dare you not to tell the police or the front office. I don’t think anyone would believe you but just to be sure.” He winked at me and was gone.

10 minutes later and everything washed over me in horrible waves of realization. I still tasted his cum in my mouth. My cum was smeared all over my pillow and carpet. A huge pee stain on the ground from ME had grown cold.

I just laid back on my couch and cried. I didn’t go back into work. I didn’t call Dylan. I didn’t know what to do except fall back into my worst nightmare. I thought I had escaped this with my new phone but somehow she had found out where I lived. It was only a matter of time now until she got a hold of me directly.

And what she would do to me then, after getting away from her for almost a month, I couldn’t imagine.

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