Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 10

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Jeanne was only gone a few minutes, before returning. With a big smile, she walked over and straddled my legs as she sat down. Instantly, she gave me a ‘let’s fuck’ kiss, while moving her hips forward and back.

“Damn woman. You tryin to make me cum in my pants?”

“No. But, I want it primed and ready.” She kissed me again. This time wiggling her entire body against me.

“Don’t you wanna hear my decision?”

“No. I want your cock in my pussy.”

Jeanne was like a teenager. Hungry for cock, without waiting. She had already removed her panties and was almost ripping my pants open. Her mouth hungrily kissing as she fought to free her prize.

My pants open, Jeanne sprang back hitting the coffee table and pulling my pants to my knees. In the same acrobatic movement she captured my dick in her mouth.

‘Son-of-a-bitch, what’s got her so hot!’ I thought, as my eyes rolled back in pleasure. ‘Shit-fire! If she don’t back off, she’s gonna get a load in her mouth.’

A couple of slow deep sucks and she popped her head up. “How’s that for lightin-the-fire?”

“Hot-damn, you almost fired the rocket.”

“Not yet, babe. I want hosed first.” She said as pulled off her top and bra.

I was pulling my shirt off and it was covering my head as she was on me again, rubbing my dickhead on her pussy.

“Da-um, what’s got into you?”

“I just want you more than I can stand, right now.” She shoved down, engulfing my dick. “Fuck me, fuck me hard.” I began to move. “Yeah, pour it to me. Give me that cock.” I started thrusting upward. “Oh God, Yeah! Ohhhh, that feels go-od!”

She was bouncing like she was on the bull at Dingo’s. I was thrusting as hard as I could, watching her tits going all over the place in front of my eyes. ‘Holy Shit! She hasn’t fucked like this in months.’

Her pussy began to squeeze my dick as she got wetter. ‘Did she just have an orgasm?’ Jeanne pulled my head forward, with both hands. Stopping just short of her chest, her tits were slapping both sides of my face. Distracting, but nice. Still bouncing wildly on my dick and whimpering each time we came together.

I leaned in and kissed her chest. She leaned back, held her tit in her hand and guided my mouth to the nipple. As I sucked greedily, she came down hard on my dick and began shaking and moaning. ‘Yep, that was a definite orgasm.’

Her orgasm rolled through and she resumed her wild bouncing fuck. Pulling her nipple from my mouth, she rubbed her tits back and forth across my face. With her head laid back, her whimpering moans got louder.

This bursa eskort time, she hugged me to her, ground her body against me as she rotated her hips and shook through another orgasm.

I love it when she fucks like that. I really don’t have to do anything, she does it all.

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed back, getting a new angle. Her tits were squeezed together between her arms as she rapidly slid her pussy up and down my dick.

I looked down. “Like that baby? Like watching my pussy slide up and down your cock? Hmmmm? I do. I like watching it. And, Oh God, I like the way it feels too.”

She was building again, I could feel the heat in her pussy.

Jeanne let go of me. Leaning back, she put her hands on my knees. “Oh, Shit! Your cock feels good!”

I ran my hands up her legs to her waist, over to her stomach and on up to her tits. I cupped them in my hands and began playing with them. I ran my thumbs around her nipples before pinching them.

“Oh Yeah, baby. Pinch ’em. Pull on ’em. Oooo, Yeah!”

Jeanne came forward again, almost breaking my arms in the process. Kissing me with wild wanton hunger. Was she? Did she have another orgasm? I couldn’t tell for sure. All I could tell was that she was a wild woman.

Jeanne was in control. All of her constant change ups weren’t letting me build to climax. And, believe me, I wanted to. I wanted to empty my balls, deep in her womb and quench the fire in her burning pussy.

She was chewing on my neck and shoulder. ‘Damn Woman! I wish I knew how to keep you like this.’

“Can you stand up?” Jeanne whispered, breathing heavily in my ear.

“Huh, what?”

“Can you stand up? Like you do sometimes.”

“Yeah, I guess.” ‘I like that idea.’

“Do it.” A minute passed as she kept grinding on my dick. “You gonna stand up, or not?”

“I’m not superman, I need to sit up, first.”

“Oh, Sorry!” She said as she leaned back. “That, better?”

As I sat up, she hugged my shoulders. I slid my hands under her legs, cupped her ass in my hands and stood up, grunting.

“Am I too heavy?”

“No. You’re not heavy. You’re my lover.” I said playing on the ‘Boys Club’ saying.

I began moving her back and forth on my dick.

“Oh! Gaaaawd! Yes! Pound my pussy. Pound it! Yessss! Oh, Fuck Yes! … Oh! Oh! Oh!” She grunted loudly, each time we impacted.

Almost immediately, she began shaking and I felt her cum. Shit, it was dripping off my balls! I kept it up, a lot longer than normal. Fueled by adrenalin and spurred on by her wanton desire, bursa escort bayan I pounded away at her burning clenching pussy.

