Debbie’s Slave Ch. 3

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“This evening, just rest” you told me, as I lay there, not daring to move because of the new pain it would bring to my ass and thighs. “I really did have a special treat prepared for you, but that is going to have to wait for now, until you can move again. Now then, let me prop you up a bit on these pillows, I’ve got something here for you to eat.” You brought me a can of Coke with a straw in it and popped morsels of food into my mouth so that you would not have to release my handcuffs even for a moment. You were making it very clear to me that I was going to be completely dependent on you for everything while I was here.

Sitting behind me on the bed as I lay on my stomach, you carefully moved my ankles wider apart. I winced as the movement rekindled the smarting in my hindquarters. You reached out one hand and idly ran a finger down the crack of my ass as you talked to me reassuringly. Since you had only paddled my cheeks, the area between was still pain-free, so long as I relaxed and controlled the tendency to clench my buttocks against your intruding finger. You had planned this cleverly… even an involuntary attempt to reject your attentions would be punished instantly with pain.

As I lay and worried how long it would be before I could walk again you played with the ring of my ass and spoke hypnotically. “Don’t worry my sweet boy. I chose that paddle for you because it was nice and broad. It carries a hell of a sting, but it doesn’t cut in like a cane or a whip, and it isn’t heavy enough to bruise. You will feel a little tender tomorrow… enough to remind you of the price of disobedience, but there is no damage done. You’ll be fine in the morning and we can start your training properly.”

I could feel you gently working some lube around the rim of my asshole with your fingertip now, and your voice was getting deeper and huskier. “I’ve been thinking for ages about the things you told me on NetMeeting about how much you loved your last girlfriend to finger-fuck your ass. I used to love it when you sent me pics of that. I’ve kept them all, you know. I’ve wanted to do the same to you for a long time now. I know you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I couldn’t find any words. All I could do was groan in reply. “I’ll take that as a yes” you said brightly, and gently slid a finger inside me. “I’m glad you enjoy anal play. So many guys seem to be hung up about it and they worry that they might be fags if a woman fingers their ass.

I know for a fact that loads of guys are xslot fucked by their wives or girlfriends, either with their fingers or with a dildo. Most of the rest would love to have it done to them if they got half a chance, but you try and find a guy who will admit that a woman has ever been inside him.” Your finger was deeper now, up to the second joint, and moving slowly in and out. Long moans of pleasure escaped my lips. “I believe that anal sex is a sensation for everyone to enjoy, whether they are male or female, gay or straight. There’s just nothing in the world feels like having a warm, hard, throbbing cock filling your ass.” I lay there helplessly listening in fascinated fear.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you with a dildo, but I know you are not ready for that yet. Tonight I’ll use my fingers on you, and tomorrow you will get your first butt plug. Soon you will be able to take anything I want to put up your ass.” Your finger was in up to the knuckle now, and my moans were getting shorter and higher-pitched. “I can see why your girlfriend enjoyed this. Your moans are so delicious I could kiss you.” Slipping your finger out for a moment, you leaned forward and kissed me full on the mouth, your tongue probing deeply. I felt even sexier and more possessed by you. “Oh, Debbie!” I gasped as you broke away. ” … Mistress!” I corrected myself quickly; hoping you hadn’t noticed my slip. “Don’t worry, my darling boy. I ought to punish you for calling me that, but sometimes you are just too cute.”

Sitting back again you lubed up my ass once more and began to insert two fingers. It stretched me painfully at first, but as soon as you penetrated me it felt more than twice as good. “Now don’t be afraid of me” you told me as you worked the fingers deeper, “While you are here I will always respect the hard limits that we discussed on email before you came; no blood, no strangulation or anything that blocks your breathing, nothing that will leave a permanent mark. So don’t worry, I’m not going to pierce you or brand you or anything like that. On the other hand, you left me very free in any other area. I’m pleased that I will be able to explore your sexuality to the full. By the end of these two weeks you will be enjoying and begging me for things that you had never imagined doing. I am going to take you to the very limits of pleasure that you can endure.” My mind raced. What could you mean by ‘things I never imagined doing’? Just what had I let myself in for here? But xslot Giriş the two fingers inside me began to twist round and round and to massage my prostate. I couldn’t think any more because of the sheer bliss of that feeling.

