Dena’s Delights

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You never know what life is going to dish out on any given day. You make plans, you try to follow through on those plans, and the universe has a way of throwing pie in your face. Sometimes that pie is lemon, and sometimes…just sometimes mind you, it ends up being much worse or much better. Now I’m a glass half full kinda guy. It’s the only way to cope with a life as chaotic as my fifty-five years have been.

The first thing that most people think about is wife problems. In this case you would be both right and wrong. My wife and I get along very well. She is loving, sweet, caring, good looking, very curvaceous, and very forgiving. She’d give the shirt off my back to anyone in need. Yes I said that right. She has no qualms at all about volunteering my days off to one needy cause or another.

Over the years, well, twenty plus now, one of the needy causes I’ve had to help oh so many times is her best friend Dena. They became friends at a school they both taught at, and have been the best of friends since. Now you’d think that’s no big deal. Unfortunately her ex is way out of the picture, and as a result, I got tapped to be the man on the spot more times than I can count. At one time I was doing so many favors for her that we jokingly referred to her as my second wife. Unfortunately for me it came with the duties but none of the benefits.

As Dena aged she started looking for what to do after teaching. The first thing was of course the random home businesses. Tupperware, then Amway and when that didn’t work she went whole hog and invested in a tanning salon. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I had to help out with something in an emergency. Eventually the tanning craze slowed down and she ended up liquidating for barely more than she had in it.

Her next, and current venture, is doing much much better. I think she really hit it off with Dena’s Delights. No, it’s not food. It’s lingerie. She opened, of all things, a lingerie store. In this case I put my foot down, HARD! I was not, repeat one hundred times, NOT, under any circumstances going to be her emergency help. The only thing I know about lingerie is where to buy it, and what kind I like on my wife. Beyond that… I know squat. I’m pretty good at guessing breast sizes, but then what guy isn’t. I eventually agreed to do a few electrical and building repairs as long as they were after hours, but that was as far as I’d go.

Skip forward to today. April first. I had the day off because I had to work the whole previous weekend with an emergency problem at my real job. So today was get the boat out of winter storage and go fishing day. Notice I said WAS. Was is an appropriate term because while I was outside just past seven am pulling the covers off the boat and thinking about what needed to be done in the next hour to go fishing, my cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I said without even looking at the caller ID.

“James!” I heard Dena’s cheerful voice say from the other end. “How’s my favorite second husband?”

“Oh lord. What do you need?” I asked in irritation, knowing full well that with an opening like that she was going to ask me to do something that would probably spoil my plans for the day.

“Awwww. Now is that any way to greet your favorite second wife?” she said sweetly.

“It is if you’re calling to ruin my fishing trip,” I answered, stopping pulling the cover off the boat. “That IS why you’re calling, right?”

“Well, Nancy did say you had the day off,” she said in a tone that conveyed her sweet, pretty please smile even across the phone.”

“Uh huh. And she volunteered me to do what?”

“Welllll. I took a little tumble last night and I’m waiting on the doctor right now to get a cast on my ankle. I called all my people but no one can come in and work. She said you’d be happy to work at the store until one of the girls can make it in later today.”

“No. I can’t,” I answered flatly.

“But I REALLY need help. Won’t you PLEASE? Just for a few hours.”

“Remember that little talk we had? The one when you told us what you were going to open? Well, I meant it then and I mean it now.”

“Oh James! That’s not a very nice thing to say,” she said as I became even more irritated that she was going to try to guilt me into it. “I mean I’m sitting in the hospital and you’re going to turn me down? What will Nancy say?”

“She’ll say I’m mean spirited and stubborn and uncooperative. And she would be right on the second two,” I answered. “I’m going fishing. Period!”

“Ohhhhh James. Pretty please? Just for a few hours. I’m sure I can make it worth your while.”

I’d heard that line so many times in the past it was a broken record. She had on infinitely many occasions promised to make it worth my while and had rarely succeeded. In this case, making it worth my while would be nearly unattainable, since it was something I really had no desire to do. “Sure. You gonna lay on your kitchen table naked and spread for me?” I asked intentionally trying to shock her into realizing that my Escort bayan price would be much higher than any of us was willing to pay.

