Dean And Jess

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The sound of the phone breaking him out of his focus, Dean reaches over to see who wants what. Ah, it’s from Jess, a welcome intrusion.

“Hey handsome”

“Hey yourself”

“Coming home soon?”

Dean looks over at the clock. 4:30pm. ‘The rest can wait until Monday’ he thinks to himself.

“Yes, leaving in a few”

“Nice. See you soon”

The drive home was uneventful, same as any other day. Dean walks through the door and sets down his things, the delicious smell of food hitting his nose. He heads towards the kitchen and is greeted by the sight of Jess, standing at the stove with her back to him wearing a giant t-shirt, probably three sizes too big, hair clipped in a faux French twist as it usually is. Dean watches her for a moment and then steps behind her, wrapping his arms around her and placing a kiss on the side of her neck. Jess jumps slightly then relaxes into him.

“How was work?”


“Mmm, I’m sorry. But you’re home now, time to forget about work. Let’s eat.”

They sit and eat, both sharing a bit about their day and bantering back and forth. After dinner, Jess asks if Dean wants to watch a movie.

“Sure, ” he says, “Just let me go change first. I’ll meet you in the living room.”

Jess nods and clears the last of the dishes into the sink. She heads to the living room and sets up the tv. Dean returns, now wearing some shorts and a t-shirt.

“Feel better?” Jess asks.

“Much” replies Dean, a smirk on his face.

They settle into the couch, with Jess cuddled up to Dean’s side. Her head resting on Dean’s shoulder. They settle into the movie and after about 30 minutes, Jess adjusts her position. Then, a few minutes later, she adjusts again. A small sigh and another adjustment. Dean looks down at her.

“Everything okay?”


“You don’t sound very sure about that.”

“Well, it’s just, how into this movie are you? Are you invested?”

Jess has Dean’s full attention now and he reaches for the remote and pauses the movie.

“I’m not that invested. What’s going on?”

Jess sits up onto her knees and studies Dean’s face for a moment. His expression is a mix of quizzical and concerned and the look of him makes her smile and laugh to herself. She raises herself up and swings a leg over Dean, settling into his lap. She places her hands on his shoulders and Dean puts his hands on her hips, helping her settle into his lap.

“Okay, I like where this is going,” says Dean.

Jess leans forward and Cebeci Escort places a kiss on Dean’s lips. Dean grabs her hips, presses her more firmly into his groin and deepens the kiss. Jess softly moans and begins to grind into Dean. Dean finds the hem of her shirt and slips his hands under her shirt. He slides them up her back, loving the feel of her soft skin. She is always so soft. That’s one of the things he loves about her. His hands come around to her chest and he grabs her breasts. Her nipples harden under Dean’s palms and his mouth waters at the thought of them in his mouth. He breaks away from the kiss and lifts her shirt off and throws it to the floor. He leans her back and captures a nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and sucking gently. Jess gasps and tightens her grip on Dean’s shoulders. Dean moves to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. His mouth returns to hers and Jess pulls on his shirt, indicating that it needs to come off. Dean lifts his shirt over his head and throws it to the floor where it joins Jess’s. Dean presses Jess back into him, chest to chest and their mouths meet again. Jess is grinding into Dean’s groin, feeling his cock harden against her. She feels herself getting wetter and she starts breathing faster.

Dean breaks the kiss for a moment, “Baby..”


“Are you getting wet for me?”

Jess’s face reddens, she loves when he talks to her like that. She nods.

“Use your words.”


“Yes what? Tell me baby.”

“Yes, I’m wet for you”, she says hastily.


Dean brings his mouth back to Jess’s, places his hands on her ass and thrusts up into her. She moans and grinds back into him.

“Do you want me?”


“Do you want my cock inside you?”

“God, yes.”

“Say please.”

His mouth finds her neck and he lays a series of kisses from her collarbone to just below her ear, lightly blowing air on her ear, giving her goosebumps. Her breath catches but she has not said what he wanted to hear. Dean smacks her ass.


