Dawn’s Memories Ch. 02

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As I got back to my room I pulled the curtains back revealing a beautiful late afternoon sun. The warmth and light of the sun was wonderful and the temptation to slip out of the towel was too much, so I raised my hands and allowed the towel to fall. I could not remember the last time I felt so relaxed and content with my life, obviously the sex had released a huge amount of tension but the realisation that Jack had stayed and not just disappeared made me glow inside.

With a smile on my face I made my way to the bathroom turning on the shower and sliding under its liquid embrace. Once again the hot shower did something magical to my body and I could do no more than lean my face against the glass screen, rest my hands beside my face and enjoy the beauty of the moment. As I leaned contentedly against the glass I heard a noise which made me glance around and there before my widening eyes was Jack, naked. It never occurred to me that he would just come up while I was in the shower. Seeing him there stunned me, but then as he saw the look of disbelief in my eyes he started to step back out of the shower.

As I saw him start to leave I reached out pulling him back in.

“Come in”

I almost whispered it and in a moment he had stepped back in to the now, to small cubicle. The water had not lost its touch and I watched him close his eyes as he allowed it to play across that large muscular back of his own. Not being sure what to do next I did what came naturally and turned around again, leaning face first against the glass screen. The water although disrupted because of Jacks large size still managed to trail across my back and I started tingling at the thought of making love to Jack in here. As I stood there, I heard Jack reach up and grab a bottle from the shower caddy. Still standing there with my eyes closed I waited to see what would come next. I didn’t have to wait long because a moment later a pair of strong experienced hands started massaging my shoulders. He had covered his hands in shower gel and the fragrance of the gel and his strong probing fingers caused my body to vibrate at each touch.

I moaned softly into the screen as his wonderful hands continued their journey across my shoulders and down along my back and without thinking I reached up with both hands to the top of the screen so he could massage as much of me as he could. His hands experienced and sure took slow passes over every muscle, then those same hands reached across my ass and down my thighs and I started to feel myself moisten at the thought of them touching my sex. Rather than parting my thighs however he drew out the massage by kneeling and running those hands down along each thigh and calf and then even my feet.

I was now in heaven, nothing he did was wrong and my body was reacting instinctively to his touch, then when I thought I was about to explode he slowly turned me around and started again from the shoulders down. Oh my God, his touch was driving me crazy and as his hands slid down my body I almost screamed. His hands fondled my heavy breasts and then continued their ever downward journey to my stomach, hips and thighs. This slow, sensual massage already had my body at fever pitch but with infinite patience he simply finished the massage by turning me around again allowing me to fall against the glass in my bliss.

I was almost speechless from his little ritual and then when I thought it could not get better then this I felt his entire body press up against me. Oh God where to start; was it his lips pressing into my neck, his hands holding my arms up against the screen or his chest sliding against my back. I was in a dream world with no intention of ever returning, and then I felt his stomach against my lower back and felt that beautiful cock slide itself over my ass.

In the shower Jack let his body completely cover mine against the screen; this tall strong muscular man was dominating me in every sense of the word as he pushed himself against me. His body was grinding against my own and the feel of his hardening cock against my ass was making me moan out loud. I was unable to resist anymore so I turned around and not very subtly lowered my hand down cupping his balls while staring into his beautiful grey eyes. He smiled that slow seductive smile of his and then catching me completely by surprise knelt down slightly and in one smooth movement slid his arms under my legs lifting me up to his waist. This caught me completely by surprise and I squealed loudly both at the suddenness of it and the thought that any minute I was about to fall through the shower screen.

However Jack had positioned me tightly between himself and the shower wall with both of those muscular arms clamped tightly under my ass. As I got used to this new position Jack started kissing my neck and throat making me almost purr under his warm lips and tongue. Then as he warmed me up with his kisses I felt him position his cock against my entrance which was now wide open thanks to the position of his Escort Güngören arms under me. I found myself grabbing Jacks face with both hands bringing his ear to my lips and telling him to fuck me. I never would have thought sex could be like this, sex with my husband had always been sweet, gentle and loving. A partnership in and out of bed, but with Jack it was like he held all the cards, I was his for the taking and he was dominating me with his raw physical and sexual power like no other man had ever done.

