Daring Dates: Family Feature

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Hola, aroused audience!

My helpful AI and I have decided it’s time for another kinky date with the lovely Kim, our co-worker and new girlfriend. This one’s a wild night at a public movie theater. Enjoy!

Post any suggestions for future date scenarios down below in the comments. I’m down to explore just about anything within what this site will allow.



All characters involved are 18+ in age.

You and Kim have been working together for a month. You’ve finally worked up the courage to ask her on some dates, and you are now just arriving together at your local movie theater.

You glance over at Kim. She looks ravishing as always.

She’s dressed in a light blue dress with white edging that goes just below her knees, and she has paired it with a pair of open toed heels. You can’t take your eyes off her sexy legs.

“You look beautiful, babe,” you tell her as she kisses you.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” she replies.

You both enter the theater and find the last two empty seats that are together. The lights dim and the film begins as you sit down.

You happen to find yourselves seated right next to a family of three. Normally, you’d prefer some space and privacy, but tonight the place is pretty packed.

A young man sits beside you, opposite from Kim. He appears to be only a few years younger than you two, around 18 or 19 years old.

His mom, a hot mature milf, sits next to him. Her chubby husband finishes out the end of the row after her.

During one of the more intense scenes, you feel a light touch on your hand. You look over and see the boy’s eyes are glued to your girlfriend’s legs. You can’t help but notice his father glare at him for bothering you in such a way.

You chuckle and whisper to Kim, “I dare you to give your panties to this boy beside me.”

She immediately realizes what you mean. She sees him staring, and so she seductively raises her ass off her seat just enough to pull her underwear, from underneath her skirt, down her long legs and finally off from her heels.

Then, she leans over you to sneakily give her young admirer her white, wet thong.

“Here you go, son,” she says, smiling sexily.

The young man slowly removes his eyes from Kim’s legs and looks at the small piece of material. He blushes and thanks her profusely, before covering it with his palm and looking back at the screen.

You whisper to the young man, “Go on and taste them.”

He slowly opens his mouth and licks his lips. It looks like he is trying to not make a sound. Then he looks at you and makes direct eye contact.

“Taste them,” you hiss, trying to get your point across more sternly, but without alerting his parents yet.

He takes the thong lightly in his hands and brings it to his lips. He places it on his tongue and begins to suck on it in earnest.

You grin. “Good boy. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but I want your mom’s.”

The boy’s eyes widen and his mouth gapes in surprise.

“Go on then. Fair is fair. Pussy for pussy,” you say.

He slowly moves his hand towards his mom’s leg and grabs her knee. She moves his hand away at first, and looks at you with an eye to tell him off, but you silently mouth to her not to, giving her a dominating look that she reluctantly submits to.

The boy bravely grabs his mom’s pantyhose covered leg again and moves his head towards her knee. He begins to sniff her knee, before moving his face closer and closer to her snatch.

“That’s a good boy,” you quietly coo.

His mother begins to notice your encouragement and looks over at you with a furious stare. She doesn’t defy you though as her son moves his head up her thigh and goes straight for her panty-covered, shaved slit.

“Such a good boy, oh yes,” Kim also tells him, backing you up with her own support.

The milf begins to blush, and she moves her eyes away. Her face is red and you can tell she is getting turned on, either by her son touching her, or because it’s happening in public.

Or maybe… both?

The boy suddenly stops and moves his face away. He looks up at you with a devilish grin on his face. He seems to be looking for your permission to break past the taboo barrier.

You nod, commanding him, “Take them off and give them to me.”

“Such a naughty, naughty boy. Do it for us, honey,” Kim coos.

He slowly moves his hands up his mother’s thighs, and then unbuttons her jeans. He firmly pulls both her jeans and her red, soaked thong off her body. Then he shyly gives them to you.

Her cheeks are bright red as she sits back down in her seat, now bottomless. The boy then reaches under her shirt with his hands and begins to touch and rub her bare tummy, as he breathes heavily near her throbbing cunt.

You ask, “How do you feel, doing this to your mom in a crowded theater?”

“Good. So good,” he whispers.

The young man begins to rub his mom’s tummy a little Uzun porno more and she sighs, biting her lip. She pushes her head up against the back of her chair as she closes her eyes, whimpering at his touch.

