Defloration Ch. 08 – Liberation

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Big Tits

Paul took a call from a young woman called Reena who told him she needed help with ‘a personal matter’. He asked her why she thought he could help. She replied that a friend had been helped by him and highly recommended his skills. She asked if she could come to see him as she didn’t want to discuss the matter on the phone. He agreed and they arranged for her to call at 7.30 the following evening.

Paul was excited at the prospect of helping another young woman with her sexual problems. But, when his doorbell rang, he was shocked to see a person covered from head to foot in black. A pair of beautiful almond eyes with long black eyelashes was the only indication of the female beneath.

He invited her in and tentatively inquired, “What can I do for you?”

She nervously glanced behind then she stepped inside and quickly closed the door behind her.

Paul asked her if it would be possible to remove her head covering as he would like to know who he was talking to. Without a word she removed the veil to reveal her face. Paul was astonished to see the beautiful face beneath the veil. Her cheekbones were high and finely chiselled. The nose perfectly shaped. Her light coffee coloured skin was smooth and unblemished. Her full lips were naturally crimson and, when she spoke her teeth were pearly white and even. Her hair was pinned above her head and, when she removed the pins, it cascaded like a jet-black glossy waterfall down below her shoulders.

Paul gasped. “You’re absolutely gorgeous!” he remarked, “It’s a crime to keep such a beautiful face covered.”

“Oh, thank you,” she replied, “that’s partly why I’ve come to see you. Let me begin at the beginning. My parents escaped from Iraq and I was brought up in England. I had a happy childhood but, when I was sixteen my parents forced me to marry a man twice my age because he was ‘a good Muslim’. They disapproved of what they perceived as the loose morals of the West and hoped that my husband would keep me in check. Of course, it wasn’t a happy marriage. But I persuaded my parents and my husband to let me go to university and get a good education. Their condition was that I would wear the veil and full burqa at all times, so I wouldn’t be temptation to men.” I was forced to agree in order to get my education and I have worn it for so long that I am scared to wear normal western dress. My husband turned out to be an absolute beast and treated me so badly. He thought a woman should be a slave to her husband and obey him in all things. I’m a spirited woman, but he forced me to obey by beating me if I refused to submit to his will. My clothes always covered the bruises so not even my parents were aware of his brutality.

“You speak about him in the past tense. What happened to him?” Paul inquired.

“He suddenly travelled to Syria to join the caliphate and fight for Islamic State. Allah be praised he was killed last year. Recently, both of my parents were killed in a car accident, so now I’m totally alone. I don’t have any siblings and all my other relatives live in the Middle East. I’ve never met any of them.”

Paul was intrigued by her story and wondered where this was going. “So, what can I do to help?”

She replied, “I’m still a good Muslim but I want to set myself free from the Arab dress and customs. I’ve read the Holy Quran and nowhere does it say that woman should cover themselves from head to foot and be subservient to men. Mohammed said that women should be respected and their needs met. A couple of my friends at university told me that you are an expert in helping women to enjoy themselves and their body and find pleasure in …” She trailed off, obviously embarrassed to continue.

“I suppose you mean ‘sex’.” He interrupted. “Yes, it’s true that I do help women to enjoy their bodies and enjoy the pleasures of sex. I believe that all bodies are beautiful and everyone is entitled to enjoy sex, if that’s what they want to do.

“Then I’ve come to the right person.” She said. “I do so hope that you can help me too.”

“Shall we start by removing this ugly black dress?” He ventured. “Do you have other clothes you can wear to go home?”

“Yes, I’m wearing them underneath.” She smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that!”

Without another word she pulled off the ugly black garment. Underneath she was wearing a flowery summer dress which clung to her curvaceous figure and finished in a flared thigh length skirt.

A pleasantly surprised Paul remarked, “Oh that’s so much better! How do you feel?”

“To be honest I feel practically naked.” She said, “I haven’t been outside without my covering since I was a girl.”

“How do you feel about your body?” Paul asked.

“Well that’s another big issue for me.” She said, feeling totally embarrassed. “I’ve never been totally naked as an adult. My parents and my husband told me that nudity is a sin. I’ve just washed each part of my body separately while keeping the rest covered.”

An astonished Paul asked her. “Did you even keep your clothes on when your husband er… made love to you?”