She went limp, almost falling away from me. But, she recovered quickly. I couldn’t stop and don’t know what kept me going. I repeatedly swung her out and pulled her back hard as I flexed my hips, bringing us together with loud slaps.

“Oh … Je … sus … Fu … king … Christ! … Ye … us … Ste … vun … fu … uk … M … eeee!”

I was running out of steam and she was wailing. This time she shook so violently, I almost lost my grip on her. I fell to my knees. Luckily her ass hit the coffee table or we’d have both went to the floor. She fell across the coffee table, with a thud, and I heard it crack.

I gripped her hips and poured it to her. I needed to cum! Damn, I needed to cum, bad! Out of energy and out of breath. I was spastically thrusting into her hot clenching pussy.

‘Oh Fuck! If I don’t cum, I’m gonna pass out!’

Jeanne grabbed my arms, digging her fingernails into my flesh. Her head thrashing back and forth, she began a low moaning scream. As it built in intensity, I felt my balls tighten.

Jeanne’ pussy felt like a blast furnace on my dick. With one final hard thrust, almost driving her off the coffee table, I came and passed out. I guess, we came together.

When my eyes opened I was looking at the ceiling and crumpled against the couch. Weakly raising my head, I saw Jeanne still on the coffee table, her arms and legs hanging off. She didn’t appear to be breathing. Blinking my eyes a couple of times, to focus, I finally saw her chest slowly rise and fall.

I barely heard Jeanne say, “Oh, God, that was good.” A couple of seconds passed and I barely heard, “Honey.” Still light headed, I didn’t answer. “HONEY.” This time she was much louder.

“Yeah.” I muttered.

“I passed out, honey.”

“You passed out. I’m on the floor.” I said softly.

Jeanne chuckled. “Looks like we fucked ourselves senseless.”

“Guess so.” I said trying to get up. As I looked, Jeanne was smiling. She was still breathing heavily, sweaty and a bit of cum was oozing from her pussy.

“I can’t move.” She moaned.

I stood up and started toward the basement. “Where ya goin?”

“Your mother has a job to do.”

“What job?”

“Clean her daughter’s pussy.”

“Hmmmm, guess we’re stayin then.”

“Uh, huh. As long as I got you. I wanna try it.”

“No Worries. (Crocodile Dundee) I got you, babe. (Sonny and Cher)” She replied cheerfully.

I görükle escort went on down and led Jewel back up, with the leash. Jeanne hadn’t moved.

“Your daughter’ pussy is full of cum. Use your mouth to clean her up.”

Jewel walked over and Jeanne said, “Wait! He’s your Master. Clean his cock first.” As Jewel dropped to her knees, Jeanne said, “You always, take care of his cock, FIRST!”

Without hesitation, Jewel was licking our sex from my limp dick.

“Don’t forget his balls. I know, I flowed enough to soak them, too.”

Jewel carefully lifted my dick and licked around, under and over my balls. It really felt good and had the blood rushing to my dick, filling it again.

“Is that good, master?” Jewel asked, looking up at me.

“Yeah, that’s good. Now her.” I said and pointed at Jeanne.

Jewel turned and sticking her tongue out, licked Jeanne from her asshole to her clit.

“Oh, mother, that tickles.” Jeanne said with a shiver.

Jewel continued lapping at Jeanne’s pussy, causing Jeanne to shiver repeatedly.

After a couple of minutes, Jeanne said, “There’s more inside, mother. Suck it out. And use your tongue to go deep.”

Jewel did as she was told. She was sucking, loudly and sticking her tongue as far as she could into Jeanne’ pussy. Within a couple of minutes, Jeanne had an orgasm. Flowing heavily, her cum covered her mother’s face and dripped from her chin.

“Lick it up, mother. Lick it up, quick.”

Jewel followed her daughter’s order. And, by the looks of her, she had a little orgasm of her own.

“Oh my! That’s good. Stop.” Jeanne said as she squeezed her legs together.

Jewel sat back. “Was that good? Did I please you, Jeanne?”

“Yes. Yes. That was good.” Jeanne shivered. “Shit, was it ever. Whew!” Jeanne slowly sat up. “You hungry, honey?”


“Me too. Go fix something to eat, mother.”

“Uh, what do you want?”

“I don’t care! Just get in there and fix something, now!”

Jewel flinched at Jeanne’s words. “Yes Ma’am.”

“And, wear an apron. I don’t want you burning your tits, or something.”

Without looking back, Jewel said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Concerned, I asked Jeanne if Jewel needed to be treated that way.

“In a word, YES! This isn’t some Liberal Democratic Prison, that thinks more of the prisoner than what they did. She fucked up and she’s being punished for it. You need to ‘Buck Up’ and do your part. Dominate her!”

“So, basically, she’s a possession not a person.”

“For this, Yes. Afterward, her status returns, because she will have been punished for what she did.”

“I think, I get it, now.” I said as I was slowly beginning to understand what was expected.

“Good. Now, let’s get cleaned up and ready to be served.”

We showered, dressed and went to the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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