Date Night

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I had been planning this night the entire week. We had gotten so caught up in our work lives that I know both our active sexual appetites were in need of some feeding. I called you on Wed afternoon to confirm the date, and I would pick you up at your house on Friday at 7pm, sharp.

I knew you would be at work Fri all day, and would rush home to get ready. I finished work early on Friday, and let myself into your house on my way home to pick out your clothes. Not only would it save you time, but I wanted that special look tonight. I knew most of your wardrobe, and I had a simple, special combination in mind, that would suit the planned activities.

You had this short, black leather skirt that showed off your long, lean legs so well. And on top, a light colored silky blouse, with open sleeves and buttons down the front. A very brief mesh panties and high heels would finish off the outfit. I left the jewelry up to you. You do so well with that anyhow. I laid the perfume I wanted you to wear on the table where I was sure you would notice it. I left you a note telling you that I had stopped by and picked out a few things for you to wear, and just those things. No bra; might not even need the panties for too long. Just be ready at 7:00.

I wanted to see the sly smile on your face as you read my note, and knew you were in for an extra special evening that I had spent some time in planning. I knew you knew you weren’t going to be disappointed.

At 7 exactly, I knocked on your door, and you promptly appeared, dressed exactly as I had envisioned and planned, looking stunning, with your short hair, long, exposed legs, and just a hint of your nipples visible through the thin material of the blouse. Sexy and sultry without sleazy. I inhaled deeply at the perfume you wear that has imprinted itself on my mind, and never fails to stir deep, passionate emotions in me. Something about the smell really gets me deep. We embraced and I let my hands roam to your back and behind, and I cupped your tight ass in my hands, letting my fingers wander to the backs of your thighs, caressing briefly your smooth skin.

“You look marvelous, my dear Sarah. Just how I thought you would look,” I said, stepping back and looking appreciatively up and down your sexy figure.

“So you’ve done some planning, I see? Anything else you can tell me now about our evening?”

“No, not just yet. I have it all planned out though. I think you’ll like the nights’ itinerary,” I said, smiling and looking deeply into your eyes, before biting your neck and nibbling at your ear, feeling the goose bumps arise on your arms.

“Better be careful lover, or we might just not make it out of this house.”

I escorted you by the arm to my car, top down, and shining clean, inside and out. I opened the door for you and couldn’t take my eyes off your bare legs as the dress hiked up to your thighs, just inches before the panties I had picked. I could also get a peek down your creamy shoulders and glimpse some cleavage. I licked my lips in anticipation of the further sights to unfold, and even though I knew quite well what lay underneath those clothes, there was something about the peek, the inadvertently exposed flesh that got me going.

Along the way to the city, towards the excitement of the night life and the activity, I let my hand rest on your thigh, feeling the soft warmth of your skin, and let my fingers run circles up and down, getting closer and closer to your crotch, feeling the warmth there, and enjoying feeling you slink down in the seat a little, as if to urge my hand further up. I knew that driving fast, feeling the rumble of the engine as I raced it through the gears would help heat things up, both for the car and for your engine.

We both loved this Porsche, and the weekends were the best for going on some pleasure trips. The leather gleamed and smelled like pure car leather smell, and the midengine grumbled close to the seats. That combination was exciting for both of us.

You kept one hand on the back of my neck, and ran them through my hair, caressing my neck and shoulder. I tried to imprint the sight of you sitting there, eyes closed, wind blowing in your hair as the sun was setting over the city we approached. I could see your legs bare to the high thigh, and the wind was blowing your blouse open and closed, whipping a pleasant breeze to your nipples, which were quite visible now, and I could occasionally glimpse through the arm holes. I chose your wardrobe well, and you wore it better.

I heard–no I felt– you sort of purr, down deep in your throat as my finger barely brushed against your pussy, quite warm. Not hot like I like it yet. My other fingers continued to savor the softness of you skin at your inner thigh, one of the most sensual places on you. I love to linger there, feeling your muscles, taut with anticipation of my next point of attention as I lick my way slowly to your sex, which is always so wet and dripping when I finally get there. Those thoughts run through my mind as I continue to brush one finger almost imperceptibly along the edge of your panties, trying Escort bayan to feel any moisture that may have gotten there. I can feel your hips rocking slightly, just a little, probably unconsciously.

