Date Night Tease

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Ava Addams

I’m wearing my nicest outfit and best jacket when I arrive to pick you up. You come to the door wearing a short, sheer dress despite the cool night air. I step forward to greet you with a kiss but you twist out of my reach and give me a chaste peck on the check as you begin walking to my car. Twenty seconds into our date and I’m already struggling to figure you out.

As we drive into the city I keep stealing glances at you, admiring your smooth legs and trying to resist the urge to peek down your low-cut top. I subtly take one hand from the wheel and slide it across the center console toward your leg. Before I can reach you, you smile and gently lay your hand over mine, keeping it on the console between us.

Our first stop is a classy restaurant, where we sit across from each other and make small talk over very expensive food. I pretend to accidentally touch your leg with my foot just to watch your reaction, but you ignore the contact completely. After dinner I try to take your hand on our way out of the restaurant but you only brush your fingertips across my palm before pulling away. You hasten just a step ahead of me, swinging your hips while my eyes are on your ass. Are you teasing me, or will you be out of my reach all night?

I take you across the street to a popular bar with a live band, hoping that perhaps drinks and dancing will make you more comfortable with me. We sit in a booth in the corner; you order drinks while I stick to water since I’ll be your ride for the evening. After a couple of songs you take my hand and place it on your knee. I look to your face but you immediately look away, giving no hint of your true intentions. Perhaps it’s time to change my approach. I chat with you about the band and slowly slide my hand to the side of your knee, then begin inching up your thigh. Before I can reach the hem of your skirt you pinch your legs together, trapping my hand there, still talking as if nothing has happened.

I’m growing more frustrated but you seem not to even notice. You lean in close, your eyes half-closed, and I turn to face you, slightly opening my mouth, ready for the kiss I’ve anticipated all evening. You look at me from beneath your lashes, and just before we touch you exclaim “Oh, this is my favorite song!” and leap to your feet, taking my hand and pulling me to the dance floor.

We press together, moving to the music, but the feel of your body on mine is only a reminder that my every attempt to touch you has been rebuffed. I try to slide my hand from your hip to your ass but you touch my wrist to stop me, giving me a sly little smile as if you’ve caught me trying to cheat. The band begins a slow song and you rest your head on my shoulder, gently swaying your body against mine. My body is tense, thrumming like electricity through a wire. You grind into me, feeling how incredibly hard I am for you, but you continue to dance slowly, acting as if you don’t even notice it each time you press your hips into mine.

The song seems to end far too soon, and we return to our booth. You get another drink and make small talk, leaning slightly against me, but that’s as far as our contact goes. I want to shake you, or wrap my arms around you, or throw you down and Malatya Escort kiss you just to see if you push me away or if that’s what you’ve aiming for this whole time. But I just sit there, watching you for any clue, feeling both turned on and frustrated.

A few more drinks and you lean into me a bit more, whispering into my ear with a slight slur “Let’s get out of here.” As we leave the club and walk back to my car, I hook my arm around your waist and you respond in kind, leaning into me more as we walk. We get into the car and you close your eyes for a moment, making me wonder if you’re drunk or dozing off. You rest your hand lightly on my leg, so I decide to take a chance and begin driving toward my place.

You don’t say a word until we arrive and park outside of my apartment. I help you out of the car and you slowly, unsteadily begin to ascend the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment. I’m still not sure if you are truly drunk, or perhaps this is just another level of teasing, as you move so slowly, always two steps ahead so I can nearly look up your skirt. We finally reach my landing and I fumble in the darkness for the key. Once I’ve found it, I look up to see you leaning against the corner of the doorframe directly in front of the doorknob, arms wide with one hand on the door and the other on the wall beside it.

You look at me, and without saying a word, you’ve pushed me over the edge. Seeing you there, in that little dress, after teasing me all night, I can’t take it anymore. I press my body into yours, pinning you against the doorframe, and kiss you hungrily. My hands find your wrists, lifting them over your head, pinning you there as my hot mouth moves from your lips to your neck. You let out a loud moan as I kiss across your collarbone, my hips grinding hard into yours as if I’m going to fuck you right through our clothes.

A light goes on in the apartment next to mine and you notice a neighbor moving behind the window shade, trying to find an angle where he can see what’s happening next door. I’m oblivious to any distraction, kissing the top of your soft breasts, releasing your hands from mine so I can grip your hips, squeezing and pulling you harder against me.

You put your hands on my head, pushing down a little as I kiss between your breasts, then with a slightly pressure you urge me lower, and I sink down onto my knees. You shimmy for me and slightly lift the hem of your skirt. I groan in response and immediately slide my hands up your legs, feeling your thighs, searching for your panties. You grin wickedly down at me, seeing the lust in my eyes when I fail to find any. I push your skirt up just enough and lean forward, inhaling your scent before dragging my tongue slowly across your slit. We both moan together as I taste you, and you open your legs a little wider, allowing me to dip the tip of my tongue into you.

I grip your hips tightly, opening my mouth to suck at your clit, then kiss your pussy before pushing my tongue all the way into you. You close your eyes, letting the skirt fall over my head while I furiously lap at you, shifting my focus to your clit as I can feel your body tense up against me. You cry out louder than you expected as you Malatya Escort Bayan cum against my mouth, gripping my hair through the fabric of your skirt, holding my head there, forcing me to continue until you are finished.

