Denny Does ‘Em All

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Author’s note : This is a continuation of the story ‘Something Old, Something New’. Readers should probably read it first as several references are made to it and to other stories in the Denny chronicles. Thanks to the many readers who have taken the time to send story ideas and encouragement.

* * * * *

The drive home was uneventful as each of the four passengers spent the hours reviewing their adventures of the night before. Dennis and his mother had avoided speaking to each other due to their both feeling guilty about what had occurred between the virgin usher and Mrs. Mitchell.

Dennis didn’t know how to approach his mother after setting her up with a total stranger. He almost felt like a pimp although no money was exchanged. He worried that his own sexual relationship with his mother might change and even worse he worried that she would be disgusted enough that even their non-sexual mother-son relationship would suffer.

As he thought back to last night, he also had to admit that after setting her up, he had been titallated by the thought of his mother screwing another young stud. Indeed, although he thought he was sexually exhausted, he had become aroused just visualizing his attractive mother sucking and fucking the young guy. He had phoned Mrs. Pearson’s room in the hope that he might be able to visit her but there had been no answer. He knew that Miss Hoey was occupied with her own young usher so he couldn’t go there.

Just as he had been about to give up hope he heard an abrasive voice on the phone next to him. A slightly overweight woman with her hair in a bun was swearing like a sailor into the mouthpiece.

“Well fuck you too, you fucking bastard! If you won’t come and pick me up, maybe I won’t even bother coming home tonight. Maybe I’ll just find me another man who’ll appreciate what I have to offer! Yeah! We’ll see about that! This old broad can still fuck with the best of them! Oh go to hell!” With that she slammed down the receiver and started to cry.

Dennis hated to see women cry so he offered her his handkerchief. She took it and started blubbering into it. After a few minutes she regained her composure and boldly asked her young benefactor if he had a room in the hotel.

Dennis was so flabbergasted that he almost laughed. He wondered whether all middle-aged women were over-sexed or was he just once again in the right place at the right time. He took a closer look at this woman who was propositioning him. She had brown hair with streaks of gray in it and the wrinkles that came with age and spending a little too much time with a drink in your hand. The unsteady stance showed that she had probably had one or two too many as it was. Her figure could be described as voluptuous without reaching the fat stage. Her massive breasts were barely being held in by the low-cut dress she was wearing. Her bountiful beauties towered over a stomach that stuck out slightly over the waistband of her mini-skirt which wouldn’t normally look good on a woman her age. But the short skirt and high heels worked for her.

His eyes were drawn to her heaving chest. His libido had already made the decision for him. He couldn’t believe that he was getting aroused at the sight of a woman well past her prime but he remembered thinking ‘any port in a storm’. Knowing that he couldn’t very well go to his room and that there probably weren’t any available rooms in the hotel, he responded, “Look I’ve got a car. I could drive you home. ” His mind however was on a different type of driving something home. The smirk on her face told him that she had understood what was about to happen.

He started to smile as he remembered the slight stagger as she followed his directions to his father’s car. When he had had to place his hands on her hips to keep her from falling, she had taken them and guided them right on to her wiggling butt. Somehow he had gotten her to agree to climb into the back seat with him and he had opened the door to let her in when she turned suddenly to face him. Sitting on the rear seat with him still standing she stunned him by unzipping his fly and pulling his rapidly inflating cock out into the cool night air.

Without a word she devoured the knob. Panicking at first, Dennis had looked around the darkened parking lot to see if anyone was watching this lewd display. Satisfied that the opened door concealed what the woman was doing, he allowed himself to revel in the joy that her mouth was giving him. Soon he was fucking her face like it was a pussy. The woman was obviously an experienced cocksucker as she brought him to the brink of blowing his load into her mouth several times.

He ran his fingers through her hair and the bun fell apart. The older woman just shook her head without releasing his shaft and he was amazed at how long the brown and gray strands were as they cascaded past her shoulders. Finally she had pushed him back a step, reached down under her skirt and pulled off her panties. Encouraging him with some more gutter language she pulled bursa escort him into the car by his own rod.