“I don’t think he ever ‘made love to me’ as you put it.” She replied. “He was rough with me and took his own pleasure with Maltepe Escort no thought for mine. He was content to lift my nightdress in the darkness of our bedroom and thrust a few times till he grunted with satisfaction, rolled over and went to sleep. I never saw what he had down there but I don’t think it was very big. He was quite fat and it only seemed to peek out a little bit from the roll of fat down there.”

“Well,” began Paul. “I think we’ve quite a lot of work to do. But I think I can help you. Firstly, I think your parents were entirely wrong about nudity. In the bible it says that God made man (and woman) in his own image. Adam and Eve were completely naked and without shame in the Garden of Eden. I think many Muslim’s ideas about modesty and nudity are based in Arab culture and they are all about men controlling and subjugating women.”

“Yes, I completely agree,” she replied. “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I want to throw off this cultural yoke and live free as a woman. I think I can be a good Muslim and worship Allah in my own way. I want to respect and celebrate my body and enjoy the pleasure it can bring me. Can you help me with this Paul?”

“Yes, I think I can,” smiled Paul. “I’m so glad to hear that you have thought this through for yourself and I think you’ve come to the right conclusion. It won’t be easy throwing off the clothes and habits that have weighed you down for years and made you a slave. But you’re an educated woman and I believe you can do it.”

“Where shall we start?” she asked.

“Paul thought for a moment. “Well, already taken the brave first step by removing the burqa in front of a man. Where do you think we should go from here?”

She took a deep breath and thought for a moment before replying. “You seem very nice and respectful and my friends have told me a lot about you. You said that all bodies are beautiful, would you mind if I go further and reveal mine to you?”

“No, I don’t mind at all.” replied Paul. “But I want you to go at your own pace. I don’t want you to feel forced in any way. You can trust me to be respectful. I’ll try not to embarrass you.”

“This is going to be difficult for me.” She said. “But I feel that it’s something I need to do. I need to liberate myself from the culture that’s been preventing me from fully enjoying my life as a woman. I hope you won’t laugh at me.”

Of course not. Said Paul. Can I get you a drink?

“Just water please.” she replied.

When Paul emerged from the kitchen with her glass of water, she had removed her dress and was sitting demurely on the couch dressed only in a black bra and panties trimmed in delicious black lace.

“You look really beautiful.” Paul remarked as he took in the sight of her full breasts barely contained in the underwired half cup bra. His eyes travelled down her body taking in the slim waist and broad hips. Her panties fitted low on her hips with high cut leg openings that accentuated her long slim legs beautifully. The lace was mostly transparent except for a diamond shaped opaque modesty panel that covered her sex. He was pleased to see that she had obviously made a real effort to depart from her usual modest clothes. She sat on the couch with her legs pressed together enduring his admiring gaze. Her face and upper chest were bright red with embarrassment.

“I think you are very brave,” he said. “I know how hard this must be for you.”

Much encouraged by his empathy she continued. “I bought these clothes this morning. I found it hard at first but, when I tried them on, I found I was enjoying myself. I felt rather excited and I must admit I’m feeling excited again now. This is all so new to me.”

She stood up and slowly rotated her gorgeous body before him. The rear of the panties was even more brief than the front. The waistband was a mere string that encircled her beautiful hips and a small triangle of lace thong descended from the waistband narrowing to a string between the superb rounded cheeks of her behind.

Paul gasped. “Your husband must have been a complete moron. He didn’t know what he was missing. Your body isn’t just beautiful – it’s absolutely stunning!”

She smiled, greatly encouraged by his admiration. She was beginning to forget her discomfort and feel more comfortable under his gaze upon her mostly naked body. She flirted with him by twirling around to give him a better look, sashaying her hips and thrusting out her prominent breasts. He drank in the sight and he felt his erection growing inside his pants.

“Would you feel more comfortable if I remove some of my clothes too?” he asked.

“I don’t think it would make me any more comfortable,” she replied shyly.” but I’d like you to. I’d like to know what a real man looks like.”