I slowly stand up, my knees a little shaky, and you kiss me deeply, tasting yourself on my lips. I run my hands along your body as our tongues dance together, my strong hands feeling your hips, your ass, and then firmly squeezing your soft tits. We break our kiss and you look into my eyes, smiling against my lips as you whisper “Fuck me.”

I immediately reach down to unzip my pants and you giggle and press your palms to my chest, whispering “Inside, silly. Come on.” I struggle again to find the keys, but finally manage to unlock the door, barely managing to latch it behind me as I push you eagerly toward the bedroom.

You lounge at the edge of my bed, lit only by the moonlight coming in through the window. “How do you want me?” you ask seductively, bending over to wiggle your ass at me before sprawling out on your back with your skirt hiked up to your thighs. My shirt is mostly unbuttoned but I can’t wait any longer, I shove my pants to the floor and crawl atop you. My rock hard shaft presses against your leg, then I use my knees to spread your legs apart and push the tip down on your clit. You shudder in response and I pin your wrists to the bed with my hands.

Now it’s my turn to tease, and I whisper “Do you want it now? Or are you going to tease me again?” I shift just a little, rubbing the smooth, hot tip of my cock over your slick, sensitive clit. You moan and response “Fuck me baby. Take me. Do everything you want to me.”

Your words excite me so much that I push my cock into you all at once, making you gasp and whimper a little as it stretches you open. Feeling you around me all at once, my shaft pulses inside you and for a moment you’re sure that I’m going to cum from a single thrust. I stay still for a minute, feeling you against me, slowing my breathing to match yours, letting the tension come down before I finally begin thrusting into you, stroking my hard, thick shaft along your tight walls.

I kiss your lips, then your neck, while I take you, pinning you down beneath me and driving my cock deep into your pussy over and over again. The force of my thrusts snags your dress on the bed and your tits pull free from the top. I press my face into them just to feel their softness, and then take your nipple in my mouth, sucking hard while I fuck you with deep, firm strokes.

I get up on my knees and cup your tits in my hands, squeezing harder to feel them bounce each time I slam my cock into you. You look up at me, my shirt wrinkled and unbuttoned, my hair wild, and a look of pure desire in my eyes, locked on yours to see your reaction each time I pound my cock into your wet pussy.

I stop without warning, making you gasp as I pull out and roughly turn you over. You sense what I’m after and get up on your knees, looking over your shoulder invitingly. I pull your skirt up over your ass and guide my cock into you from behind, groaning loudly as I sink into you again. My hands roam over your ass, your back, then reach around Escort Malatya to cup your tits, squeezing them even harder than before each time I bang my hips into yours. The headboard strikes the wall and you moan louder, getting closer with each sharp thrust.

You push your ass all the way back against my stomach and grind in circles, collapsing with your face the pillows, sliding one hand down between your legs to rub your clit while I fuck you. I growl in wordless approval and match your pace, my entire shaft pulsing inside your pussy, so tense you know I must be on the brink. I bring my hand down hard on your ass and grunt “Cum for me now!” as I force my cock into your pussy harder than ever before. You whimper and groan, rubbing your clit and beginning to cum hard around my thick cock. I ride it out with you, fucking you deeply, pushing you down from your knees to your stomach, laid out beneath me with your fingers pinned to your clit.

You shift against me just a little and gasp out “Please, give me a second.” I resist the urge to thrust into you once more, and you lay out beneath me, relaxing with your face in the pillows. My cock pops out of you and rests wetly against your ass but you don’t move, laying still, calming your breathing.

You whisper “Anything you want, sweetie. I’m all yours.” Your words make my cock twitch against your ass. I whisper to you “Anything?” But you don’t respond. I can’t tell if you’re asleep or just teasing me again, daring me to follow through.

I reach into the nightstand drawer and take out a bottle of lube, smearing it over my cock and then tentatively rubbing my wet finger against your ass. You don’t say a word, so I press the tip of my cock forward, moving hesitantly in case you react. You sigh happily and I push forward, groaning as my hard shaft slips into your tight ass. I’m so turned on that I can’t wait and I begin thrusting against you, pumping myself in and out of your body. You whimper softly but otherwise lay still on your stomach, letting me have my way with your body.

I grunt like an animal as I get closer, fucking your soft, tight ass with my thick, pulsating cock. I settle my entire weight onto your back, using my body to force myself even deeper into your ass, fucking you until my hips are pressed against your cheeks and my heavy balls are grinding on your skin. I growl next to you ear “Oh fuck, oh fuck here it comes.” You just lay there, feeling my cock swelling thicker and thicker in your ass. I pull almost completely out, until just the head is inside you, then slam in all at once. I groan into your ear as the first shot of cum pours into you, spraying deep inside of your perfect ass. I thrust again, giving you a second, even hotter load of thick cum, letting you feel the wave ripple down the entire length of my cock with each spurt. Another thrust, and another, each one pumping the entire night’s desire deeper and deeper into your ass.

I finally collapse atop you, panting into your neck, my shaft still hard but completely spent, my cum dripping out around it and running down your pussy and thighs. We stay together like that for a long time, until I can finally withdraw my cock from you. As I get up to clean our mess I wonder if you were really asleep, or perhaps this was your plan all along, to tease me and then see what I’d do when you gave me complete control.

As I begin to get cleaned up I ponder what you’ll say in the morning, and what games we might play on our next night out.

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