Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 02

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I was awoken by the first rays light that streamed through my opened curtains, leaving me disorientated. As I woke up, I realized that I had forgotten to clean up after my masturbation session, dried cum caked my stomach, and pubes.

It all slowly came to me, the night before, my landlady Dawn Morgan had asked me to help her with her… well I didn’t know what she wanted. I did know that she sold photos and videos to perverts; the sub-prime mortgage crisis had left her destitute. The same disaster had also affected my family as well, leaving me vulnerable to the potential money she offered me.

Cleaning myself quickly, I dressed in shorts and a tank-top for my run to school. I passed by Dawn’s room, but it appeared that she had awoken before me and was already gone.

As I packed my lunch, my mind wondered off to when I walked into the bathroom a few nights before, and saw Dawn topless. Her skin was milky white, her breasts, large soft, and nipples pink, and hard. In my fantasies, I dreamed of touching, squeezing, licking, and worshipping them for hours!

That day dream made my run to school a challenge; loose clothes, and an erection to not for hand in hand when one is in a hurry.

Arriving at school later, I was sweaty, and safe. I spotted Sal, my classmate, and confidant. I didn’t want to share my thoughts with him, but talking with him always made me feel better.

“Yo!” The little man said.

“Yo.” I mumbled back.

“So get this Crepuscolo.” Sal began as we walked together down the hallway. “There must be dozens of women out there! Maybe hundreds!”

“I think the number is closer to three billion Sal” I replied. Sal was known for launching into a conversation, usually without telling me where it started.

“Women stretched by the Obama-conda!” He yelled the last part; several women glanced his way as we passed them.

“So?” I said, thoroughly confused.

“Get this; in his book Obama says he dated a bunch of girls… of all races.” Sal was gesturing with Şirinevler escort his hands as he spoke.

“All of them stretched out with his massive Obama-conda!” He used both his hands to show how large the President should be.

“Sal!” I yelled. “You’re going to hit someone with those arms out!”

“Ok, ok, ok.” He said lowering his arms. “Imagine this! What if he cock-slapped each one in the face. Could you imagine all of them on Dr Phil with a black eye!”

I laughed at this, and said. “What’s the point?”

“The point? The point!” Sal stopped walking and stared at me, dead serious. “The point is, you should be out giving cock slaps to every chick you can! God gave you that Obama-conda for a reason! You need to use it!”

When he finished he rant, he burst out laughing, and so did I. If Sal had a vote in me helping Dawn, it was definitely a yes.

At lunch, I couldn’t find Sal, and decided to eat my sandwiches at an empty table. Dawn loved to do little things for me, making lunches was one of the ways she kept busy, since her real estate business collapsed.

“Is there room for one more honey?” A female voice said.

“Uh, sure.” I said looking up. It was Sybrina Tracey; she was a large chocolate coloured woman, we both shared several classes.

“You really need to use some hand cream sweetheart; your skin looks so dry.” She said, as she took the seat across from me.

Sybrina was a heavy set woman, with short blue hair. I suspected it was a wig, it look much too perfect to be real. Her clothes were loose and low cut, I couldn’t help and admire her mile long cleavage; and if she had noticed, she didn’t let on.

“Honey, you need to come to my place for diner one night, you’re so skinny. My Daddy makes the best ribs!” She said.

She may have said more, but the thought of a cooked meal set my mind wandering. That was one more thing lacking in my world.

“I’d like that, but I have home work and practice almost every night…” I replied Ataköy escort sullenly.

“Sugar, you tell me what night is good for you, and I’ll have my Daddy start buying the ingredients!” She said beaming.

“Um… how’s Monday?” I asked.

She reached over, and placed a hand on mine, her long blue nails clicked against the table as she squeezed my hand.

“Monday is perfect,” she said standing up. “Make sure you have a shower before you come over.”

Her last words confused me, but made sense. As I finished my lunch, I dwelled on what she would say about me being a camera man for Dawn? I think she’d say no, I had a feeling that she had other plans for me.

After school ended I used Sal’s phone to call my folks. I had a few moments before practice started.

“Hello Crepuscolo!” My mother said, answering the phone. “How are you?”

“I’m good I said.” I didn’t really have a reason to call, but I did want hear her voice.

“You’ll be a church on Sunday?” She asked.

“Yes; I also have a game that night.” I replied.

“We’ll take you there dear.” She said. “How is Ms. Morgan? Are you helping her around the house?”

“She’s good.” I said into the phone. “I’ve helped with chores, I take the garbage out, sweep, and mop the floors; all the important stuff.”

“Good, good.” My mother said. “She has helped us in our time of need. I don’t want her telling me that you haven’t done everything in your power to help her.”

“Yes Mom.” I moaned. “I’m just tired of living in the dark.”

“It’s always darkest before the dawn son; be strong, and one day this will all be behind us. Now I have to go, good-bye my son.” She said as she hung up.

“Grazie and arrivederci!” Sal said, taking his phone back. Basketball practice wasn’t his thing; he also had a bus to catch.

If my mother had a vote in my secret plans with Dawn, it sounded like a yes.

Later, as I jogged home by the light of the setting sun; I played it all over in my Bakırköy escort head. Both Sal and my mother indirectly supported me in helping Dawn. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but as an 18 year old virgin, I knew it would be better than masturbating.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice the car that was keeping pace with me.

A voice shouted out to me in the waning light. “Boy where are you going to so fast!”

I stopped, and looked around; I was completely lost in my thoughts. I finally spotted the car, it was a police car beside me, and the blackest black man stared evil eyes at me. My heart fell.

“Uh, I’m going home officer.” I stammered out.

“Looks like you’re in a hurry.” He said.

“Yeah, I’m… uh hungry.” I felt as if I couldn’t speak.

“Don’t get lippy with my boy!” The officer said, visibly angry. If his dark brown eyes had lasers, I knew I’d have a giant hole in me.

I stood there, unsure of what to say. Running seemed the proper thing to do, but I was innocent of any crime. Meekly taking this barrage was logical; once this goon had finished, he’d most likely move on.

I couldn’t take it anymore, could feel the words his mother used to say. “We are Ethiopian! We were never conquered by the Europeans!”

The police officer was threatening to take me in, when I finally spoke up. “With all do respect officer; I’m out for a jog. I’m a student at the college, and I can’t afford a bus pass.”

The police officer continued his silent angry stare as I kept speaking. “I haven’t committed any crimes. Search my bags if you like; they are full of school books and dirty clothes!”

A long period of silence ensued after that. The officer finally put his car into gear, and slowly moved off as he spoke. “I’m going to keep an eye on my you… you, and your runs in the dark.”

I breathed heavily, I felt so angry that I could boil water just by touching it. I had finally made up my mind, if there were the slightest chance money in what Dawn wanted, I would do it! I was sick of living in the dark, showering at school, and especially having to walk to school!

Re-shouldering my school bag, I thought to myself. “If it really was darkest before the dawn like mother had said, then I will cause the sun to rise with my bare hands!”

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