Date Day Ch. 05: The Next Day

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After a much needed night of sleep after the previous day of teasing my wife we awoke refreshed in each others arms. As I gazed into her deep brown eyes I moved the hair off her face with my finger and brought my lips to hers for a light but passionate opened mouth kiss. As we broke the kiss we were both starting to breathe faster.

I looked at her and said, “I had so much fun with you yesterday, if you are up for it I would like to take you out again today.”

She replied, “I never thought I would do anything like we did yesterday, I felt so dirty, so slutty, so helpless and I loved every minute of it, so yes I would love to go out again today.”

“Then go jump in the shower and fix your hair and makeup and I will get you something to wear and make the plans,” I said finishing with a little kiss on the lips.

As she was in the shower I came up with an idea and chose her outfit for the day.

When she was done with her shower and getting ready she walked into the bedroom where I immediately put a blindfold on her, making sure she could not see around it. I started dressing her first with a white blouse leaving the top couple buttons undone exposing a generous amount of cleavage. The next on was a white garter belt and white seamed thigh high silk stockings followed by a dark navy blue pleated skirt. I finished the outfit of with some blue suede 4″ wedges.

“I don’t suppose I can ask where we are going or when I can remove the blindfold can I?” she asked.

“No you can not,” I replied.

I led her out to the garage and sat her in the passenger side of our powder blue 68 convertible Camaro that I had put the top down on while she was in the shower. I climbed behind the wheel and turned the key bringing the 396 roaring to life. I eased out of the garage and down the drive. Pulling out on to the highway I pushed the long skinny pedal all the way down and took off in a haze of tire smoke knowing that the noise and speed makes her excited. As I shifted into 4th gear I let up and looked over at her seeing her smiling and hair blowing in the breeze.

I reached over and undid one more button on her blouse as we neared the freeway, the wind causing it to billow out and around exposing more of her firm breasts. As I merged onto the freeway I spotted what I was hoping to find, several semi’s. As I was approaching the first one I reached over and pulled her blouse to the sides fully exposing her tits and her hard nipples eliciting a small gasp from her. As I got alongside the driver I slowed to match pace with him and took her hand and placed it on her tit. She didn’t need any encouragement as she started to fondle her own breasts pulling sharply on her nipples.

After just a few seconds I saw the truck driver quickly glance over before fully whipping his head around to make sure he saw what he thought he had. He grabbed the mic of his CB and started talking into it, obviously telling the others in the area what they were missing. As he continued to watch the show she was putting on more than the road I reached over sliding her skirt up her legs until the top of her stockings were exposed. Seeing as how this driver was having a difficult ümraniye escort time even looking at the road I pulled away and continued up to the next truck in line. As I was getting close I could see him eagerly looking in his mirror waiting for the show to catch up to him. As I matched pace with this truck I took her left hand off her tit and placed it onto her upper thigh. She needed no further instructions as her right hand kept mauling her nipples her left immediately went to her crotch as she scooted forward in the seat and spread her legs giving her better access and the driver a better view.

I don’t know how he kept the truck on the road as he was talking on the radio and obviously jerking off as he watched her pulling her nipples out as far as she could before letting them snap back with one hand while she was using her other hand to dip a couple fingers into her wet hole and bring the juice out onto her clit where she would rub with one finger on each side of it causing her pearly nub to stick out from between them. We were only alongside for a minute before this driver shot his load in his hand and against the window before bringing his hand up to his mouth and sucking his fingers clean one at a time. With that I sped up and took the next exit towards our next stop.

As I was slowing down I reached over and slipped her tits back inside her blouse and told her to remove her hand from her pussy and made my way into a parking lot. I parked, got out and went around to her door and assisted her up and out and led her into the adult store we were parked in front of. When she realized we were walking into a building she asked, “Can I please take off the blindfold now.”

“No,” I replied. “You just need to trust me.”

I led her up to the counter where the saleswoman grinned at the sight and asked, “How can I help you?” as she licked her lips.

I pointed at a remote controlled WE-VIBE and told her, “We are looking for one of these, can you make any recommendations?”

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed. “This is the one I personally use and I have tried them all.” as she pulled one out of the case.

“Great, we will take one,” I replied.

As she was ringing it up she explained how it worked and even helped sync it up with my phone and showed me the various features. As we were finishing up she said, “It can be a little tricky to get to fit right for comfort and maximum enjoyment. I can give you a hand if you would like?”

“That would be great,” I said grinning from ear to ear.

“Follow me into the back and we will get started then,” she replied.

We followed her to a cozy little room in the back that had a couch and a couple chairs in it. When we had entered she closed and locked the door behind us. “Now,” she said, “If she can remove her panties and lift her skirt then sit in this chair here I will teach you how to adjust it and wear it properly.”

As I led my wife to the chair, lifting her skirt and guiding her down I said, “The panties won’t be a problem as she is not wearing any.”