Once inside the car she had insisted on climbing onto his rock hard cock while he fed on her huge jugs. He had sucked on them like a ravenous baby and was disappointed that he couldn’t get more into his mouth. He remembered the purple veins leading to the large brown nipples and wondered if all older women developed them as they aged. He had heard about varicose veins in their legs but didn’t know if the breasts were subjected to them as well.

She seemed to relish the fact that he was so young especially after she found out that he was still a teenager. She had pleaded with him to fuck her silly and drive his young cock deeper and deeper into her old but very wet channel. She had surprised him by rotating on his cock until she was facing away from him. Somehow she had accomplished this without releasing his manhood from her pussy.

After pounding her pussy for several minutes, the older woman had leaned forward over the front seats and encouraged him to fuck her in the ass like a good young stud. Dennis chuckled when he remembered that her actual words had been “Stick that horse meat in my ass and fuck me like an animal!” Ever the gentleman and always mindful of his elders, he did as he was told.

The tightness of her ass made initial movement difficult but gradually they got into a steady rhythm. He held on to her bouncing jugs like a boy on a bike hangs onto the handlebars as she bucked her hips back into his groin demanding that he fuck her ass harder. He remembered feeling the rush of adrenalin that told him he was about to release his seed into her asshole. She was already too lost in her own orgasm to even notice that he was not wearing a condom. Finally the veins on his neck expanded and he exploded deep within her shit hole. Over and over he spasmed as she lay exhausted over the front seat.

In fact she was oblivious to his final lunges as she was still lost in her own sexual, intoxicated euphoria. Finally his organ plopped out and they both fell onto the back seat totally satiated. Once again Dennis found himself fearful of what his father would say when he found semen stains on the upholstery.

Straightening themselves up they moved quietly into the front seat whereupon after being told her address, Dennis started to drive her home. Stopping at the corner down the street from where she lived, she turned to him, kissed him on the cheek and climbed out of the car.

He remembered that they hadn’t even exchanged names but he had felt the need to know her age. When she told him that she was 56, he realized that she was old enough to be his grandmother. In fact his own grandmother was actually younger than this woman he had just fucked.

Dennis smiled as he remembered returning finally getting up enough nerve to return to his room and being relieved that it had been empty. The only signs that anyone had been there were the messed up sheets that now had a couple of wet spots. Needless to say he threw the soiled sheets into the corner of the room and had spent the night on the bed without any covers.

While Dennis was reliving the previous night, Miss Hoey had been doing the same. She had truly been embarassed when Dennis had caught her going up to her room with the young usher. The stunned look on his face had made her feel sorry for him. She hadn’t meant to hurt him but she seemed to have an unquenchable need to seduce hard young bodies and the young usher hadn’t disappointed her.

He had been able to keep going almost all night long. In fact he had reminded her of the Eveready bunny especially since he fucked like a rabbit. He had fucked her cunt while sitting in the large studio chair and had taken her ass later by leaning her stomach over that same chair. He had asked her to suck him off while she had been sitting on the toilet. She had been more than willing to accommodate his desires as he had proven himself quite the cocksman by making her cum more times than she could count.

They had explored every inch of each other’s bodies when he had made one final request that she had never heard before. He wanted to piss in her mouth! That was the end of a glorious evening of fucking.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mitchell was lost in thought trying to figure out how to deal with her son. On the one hand she was furious with his handing her off like some cheap whore. On the other she was ashamed to face him realizing that he had known that his plan would be successful. He knew that she had fucked a stranger in his hotel room, in his bed.

The fourth member of the car’s quartet, her husband, was hung over and he just wanted to get the hell home. Fortunately the previous evening he had passed out and had been oblivious to everything that had gone on. This morning as he loaded a piece of luggage into the middle of the back seat, he had wondered what the white spots were on the upholstery but his three passengers arrived before çanakkale escort he could verify what the stains actually were.