“Oh my. Now that is a steep price. Is that what it’s going to take to get you to do this?”

“Yep. Now unless you’re really going to make it worth my while, I’m going back to getting my boat ready to fish,” I answered, intending to hang up.

“WAIT!” she practically shouted.

“What?” I asked, putting the phone back to my ear.

“Seriously? That’s your price?” she asked a mixture of trepidation and curiosity in her voice. “You don’t want to do this so much that you’d put that kind of a price on it?”

“Dena! I don’t know squat about lingerie. I know what I like to see, and I know where to buy it. Beyond that…”

“So you don’t want to because you don’t know about it?”

“That and being uncomfortable. I suppose it’d be like you having to walk naked across my living room in front of me. Not something you think of as a fond task,” I answered.

“Okay. Fine. I’ll just close the store today! It won’t be bad. Thirty percent of my week’s profits come on Fridays. But hey, it’s only money,” she said evenly.

“Damn,” I mumbled angrily, realizing that I was going to give in despite my bravado. “You better damn well make it worth my while somehow!”

“Trust me. I’ll think of something. And it won’t be lying across my table naked for you, even though it’s a much more appealing prospect than you might think… As long as you were as naked as I was.”

“I doubt that Nancy is going to go for that, but hey, anytime you want, just let me know,” I answered with a shrug, knowing damn well that it’d never happen.

“Okay. Good. I gave Nancy a key to the shop some time ago. It’s on the hook on a white key fob. When you get there, give me a call and I’ll give you the code to the alarm system.”

“Fine,” I huffed quietly. “I’ll call you when I’m there.”

“Great! I knew I could count on you,” she said before she clicked off.

“Real good James. Way to stand up for yourself,” I chastised myself as I started putting the cover back on the boat. It took me almost an hour before I had the boat all put away, I had showered and changed into some decent looking clothes, a pair of cargo pocket pants, a button down dress shirt and a dark blue tie the same color as my pants, and driven to the shop. Dena stepped me through shutting off the alarm, getting the change out of the safe and setting up the register. All that I had to do, according to her, was to greet the customers and ring up their purchases. Anything more was purely at my own offering.

She was basically right. There were a few customers through the morning, a few young ladies and one middle aged women, all who seemed more nervous about picking lingerie in front of a strange man than I was about having to handle what they were going to soon be, or in two cases, had already had been, wearing.

Just before noon a very curvy middle aged woman, maybe in her early forties at most, came into the shop. I greeted her like I had all the rest of the customers. “Welcome to Dena’s delights. If there’s anything I can do to help you, feel free to ask.”

“Well. I think I’ll look around a bit first, but right off the top I can think of a few things you could help me with,” she said, sending warning bells off in my mind. I’m often more than a little flirtatious, but this is the first time I could remember it coming my way first.

“I’m pretty sure I’m limited to just help with the lingerie,” I answered her, trying not to blush as she struck what was definitely a suggestive pose.

“Well, in that case, I’ll have to see if I can find a lingerie question to get help with,” she said with a grin, turning and walking away from me.

I watched from the counter as she wandered around the racks, picking several items and bringing them to the front. “Would you be so kind as to show me to a dressing room?” she asked sweetly.

“Certainly,” I answered, stepping from behind the counter. “Back this way,” I continued, walking toward the back corner where the three curtained dressing rooms were located.

She followed me back and then stepped into one, closing the curtain slowly, but not quite all the way, as if she intended to leave a gap for me to see through. It was tempting. She was quite good looking. Maybe not playboy model good, but hey, I bet she’d look damn good on a stripper pole. “Are you still there?” she called from the dressing booth.

“Yes ma’am.”

She pushed the curtain back and stepped out toward me and then turned away. “Would you be a dear and unzip me?” she asked, pulling her long blond hair from her neck and pulling it around to her front, exposing a zipper down the back of the tight fitting red dress.

I stepped forward and held the neckline of the dress and slowly pulled the zipper down, not wanting to rip anything or jam the zipper. I worked it down her back, the red material spreading and exposing her bare back down to a wide Bayan escort bra strap running across her back. I continued to pull down, tugging it down the small of her back and at her coaxing, down over the curve of her rather round full butt. “All the way please. I’d hate to rip it,” she coaxed when I stopped just at the top of the curve of her ass.