You toss the milf’s useless jeans behind you, and hand her dripping thong over to Kim to suck on, as you bith watch the young man. She does so, and holds your hand against her bare, warm pussy under her skirt.

“Take off your mother’s shirt and bra too. Hand them to us. Easy sluts like her don’t need clothes.”

He looks over at his mom for her approval before he moves in position to remove her shirt. His hands slowly move up her arms as her eyes remain shut. She merely nods and squirms.

You and Kim both lean in closer to them now, and you watch the young man remove his mother’s shirt, right there in public for anyone to see. His eyes remain fixed on you the whole time.

As he slides the garment up her arms, you can both see her bra underneath. He begins to unclasp it as well and you nod.

He looks over at her again, waiting for her nod. She slowly opens her eyes and gives him the sign to go ahead. Her legs begin to shake as she looks around at the crowd nervously.

He begins to pull her lacey red bra away from her body. Then he hands both her shirt and bra to you with a smile.

You casually toss the mommy-slut’s bra to her husband. Meanwhile, Kim grabs her shirt from you and with some effort, she tears it apart before throwing it back behind your seat where the woman’s jeans lie.

Her chubby hubby looks at all of you, shocked at first, as he sees his wife naked in public. But then he smiles, and nods, all but confirming he’s a cuckold.

You give him a knowing thumbs up and the boy smiles a huge smile. He’s very relieved that he’s not in trouble from either of his parents.

Kim asks the boy’s father, “How do you feel, seeing your son strip your wife in this theater?”

He just beams happily as his wife, hearing this, begins to moan louder.

“Good,” you say.

His eyes move to his wife and he looks at her in awe as she begins to masturbate.

You ask the nude milf, “How do you feel, seeing your son remove your clothes and touch your naked body in front of everyone?”

“So… fucking… good…” she moans as her eyes move to her son, and her wet hands stroke his hair, making it shine.

Kim tells her that she’s going to remain naked the rest of the day. Her son is allowed to touch her naked body all he wants, anytime he wants. Maybe she’s mature lady, but now she’s definitely a cumslut as well.

The boy begins to rub his mother’s legs again and moves his hands up to her knees, pushing them apart. He starts kissing her trembling thighs.

You and Kim go back to watching the movie, attempting to leave the horny family to do what they want in public by themselves. But you can’t help but keep glancing their way every so often.

The young man breathes against the moaning milf’s pussy as her eyes remain tightly shut. Her mouth drops open, panting, and her head drops down against her heaving bosom.

You watch as her body begins to push against the seat, and her back arches towards her son on its own. He moves his hands up to her inner thighs and spreads them apart even wider.

She looks like she’s in a trance now. Her head goes back as her moaning becomes louder and more gutteral. You can see liquid beginning to steadily drip out of her as her pussy opens wide. She’s fully giving in to her boy’s control.

Everyone starts watching her now, instead of the movie. Her mouth opens even farther and her eyes remain shut as she starts to moan even louder, shaking in her seat.

She wants them to hear her, and see her. She needs them to.

The whole, crazy situation is incredibly intense now, but you and Kim don’t care. You’re both voyeurs and this is the most exciting thing that’s happened to either of you in years. You can hardly believe it’s real.

The boy spreads his mother’s legs even further apart, up and over her armrests. Her feet land unceremoniously in both your lap, and that of her husband’s.

You eagerly massage her foot, while Kim begins to gently suck on the woman’s toes. The boy’s father rubs his wife’s other foot against his small, but very hard bulge.

Then his son finally pushes his face up to the entrance to her womb. His lips are mere centimeters away from the baby oven he came out of, all those years ago.

You suggest, “Kiss her clit and she’ll squirt on your face, boy.”

You look over at the young man and his mother. He looks like he wants to die, either from embarrassment or lust, but he doesn’t stop what he’s doing. His mom’s eyes remain shut and her mouth is still open, moaning nearly non-stop now.

“Kiss her clit and she’ll definitely squirt your face,” Kim confirms, nodding knowingly, as you feel her own pussy clench around your fingertips with a small orgasm.

He looks at the Öğrenci porno two of you, struggling internally about wanting to take it that far. You both look back at him impatiently though, waiting for him to finally comply.

He nods and lowers his head against her muff. He then kisses his own mother’s engorged clit.