“I know your old girlfriend liked finger-fucking you and tying you up, but she reached her limits too soon for you, didn’t she? She wouldn’t even spank you, or fuck you with a dildo. No need to worry about that with me. I am going to test your limits. I can think of perversions that will take your breath away.” Watching me as I began to squirm under your insistent attentions you mused distantly “You really do love this, don’t you? I wish I had set up my video camera so I could watch this again and again. Never mind. There will be plenty more chances to film you.”

“Now let me explain. This is my bed. You will sleep here tonight, because I miss the warmth of a man’s body next to me, but normally you will sleep on the floor unless I have need of you. I have locked your clothes, wallet, air tickets and passport in that steel trunk over there. You won’t get it open… don’t even try, unless you want be beaten again. The keys are at my workplace, so you needn’t bother searching for them here. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I will have all day to play with you, but on weekdays you will be alone here while I am at work. Normally you will remain naked and cuffed when I am not around. The front door isn’t locked. You are free to leave at any time you want, if you don’t mind walking down the street like that” you giggled, “But like I said, if you leave you’d better not bother coming back.”

The constant probing of your two fingers inside me brought me to a series of those shuddering convulsions in my belly that I can only call a ‘dry orgasm’. I hadn’t cum, but it felt just as if I had. I was weak and trembling from the sensations; whimpering quietly in ecstasy. “You are so tight at the back,” you said, soothingly ” I was planning to fuck you with three fingers, but I can see that you couldn’t take that right now. Never mind, that can be corrected later.”

“By the way, I’m hanging the paddle up here” you said, as you placed it on a nearby hook on the wall. “It will be handy for use, in case I need it. And you will be able to see it all the time, to remind you what happens to naughty boys.” I shuddered involuntarily. “Now let’s take a look at those wrists of yours…as I thought… you are not used to handcuffs and they’ve been on rather too xslot Güncel Giriş long. You are getting red and sore there.” Stepping to the chest of drawers you produced two soft black leather cuffs, each with a heavy steel chain attached. Bending over me you took my right wrist, released it from the metal handcuffs, dusted it with talcum powder and strapped on the broad leather cuff. Then, raising my arm above my head, you padlocked the chain to a rail at the head of the bed. I was still too sore from the thrashing and too weak from the finger-fucking to resist you. Quickly you repeated the exercise with my left wrist and I was securely chained to the rail, face down. Then you took two more leather cuffs and chains from the drawer and did the same to each foot, pulling them further apart and padlocking them to the foot of the bed.

You took a pillow and placed it under my head, turning my eyes to face you. “Are you comfortable?” you asked, giving me a tender peck on the cheek. “Yes, thank you Mistress” I replied, although the term was decidedly relative. “Now for your blindfold” you said, “It isn’t the place of a slaveboy-in-training to see his Mistress naked.” You slipped my blindfold on again and I listened to the subtle sounds of you removing your clothing; trying to imagine how your delicious body would look if I could just release myself for a moment. My cock was rigid as I remembered watching you on NetMeeting and how divine you looked then; how magnificent your breasts and your ass.

You climbed on to the bed next to me and I felt the soft warmth of your body against my side. I was dying to fuck you, but the throbbing in my rear and the chains on my wrists and ankles made certain that I wouldn’t be able to do a thing unless you wanted me to. “So beautifully helpless!” you murmured “Just the way I want you!”

As I drifted off to sleep, with your arm across my back and your cool, sweet-smelling skin touching mine, I wondered where we would go from here. In just a few short hours since my arrival, you had turned me from a free man into your trainee slaveboy; chained, blindfolded, beaten and fingered in the ass. It felt very strange; so sudden, so scary and yet I knew that more than anything I wanted to be yours, the plaything of your depraved desires, serving your whims and fulfilling your lusts. I resolved to do my best to please you, to submit to you utterly and completely, to allow you to do anything to me that you wanted. Yet just what might that include? How far would you make me go? I still had two more weeks to go here. I knew I couldn’t take a spanking like that every day. I would have to obey your every command without question, and without hesitation. But what would happen to me tomorrow…?

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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