“Yes ma’am,” I said nervously, pulling farther, the material pulling apart to reveal the round of her bare ass, then the cleft between her cheeks and finally, right at the very end, a white lace strap that was the top band of her panties. There was less than half a dozen inches of material between the end of the zipper and the hem of the dress. “There you go,” I answered her.

“Thank you. I appreciate a man who appreciates the value of clothing to a woman,” she said as she shrugged the dress off her shoulders, now that I wasn’t holding it any longer, letting it slide down off her arms and then down her legs, to pool on the floor around her tall black high heels. She reached behind herself, unsnapped the back of the strapless bra and let it flip loose, practically flying the three feet to the dressing room. She stepped away from me, wearing nothing but a very skimpy pair of lacy white panties and her high heels. She took the four steps forward back into the changing room and then turned to face me, grinning a very naughty grin as she watched me stare at her huge bare breasts, her large dark brown areola puffed out slightly with her nipples protruding hard and erect as if begging to be played with.

“Oh damn,” I mumbled as I turned and walked back to the front before I did anything else I might regret.

I barely made it back to the counter when she walked toward me, wearing a black satin bustier, with her breasts overflowing the material more than a little bit. It fit around her waist fine, but the cups were clearly several sizes too small. “I think I need some help. This is my size, but it seems to be much too small. I’m sure I haven’t grown that much.”

“Yes ma’am. It does appear to be too small,” I agreed, making no attempt to even walk around the counter toward her.

“Well. I think maybe you need to measure me. I mean, this should fit,” she coaxed again. “You do measure, don’t you?”

“I suppose I could look for a tape,” I answered, part of me wondering if this little titty show was Dena’s way of ‘making it worth my while’. I dug around under the counter, considering if I should indulge her or avoid the whole thing, my cock hardening in my pants at the sight of her overflowing breasts. My cock insisted that all I had to do was measure her and I’d have one hell of a view, while my more intelligent head told me this had bad news written all over it. I mean, touching another woman’s tits? I’d be dead meat if anyone found out. But then, it was just part of the job, right? My wife volunteered me for this, so all I was doing was what she asked me to, right? Besides, it was just tits. How much trouble could I get into measuring a set of tits?

“Oh that would be perfect if you could,” she said brightly, almost as if she knew that I would be able to find one. Eventually my cock made the decision my brain couldn’t and I pulled out the tape from where I pushed it in the back and announced that I’d found one. “Splendid!” she replied, reaching across the counter and taking my hand. She pulled me along firmly, drawing me toward the back of the store. “I’m not all that bashful, but just the same, no point in making things more obvious than they already are.”

“If you say so,” I answered, not exactly sure what she had in mind, but reasonably sure it was going to include wrapping the tape around her bare boobs. Not that I was averse to doing so, but I didn’t want to give Dena’s store a bad name and I certainly didn’t want my wife coming down on me for inappropriately touching another woman.

She led me all the way back to the dressing room and turned to face me, reaching for the little clasps down the front of the bustier. She unfastened the entire front of the black satin outfit. She pulled it off and tossed it over a rack we were standing near and held out her arms to her sides, obviously waiting for me to wrap the tape around her and measure. I stepped toward her and did my best to reach around her, to transfer the end of the tape to my other hand without pushing against her, but it seemed she had other ideas. As I reached around her she leaned herself forward, pressing both her breasts into my chest, her hard nipples practically digging into me through my thin dress shirt.

“Oops!” she squeaked softly. “Sorry. Lost my balance. Must be the heels,” she added.

“Uh huh,” I answered obviously not believing her story one bit and letting her know that I knew by the tone of my voice. I pulled the tape around drawing it snugly across her chest.

“Right across the nipples sweetie,” she cooed softly. “Don’t be afraid if you touch. It comes with the territory.”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered, adjusting the tape to run across Escort her big tits, carefully adjusting it to lie across her nipples, my fingers stroking her soft breast and puckered dark areola as I did.

“So gentle,” she whispered as I looked at the tape.