In between gear shifting, I would return my hand to a more pleasurable place on your thighs, and resume stroking, feeling your heat and sensing your arousal.

“Oh baby, that feels so nice. It’s been a long week, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, it sure has. I hope to make it all go away tonight. Take you away, make you forget all those daily stresses.”

“You sure are off to a good start. You know how to get me dripping wet so easily.”

“I’m glad you approve. I like to feel you like that, you know. Your arousal excites me to no end. I enjoy your pleasure, and I enjoy bringing you pleasure. You deserve it.”

I felt so lucky, to be sitting here with my lover, my friend, enjoying our life together, and having so much to look forward to. We were young and had our futures in front of us.

As we were approaching the city, I lifted the edge of your panties with my finger, and slid my finger to touch the outer lips of your pussy, and smiled at the wetness there and I could feel you hold your breath a little as I managed to slide one finger inside your wetness with ease. I love how wet you get, and how quickly you can get aroused. It’s definitely one of your most endearing and exciting features. That along with your wicked mind made our sex life so fun. You shift on the seat to give my hand a better angle, and I twirl that finger around and around, feeling your inner walls from front to back, up and down. I slide it out and find your clit for a brief, gentle caress and you moan softly again.

I must remove my hand to drive the last few blocks to the restaurant, and we both take a few deep breaths and try to get things together for the meal. I have to emerge from the car slowly so I can rearrange my pants slightly, the bulge there rather prominent. I lastly inhale and lick the juices from my finger that was moments ago deep inside your juicy pussy, and I look deep into your eyes and tell you how much I love the way you taste, a perfect before dinner treat. And hopefully more for later.

Once inside and seated at a corner table of a dark, romantic restaurant, we order our drinks and I tell you that there were more than a couple men, and women, admiring your body as we entered. I enjoyed the looks you get, because I am reminded how lucky I am to have your body for me to enjoy. I wonder if anyone else could smell your arousal?

Drinks arrive and as we are awaiting our salad course, I lean over to you and tell you, “I want you now to go to the bathroom, and put these inside you.”

I hand you a small, silken bag with two metallic balls inside. Ben-wa balls. I know you have wanted to try them, and this was the perfect time. You looked down at the offering in my hand and then into my eyes.

“OK,” was all you said. It was all you needed to say.

I watched you walk to the bathroom and enjoyed the sight of your firm ass and legs as they moved under your skirt. I loved them wrapped around me, around my waist as I buried myself deep inside you and the feeling of those smooth inner thighs as they wrapped around my head when I was licking and tasting your sweet nectar. Quick, vivid images that made me hard again.

I drank my gin and tonic as I waited patiently for your return and was anxious to see the look in your eyes as you returned, filled with the sensual, metal balls I brought for you. I watched you walk towards me, taking small steps, walking slowly. New feeling, I guess, with those metal balls in your pussy. They wouldn’t fall out, but could anyone hear the slight metallic clink as they rolled around inside you? Would anyone know? Some astute women around might sense it. One of those intuition things. She’s wearing.

You slid in close to me, and I studied your face carefully.

“Feels..different. Nice. I think I could get used to this. I’m so wet now, it’s not funny. I’m not sure I can make it through dinner.”

“I’m glad you like it. I thought it might be something different. I have been saving them for such a special occasion.”

“I hope this is not your favorite restaurant, because after a few more minutes and a couple drinks, I might just have to fuck you right here on the table.”

“I just love it when you talk dirty. I took the liberty of ordering dinner for us.”

“My, aren’t we taking the lead tonight. I suppose I should just lay back and enjoy, as they say.”

“I think you will enjoy.”

During dinner, our talk was frequently injected with sexual innuendo, and you took whatever opportunity to lick you fingers slowly and seductively, making sure I was watching. I loved to see you lick things, and you knew it. It was so reminiscent of the luscious blow jobs you give me. I am so easily aroused too, and you knew that as well. Visual and easy. Typical guy, huh?