You and Kim look over in lust and awe at the mother and her son as they very publicly disgrace themselves. He loudly sucks on her clit and fucks her with his tongue, while she grabs his head and grinds against his face.

Kim moans with the older woman, and says, “Cum for your son, whore,” as she herself cums again in your wriggling hand.

You see the milf’s eyes open wide and she looks directly at you. She begins to scream as her whole body jerks and spasms wildly. You hear people among the crowd gasp, and some even moan.

You watch as she grasps onto her son’s hands, squeezing them with her own. His mouth obediently flies open around her sweet pussy, and you all enjoy viewing her squirting her spunk over his entire face and down his throat.

She loudly calls him and herself all manner of dirty names as he continues to orally fuck her. It’s obvious that they’re both enjoying this extremely taboo position.

You grab her face, breaking her reverie, and look her in the eyes. “You’re never wearing clothes again. Say it.”

“I… can’t,” she whimpers.

Kim quickly leans over you and smacks the mature slut’s big old titties, hard. “Say it!” she hisses.

Her blood shot eyes stare into both of yours. She groans out, “I… I’ll never wear clothes again…”

“Good girl,” you and Kim both say in unison, grinning.

You release her head and it falls back as she whimpers. She closes her eyes and winces from Kim’s hit, and her hands massage her sore breasts, eventually pulling on her long nipples. Then you let her foot drop to the floor beneath her as well.

You tell her, “Now fuck him. Be his first whore.”

You look over as the boy’s eyes open, hearing you say this. You motion him to unzip his pants and pull out his young, hard cock.

He looks at his mother as he does so, and she helps him go even further still. Her hands impatiently shove both his pants and underwear to his ankles. She then gasps upon seeing his large rod spring out, already dripping precum on the tip.

“Holy shit! You’re twice as big as your dad! Fuuuuck…” she groans.

“Mom…” he whimpers, desperately stroking himself for her.

She turns to him, her eyes burning into his soul. In a low voice that only he can hear, she says, “Do it for me, baby. Fuck me.”

He nods and stands up. He hovers over her, above her seat, and the head of his manhood presses against her sloppy cunt.

“Do it,” his father whispers, giving his own consent as he starts stroking himself through his pants. “Pound your mother’s cunt. Break her for me. Give her what I can’t, you bastard!”

You see the boy’s face turn red as he grabs her thighs, and then roughly lifts her legs up behind her head. Two randoms from the audience offers their help as well, each holding one of her feet in place by her face, and sucking on her toes as she watches them.

She spreads her legs as far as they’ll go, and he slowly enters her wide open cunt. Her rosebud winks at him too, until her husband gently fucks it with his thumb.

The boy looks over at you and winces. You can tell it’s clearly his first time.

You nod encouragingly, still staring at the pair of them. They begin to thrust into each other as you, Kim, and everyone else, look on and watch silently, in rapt attention.

Kim then lifts your hand from her own wet slit, and thrusts your slimey fingers into the mommy-slut’s open mouth, gagging her roughly and making her gurgle around them. You both moan as the cougar greedily cleans off Kim’s sweet nectar.

Her young stud looks down at her big, bouncing melons as he thrusts into her. His mouth latches on to one of her hard nipples, just like it did when he was a baby.

You order the milf, “Tell everyone you’re cumming for your son, slut.”

She opens her eyes and looks over at you while she fucks him harder. She begins to babble something, but can’t yet form the words. The pleasure is overwhelming.

“Tell everyone you’re saving all your baby making for your son, you stupid cumslut!” Kim growls.

There’s a long pause as she just stares at you, not saying a word. You can see the shame creeping onto her face.

“Mmmmphh!” she screams against her son’s body, as she begins to squeeze his hand with all her might.

You yank her hair back and sternly repeat for your girlfriend, “Say it, whore!”

“I’m… I’m saving it all for my son. I’ll only have his babies from now on…” she says in a low voice, whimpering.

You and Kim both shake your heads and smirk.

You say in unison, “Louder!”

She screams as her body pulls back from her son, before thrusting forward once more, hard. His big cock ends up balls-deep in his own mom again as she impales herself on it.

“I’m saving it all for my son!” she yells out, crying and moaning. “I’ll only have HIS babies now! Fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”

You and Kim smile, and then nod approvingly at them.