“Forty.” I said flatly, trying not to let her know that I was both nervous as hell and turned on as hell. I was quite sure she could see the massive bulge, or at least what felt massive to me, in my pants.

“Now, around them.”

“Around them?”

“Yes. You know, how big around are they?”

“I can’t do that without a whole lot of touching,” I answered her.

“Of course you can’t. Go ahead. I’m not bashful.”

“I think I am all of a sudden,” I answered her quietly as I tried to coordinate lifting one of her huge breasts and wrapping the tape measure around the huge soft orb. It took three tries, and two soft moans of pleasure from her before I had the first measured and moved to the other.

“I think they like you,” she whispered as I lifted the second soft tit and wrapped the tape around it. “Look how hard you’ve made the nipples.”

“I think they were that way already,” I answered, trying to not think about how horny I was getting. I cupped and gently kneaded her breast much more than was required to get the measurement, even though I had no idea what that measurement meant.

“Might as well do my hips too. I think I’ll be getting some panties too,” she said with a grin.

“Um. Sure. I guess,” I answered, bending over to wrap the tape around her waist.

“No silly. Lower. My hips and across my butt. It’d probably be easier if you were kneeling.”

“Um. Sure, if you think so,” I answered, dropping to one knee and trying to adjust the tape around her hips.

“Oh here. Just take these off. They’re just in the way any way,” she said, pushing the top band of the extremely tiny white lace panty down. She pushed until they were down to her thighs, not quite uncovering her lips, but showing her whole completely shaved mound. “Go ahead. Pull them down. They’re going to have to come off sooner or later.”

“They are?” I asked, in surprise, wondering if she was insinuating that they would be in the way for having sex.

“Oh of course. How can I try on other panties if I have these on?” she answered as if it were the most natural thing in the world to have a strange man pull her panties down. I reached for the material and drew it down slowly, watching her shaved fat pussy lips come into view as she rocked her legs, bending one knee and then the other as I slid them down. She lifted one foot to let me pull the panties over the shoe and then lifted the other, setting them wider than they had been, and providing me a view of her soft inner lips that were compressed against her outer lips from the panties. “You know. I hate wearing these things some times. You men are lucky. You don’t get all pushed up that way,” she said as she bowed her legs apart and slipped one hand between her legs, stroking her pussy for a few moments and leaving her soft inner lips now protruding more naturally down in the gap between her legs.

“No. but we have plenty of other discomforts,” I answered as I went back to measuring her hips, the scent of her arousal strong in my nostrils.

“Oh. You mean like now? I imagine that’s a bit uncomfortable all bent like that,” she said, looking down at me.

“It can be. Thirty eight, by the way,” I said as I stood up in front of her again.

“We can fix that you know,” she cooed softly, reaching a hand out to stroke the front of my pants and my very uncomfortably bent cock.

“I’m sure I can fix it myself, but thank you for the offer,” I answered.

“Okay. Feel free,” she said, stepping a half a step closer to her, her tits tantalizingly close to my chest again, her palm rubbing up and down the front of my pants.


“You’re not bashful, are you?”

“Maybe a little,” I answered her, feeling myself blush slightly.

“Well, I won’t even look then,” she said as she reached for my belt, her fingers quickly pulling the buckle apart and then going to work on the button. I reached for her hand as she grasped the waist of my pants and started to pull down the zipper.

“Really. You don’t need to do that,” I said, holding her hands.

“I know. But I want to,” she whispered.

“I’m married,” I said quietly back, hoping she’d understand I wasn’t looking for what I thought she was intending.

“So am I. Who do you think I’m buying lingerie for? My girlfriend?”

“Uh. No. I suppose not,” I answered as she took my lessening of my grip on her hands as permission to keep going, and pulled the zipper all the way down.

“Now, just let me,” she whispered as she let go of my pants, allowing them to slide all the way down to my ankles. Leaving me in my boxer briefs, only partly covered by the tail of my dress shirt. “I promise I won’t look,” she whispered as she found the elastic waist band of my briefs and pulled them out and down, reaching in with her other hand to grasp my rock hard cock and pull it up and out. She pulled the waist of my briefs down, hooking then under my balls and leaving me completely exposed. “There. Isn’t that more comfortable?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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