Dark Therapy Ch. 01

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Ken Banks life is torn after divorcing the love of his life. He can’t seem to find out where he belongs or what really makes him happy. After much failure and lacking social skills he seeks therapy for his problems. Unsecure in finding another to be with, he fabricates the plan to become a playboy of sorts. His fantasy beckons and builds courage to act upon this and he sets out to change. Little does he know therapy will mold him into something he didn’t suspect.

Chapter 1

You would think relationship problems would be a series of lessons for getting it right. Hopelessly ending in a pile of what the hell was that all about. I know if I could go back and do it again I might have been more willing to never rush a good thing. Which the saying a man thinks with his dick often holds more weight than the many who scoff when they hear it. There’s no use in blaming one another after it’s finished, I recall coming up with a logical solution that if we both implemented, I might still be with her. She didn’t give in and her stubborn efforts paid off in the end, all I can say is I hope she’s happy now. I fought for us trying salvage what we had.

Eight years of my life I’ll never get back excluding the good moments of course. Friends with benefits, it’s more than just good movie I’ve found. A polygamous playground of assorted pussy likened to a tray of appetizers, tasting them one by one would be a pretty good analogy of it. Living the poly life you have to be in the mindset of living that. Playing with others without getting emotionally involved with them would be a quick explanation of it. This moment in time for me it works quite well. I look at it as therapeutic healing for the inner soul.

Interesting Mr. Banks, replied the psychiatrist, and tell me how this is working so Far? Exchanging glances he straightens up in his chair replying Miss Strand, I believe it’s working wonderfully well. What’s your thoughts? I don’t know tell me what you think?

Okay, you’re thinking I should be working on something else.

Such as? She replies smiling?

Well how should I know? You re the therapist here and I happen to value your personal take on it all. Content in his answer he thought to himself why shrinks always do this, answer a question with a question and I bet next she’s going to scribble on paper for twenty minutes without a word.

He was close. It was only ten minutes though as he sat fidgeting with his fingers. This gave opportunity to study her more closely her little dot of a nose accented by dark eyes and brunette hair. Underneath her professional wardrobe Kurtköy Grup Escort you could tell she wasn’t frumpy by any means height, weight, proportionate frame with a look as if she worked out. Looking around her office it appeared she could have been single, no pictures of kids or husband adorned the desk or walls. Sinking further into fantasized thoughts, scenes played of what it might be like to be with someone like her. In the depth of thought he didn’t realize she now had lifted her head until looking her way. She was smiling but made him jump as it jarred the thought flow he was enjoying making him blush slightly.

How is the couch? She inquired while setting her pen down to straighten papers. This couch? Um fine it’s comfortable. Marvelous, I always like others opinions on the furniture I place in my office. That way when replacing it I have a good idea of what people like. At that she stood up to walk over to him, sitting next to him. Her whole demeanor changing, she seemed to take control of the session and him before it even occurred to him. Seated next to him she began explaining. Now I think I could help you in this situation, this lifestyle you are diving into, a little coaching goes quite a long way. And this also perhaps open up to something else. As she spoke all he could do is listen in awe of her dominating prose. So much so he never felt her hand on his leg until she went on further as it traveled upward.

Needless to say, she continued, I need to see just what we’re working with here. By now she had reached her destination as her hand firmly clamped down on his crotch. Mixed with surprised but excited emotion he now was very hard as drops of pre cum dripped from his swollen head becoming much more hard when she began her rubbing it in the rhythm of her voice.

Miss Stra… hush now, she retorted, cutting him short. Now, I can very well feel for myself and I conclude that I must examine your cock first-hand. With that being said she’d already in buttoned his pants which caused him to look down and watch her release his swollen eager cock only to grasp it’s shaft as she methodically stroked lightly which heightened sensitivity sending waves of pleasure that made his juices erupt in tiny pearls of joy causing the head to glisten in the light.