The saleswoman drew in a gasp as I stepped to the side revealing my wife’s smooth pussy and said, “Oh my that looks good.” pendik escort She stepped closer and kneeled down placing her hands on my wife’s knees gently easing them wider. I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked at her glistening pussy lips.

She said, “The first thing we need to do is get the inner part adjusted to hit the g-spot just right, to do this I will have to find exactly where hers is located.” She took her fingers and slowly started rubbing them up and down my wife’s slit spreading her juices and coating her fingers before easing first one then a second finger into her dripping hole. Crooking her fingers upward she started to explore the inner walls of her pussy. As she found the rough spot she was looking for and started to concentrate her rubbing on it my wife let out a long moan and lifted her legs over the arms of the chair giving full access to her.

The saleswoman removed her fingers causing my wife to whimper in disappointment and brought her fingers to her mouth where she licked and sucked them clean with a loud slurp. “MMM,” She whispered, “Delicious.” She then grabbed the vibrator and made a couple little adjustments to it before rubbing it in my wife’s juices and slipping it inside followed by two fingers. She felt around with her fingers for minute causing my wife to moan and start rocking her hips back and forth before removing them and the vibrator. She made a couple more little adjustments and slipped it back in again followed by her fingers.

As she was feeling around inside her pussy she looked at me and said, “Come over here and I will show you what I am doing.”

I knelt down beside her as she removed one finger, leaving her index finger still inside, she instructed me to slip my finger inside along hers. As we were both finger fucking my wife she explained and had me feel just how the vibrator was sitting. By this time my wife was openly moaning and grinding against both of our hands. She looked at me with a grin and leaned in closer to my wife’s pussy and blew on her clit before sticking her tongue out and flicking it on her clit. She motioned me to do the same along with her. We started licking on each side taking turns going from her dripping hole to her throbbing clit causing her to thrash around moaning. As she was getting closer and closer to orgasm we started licking together from bottom to top where we started to kiss with her clit trapped between our mouths as our tongues kept attacking her clit, all the while our fingers kept plunging in and out of her.

My wife couldn’t hold back any longer and started screaming, “Oh god yes. Fuck I am cumming.”

We both kept up our assault on her clit and pussy as she road through multiple orgasms until she was mumbling incoherently. We withdrew our fingers from her steamy hole and moved to take turns kissing her on the lips and caressing her as she came down from her orgasms. After she had recovered we stood up and went back to the front of the store where the sales woman took out a card and wrote her number on the back handing it to me telling me to call her anytime we wanted some company.

We walked back to the car and settled in as I bostancı escort drove us down to the waterfront and parked near a walking trail. I opened her door and held my hand out to her, as she rode up I embraced her and we kissed deeply before heading down the trail hand in hand. We made small talk as we walked along the waterfront enjoying the views of the river and boats on one side and trees and shrubs on the other. We came to a overlook spot with a railing and a good view of the path each way so I could see anyone approaching and led her to the rail. I stepped behind her trapping her between me and the rail as I began to kiss her neck and fondle her tits as I ground my cock into her backside.

After a few minutes she was panting with excitement as I pulled both of her tits out of her top and pinched her nipples causing her to gasp. As I continued to play with her nipples with my left hand I ran my right one down and lifted the front of her skirt exposing her naked pussy to anyone on the water that happened to look. I started running my finger through her slit spreading her juices around and rubbing her clit. As she was getting more and more excited I noticed a couple of boats that were fishing pull up anchor and slowly move closer. I moved my hand behind her and lifted the back of her skirt up and slipped my hand down between her cheeks causing her to spread her legs and bend forward slightly. As I probed her slippery hole with my finger she continued to lean forward farther and moan more and more all the while I continued to pull and squeeze at her exposed tits.

By this time she was panting, squirming and begging for release so I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out and began rubbing it on her dripping slit causing her to moan out, “Put it in me please.”

I nudged forward, easing the head into her steamy opening and just fucked her with that, slowly popping the head in and out making her wetter and wetter until her juices were running down her legs and my balls. She was moaning and pushing back trying to get more penetration. I slammed forward, driving my cock in to her fully, causing her built up juices to flood out and coat her legs and my balls and her to scream out.

As I continued to give her long forceful thrusts I removed her blindfold and told her “Open your eyes and look at your audience.”

She opened her eyes and looked at the people in the boats moaning out, “Oh my god I can’t believe I’m getting fucked with all these people watching.”

As I continued to increase my pace she kept looking at the people in the boats and started cuming , throwing her head back and announcing it out loud. I continued pumping in and out of her convulsing pussy and brought her to a second and third orgasm before I felt by balls tighten up and dump what felt like a gallon of my cum into her. As I pulled my softening cock out of her now sloppy pussy she stood up and ran her fingers through her slit coating them with our combined juices before bringing them to her lips and cleaning them off with her tongue as she looked directly at the boats. As I was tucking myself back away I heard the clapping start.

We started walking back to the car without even bothering to conceal her tits. We got back to the car and got in where we kissed before I started it. Before I could pull out she looked at me and said, “You have been so good to me this weekend I think I need to repay you next weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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