Deena – A Shared Passion

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Deena: A Shared Passion

As I sipped my coffee at the kitchen island, I saw my phone flashing, indicating I had a text message. Checking my phone, the message was from my 20-year-old daughter saying, “Dad, can you hook up the TV in my room when you get home from work?”

I had spent several months putting an addition on the second floor of the house and re-designing the bedrooms and bathrooms. Taylor’s room took the longest, as she wanted to help in the designing the final look. Her room has a farmhouse look with clean lines, painted wood siding to include a sitting niche complete with a metal roof. All in all, we were both pleased with the final result. She was planning to have friends over Friday night for a sleepover, and to show off her new room.

I left work at lunchtime to make sure I got the TV hook up done before Taylor got home and her friends arrived. Grabbing my tools (and a beer) from the garage, I headed upstairs to Taylor’s room to get started. Although her room was recently completed, it was a mess with clothes strewn on the floor, as well as blankets and comforters piled on the bed. Sliding her dresser out of the way, I began to feed the cable from her room to the garage below. The entire process took about an hour, and once the cable was connected, I mounted the TV on the wall, grabbed the remote to turn the TV on, and tested everything. “Mission accomplished,” I said to myself as I slid her dresser back into place. Gathering up my tools, I noticed a foot sticking out from beneath the pile of blankets on her bed.

Figuring it was Taylor’s foot, I gave it a pat and said, “Hey sweetie, your TV is hooked up and good to go.” There was no movement or response, so I headed downstairs. I took advantage of the nice weather to cut the lawn, then grabbed a beer, and sat on the patio to cool off.

As Taylor’s friends began to arrive about 5:00pm, her best friend, Deena, sat down on the patio near me and opened a cider. Looking at me and raising her drink, she said, “Cheers.”

“Back at ya, Deena,” I said.

“Deena, now I’m Deena,” she said.

“Um, well, yeah, that’s your name, isn’t it?” I replied quizzically.

“I’m asking as earlier, you called me, sweetie,” she said, as he winked at me.

I looked at her dumbfounded for a second, then it dawned on me. “So, it was you on Taylor’s bed beneath the blankets,” I asked.

“Yeah, I needed to crash and figured it would be easier to come straight here than go home first.”

“Well, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding,” I said. “And, by the way, I’ve been calling you sweetie since you were 3 years old, that’s nothing new.”

“Well, coming from Escort Sarıyer you, I like sweetie better than Deena,” she replied.

Sensing the conversation may get uncomfortable or awkward, I excused myself to get another beer.

A bit of history on Deena… she is like our second daughter, having known Taylor since preschool. They became fast friends and have remained ‘besties’ through the years. She has slept over countless times, spent half her life at our house, and gone on vacation with us over the years. Having her around is second nature and it has been a pleasure watching her grow into a beautiful young woman.

Once all Taylor’s friends arrived, they changed and headed out to dinner before going to a club. As they were leaving, I noticed how each of them was dressed to kill… particularly Deena. Her skirt accentuated her legs and her open-toe heels got my mouth watering. A few years ago on a week-long vacation, Deena was barefoot much of the time and as the week progressed, she caught on that I was eyeing her pretty feet. She changed the color of her polish a few times and always made a point to ask my opinion of the color and how it looked on her. I could tell as the group left, that Deena had something in mind.

I was sitting outside on the patio, like earlier, enjoying the warm temperature when Deena sat down on the chair across from me. “Where are Taylor and the others?” I asked.

“They are still at the club. I am not feeling great and these new shoes are killing my feet,” she said.

Suddenly, I felt a lump in my throat, before asking her, “Can I get you anything since you’re not feeling well.”

“I’ll be fine,” she said, “I just needed to get away from the smoke and noise, it was giving me a migraine. What I could really use is a foot rub to make my aching feet feel better.”

“You’re playing with fire, young lady… that is not a good idea, and you know it.”

“Why, we both know you like my feet, and what’s wrong with an innocent foot rub?” she asked.

I replied, “Everything is wrong with me giving you a foot rub.”

“Name one thing,” was her response.

“Well, for starters, you are Taylor’s best friend,” was my first thought.

“Not good enough,” she quickly replied.

“Don’t go there, Deena,” I said sternly. “You’re playing with fire.”

“Give me a real reason,” she sharply said.

“Too close to home, you are like my second daughter, and you know as well as I do, it won’t stop at a foot rub, so drop it.” With that, I got up and walked into the family room and sat down in my favorite recliner. Thinking about what I said, I rationalized Silivri escort bayan that my blurt was to drive home the point nothing about this was good for anyone.