The moment I whispered those words in his ear Jack thrust his cock to the hilt inside me, making me cry out his name as I buried my head between his neck and shoulder. The sheer sensation of being in his control was exhilarating and those strong arms never budged as his cock pinned me against the wall as firmly as his body. Then as I got used to his cock inside me he began a slow and deliberate fuck. I held on to his shoulder blades and my fingers gripped his shoulders tighter with each beautiful stroke which only made me hotter and wetter.

The tempo of his cock was driving me crazy and as I felt my orgasm approaching I pushed myself back against the wall and glanced down to watch him fucking me. His whole body was tense with concentration and effort but to look at his face he looked completely relaxed. His stomach and beautiful abs were making only the smallest movements as his hips thrust towards me and back again. He was teasing me now only entering me slightly, sliding the head of his cock in and out just enough to leave me gasping and aching for that whole beautiful length of him inside me. I moaned and cried out wanting it, needing it but still he teased me with little circling motions of his hips and cock.

My orgasm was approaching with an intensity that was surprising even me, I needed his cock and I needed it now. Then just when I thought I was going crazy he finally thrust his cock as deep as he could go, I climaxed straight away and could feel myself dripping liquid down our bodies. The orgasm just went on and on and the whole time Jack just kept thrusting in to me driving me wilder and wilder. My hands gripped his hair, I called out his name and kissed his mouth as passionately as I had ever done to anyone in my entire life, he had brought my sex life to an entirely new level and he looked as if he was just warming up.

Just because I had climaxed didn’t mean Jack had finished with me, if anything his thrusting became harder and more urgent once again driving me towards some maddening lustful place in my mind. I could hear myself scream but it sounded a million miles away and all I could concentrate on was Jacks body. With each thrust his cock stretched and pushed me and I loved it, I was almost hysterical at the sensations coursing through my body and then I could feel his own climax impending. A flurry of thrusts lifting me ever upwards along the shower wall until he must have been standing on his tip toes and then almost gratefully I felt his own orgasm as his seed heated my sex even further.

Both of us leaned against the shower wall as the warm water flowed through my hair and down my back bringing me back to my senses. Jack was barely moving with every muscle and vein showing in his body and his head buried deep into my shoulder. I was trembling from the exertion and I still felt light headed and breathless. It was a good thing I was locked in his arms otherwise I would have collapsed on the shower floor. All I could do was run my fingers through his hair and kiss his face moaning softly. Gradually as we both came to our senses he let me slowly back down to the floor, I felt like a sailor discovering their sea legs again. I almost wobbled out of the shower grabbing the towel and drying myself while consciously trying not to fall over, Jack just stayed in the shower with his head under the water smiling at me.

As I made my way back to the bedroom I noticed that the beautiful late afternoon sun had vanished and instead had turned into a purple dusk. My bed beckoned even if it was unmade and I sank gratefully into the unmade and twisted sheets. My lover all 20 years younger of him appeared in front of my field of vision moments later looking as if he had barely worked up a sweat.

“So what do you want to do now?” he asked

I raised my 53 year old eyebrow at him and with a tone which barely concealed my innate sarcasm said chirpily.

“Well, I hear the beach is nice”

“Baby, that’s exactly what I was thinking. How about we go for a walk?”

It took all my willpower not to respond with some choice adjectives as I continued to remind myself I was a lady, when I noticed a devious little gleam in his eye.

“Bastard” was all I could respond with before I threw the sheet over me and rolled over providing him with a view of my back. As I did I could hear him laugh aloud and then I felt him lift the sheet up and cuddle up beside me.

“Don’t bother” I tried to say seriously and then İnnovia Escort I heard more laughter.

“Well if not the beach what should we do for dinner then?”

