Deirdre’s Downfall Ch. 12

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Dee’s love relationship gets rocky, but she finds a quick fix with a weekend acquaintance. Please vote and send feedback.

“Deirdre! You took on six guys?” Claudia asked, her shocked green eyes open as wide as saucers. I’d been given the day off from work and was telling my new roommate about the previous evening, when I’d auditioned for membership in my boss’s exclusive, private sex club.

“Yeah,” I said to Claudia, who’d arrived about noon to move in her things. My husband, Frank, and I had filed for divorce – I’d bought out his share of our home – and he’d moved out. “Dr. Neil – you know, my boss – sponsored me; my friend Mandy, a woman I work with, wrote and directed the skit; and I played the female lead,” I continued, providing a few details.

“Like, what did you do?” asked my shapely, 24-year-old new roomie. Claudia was a recently-graduated architect who was paying me very generous rent, to defray expenses.

“I sucked, fucked and jerked off the guys,” I answered, modestly. “I mean, there was a plot and everything…cool costumes…even a horse.”

“A horse?!” she exclaimed, aghast, as she grabbed her short, wavy, chestnut hair in both fists, yanking on it in disbelief.

“He pulled the wagon,” I said, finding it difficult to explain the little melodrama.

“Well, as long he didn’t ‘pull a train’, like you did,” Claudia quipped.

Disregarding her suggestive remark, I said, “I’ll show you the CD when it’s edited.” Then I changed the subject and asked, “Is this all your stuff?” gesturing to the suitcases that filled the foyer.

“Most of it,” she said. “My new job starts Monday and I’ll move in what’s left this week.” She’d taken a cab and the workers outside who were remodeling the house had helped her carry in her bags. “Can I come to your new club?” she asked.

“I don’t know, Claudia. I’m in another show Thursday. I’ll find out then, okay?” Again I changed the subject. “Jack and I’ll be going out tonight. Will you be all right?” My lover, Jack, was the designer and project manager for my house remodel. I was rueful about telling him over dinner this evening that we’d have to stop the job. My finances just couldn’t handle continuing it, and I was anguishing that I’d be seeing him less frequently as a result.

“I’ll be fine,” Claudia responded. “My brother Benjie’s flying in from West Virginia this afternoon and we’ll probably go out and eat some junk food. He’s on his way to L.A., where he got a job as a construction foreman.”

“Your twin brother?” I asked. “Why doesn’t he stay here? There’s plenty of room.”

“Oh, could he?” she asked, jumping up with youthful exuberance. “He’d love it…and you’d get to meet him. He’s so sweet!” she said, hugging me in thanks. I’d nearly forgotten how incredibly solid Claudia’s body was as she crushed her 36D breasts into me. It’d been days ago since she and I had double-teamed Jack – my first taste of girl-girl sex, among other things – in his hotel suite at an architect’s convention.

“Mmmm, you feel sooo good,” she purred, bathing my face with her baby-sweet breath, “and hearing about you fucking those guys has made me all hot!”

I inhaled quickly and my knees felt weak as I remembered our lesbian tryst of a week before, but I was suddenly saved by the bell…the doorbell, that is. It was Billy, the 19-year-old neighbor boy with whom – on a few previous occasions when I was unbearably horny – I’d had some very satisfying sex. He’d been hired by Jack as a helper on the remodel project, and he, along with his Great Dane, Thor, was also my designated protector since I’d been raped the previous month.

“Hi, Dee Dee! Sorry to interrupt!” he said, his eyes fixed on Claudia over my shoulder, whom he’d met when she arrived. “Uhh, wondered if I could have a glass of water,” he requested, lamely.

“Sure, Billy,” I smirked. “You know where the water is,” I said, pointing to the kitchen.

“Hi!” he whispered to Claudia as he passed, and I rolled my eyes at her. He came out of the kitchen in a second, his gaze not leaving Claudia’s 36-26-36 frame. “Okay if Thor stays here while I’m gone? Gotta’ go to the mill this afternoon and tomorrow and help ’em finish some materials,” he said, importantly, as he flicked an imaginary bit of dirt from a flexed forearm. I was amused that he was posturing so obviously in front of the gorgeous young woman.

Claudia eased demurely onto the arm of my overstuffed sectional, displaying her curved, peaches-and-cream legs below her denim miniskirt, and her breasts stretched out the ribbed front of her aqua tank top as she placed her arms behind herself.

“Sure, fine,” I said.

“Thanks, Dee Dee. See ya’ later, Claudia!” he said, stumbling over the door threshold as he exited.