Encouraged by this Paul kicked off his shoes and stripped off his clothes down to his underwear. He stood before her wearing only his briefs. Her eyes drank in the sight of his chiselled body, lingering on his hard, pectoral muscles and his six-pack stomach. She stared at his tight-fitting briefs with their generous tailored pouch. By now his erection was almost at full mast and it was straining behind the thin cotton Anadolu Yakası Escort material. Suddenly, she made a decision and reached behind her back to release the clip of her bra. Coyly, she supported the front of her bra with the other arm then slowly peeled the garment down to reveal her superb, full breasts. Beautifully heavy and rounded they sat proudly on her chest topped by large brown areolae surrounding her thick erect nipples. Paul watched amazed and fascinated as she turned her back on him and peeled the tiny thong down between her butt cheeks and slid it down her long shapely legs. As she turned toward him, she covered her face with one hand to hid her shame and carefully covered her sex with the other one. Paul reacted by peeling off his briefs. His rock-hard erect penis sprang out and both of her hands flew to her face to cover her surprise.

“Oh, that’s so big!” She blurted out. “It’s really scaring me.”

“Don’t be scared,” he soothed. “Let’s take our time to get used to being naked and looking at each other’s bodies. I don’t want you to feel pressured or uncomfortable. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and I won’t try to force you in any way.”

“Thank you for being so understanding.” she replied. “Let’s just sit down and chat for a while till I get used to this.”

“OK,” he replied. “But first I’d like you to take a good long look in the mirror and learn to appreciate your own body and see how incredibly beautiful it is.” He disappeared into his bedroom for a moment and reappeared wheeling a full-length chevalier glass mirror. He beckoned her over and stood her in front of the mirror. She flinched as she caught sight of her naked body in the mirror.

“Don’t be afraid.” He said reassuringly. “Your body is beautiful – absolutely perfect. Look at your breasts. They are superb. Their size and shape are magnificent. Look at their beautiful teardrop shape. He stood close behind her and lifted both tits with his hands. “Do this.” He said. Feel their weight and how firm but soft they are. Look at the beautiful areolae, the brown rings around your nipples. Massage them with your fingers and feel how good it is. Pinch the nipples and roll them between your fingers. Don’t be embarrassed. Doesn’t that feel good?” He demonstrated, then she did as he instructed, watching her every move in the mirror and, perhaps for the first time ever, looking curiously at her own body and beginning to appreciate its beauty.

Paul continued, “Now slide your hands down slowly from your armpits down past your slim waist and follow the beautiful curves down past your hips. You have a gorgeous womanly body. Learn to love it.” She did as he told her several times.

“Turn around and appreciate your gorgeous bum in the mirror.” He commanded. “Run your hands over the beautiful fine curves.”

She did what she was told and took a good long look at her spectacular bum, as if it was the first time she had done so.

“Have you ever taken a good look at your pussy?” Paul asked.

“My what?” She asked, somewhat confused.

“Sorry, it’s the slang word for the vulva. It’s what you can see down there between your legs.”

“Oh, do you mean my… vagina?” She asked uncertainly.

“Well yes,” he replied. Many people call it that, but strictly speaking the vagina is hidden inside your body. You can only see the opening from the outside. Anyway, many women don’t take the time to get to know their vulva. It’s not easy to see without a mirror as it’s sort of hidden down there between your legs.”

She looked a bit uncertain as he went to the bathroom and returned. He handed her a hand mirror and told her could leave her alone for a while so she could ‘get to know’ her vulva. He encouraged her to lie on her back on the floor with her head and shoulders supported on cushions. When he had left the room, she self-consciously spread her legs and angled the mirror to take a good look at her vulva. She carefully spread the inner labia so she could find the openings to the urethra and her vagina. It was the first time she had looked at them like this and she was fascinated by the detail of the delicate folds. As she explored them with her fingers, she found the sensitive clitoris and discovered the intense pleasure it gave her when she touched and rubbed it.

When he returned, they sat down on the couch and chatted, getting to know each other a little better. Soon Reena noticed that Paul’s penis was no longer rigid and swollen. She was curious and asked him if she could take a closer look.

“Of course,” he said, “Just take your time and look as closely as you like. I don’t mind if you just look and feel free to touch if you want to.”

Reena knelt down in front of him and examined his genitals intently. She was particularly interested in his luxuriant foreskin and asked if she could touch.

“Yes, go ahead,” he instructed.

Gingerly, she reached out and touched his flaccid member, when she saw it twitch, she quickly withdrew her hand as if it was about to bite her.

“It’s OK,” he encouraged her, “Go ahead and check it out. I don’t mind at all. You can touch and slide back the foreskin Ümraniye Escort if you like. Don’t be surprised though if it gets hard again, like it was before.”