“Perfect…” her husband, and his father, groans out, as he pathetically cums under his clothes.

She screams again as she starts to flood her son’s cock with her warm, sweet mommy juice. She just keeps cumming, over and over for him. Her eyes even roll back in her head.

You look at her husband. “Enjoy the show, cuck. She’s never fucking you again, you know.”

He seems unsure of what to do as he just sits there, frozen in fear and overcome with lust.

“Finish it off, boy. Cum for your mother,” he finally tells his son, accepting his fate.

The boy happily cries as he clutches onto his mom’s body and approaches his first real orgasm. Her hungry snatch continues to milk him as he fucks her faster and deeper. Both of their bodies shake together as one.

He begins to scream with her as he cums hard inside her womb, filling her up. She quickly pulls him out though and aims his still spewing cock at her face and body.

His final spurts of jizz splatter her chin and chest. She wipes her mouth with her arm and licks his spunk from it as he watches, moaning.

She looks at you with a grin, exhausted and spent. She silently mouths a ‘thank you’.

Then the audience around you applauds. It’s pretty clear the show is over now. Well, the real show, anyway. The movie is still going in the background, though no one cares at this point.

“You can go now,” her husband says for them, smiling gratefully.

You and Kim stand up and quickly leave the theater, incredibly horny.

“Did you see that slut? It didn’t take much for her to fuck her son in front of everyone,” you say in between breaths.

“I know, wasn’t that hot?” Kim giggles, as you both get in your car.

You ask, “Would you do that?”

She’s quiet for a moment. “I… don’t know. Maybe?”

You grin and kiss her passionately.

“Unlike her husband, I’d join in though. I’m a stag with my hotwife, not a cuck,” you reassure her with a wink.

She nods vigorously and kisses you back even harder, caught up in the moment and in the fantasy.

“Both of your cocks at once?” she gasps breathlessly, referring to your own and your imaginary son’s.

“In every fucking hole, babe…” you moan in Kim’s ear as you tear open her pretty dress and maul her beautiful breasts, tweaking her big, brown nipples.

“Oh fuck! Yes, my babies! Both of you at the same time! Stretch all my fuck holes wide! Ruin your wife! Ruin your mother!” she pants, as she brutally fingers herself with both hands, imagining two thick cocks stuffing her instead.

You quickly throw open your car’s sunroof, and stand up through it, shoving your aching crotch in your girlfriend’s face. She eagerly yanks down your shorts and boxers, and then proceeds to give you one of her infamous sloppy blowjobs.

You spot a hot blonde teen walking down the sidewalk toward you, that you both know from McDonald’s. As you catch her attention, she gasps, seeing what Kim is doing to you from down in the car below.

You lock eyes with the shocked but curious girl, as you shove Kim’s head back against her seat. You then cum hard all over her face and down her wide open dress.

Kim screams inside the car and cums with you, just as hard. She fucks herself roughly with one hand and rubs your cum all over her dress, body, face and hair with the other, making herself a mess.

She doesn’t squirt though until your hand gently nudges her to look out her window at your blonde teen voyeur. When Kim realizes she’s being watched, she groans out loud and arches her back.

She buries her face up between your legs, and her tongue licks your asshole as your balls rest on her closed eyes. And then she’s rocked by an even more powerful orgasm, and her pussy squirts her girl cum against the windshield and dash like a hose.

You blow a farewell kiss to the blonde, who walks away on unsteady legs. She’s blushing and desperately trying, but failing, to hide a large wet spot on the crotch of her yoga pants. Then you collapse inside your car, next to Kim.

You smile and laugh together for a few moments, exhausted and spent.

“So… do you have anything you’d like to confess, babe?” you smirk.

She looks down and exhales. “I… confess that I am in love with you.”

You look away as you blush. “Well, that was easy.”

“Do you love me too?” she asks, with her big, worry-filled puppy eyes.

“Obviously,” you playfully nudge her, as you kiss her cum-splattered forehead. “I’m so in love with you that I called you my hot-WIFE, in case you didn’t notice.”

Her eyes widen for a moment, and then they tear up, and she hugs you tight.

“That’s right, babe. I’m in this for the long haul if you are,” you chuckle, hugging her back before starting up the car and driving her home.

‘The crazier the date, the better,’ you and Kim both think to yourselves, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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