She beamed, nodded, and – after he’d left – gushed, “God! What a hunky young guy! He’s darling! Reminds me of Jack,” she said wistfully, as her eyes took on a misty look, no doubt remembering our carnal threesome of a week before. nevşehir escort She looked out the window at Billy and the rest of the crew. “Wow! All these cute men! Are all of ’em Mexican, ‘cept Billy? Oooh, and who’s that powerful lookin’ stud over there?”

“That’s Sergei,” I responded. “He’s the Russian foreman. Now, c’mon, get your mind out of the gutter and let’s lug your bags upstairs.” I should talk about the gutter! I thought, as I remembered having similar lusty daydreams about each of the workers outside during weak, horny moments over the past several weeks. Thank God for my dildo.

God, I was tense! Even after all that fucking last night at the Club! But it’d been so loveless! I needed that rich fullness that I felt with Jack as we clung to one another…with him slipping in and out of me. The prospect of seeing less of him, my money troubles, and sharing my house with this stunningly-beautiful, chestnut-haired, bisexual girl – whose libido had recently been fed so rabidly in my presence by my lover – was making me extremely uptight. Maybe I’ll pop one Percodan, I thought, though I’d promised my boss I’d stop taking the addictive painkiller.

We hauled Claudia’s stuff upstairs and I swallowed a pill, knowing that I shouldn’t. “Okay,” I said. “This room’s the nursery, which won’t be used, since I’m no longer planning to have a baby. Your brother can stay here. Your bedroom’s next to it, there,” I said, pointing down the hall. “It’s big, and you’ve got a walk-in closet and your own bath. No noise…away from the street…and there’s a little balcony looking down into the backyard.” I sounded like a real estate agent intent on making a sale. “Wow! It’s huge!” she cried when we entered the room. She bounced on the king-size bed and giggled, “The furniture’s perfect! This is awesome! I’ll never leave!”

I wondered if that were a prophetic statement. I hadn’t lived with a young woman since college…which had not been the most pleasant of experiences. And Claudia was 24 going on 14, especially in matters relating to the opposite sex!

“I have to do some shopping,” I said. “Wanta’ come with me?” I also wanted to stop by the office to buy some of the drug, Ecstasy, from Mandy, so Jack and I could enjoy it tonight after dinner…in bed.

“Oh, no thanks,” she said. “Is it okay if I get some sun in the backyard? I brought my suit!”

“Sure. I do it every weekend,” I said. “I’ve got sun screen in my bathroom if you need it.” I changed to a pair of jeans and a top, fixed my makeup, grabbed my purse…and collided with Claudia in the hallway. She’d put on the briefest, orange bikini that I’d ever seen and was carrying her cell phone. “Claudia,” I gasped, “Are you going outside like that?” I asked, dumfounded. “It’s just two strings…with a postage stamp for your…uuh…my God, you’ve shaved!” I exclaimed, noticing baby-white skin on either side of the miniscule suit’s crotch, where a week before there had been a lavish, auburn-colored bush. Her aureoles peeked around the edges of the tiny bra triangles and she was virtually naked. She did look luscious, however, as I remembered her fair, voluptuous body writhing in the throes of passion with Jack and me.

“Yup!” she said, pleased. “You looked…and felt…so good, with just a little hair down there, that I thought I’d get rid of all of mine!” She giggled girlishly and hugged me impulsively, then grabbed my hands, looking into my eyes, and – very seriously – whispered, “Here…feel…” as she stroked the exposed outer portions of her fleshy, newly shaven labia with my fingers. It was so quiet that all I could hear was my pounding heartbeat. I didn’t move my hands away. I let her stroke herself with my fingers several times as she leaned forward and brushed my lips with hers, ever so softly. For an instant I curled one finger so that it passed under her suit to run up her wet slit and caress her swollen clit. She shuddered, moaned, and started to envelop me with her arms, but – still tense – I turned my head and wiggled away, picking my purse off the floor where I’d dropped it. A flash of disappointment crossed her face and she stepped back, hesitated and – embarrassed – giggled again, prancing down the stairs ahead of me, her sumptuous round buns looking like a round package of fresh bread dough, tied in the middle by the single orange strand of her bikini thong. “Ooooh, we’re gonna’ have so much fun!” she said, just before I heard the back door slam.