He grabs her tightly and stands up, her legs wrap around his waist and her arms go around his neck. Dean walks them to the bedroom and places her onto the bed. He kisses from her neck to between her breasts and moves his mouth to her right breast, capturing her nipple between his teeth and tweaking her other nipple with his fingers. His left hand snakes between them, sliding down her abdomen to her panty clad Kolej Escort pussy. He can feel her heat through the fabric and notices the dampness seeping through. He pulls her panties to the side and slides his fingers through her folds, her bare pussy opening for him and releasing more of her juices. His fingers find her clit and he rubs in a circular motion, her hips bucking up to meet his hand and a sharp breath escapes her mouth. Jess moans and Dean moves his mouth to the other nipple, lavishing it with the same attention. He slips a finger into her, testing how wet she is, gauging if she is ready to take his cock. He adds another finger and curls them, using the cupping to gather her wetness on his fingers. He withdraws from her and smears the gathered juices on her pussy. Dean stands and removes her panties with one hand and puts the fingers that were inside her in his mouth, sucking off any remaining juices. Jess lies there panting, looking up at Dean, heat in her eyes. Dean removes his shorts, kicking them to the side.

“Spread your legs for me. I want to see that pretty pussy open for me.”

Jess pulls her legs back, placing her hands behind her knees and pulling them towards her. Dean walks towards her stroking his cock. He places the head on her pussy and runs it through her folds, getting the tip of his dick wet with her juices. He lines up with the entrance of her pussy and waits there. Jess rocks her hips, trying to take him deeper to no avail. Dean smirks and looks down at her, his eyes heavy with lust. He places his hands on the back of her thighs and slides into Jess quickly and fully. Jess cries out and Dean stills, his cock pressed to the hilt inside of her. He leans forward, placing his hands on the bed on either side of her holding his body above hers and takes her mouth in another kiss. His tongue darting into her mouth, he begins to move inside her. Making love to her mouth and her pussy at the same time. Jess breaks the kiss, “Harder.”

Dean begins thrusting into her with controlled force, bottoming out inside her with every thrust. Jess meets his every thrust, a moan leaving her mouth with every one.

“Uhn, yes. That feels so good.”

Bolstered by her sounds, Dean picks up the pace, moving faster. He can feel her pussy getting wetter around his cock, sliding in and out of her with ease. Dean leans himself back and grabs one of her legs, placing it on his shoulder. He moves her other leg out to the side.

“Hold yourself open Rus Escort baby.”

Jess grabs behind her knee again and Dean moves his hand to her clit, placing the base of his palm against her. He doesn’t move his hand, just applies pressure, the movement coming from him thrusting into her. This causes her clit to grind against his hand, giving her more pleasure and ramping her close to cumming. Jess’s moans get louder and her breathing ragged.


She always says his name when she is close.

“Come for me baby. Come all over my cock.”

Jess needed no further encouragement. Her head falls back onto the bed, her back arching up and Dean can feel her begin to quiver.

“Oh, just like that. Keep fucking me just like that.”

Hearing Jess talk like that almost made Dean lose control but he was intent on making sure she came before he did. Jess’s movements became jerky, her breath coming in fast gasps, her hands clutching her breasts.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum. Make me cum baby.”

Dean keeps his pace, adding a little more pressure to her clit, desperate to take her over the edge. Jess takes a big breath in and holds it, her body tightening and Dean feels her pussy clamp down on his cock. Jesus, she gets so fucking tight when she comes. Jess wraps her thighs around Dean, trapping him inside her pussy, crying out as her orgasm hits.

As her grip on him loosens, Dean begins slowing moving in and out of her again, making sure she has time to recover and slow her breathing. Jess’s eyes flutter open and she smiles up at him.

“Your turn now.”

“You ready?”


Dean grabs her legs and pins them to the bed, opening her thighs wide and allowing his cock to go as deep as possible into her pussy. He thrusts into her hard and she cries out, still sensitive from her orgasm. Dean can fell his cum churning in his balls and knows it won’t be long before he explodes inside her. Jess senses that he is close and knows the words that will take him over the edge.

“Do you want to come in this pussy baby? Fill me up with your cum? Yeah, I know you want to. Come on baby, come for me.”

Dean falls to her, catching her lips in a rough kiss, Jess’s nails digging into his back. He thrusts into her one last time, fully encased in her pussy as his orgasm washes over him. He moans into her mouth while his cock pulses inside her. Jess kisses his face gently while he catches his breath. Not wanting to crush her with his weight, he pulls his softening cock out of her and lies on the bed next to her. Jess gasps at the loss of him and a flood of their mixed fluids seeps out of her. Dean gathers Jess into his arms, her back pressed to his front. Her head resting on his bicep and he kisses her shoulder. They fall asleep like that, a catnap before one of them wakes the other for round two.

The End

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