Definitely the Best Way to Wake Up!

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There had been something inanely erotic and yes, even natural in the way they had fallen asleep last night that had awaken a primitive need within her to stay like this with him forever. Most women she knew would have told him to go fuck himself when he had simply lay down in the middle of the bed amid crisp white sheets and sprawled out with a self-satisfied but alluring grin and patted his inner thigh like that. But she had crawled up onto the bed like some well-fed pet feline and nestled between his parted thighs with her right cheek on his left thigh like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

He had reached down and stroked her hair as it spread over his left hip and cascaded over onto the sheets that lay below and it had been soothing for her after the orgasm she had just had. She had inhaled deeply; her nose almost nestled in the dark curls of his groin and simply closed her eyes. Her left arm had slid around his right hip and she had basically served as his blanket as they drifted off to sleep with thoughts of their evening burning brightly in both of their minds.

When morning came, it found them in basically the same position although they had both shifted some. She had obviously pulled up the sheet sometime in the night to cover the lower part of her body and his legs and her head had moved up more so that it rested more on his belly as her body covered him with her warmth.

Stirring slightly, long lashes now fluttered gently against the flesh of his belly as she slowly began to move into a more conscious state. She shifted some causing a small murmur of appreciation to lift from him lips even though he was definitely still lost in the stages of sleep but it roused her enough to remember exactly where she was and wide blue eyes opened to gaze up at him.

She could feel her heart trapped in her throat where it seemed to beat and flutter wildly as she gazed upon him. He looked so peaceful in his sleep but even so, more than anything, she wanted to move up into his arms and press her lips to his. She could never get enough of his mouth and tongue. Escort bayan It was if it was the vessel of her life source and beckoned to her even in the moment where she watched the rise and fall of his chest as he slept.

The fingers of her left hand gently moved on his hip as her gaze lowered. Even in his sleep, as she moved softly against him, his body responded to her light caress and she could feel him begin to harden between her soft breasts where his manhood lay in rest. A sultry smile curled upwards on her lips as the thought occurred to her that she knew the perfect way in which to wake him up and took full advantage of the situation.

Her body shifted lower, slowly as not to waken him. She had other ideas in mind for that. Her body slowly wormed downwards until she was once more nestled between his strong thighs and his hardening cock was in line with the tempting curves of her mouth. Her fingers brushed away the sheet that hindered her movements to reveal the entirety of his athletic form to her gaze and lifted her left hand upwards to gently run her fingertips up and down his shaft, glancing upwards at his face to ensure that despite her ministrations, he still slept.

She felt his cock begin to lengthen and fill with blood as her fingers lightly wrapped around his girth, slowly stroking with the barest of touches to get it nice and hard as she watched to make sure he didn’t waken before she was ready for him too. No … by the look on his face, he was lost in a dream state that she intended to make a very surprising reality.

Once she saw that telltale sign of his desire begin to pool at the tip of his now engorged cock, her mouth lowered enough for her tongue to dart out against the head. Mmmm, she loved the taste of him. Slowly lapping the nectar from his helmet-shaped flesh, her other hand slowly lowered to his heavy ball sac where she lovingly cupped them, weighing them in her palm. Then her tongue began a slow assault on the underside of his head, gentle staccato beats that trailed a delicious path around the head of his cock as she felt his Bayan escort body begin to shift beneath hers. Quickly glancing upwards, she could see that he was still lost in the throes of a dream state but his breath was beginning to quicken and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was fully awake.

She shifted slightly as she prepared to be the only alarm clock he ever needed, her right hand now getting in on the action as she carefully moved to her knees between his thighs. Her lioness mane of golden-hued curls of copper cascaded over her shoulders to pool on his upper thighs as her mouth moved around the head of his shaft, her lips forming a seal around his girth. Slowly the fingers of her right hand curled around the base of his shaft as her left palm continued to gently squeeze and fondle his ball sac.

Glancing upwards as her mouth began to work on him, she saw the rapid movement of his eyes beneath his eyelids as a soft groan lifted from his lips. Smiling to herself, her right hand began to move upwards on his length, increasing in pressure as her mouth descended until they met in the middle and then parted in much the same manner, leaving a wet trail of her saliva behind. She could feel his body begin to tense as she repeated this pattern with increased pressure and speed with each pass … down and up … down and up … down and up as her head began to bob on him.

She couldn’t help the way her eyes closed as she lost herself in this moment. Her nostrils flared as she deeply inhaled his scent and a soft purr of satisfaction rumbled through her throat to vibrate against the steely shaft captured in both her hand and mouth. She could feel his ball sac begin to swell in the palm of her left hand and the blood pumping along that thick vein that ran the length of his cock until the very head lost in the recesses of her hot, wet mouth pulsed against her tongue.

When his hand suddenly found its way to her soft tresses, blue eyes lifted to his face where she saw his eyes gazing down at her with a look of intense lust that she hadn’t seen on his face Escort before now. His face was soft with the blanket of sleep still hanging over him as he gently used his hand to push her hair from the path of his gaze, a groan of appreciation rumbling through him as he watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth. His lips were parted as his breathing increased, coming in gasps as she kicked her ministrations into high gear.

She couldn’t help but watch his face as her mouth and hand quicken their pace on his flesh … faster … deeper … harder they worked to see him to completion. His head fell back into the pillows as his back arched and his fingers tightened in her hair to an almost painful sensation and she could feel his cock swell to a rigid tightness and knew it was time. His hand suddenly pushed her head further down as his hips bucked up once, almost burying the complete length of his throbbing flesh deep into her mouth as he cried out with a deed groan, flooding her mouth suddenly with thick ropes of pearly cum which she promptly began to swallow as quickly as possible.

He began to jerk and twitch slightly beneath her as he continued to fill her mouth, his hips pushing upwards one last time as his breath expelled in a roar of approval. Her mouth continued to work on him until she felt him slowly begin to relax, his fingers easing the grip on her hair until they gently stroked the soft strands like she was a treasured pet that had done a good job of fetching his slippers.

Slowly pulling her mouth from his softening member, she felt him shudder beneath her and relax back into the softness of the bed and she placed a soft loving kiss to the underside of his cock, her tongue licking playfully at the thicker area of skin just beneath the head where the shaft ended and the swollen mushroom-shaped flesh began. He groaned in response and lowered his other hand into her hair where tightening his fingers in her soft tresses, pulled her up into the cradle of his arms.

Her smile contagious as their eyes met, she lowered her mouth gently to his where she finally got to plant that kiss that she had been hungry for since the moment she woke up. As their lips melded together and his arms tightened around her form, she pulled back just enough to whisper, “Good morning, lover.”

And it was just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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