Three hours later I returned home, at about 4 p.m. I’d bought a supply of Ecstasy from Mandy – the drug I loved so much for fucking – had done food shopping for the week, and picked up a little floral halter dress to wear to dinner with Jack that evening. Billy was gone and the crew had knocked off for the day. They were sitting on the front porch, drinking beer…something that I found strange. They helped me carry my groceries inside and grinned at Claudia as they passed. I stopped at the dining room table – where she and her brother were having a drink – and lay down my packages, ready to be introduced. Benjie was as cute as she, with fair skin and ruddy cheeks, and that delightful, wavy chestnut hair. He’d removed his outer shirt and was wearing a “wife-beater” undershirt, which I hate. I didn’t mind this one though. It revealed full, muscular shoulders and the arms of a weightlifter. His thick chest tapered down to a tight middle and his chino pants stretched tautly over bulging thighs. At 5’10” tall, he was as exaggeratedly masculine as his twin sister was feminine, with their fair, youthful flesh in all the right places.

“Hi, Dee Dee! This is my brother, Benjie!” Claudia said. I shook his hand, gave him a brief salutation, and thanked the workers as they trooped out while they cast a longing look at Claudia’s abundant femininity. At least she’d put her skirt and top back on, I thought. “Hope you don’t mind. I gave the guys a beer. They were so hot…and thirsty!” she said.

I excused myself for a moment and went to the kitchen. I’ll bet they were, I thought – remembering her swim suit – after seeing that orange bikini. I’d noticed that Claudia was drinking Coke and Benjie was chasing shots of Jack Daniels – from a bottle he’d apparently brought with him – with beer. “I bought lots of drinks, so help yourselves!” I called from the kitchen.

“We’re okay for now, thanks,” Claudia responded. “Isn’t she great?” I heard her ask her brother.

“Gawd, yeah, Sis! But ya’ didn’t tell me she was so bea-u-ti-ful!” he whispered, loud enough for me to hear. “She looks just like that actress, ya’ know, Gina Ryder!” he exclaimed, “‘cept her body’s even better!”

“Benjie!” Claudia retorted at full volume. “Gina Ryder’s not an actress. She’s a porn star!”

After waiting a moment I re-entered the dining room and said, “So, Benjie, Claudia tells me you’re in construction.” I sat down with them and sipped a tall, soothing vodka and orange juice.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, respectfully. “Think I got myself a big break, whut with this job in L.A.” he grinned, his features softening around large green eyes so like those of his sister. “Sis showed me whut you’ve done to the house. Nice work, I must say!”

“Mmmm, yeah. Unfortunately, it’ll have to stop for a while,” I lamented, quietly.

“Well, if ya’ invite me back ta’ visit, I’d be happy ta’ do whut I can,” he offered, shyly.

I looked at his thick hair and imagined its feel – so reminiscent of a strong, young sorrel horse – and demurred, “That’s very kind of you. I’ll keep it in mind.” Claudia’s brother was sweet…and looked so virile, so potent. But I shook off that thought and changed the subject: “I’ve got a dinner date, and need to soak in the tub. There’s plenty to eat and drink, so help yourselves. Benjie, there’s a bathroom down here, and Claudia’s is upstairs if you wanta’ clean up.”

As I walked upstairs, I heard Benjie say, “Ya’ haven’t told her about us, have you?” I wondered, curiously, what Claudia had kept from me.

I languished in a bubble bath for an hour, shaving my legs, armpits and pussy. As I climbed out of the tub I thought, Shit! I forgot to bring in clean towels! And my robe’s in the bedroom! Totally nude, I crept furtively out the door to the linen closet in the hall, grabbed a folded one and turned back to the bathroom. At the end of the hall, Benjie was standing just outside Claudia’s bath – himself stark naked – and looking at me. The fraction of a second it took me to yelp and cover myself with the towel gave us both a time-freezing eyeful of one another. My glance became like a movie in slow motion, as I scanned his chiseled pecs that bore a little curly red hair…sloping down to a prominent six-pack of abdominal muscles that – in turn – were bordered by a flat, sculpted tummy and hips that flared further into striated thighs. On one of those was a dollop of what I assumed was shaving cream, since there were traces of the same on his face. And his cock! Whew! I dashed the few paces back into the bathroom and called loudly, “I’m so sorry, Benjie. I forgot to stock clean towels! They’re in the linen closet. You’d…uuh…better get one yourself!” I giggled, and flushed red with embarrassment as I looked at myself in the newly installed floor-to-ceiling mirrors that lined the bathroom walls.

I closed and locked the door and collapsed onto the toilet seat, trying to still my heartbeat, the heated buzzing in my crotch, and the itching in my nipples. God Damn! So much for modesty, I thought, as the returning image of his thick, fleshy, pink cock – surrounded by a profusion of light auburn curls – filled the black screen behind my closed eyelids.

