Deadly Bridges Ch. 03

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The awakening

Dallas Bridge was a contended man. His plans had succeeded. He had poisoned his wife in order to seduce his daughter. After that when he found his daughter in bed with another man, he had killed that man off too. Finally, he had told his daughter everything and scared her so that she would obey him. As a result of that obedience Debbie had finally allowed him to fuck her in the arse and had swallowed his cum.

Debbie meanwhile was awakening to the feeling of helplessness. She had allowed her daddy to seduce her because she loved him, but also because she felt sorry for him after Mom’s death. When he had confessed to her that he had killed her mom and her boyfriend, she was lost. She realised that there was no escape.

Various plans came to mind but were quickly dismissed. She thought of telling the police that, her daddy had killed her mother and boyfriend. Then she realised there was no proof. Her mother’s body was destroyed in the fire of the accident which killed her. Her boyfriend Jack had been killed in what seemed to be a genuine medical error and the coroner had already accepted that her father was not at fault.

She thought of killing him but that was quickly pushed out of her mind. She could not think of murder. Even if she could, she wouldn’t know how to do it. Her father could do it with his position as a doctor and the fact that not enough of her mother’s body was found for an autopsy, but anything she did would be futile, and get her a stiff jail sentence.

Leaving him would leave her financially destitute in the middle of a University medical course. If she stayed, she would be a doctor and perhaps he would keep his promise and let her go.

She did not mind sex with her father but since he told her that he had killed her mother, she felt disgust every time he touched her. She hated the feel of his hands on her breasts, on her body, between her legs, touching her arse, anywhere. The pain of having him in her arse was too much but she felt trapped and did not know what to do.

Eventually, Debbie came to the realisation that it was hopeless- she could not run, she could not hide. She had no options but to play along and let him have his way.

Chapter 9: The game

It was nearly a year after Jack died that Debbie finally decided to enjoy what she was doing. She started playing sex games with her father. They would role play. He would be the sailor coming home after bursa suriyeli escort escort ten years to find someone new at home and he would seduce her. Sometimes, he played the mailman or the milkman who would seduce the lady of the house. Dallas enjoyed these games and was a very enthusiastic participant.

One day about eighteen months after Jack had died, Debbie told her father that they would be playing an exciting game that night when he returned from work and she from University. He was to come home late from work and bring along a large knife with him. He was to be the home invader, who attacked and raped the woman of the house after tying her up to the bed. He was to include vaginal and anal rape in his act.

Dallas was very happy with such and elaborate plan. He went to the office and during his lunch hour went out and bought a hunting knife and a rope. He continued with his day and when it was finished, he waited for some time to let Debbie get home and get ready.

Finally, he went home and rang the bell. Debbie answered, dressed in the most demure clothes that she had. He threatened her with the knife and forced her in. He tied her arms and put some stuffing in her mouth.

“Keep your mouth shut or I will kill you”

She moaned and showed him through her motions that she would obey him and keep silent. He took off her mouth gag and slapped her. “Bitch, I want something to drink.”

She showed him where the drinks were and she had already poured him a drink. He drank it in one gulp and said, “Bitch, take me to your bedroom.”

She cried and moaned like she was hurting and said, “Please let me go. My daddy will be back soon and he will kill you.”

He slapped her and said, “Bitch, your daddy isn’t coming back soon. Now take me to your bedroom”

She led him upstairs to the master bedroom where he tied her arms to the bedpost and looked at her. Then he said, “Bitch, I want to see you naked.”

“No, please. My daddy will be home soon and he will kill you!”

“Bitch, forget about your daddy. I will have my way with you.”

Then he took the knife and started playing with her touching her gently on the shoulders, one by one, with it, drawing blood as he did so. She screamed but not too loudly.

“Shut up, bitch or I will hurt you”

She immediately shut up and he continued making superficial marks on her upper body bursa ucuz escort with the knife. He cut her on her arms and then on the chest. Finally, he took the knife and cut the sleeves of her dress open. Then he slid the knife along the side cutting off her dress. He tore the dress of her and cut it to pieces with his knife. Now she was on the bed, tied to the bed post in her bra and panties.