During the drive, he assumed that every one in the car was silent because they were cognizant of his condition and feared that a lot of idle chit-chat would raise his ire. They were right. He was still stewing about being taken for a fool by the Hoey woman and he was still trying to figure out what the white stains could be.

Finally they had arrived and each went gratefully back into their own little worlds. Dennis and his mother avoided each other for the next few days although his morning erections were constant reminders that he needed to straighten things out with her.

A few days later, while driving home from a study session at the college library he had made up his mind to face her. As fate sometimes intervenes, he was sidetracked when he happened to see Mrs. Green, his first lover, entering Luigi’s Restaurante with her son Bobby, his former best friend. This was another problem that he needed to resolve.

Parking his car in the rear parking lot, Dennis entered the restaurant from the back door so that he would not be seen. Just past the washrooms he found a vantage point where he could observe the twosome without them seeing him. Bobby’s back was to him but he could see Mrs. Green. God she looked so beautiful and memories of her initiating him into manhood caused a swelling below his belt.

He knew that he wanted her but how could he get her away from her son to tell her so. Then an idea hit him like a blow from Mike Tyson. Taking his cell phone from his belt he dialed her cell number hoping that she had it with her and hadn’t turned the power off. On one occasion they had discussed how rude it was for patrons in restaurants to carry on conversations while dining. Watching their table he was relieved to see her reach into her purse and pull out her phone.

Now that he had her on the line he didn’t know what to say but finally identified himself and told her that he was nearby. Trying not to let on to Bobby who she was talking to she surreptitiously surveyed the dining room. Finally she spotted him near the washroom entrances.

Even though she was still angry with him for treating her like a whore she secretly had enjoyed discovering that side of herself. Knowing Bobby’s hatred towards his former friend for making love to her she concealed who she was listening to by pretending it was a business call. Somehow her young lover sweet-talked her into pretending to go to the ladies’ room. Excusing herself as she hung up the phone she squeezed out of the booth and realized that the secrecy had excited her.

Just as she started to pass the men’s room a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the small but clean room. Stifling a cry she started to protest as Bobby latched the door.

“What are you up to Dennis Mitchell?”she queried.

Her young lover answered by locking her lips with his and pulling her into a passionate embrace. Tongues exchanged fluids as the their hands flew over each other’s most intimate parts. Not to be denied Dennis started to raise her dress above her waist and was working her panties down her legs before she started to resist.

“No Denny. Not here! Not now! Someone will come in! Bobby will come looking!”

She tried to convince herself not to allow this to happen but the sheer boldness of it was having the opposite effect. Her pussy was dripping wet already and she hadn’t even realized that she had already unzipped the boy and was working his hard cock up and down with her hand.

“Denny… we… can’t… Please.. Bobby.. will… come.. looking… Oh… Oh… don’t!… Oh… don’t… aaagh!… Oh… that’s it… touch.. me.. there… don’t… don’t stop!!”

He backed her up to the sink and lifted her up so that her buttocks were resting on the cold enamel. Raising one of her legs over his shoulder he drove his erection deep into her vagina. The two were already close to orgasms when they heard someone try the door handle. The fear of being caught made the situation even seem even more erotic and they both threw caution to the wind. They were too far gone to even notice now that the person on the other side of the door had started to berate the occupant for taking too long.

Her cavity was warm and slippery and his blood-engorged cock was soon ready to spew out its spray of seeds.

“Oh fuck! Mrs. Green! I’mmmm… gonna… cummmm!” he grunted.

As her cunt muscles contracted, the older woman forced the boy to ejaculate deep into her bowels. As he was climaxing, he gripped her so tightly that she let out a yelp. Her own orgasm was so intense that she dug her fingers so deeply into his ass while pulling him into her that she broke the skin and left deep scratches.

She pleaded with him. “Fuck me, Denny! Stick that wonderful young cock deeper! Deeper! Don’t stop you little prick! You’re … making… meeee… cummmm!!” Finally her whole body didim escort convulsed as she came loudly.