“You should order something and let me rest for a while and don’t forget the wine” more laughter followed and I have to admit I was smiling myself, then a large hand reached over pulled me towards him and I saw his seductive smile and my heart melted. I brought my hand up pulling his head toward me and kissed him, with everything I had. Then in case he got any ideas I pushed him away and told him I wasn’t joking about dinner. I informed him that 53 year old women needed a little rest and the next time I was having a shower he should knock first. All this I said with a smile and he was laughing as he threw a towel around his waist and walked out to order dinner. Oh Dawn, I asked myself how could you be so lucky again?

And from that night our relationship blossomed, I fell asleep in his arms and found myself waking up in those same strong arms. The sense of love I felt for Jack had been growing and growing but to wake up beside him almost made me cry (again). Soon if not actually spoken it was obvious we were a couple, our lives gradually became intertwined and soon the only difference was we were fighting over whose place we would sleep in. Several months went passed and then one afternoon I got a text message from Jack saying he had booked a restaurant and would meet me there at 7.30 as he had to work late and would leave straight from work. As a 53 year old woman one learns to appreciate the subtleties in life, small things can tell you a lot about what someone is thinking and although Jack was smarter and more sensitive than most men I’ve met he was still just a man.

It was obvious Jack had something on his mind. It goes without saying I’d asked, but Jack was a man’s man, almost like a man from the 1950’s in many respects with that deep streak of personal conservatism which was at odds to today’s more liberal lifestyle and so getting something out of him was no easy matter especially if it was personal. The army maybe great at teaching personal hygiene but it still had some work when it came to emotional networking, that was my opinion anyway.

So as I headed to the restaurant Jack had nominated I tried to think of what Jack might want to discuss over dinner. Obvious thoughts came to mind such as him calling it off, needing space etc but though he had been quite there hadn’t been any arguing. As I drove into the restaurants car park I still didn’t have a clue about what he wanted, so having prepared myself for the worst, I entered what was considered to be one of the better restaurants in town. As I walked in I gave my name to the waitress and was escorted over to a private table away from the hustle and bustle of the bar and kitchen. Before she left me, I was given a menu and then a message from Jack saying he was delayed a few minutes. Before I could even begin ordering a wine however another waiter brought over an ice bucket with an expensive bottle of wine which he delighted in telling me about.

While I was distracted with the Sommelier, who had hit his stride and was now busy convincing me not to make the same mistake the people at table 6 had made in their wine choice, Jack quietly appeared out of nowhere. A quick nod and my Sommelier disappeared with a bow that would have impressed the Queen; Jack just smiled at me and took my hand kissing it. As he did so I relaxed a little, pretty sure that even Jack wouldn’t begin a breakup like this. But I was getting curious so after a sip of the Sommelier’s favourite wine I decided to strike first.

“So don’t keep me in suspense why a restaurant tonight?”

“I just thought I’d take you out to dinner do I need a reason to do that now?” he answered but as he did so I caught that gleam in his eye and his laughter was bubbling just below the surface. Well I thought two can play at that game.

“Well it’s true I deserve it” I said offhandedly as I could.

As the minutes went by with no serious conversation taking place I took the time to enjoy my dining experience, especially since Jack was so intent on playing his little game. Therefore, I decided to let him run with it while I conveniently spent his money on my dinner, so with dinner beckoning I started my order. First the Entree which as I sat back enjoying the Sommeliers fine wine decided upon Lobster Medallions, Main was a little more difficult to settle on but eventually I decided on Veal (seared and steamed no less). Then because Jack was really starting annoy me with his smartass cheesy grin, I thought about ordering a Miso cheesecake for dessert. By the time Mains had arrived I’d already finished the first bottle and before I could even raise my fingers my Sommelier had arrived to help me with my choice. After much hand waving, poorly spoken French and shameless flirting I had my wine, a Red which after not so subtly pointing out that money was no object Kağıthane escort bayan appeared at our table held in the hands of Christos (we were on first name basis by now).He held it in his arms with the respect and veneration one would hold the Holy Chalice, and on pouring I could only admire the look of concentration on his face as he poured it as respectfully as he could.