Her other hand found its way to his velvety scrotum as it caressed his full balls causing her to remark on their condition. A little full there for such a swinger as you claim. Well.. he stutters, I haven’t met a whole lot of… cutting him off with a subtle laugh and looking directly into his gaze she spoke. Oh, Kurtköy Manken Escort I wouldn’t worry too much about that anymore, I think now though I shall taste for myself. Before her could reply she had already taken him into her warm wet mouth, saturating his now aching cock with warm saliva causing it to come alive awakening the will of guiding her head however he remained incapacitated by the crippling effect of her expertise. At this point all he was capable of was odd sounds mixed with moans of sheer delight. Working it well and lingering at the tip of his cock flicking her tongue as she stroked his shaft feeling him twitch, she then plummets all the way to his balls swallowing him whole leaving him deep in her throat filling her with his meat only to raise up slowly and fuck him with her mouth sucking at the same time which she repeated steadily until he begin to tense then deep throating him as his hot com shot down her throat filling her while spasms turned his legs to Jello.

Speechless Ken tucked himself back in as his thoughts were still trying to catch up. Miss Strand by this time regained her composure as the wild dominant slut seemed to sink back into her but still maintained her professional demeanor. A very productive session Mr. Banks and I think we should re adjust your appointments to once a week that way we can implement a regimen of treatments that are beneficial to your wandering focus. Ken, beginning to come to, nodded in agreement answering feebly with just a ok ma’am wondering if his legs would give way when he stood up.

Excellent! Exclaimed his therapist as she stood to return to her desk. She then begin typing on her computer stopping to fill out an appointment card. There’s room for advancement in this I should tell you. Room? This isn’t all I need? Looking at him with a smirk now she folded her hands with replying it’s a part of the big picture of your desired poly life that you boast of. We must fill the void to enrich your experience building you up to your potential. With a look of eager delight he sat there like a little kid being asked if he wanted to go to the candy shop. Little did he know his life was about to take a sharp left turn into a cul de sac that had no way out.

Upon departing his therapist, sucked dry as a black widows victim, he headed back to work. He thought about telling his experience to his buddy but receded the thought keeping it locked away. The rest of the day seemed to fly by soon finding himself driving home putting today behind him. He only knew one thing out of the whole experience was he just surrendered to Kurtköy Masöz Escort her and couldn’t figure that one out. Control there was none as if he was under a spell.

Passing his favorite hangout, he decided to stop for a beer. Pulling in and finding a place to park he got out of the car. Looking at the establishment thinking ahh Outlaws my home away from home. Good beer and a chance to run into interesting people. As he walked in the darkness of the place disoriented him for a bit until his eyes adjusted. Inside was a long bar against the wall and scattered tables behind that outlining a dance floor with a stage. He ordered a Guinness and a shot of whiskey then chose a place to sit. Looking around he spotted two chicks at the far end neighboring what appeared as a hard luck lady slumped over a glass of wine.

Lighting a smoke he begin to relax. It was the end of the day finally and free to do whatever he wanted. Donna was bar keep tonight which made him exuberant as she liked to flirt and was fun to look at and if given the chance he’d jump her bones without a second thought. Exhaling he looked at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar which in turn made him think about his present state of how the hell is life became a mess in what seemed overnight. The main springboard of seeking therapy as it was that he never set in motion until some of his peers suggested the same remedy. He wasn’t much for seeking outside help pride held him back from the final surrender. Low self esteemed and upheaval from the train wreck of divorce he came to Miss Strand as a ragamuffin tattered, ripped and torn.

When his drinks arrived Donna smiles asking him what do you know? He shot back with well, I know it takes a awfully big fish to fuck a whale. Donna giggled as she set down the drinks oh Ken you always make my day when you come in that’ll be seven bucks hun. Shelling out the dough he smiled saying well I wouldn’t come in here if you weren’t here darling. Awww, she responded, well thank you how’s it going these days? Rough and smooth you know after the divorce it wasn’t easy. They talked quite awhile until someone needed her and he sunk back into where he’d left off before hand.

Just then the front door swung open the sunlight scattered the darkness looking that way he heard a woman giggling and the guy was in tow was bantering something that apparently had her in stiches. Her voice had a real familiar tone to him which he thought no it can’t be her I haven’t seen my x since the divorce and everyone I’ve spoken with pretty much affirmed she’d left town to pioneer a whole new existence. Hesitant he glanced their way to study her form as she was setting her coat on the back of a chair then turned and began heading towards him!

One thing in life I know is nobody likes to be invaded by the past when things are looking better. However this time that was about to kick him in the balls.

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