David and Trevor

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Adriana Chechik

His soft silky lips encased my shaft in a warm moist velvet, my breathe was hot and fast. A quick tempo was established as he bobbed his head up and down on me. His tounge darted around my cock like a warm velvet snake, sending shivers up my spine. I had never experienced a blowjob like this, he was a master. I had never felt a love connection this strong to anyone before either. I stared down at his forest green eyes, they seemed to glitter with a hint of love and lust. He stared up at my light chocolate brown eyes, and in this moment, I couldn’t help but reach down and caress his beautiful face as he sucked on my seven and a half inch long cock. he made a faint purring sound, sending vibrations along my shaft, and waves of pleasure up my spine. A soft moan escaped my lips.

His fingers wandered up my thighs, they made me shiver in anticipation as he blew me. They traced soft circles on my inner thighs, driving me wild. He then reached around and softly grabbed my ass, squeezing my butt cheeks ever so softly, making me moan softly again. I had never wanted anything as bad as I wanted him to touch me in that moment. And then it happened, his fingers found my tight little asshole, they softly rubbed circles around it. He pushed my shaft deep into his mouth as he pushed his pointer finger into my ass, I bit my lip hard almost cumming right then and there. My hand came to my mouth, away from his face, I arched my back slightly and looked up as I bit down softly onto my hand. I moaned around my hand as he started pumping his finger in and out, and then he started bobbing his head along my shaft again. “D-David”, I whispered his name. “I-I’m going to cum..” His face moved away from my cock and his finger popped out of my ass, he looked up at me and his lips curled up into the most deviously beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. I took his hand and pulled him up to me, then kissed him with all the passion and love I could muster. He then bent me over the bed and softly rubbed my ass cheek. He got down onto his knees and softly bit my left ass cheek, teasing me and I moaned softly and raised my hand to my mouth again, biting it a bit harder this time. He then kissed the spot that he bit and licked his way to my entrance, his tongue izmit sansürsüz escort spun in circles around my asshole as he pulled my ass cheeks apart. “D-david…” I whispered his name again and he stuck his tongue into my asshole, penatrating me for the first time, my heartbeat quickened and my breathing became more erratic. “I-I’m cumming, David!” I bit down hard onto my hand, leaving a mark, his hand reached around just in time to catch the spurts of cum that would have stained the bed. He softly kissed the curve in my lower back, I turned to him and caressed his face once more, his forest green eyes were soft and curious now. He looked up at me and then he licked the cum off his hand, my eyes widened and I blushed a deep maroon colour. “I-I love you, David..” He smiled and said in his velvet voice, “I love you too, Trevor.”

I crawled into his arms, and his kissed the top of my head. “I love you David..” I thought as I drifted off into sleep in his strong, soft arms.


I awoke in the morning entangled in his arms, our naked bodies cuddled together. He was still asleep. I studied his beautiful face, trying to remember each line and print. I slowly raised my arm and traced his bottom lip with my thumb. “Good morning, Trevor.” His voice startled me, I stuttered shyly, “G-g-good morning, David”. He smiled and opened his eyes, they glinted a beautiful green and hazel in the morning sun. He whispered “You’re so handsome, my love.” And I blushed, he softly leaned down and kissed my lips, causing them to tingle with delight, and my heart to skip a beat. To me, what him and I did last night was not simply an act of sex, but an act of love. Any sexual acts with David were acts of love. In my heart, I hoped it was the same for him too. His lips left mine and he picked me up and layed me on the bed. “I’m going to go make some poptarts, would you like some?” He smiled warmly at me, knowing that it was my favorite thing to eat in the morning. “Yes please!” I smiled enthusiasticly. He strolled off towards the kitchen, and I watched the muscles on his back ripple as his arms swung by his sides. I looked down and then realized that I had a massive boner, morning wood izmit escort bayan could be such a bitch sometimes. I blushed even though he wasn’t in the room, and I heard him humming from the kitchen. I though to myself while he was gone in the kitchen, remembering everything that had happened the night before. The way his tongue felt along my cock. The way he traced circles on my thighs. I closed my eyes and ran through the night over and over in my head, especially when he licked my cum off his hand.

I was lost deep in thought when he came back in with the poptarts, he put them down on the side table and softly reached down and touched my cock, I jumped and opened my eyes wide, then blushed deeply. “Quite the erection you have here.” He laughed. I blushed deeper and he kissed my cheek. “I could fix that, you know.” He leaned down and kissed my neck, I groaned and tilted my head for him. He softly wrapped his hand around my dick with just enough pressure to cause a rippling sense of pleasure to shoot up my spine. I groaned again as he softly nibbled on my neck. His lips started trailing down until they reached my nipples, he softly licked my right nipple and then put it in his mouth and sucked on it. He made a low rumble noise of pleasure as he nibbled and suckled on my nipple, I arched my back up, pushing my nipple into his mouth. He moved over to my left nipple and repeated the process, then kissed and licked down to my belly button. He smiled up at me and softly licked down my thigh to my balls, he took one in his mouth and softly massaged it with his tongue. I moaned quietly and he moved to the other ball and repeated his oral assult, then he licked up the entire length of my shaft and took it in his hand. He softly licked the head of my cock and swirled his tongue around it. His lips then took the tip of my cock and he gently sucked one the tip, words could not express the pleasure that sent through my body. My back arched and I pushed my cock into his mouth, pushing his head down onto it, my hands on the back of his head now. He squeaked, a little surprised by my force, I was suprised too. “Where did that come from?” I thought. He sucked my cock and darted his tongue along the otele gelen escort bottom side. He reached under me, not hesitating this time to rub my little asshole. I moaned and he took my dick out of his mouth, he then flipped me over and massaged my asshole. I moaned and he leaned down and spat on it, lubricating it. My eyes opened wide, knowing what was coming next. “Be gentle, please.” I pleaded, to which he responded by gently massaging my asshole with his thumb again and kissing the nape of my neck. He positioned his eight inch member at the entrance to my asshole, then softly started pushing it in. I winced as it entered and he waited for my ass to get used to it. I whispered after a few minutes, “Okay, I’m okay.” His hips slowly started to move inside me, I moaned and gripped at the blanket above me. He moaned for the first time and I almost came, never in my life had I heard a moan that sexy or powerful before. I pushed back against him, and he responded by thrusting into me harder and faster. I moved one hand from the blanket to my mouth, enforcing my habit of biting my hand to stop myself from cumming. I moaned against my hand and he moaned, mirroring my pleasure with a different kind of pleasure of his own. He started thrusting faster, deeper, stronger, my voice rang out, suprising me and causing me to blush, “Yes, Fuck me David!”

My cheeks were tinted pink, I heard him make a cocky smirk sound behind me and then I felt him pounding my asshole with his cock. I moaned and screamed out, “I’m going to cum David!” He smiled and kissed the nape of my neck again and whispered “Cum for me, Trevor.” His velvet voice was all it took for me to erupt in violent spazzums of cum. I caked the bed in my white necter, and felt a warm feeling in my asshole, David grunted and moaned behind me and I realized that he had came inside me. I moaned and blushed at the realization and he pulled out with a soft “plop” noise. His cum dripped down my asshole and off my balls, mixing with my own cum on the bed, he panted and fell beside me. I got up on all fours and looked down at the mess we had made; cum was splattered all over my stomach and the bed, it was seeping out of my asshole.

David looked over at me and whispered, “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He smiled and picked me up, he carried me to the bathroom bridal style and closed the door with his foot. My first sexual experience with David had left me wanting more, I was hungry for it, but that would have to wait for another time. We showered and then got ready to face the day.

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