By the time we were waiting for desert, I managed to pull you a little closer to me on the seat, and let my fingers caress your inner Bayan escort thigh again, like I did earlier in the car, and the heat coming from your pussy was incredible. I could feel in from about mid-thigh. It took some restraint from me as well, to not just plunge my fingers deep into your dripping pussy, and feel you clench my hand inside, and bring you the climax I so wanted to give you.

I placed my hand over your hot mound, and tried to feel any moving inside you. You whispered to me, with breath as hot as that which I felt on my hand, that you could feel the balls moving inside you, and if you clenched your inner muscles, there was the most exquisite sensation of them moving around and around.

“I’m so close to coming all the time, it feels like my insides are humming and full. I hope I can wait until we are home.”

“Maybe we should get the check and get going then?”

“Yes, I think that would be a good idea.”

I got the check, and the waitress brought it back, and gave you what I thought was a knowing smile. Maybe she knew what we were doing under the table. Or maybe she could sense your arousal and was envious of your upcoming night.

“Have a great night,” she said, with a little more than the usual emphasis on ‘great.’

We walked arm in arm outside, and instead of going right to the car, I steered us to a nearby street, with some shopping. I felt you lean on me a little more than usual, and we walked slowly, deliberately, doing some window shopping. We didn’t talk much, other than to admire the clothes, or the art in the windows.

“Oh, I am so wet, I feel like I am dripping down my thighs,” you said, again your hot breath and your erotic words sending sensations right to my center. “These things are quite amazing.”

“Do you want to go into this place, and try on a couple things, and get cleaned up a little?”

We entered a very nice ladies boutique, and we looked around for some things, something for you to try on for me. A new dress perhaps, something sexy and stylish. There were no other customers there, and the sales person asked us if we needed any help. You shook your head no, and just asked where the dressing rooms were. I waited and looked at the clothes, feeling the materials, just thinking of you changing just a few feet away, clad in only your panties, sliding into a dress and trying not look as excited as I knew you were.

Moments later, you emerged, wearing a very sexy, sleek dress, long, but cut with a slit up high on your thigh. The back was quite low too, and showed off your breasts, with nipples that were quite hard and apparent through the expensive material. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Just how I like it. Revealing, yet concealing. You knew my tastes too. You walked around me a couple times, and I swear I could hear the balls moving around in you, as they make a musical, magical sound when they touch.

“How do you like this one?”

“Very nice. Stunning in fact. I approve very much.”

“Does that mean you would buy it for me?”

“It’s yours if you want it.”

“Boy, what did I do to deserve this treatment today?”

“Just being you.”

“I love you. You are so sweet to me. I’m sure I can think of some way to make it up to you,” you whisper deliciously in my ear, as you return to the dressing room to change back to your clothes. I know I can detect your aroused aroma, the smell is so powerful to me.

As you enter the dressing area I can see that you have left the door slightly open, and with the mirror configuration of the dressing room and the area just in front of it, I can see you quite clearly as you remove the dress, sliding it from your shoulders, letting it drop to the floor in a swish of material. I watch you standing there in just your underwear and heels, looking at your body in the mirror, pulling your breasts up and holding the hard nipples in your fingers. I know you are so close to coming, and so aroused from the long, drawn out torture I have made you endure. I am not sure if you know I am watching you but I am transfixed to the spot I am standing, unable to move or breathe.

I see you move your legs back and forth, letting the balls move inside you as your knowing hands massage your breasts and pull your nipples into harder and harder points. I feel the ultimate voyeur and I still cannot move. I don’t think a fire alarm in my ear would have moved me from this spot.

One of your hands moves down and I see your eyes watching it travel down your firm stomach to the wet panties and slide inside them. I can see your fingers moving inside the material of your underwear, and your eyes close briefly as your legs continue to squeeze together. I know you are trying to make yourself come, and I keep thinking to myself, that you had better wait. I hope your restraint is up to the test.

Fortunately, the store door bell chimes as another customer enters, and you are pulled from your reverie and your moment and you quickly pull on your blouse and skirt and retrieve the dress from the floor, and place it on the hanger and come out of Escort the dressing room towards me, so we can pay and get on our way.

We do so, and I can’t help but think the sales lady knew too, what was going on, because she stayed away from us while you were changing, and gave you a smile that I thought was a little more than the usual business smile. I knew I could smell you; I’ll bet she could too.