The two spent lovers used each other’s body to keep from falling to the floor as they returned to the real world. The banging on the door was even more insistent now and they straightened their clothes preparing to face the man’s wrath. Before opening the door they had one last kiss and promised each other that there would be a repeat but not so public and certainly not so rushed.

Taking a deep breath they unlocked the door and a disgusted older man pushed by them, admonishing them that they should be ashamed doing the dirty deed in a public washroom. As he passed Mrs. Green he nastily chastised her for fucking a guy young enough to be her son. As quickly as they could they vacated the premises. Dennis back to his car and Mrs. Green back to the table to her anxiously waiting son.

She breathed a sigh of relief that it hadn’t been him waiting to use the men’s room.

Meanwhile over at the local high school, things had been heating up between Dennis’ mom and her best friend Miss Hoey. It had all started innocently enough in the Girls’ Gym office after basketball practice had ended. The two had initially been talking about how to get Linda, their starting center, to work on her defense and gradually the topic of the weekend had come up.

Janet Mitchell wanted to ask Barbara what she had seen Dennis doing in the back seat on Friday night during the drive to the wedding. She was concerned that if her friend had seen her son masturbating, she would hate the boy. She also wanted to grill her friend to get her to expose who her lover had been in the hotel room that same night. But most of all she wanted to discuss her own affair with her son. She needed to talk to someone about her infatuation with Dennis. She knew that many people in society would condemn her but she hoped that her friend would understand as she was the most liberated woman that Janet knew.

They talked all around the issues and finally after beating around the bush, she came right out and told Barbara that she needed to talk to her about some sexual concerns that she had and told her that there was no one else she could confide in.

Barbara, herself, wanted to get some things off her chest. She didn’t like lying to her friend and was anxious to gauge Janet’s reaction to her having slept with Dennis. She breathed a sigh of release when Janet said she too needed to discuss ‘some sexual concerns’. She readily agreed but convinced her friend that the gym office might not be the best place for such a discussion and suggested that they grab a pizza and go to her apartment.

” Phone home and tell Ben and Dennis that you’re coming over to my place. “

Two hours later the two attractive teachers had consumed a medium pepperoni pizza and a bottle of wine. They were now well into a second bottle and both were feeling the effects. Barbara had laughed when asked about Dennis’ masturbating in the back seat.

Her response was a haughty, “If he had I certainly would have noticed it. And the answer to the question you’re dying to ask is ‘I’m not ready to tell you who I was fucking that first night. Maybe later but not right now. ‘”

Finally, Janet, knowing her friend’s reputation of seducing young guys, asked her friend if she had ever lusted after a younger man that she perhaps shouldn’t have. Barbara wasn’t sure now whether her friend had figured out that she had seduced Dennis or whether she was trying to unburden her own conscience about sleeping with her own son.

Thinking long and hard and being very wary of the potential minefield that she could be stepping into, Barbara responded, “Let’s stop pretending Janet. We’re both grown woman and more importantly we’re best friends. Best friends support each other. Best friends confide in each other. Tell me what it is that you really want to talk about. “

Draining her glass of wine, Janet finally burst out with, “What would you think about a woman who was sleeping with her own son?” There it was out in the open finally and she held her breath for Barbara’s response.

The response was not what she had expected. “I thought we were going to be totally honest. You’re the woman aren’t you? Admit it!”

Bravely nodding her head, her friend hugged her and shocked her by saying that she was glad that it was finally out in the open. Saying that news like that deserved another bottle of wine, they popped the cork. First Janet demanded to know how her friend had found out and was embarrassed to learn that the blow job she gave her son in the gym storage room had been observed. Realizing that she finally could talk about this incestuous relationship, she proceeded to set about telling her friend all the little details of how their affair had started and why she was so late coming in to practices each morning.

As she was relating all this Barbara had started to play with her friend’s hair. While Janet talked about giving her son morning blow jobs, Barbara found herself being turned on and she started to run the palms of her hands down Janet’s arms. She could see the hardened nipples through Janet’s cotton top and realized that talking about sex with her own son was turning her on as well.

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