“Oh, you look good bitch! You must fuck really good.”

“Oh, please don’t fuck me, I am still a virgin.”

“Virgin, you bitch! What the fuck does your daddy do? Doesn’t he fuck you properly?”

With that, he took the knife and cut off her bra straps and tore off her bra. He put the gun aside and squeezed her breasts very hard, making her cry out. He began pinching her nipples and she started crying and moaning. He was very rough and he hurt her. Then he put his mouth to her left nipple and began chewing on it, gently initially but then started getting more violent and drew blood. He did the same with the right nipple making her cry out in pain. “Oh, bitch. It hurts you does it?”

With that, he started scratching her on the body with his knife, drawing blood and making long tracks. She kept crying out in pain and he loved every cry she made. He continued torturing her until finally, he stuck the knife in the waistband of her panties and cut it out. He took the torn panties and sniffed at it. “Hey, your pussy juice tastes pretty good. I want to taste it!”

With that, he spread out her legs and tied them to the ends of the bed, opening her pussy wide for his viewing pleasure. With extreme roughness, he slapped her pussy again and again, making her eyes moist over with tears. “Hurting you, am I, bitch?”

She answered with suppressed moans and cries. He started fingering her pussy and clit and hurting her while he did it. He pushed four fingers in her pussy and stretched it out and pinched her clit again and again till she screamed. “Hey, bitch. Stop screaming or I’ll cut you again”

Fear showed in her eyes as she shut up. He rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy until in spite of herself she felt the juices flowing. Soon, she was creaming and getting horny. “You like it, bitch!”

Finally, he tired of all that and put his cock to her mouth forcing her to suck it. In spite of the pain and humiliation she felt, Debbie did a wonderful job. She relaxed her mouth, relaxed bursa üniversiteli escort her throat and took it all in. She sucked and sucked till he was really moaning and groaning with pleasure. Then she pushed him out of her mouth saying, “Enough, I won’t do that anymore!’

He slapped her a few times, leaving red marks on her face. Then he said, “As you wish. You have more that one opening. I’ll fuck your pussy instead!”

“No, please don’t!”

“Shut up bitch and mind your fucking!”

With that he on top of her and put his cock to the open lips of her pussy and played with it a bit. Then he held her pussy lips open with his left hand while guiding his cock in with his right hand. He slammed into her with force and ferocity. He banged her so hard her head kept hitting the bedpost. He began fucking her very roughly, again causing pain and making her cry out. Soon he tired of her pussy and pulled out. He guided his cock to her ass hole and pushed in without any form of lubrication and she screamed out. He put his hand on her mouth and began fucking her arse. She cried and moaned and kept begging him to stop but Dallas kept up the fantasy and kept on fucking her.

Finally, he let go and released his cum into her arse. When he pulled out, she was bruised and crying. He realised then that the fantasy had gone too far. He got up and released her right arm and was about to release her left arm.

When he turned around to her left arm, Debbie leaned forward and picked up the hunting knife from the bedside table he had left it on. She said, “Daddy, look at me!”

When Dallas turned to look at her, she stabbed him right through the heart with the knife. The blood spurting out was not as dramatic as the look on his face.

All he could say was, “Why?’

She looked him in the eyes and said, “For my freedom and for revenge for my mother and for Jack”

He collapsed off the bed. Debbie waited till he was dead and then cut herself loose and called the police.

Chapter10: The emancipation

The case for the police was straight forward. Dallas was high on drugs and alcohol (she had spiked his drink). He went mad and attacked his daughter. He tied her up, he raped her and he sodomized her. When he released one arm, she got hold of the knife and stabbed him.

The evidence was clear. He had drugs in his system. The forensic evidence of the rape was clear and she had cut marks on her body besides the ligature marks on her wrists and legs.

There was no criminal prosecution. She was only defending herself. The state helped her collect all of Dallas’s fortune and move to another university where she was not known.

Debbie completed medical school and is now a successful paediatrician somewhere.

Dallas Bridge is a dead man.

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