So with Christos’ red firmly in my grasp and Jack’s credit card now ducking for cover I raised my eyebrow at Jack with that don’t mess with me look, as I demurely raised my glass to my lips. To his credit and my sanity he finally decided to talk.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are tonight?”

“Uh huh” Start talking!



“I have to tell you something”


“I received my warning order for Afghanistan”

As he was saying that I was drinking my wine, and Christos’ precious Red almost found its way all over the pristine white table cloth.

“Are you serious?” was all I could say.

“Yes, I leave in a fortnight, but I need to talk to you about something else as well”

All I could do was stare at him; I’ve already mentioned that I knew hardly anything about the military so this was coming as a complete shock.

“Dawn” I must have been in a daze and I just looked at him.

“Dawn I have to nominate my next of kin and I’d like you to be mine”

As he said that he slid a small black case over the table, a black case that had a gold Tiffany & Co logo impressed upon it. As I watched him slide it across to me I was almost in a state of shock, so much so my right hand holding Christos’ precious wine dropped to the table with a small thump. I noticed the wine droplets spilling onto the tablecloth and out of the corner of my eye I saw Christos turn his head my way as if sensing my transgression upon his wine. With a flick of my hand I threw my napkin over the damning evidence and just stared at Jack. His smile was still on his face but it had no hint of the cheesiness it owned earlier.

My right hand met Jacks across the table and I held his for a moment before accepting the box, but when I pulled it towards me, I moved it to one side and looked at Jack again.

“Jack, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying Dawn that I would like you to be my wife”

Even hearing the words coming out of his mouth still didn’t make this sink in any easier, I looked at box, then at Jack, then at the box again.

“Open it”

I knew I had to do something, things were just happening so fast and I regretted now the second bottle of wine, damn Christos. With both hands I lifted the box, it even felt heavy, when I opened it my mouth dropped and so did my hands (almost). Inside was the most beautiful Diamond Solitaire ring I had seen, with a beautiful round cut stone and Diamond band, its sparkle lit up the entire table. I closed the lid with a snap, pushing the box back across to Jack.

“Jack I can’t accept this”

“You mean you don’t want to marry me?”

“What? No, I mean Yes. No”

“Jack what are you saying?”

“I thought I was saying Dawn, I want you to marry me”

“Jack” I just continued to stare at him, for the first time in many, many years I was speechless (damn you Christos)

“Jack you never said a word about how you feel about me, you know I love you but is this really what you want. Are you sure it’s not just because you’re going to Afghanistan? And what about my age do you really want to marry a woman who could be your mother? And what about your parents have you told them?”

I kept this up for several minutes, question after question hardly pausing for breath; Jack just looked at me as I spoke allowing me to wind down. Then when I had run out of steam he said.

“Dawn I love you I know I have trouble saying it but from our first meal I think I fell for you. I’ve never been so relaxed or comfortable with anyone else before. You’re all that I want and need in a woman”

“Oh Jack” I started crying

“Dawn please say yes”

“Oh Jack” I was in full stream now tears were running down my face as put his hands over mine.


“Yes, Yes the answer is yes” I couldn’t resist any longer the tears were streaming down my face; Jack lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed it mouthing the words thank you to me as he pushed back the ring.

“Should I have your new found friend Christos bring us another bottle of wine?”


I looked at the second bottle and it was down below a quarter remaining, Oh God have I drunk that much?

“No, baby no more wine”

“Then do me a favour and try the ring on”

Through the tears I smiled at him and with as much reverence as Christos had shown towards his wine I took the ring out of his box and placed it on my finger. I cried again.

That night as we returned from the restaurant and back to the unit I struggled to get out of my clothes, however Jack came to my rescue undoing my buttons, unzipping the zips and removing the odds and ends that had now almost become insurmountable due to my emotional state and the wine. It had been my intention to let Jack have his way with me but with every passing moment sleep beckoned and by the time he had removed my necklace I had passed out.

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