Hearing this she plucked up her courage and gently grasped his penis. As he predicted, it started to swell and stiffen. She slid back the loose foreskin to reveal the silky purple head beneath. He moaned quietly as she did this and she asked: “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, it does. It’s very sensitive” He replied. “Do it again, it’s very nice.”

Much encouraged she slid the foreskin back into its former position, then she moved it slowly back and forth. Her eyes darted between his swelling cock and his face to gauge his reaction. He had closed his eyes and there was a smile on his face. Pleased that he wasn’t watching her, she grew braver and continued to explore. She gently lifted his balls and felt how solid and heavy they were inside the soft silky skin of his scrotum. By now his cock was almost at full mast and she gauged its length against her small hands. She couldn’t encircle it with her thumb and forefinger as it was too thick.

Paul surveyed her gorgeous body drinking in the beautiful light coffee coloured skin, her full luscious breasts and her hour glass shaped body. His prick swelled to its full extent becoming rock hard and she glanced up at him pleased to have had this effect. He suddenly asked:

“Would you mind if I kissed you?” She was taken aback.

“I’ve never been kissed on the lips before by a man, but I’m willing to give it a try, if you would like to.”

He leaned in toward her and planted a kiss on her full pouting lips. They felt firm at first but, as she began to relax, they softened and she began to kiss him back. He took her head in his hands and ran his fingers through the hair at the nape of her neck. She moaned softly with pleasure. As the kiss progressed his hands wandered down her back and he held her softly in his arms. He felt her melting as his tongue began to explore her lips and she responded. His hands moved around the front of her body and he cupped her breasts carefully avoiding touching the sensitive nipples until he deemed her ready. He gently kneaded the full firm tit flesh and she moaned softly to show her enjoyment. Soon their tongues were engaged in a loving dance and she felt totally relaxed but excited. Moving away slightly he trailed a line of kisses across her cheek and nibbled her ear lobe before continuing slowly down the side of her neck. She squirmed excitedly as his lips moved slowly down her chest to the top of her breast. He cupped it with one hand while he showered kisses on its upper half. His hand moved upward to cover the areola and he could feel her nipple harden under his palm. Judging her ready, he moved down to lick the nipple very lightly, teasing it till it became as hard as a pebble. The effect on her was electric. She flung her head back and thrust her chest out to offer him her tits giving him free rein to take possession. Hungrily, he cupped both of the swelling orbs and lasciviously sucked and licked both nipples alternatively almost driving her mad with sexual excitement.

As he moved his head away from her chest she sighed in disappointment. She watched as he proceeded his slow trail of kisses down her stomach to encircle her navel before moving further down her belly to her sex. He asked gently:

“Do you mind if I look at your sex? It’s only fair since you have taken a good look at mine!”

She covered her embarrassment with a grin as she allowed him to gently part her legs to examine her pussy. He took his time to take in the sight of the cleanly shaved area topped by a narrow landing strip of pubic hair. Her outer lips were full and plump with a tiny ‘V’ at the top indicating but concealing the clitoris. Below this, her inner labia protruded very slightly. She was quite obviously sexually aroused as her entire vulva was damp. He moved in to blow gently onto her vulva. He breathed in deeply to inhale her scent and told her that her pussy had a beautiful sexy scent that really turned him on.

“I can see that!” she joked as she stared at his rampant member sticking up like a poker between his legs. Glad to see that she was so relaxed, he asked:

“Do you mind if I kiss your pussy? I think you’ll really like it.”

Dubiously, she replied “OK, I’ve never had a man do that before but I’m willing to try.”

He trailed kisses down her belly till he reached the hood of her clitoris which he massaged gently with his thumb for half a minute or so before planting a smacking kiss. Gently, he parted her legs still further and she didn’t resist as he slowly pulled the outer labia apart to reveal the treasures within. Her inner lips were exquisitely thin and he opened them like the petals of a flower revealing the light coating of dew which glistened invitingly in the light of the room. He watched as the inner labia swelled a little and the tip of her clitoris emerged from its secret hideaway as her arousal increased. The inner lips were a beautiful crimson colour tipped by dark chocolate coloured frills. He delicately dipped his tongue between the petals and found the opening of her urethra, then he continued down to her other opening. Flattening his tongue, he drew it slowly from the bottom of her sex slowly up to the top lingering only momentarily on the hard button of her clit. She squirmed her hips excitedly, thrilled by the intensity of his exploration.

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