I must have dozed off, as I was awakened by a sexy foot on my face, the toes wiggling against my lips. Opening my eyes, Deena was standing next to the recliner wearing workout shorts and a loose t-shirt. She was holding on to the top of the recliner to steady herself, as she continued trying to get her toes into my mouth. Grabbing her ankle, I moved her foot away from my face and told her to stop.

“You say stop, but I know you are enjoying this as much as I am,” she whispered in my ear.

“What makes you say that, young lady?” I huffed.

“The rise in your shorts, tells me all I need to know,” she said, smiling.

~ Busted ~ I said to myself… she was right. As much as I knew this was wrong, I wanted it, and her more than I would ever let myself admit.

The next thing I knew, her foot had moved from my face to my crotch and rubbed over my growing and needy manhood. I stood up out of the recliner and said, “Taylor and the others will be home soon, best we both turn in.”

She grabbed my hand and stepped backwards to sit on the couch, pulling me with her. I was slightly off balance as she fell back into the couch and put my hand out to steady myself, my hand landing on her leg just above her knee.

“We have time, and you need this as much as I do,” she said.

Something in the non-rational part of my brain kicked in and in one fell swoop, I sank to my knees in front of the couch and lifted her leg, bringing her foot to my mouth. Wasting no time, she lifted her other foot and both her feet rested on my cheeks.

“You told me earlier, this would not stop with a foot rub, so you know, I am not stopping you.”

I took one of her feet from my cheek and licked her sole from heel to toes, ran my tongue between all of her toes, and then slowly put each one in my mouth. The contented sounds she was making let me know she was enjoying the attention. Her feet looked and tasted like heaven, and I was consumed with lavishing every inch of her feet with my mouth and tongue.

I was hyper-focused and fully immersed in the task at hand, so it took a few moments for my brain to register different sounds coming from Deena. I opened my eyes and looked up to see her face, with one of her feet fully in my mouth, and I was awestruck at what I saw. She had pushed up the t-shirt she was wearing to expose her breasts, and her hands were massaging them and rubbing her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

“God damn, Topkapı escort that looks sexy,” I said.

“Want a turn?” she offered.

“Are you serious?”

“Oh yeah,” she replied, “your mouth feels incredible, and I want to enjoy it everywhere.”

I stood up and straddled her leg. Leaning in, I began kissing around her right breast and noticed out of the corner of my eye, that her left nipple was pierced. The sounds she was making were heaven to my ears and making me throb. I stuck out my tongue and flicked it over her right nipple as my hand cupped her left breast. She began to squirm and slowly gyrate her hips. Raising her leg a bit, she began to rub her leg into my crotch, feeling my growing manhood.

“You sure you want to do that?” I asked.

“Mm hmm,” she said, “you’re taking me to heaven, I want to return the favor.”

As I continued pleasuring her breasts with my mouth, I began to pull harder on her piercing, causing her to really moan. Pulling me off her breast, she grabbed my head and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. Our lips smashed into each other and our tongues instantly found each other’s. We kissed like teenagers and all the while; her leg continued its assault on my crotch. Before long, I pulled my mouth off hers and leaned back.

“Deena, if you keep rubbing your leg on me, something is going to happen,” I said.

“Good, that’s what I want,” she replied.

“Oh yeah, what do you want, sweetie?”

“I want your cum on my feet,” she said, with a sheepish smile.

“And how do you plan on doing that?” I asked.

“Stand up,” she said, pushing me to stand. As I stood in front of her, she reached for my shorts and pulled them down. “My God,” she said, “I’ve been waiting years to see this.”

I replied cautiously, “Hope you’re not disappointed.”

“Not at all,” she replied, while sinking to her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock and began to stroke me and spit on my cock for lubrication. Then she laid back on the couch and placed her feet on the sides of my cock and began to give me a foot job.

Looking down and seeing her gorgeous feet sliding up and down was a sight from heaven. I reached out to hold her feet to steady myself… the moans escaping me, left no doubt that I was enjoying this. Looking at her, she once again had her hands on her breasts, pleasuring them. Before long, the intensity of the sensations and sight of her caused me to pump cum all over her feet and toes. She kept stroking until the last drops were out of me.

Then, she did something unexpected… she took each foot, raised it to her mouth and licked my cum off.

Her flexibility from years of gymnastics had certainly paid off. She put her feet back against my cock, looking like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. Then she stood to face me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss, then said, “I need to make myself presentable, the girls will be home soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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