“Were you watching me in there? You know you shouldn’t go around peeking in ladies dressing rooms. Who knows what you might see?”

“So you planned that little episode, eh? You might just have to pay for that one later, you know.”

“Umm. I sure hope so. Thank you for the dress. It is really wonderful. I’m sure we can find somewhere suitable to wear it out.” With that, you pulled me aside in the doorway before we exited the next door to the street and kissed me with such passion, pulling on my lips with your hungry mouth and wet, hot lips. Our tongues fought and battled to enter each other’s mouths, and we pulled our bodies close to each other. I pushed my hips into your stomach so you could feel my hardness press into you. I ran my hands under your dress and felt the wetness at the backs of your thighs as I kneaded your ass with my hands.

We separated and you said to me, “I almost made myself come just then. I am simmering on the edge of boiling. I liked knowing you were watching me. You like to watch, don’t you?”

“Yes, my dear, you know I do. Almost as much as you like to show, I think.”

“Let’s go home. I think we need to take this party inside.” You reached between us and held my cock in your hand and squeezed it firmly, emphasizing ‘this party,’ feeling its hard, hot length in your hand.

We walked quickly to the car, and I could feel the intensity of your arousal through the grip you had on my arm as we walked. I saw from the corner of my eye the look in your eye that I associated with your ‘bedroom eyes.’ Perhaps that’s what the two other women noticed as well, both the waitress and the clothing store lady. I’m surprised a couple other men didn’t pounce on you too. You had that sultry glaze on your face, as if awaiting a suitor, alluring, and emitting a pheromone to attract your mate. It was sure having its effect on me too.

I put the top up on the car, and we slunk down into our seats. Again, I watched you sit into the car, and again, I saw your dress hike up even higher until I could see the edge of your panties and the treasure beneath. The next part should be fun too.

As I got into the car and warmed it up a little, I could see you squirming around a little, as if trying to get comfortable. But I knew why you were squirming. You were trying to get that inner motion going, and get yourself off. I sort of sat there for a moment and watched you, and you seemed preoccupied, and didn’t notice my watching and waiting. After a while, before I pulled the car out, I leaned over to you and nibbled on your neck for a moment, inhaling the scent of your perfume and of you. It was not the smell of the perfume that got me, but your scent It was unique. The perfume was just the whipped cream on the top. Hmmm, there’s a thought for later.

I then whispered in your ear, “Baby, I want you to remove your panties for me and give them to me. And then unbutton your blouse all the way.

Just like before, you just looked at me long and deep, and simply said, “OK.”

I watched as you reached up under your dress, and pulled your panties off your legs, and down around and off your ankles. Then as you handed them to me, I took them to my face and inhaled deeply of your scent. As I was become more intoxicated with this, I watched you unbutton your blouse, slowly, one button at a time, looking at me looking at you. I watched your eyes and then your chest, as inch of delicious inch came into view as the buttons were undone.

I could only nod in approval. My mouth was dry and I was completely turned on by the sight of you almost all the way exposed to me, yet carefully covered. I reached out my hand and traced a line from your mouth, down your chin and neck, to your chest and down to your stomach. Your skin was warm and soft, so warm and soft. I couldn’t wait for later. I continued to trace the line over your skirt, now bunched up around your waist, and to your thighs and calves. I worked my hand back up and back to that sensual spot for me and you, at your inner thighs.

I could feel the moisture there that had dripped down your legs from the last hour or so of arousal. You were steaming. I pushed up the edge of your skirt and looked at your pussy, wet and shiny in the dim light of the parking lot, and ran my finger up and down the entrance, feeling the slick moisture coat my finger. I slid it in slowly to your inner passage and felt the warm metal balls there, and felt around them, moving them inside you, feeling how they filled your pussy up. I inched my finger out of you and stroked your clit which was hard and urging. I looked up at you and your eyes were closed and you had one hand on your breast, holding your nipple in your fingers, pulling and stroking it. I enjoyed seeing this, and wanted to see more. I wanted to watch you pleasure yourself, and I so needed to taste you more. The smell now in the car was absolutely overwhelming with your scent. Incredible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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