I stood and began combing through my cleanly washed hair. Then, after drying it…I brushed it, nearly wearing out the hairbrush on my shoulder-length tresses as I watched the reflection of my eyes in the mirror. I imagined that lone splash of shaving cream on his thigh to be his cum…cum that had arced down, unnoticed, after he’d masturbated…or after I’d taken him into my mouth and sucked him to a climax, to have it ooze slowly off my chin to adorn his leg. Those legs of his…they’re scrumptious!, I thought, as the memory of Michaelangelo’s statue, David, coursed through my head.

The palpitations in my pussy hadn’t ceased, and – if anything – the scene in the hall had made me more tense than I’d been before popping the Percodan. So I placed the towel on the toilet seat and sat on it. “You need this, Dee,” I whispered to myself, as I spread my legs and began trailing my fingernails lightly up and down my inner thighs ’til the nerves started to tingle in my crotch. I watched myself through half-closed eyes in the mirror across from me and soon began to moisten. I spread my legs more widely and stroked my thighs with my fingertips…up…and down…and brought my hands to my pussy, caressing the creases on either side of my vulva with my pinkie fingers…then moving them up and down as pulsing blood engorged my outer labia. God! I wish I’d brought my dildo in here, I thought, groaning to myself. Forget the hairbrush handle, I thought further, having tried it previously with dissatisfying results.

No…my fingers will have to do, I mused, as I gently pulled wide my tender inner lips to gaze at the flexing, bright red inner lining of my pussy. The little hook of my clit was pushing out from under its hood and expanding and contracting with each heartbeat. I touched it with the end of one finger while my cunt was splayed, and jumped – gasping audibly – as a shard of energy charged up my vagina. Better do something about your mouth, Dee, I flashed, as I grabbed the wet washcloth I’d used to bathe for a gag to muffle my screams. Before returning to my pussy, I looked at its folds…fondly…amazed that such an innocuous looking aperture could bring one so much pleasure. Just inside the fleshy, engorged outer labia was the tender pink construct – looking like the wishbone of a chicken – the top portion of which spread into two thin, blood-filled tributary lips that outlined the shiny, red opening. What a divinely inspired implement of pleasure, I thought. I’d once heard an avowed atheist at a party concede that there might be an entity called “God,” since the guy had said he was powerless to explain that hot, gooey thing between a woman’s legs. My religious beliefs had left me profoundly offended. Whatever. Jack was once again going to feel my cunt’s slippery magic before the night was over, I pledged.

But, evilly, I was manufacturing a fantasy about Benjie at the moment. I imagined the thick, though flaccid, member that I’d glimpsed hanging between his taut thighs a few minutes before as a rampant, red cock, intent on spearing me deeply…and pictured his muscled weight pushing me deeply into a mattress, crushing me nearly to breathlessness as I reached orgasm. That’s when the soft pad of my right middle finger began its feather-like circular journey over my clit, now moist from the juices I’d leaked. I kept my eyes closed to enhance the sensuous vision and felt the telltale oscillations in my groin as my nerves awakened to my ministrations. I heard the blood pound in my ears and witnessed the changing background colors flash behind my eyelids as the veiny image of Benjie’s erect cock jutted out at an excited upward angle. It throbbed up and down ceaselessly in response to my hot breath…or mouth…or vagina…or hand…as I paid mental homage to it.

My head lolled to one side, and my mouth opened slightly, the washcloth drooping loosely from it, as my eyes slitted open to witness my lascivious image in the mirror. My thighs trembled as I stroked myself, scissoring slightly closed, then opening widely, as my hand flew faster…faster yet, then slowed, calculatingly, to press harder on my clit almost to the point of pain. I imagined his teeth scraping me slightly, and I quivered suddenly from the sharp prick of a fingernail. Then my hips began hunching forward and upward, instinctively demanding the male organ…at this moment, Benjie’s rampant, young 24-year-old prick. I reached across my left breast, grazing its tingling nipple with my forearm, and grasped the one on my right tit to roll it between my fingers and pull on it as swells of heat surged through my torso. I began gasping and looked at my reflection once again, my jaw now slack as I whimpered through the first crest of my masturbatory passion. Embarrassed, I quickly stuffed the washcloth back into my mouth and came…mightily. I must have mewled thirty times into my gag as my thighs closed like a vice on my hand, which continued to struggle between its tight restraints, beckoning from my clenching chasm its last orgasmic throes.

I sat there for quite a while, shivering through my joy, until the tingling in the skin all over my shoulders and breasts ceased, and I pulled the cloth from my mouth. My teeth had squeezed from it nearly all of its moisture, and my full lips looked wrinkled and chapped. The tension in my body had departed, and I felt drained. What a nice, refreshing climax! I reflected, as I stood up and stretched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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