Dental Office Party

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I was working late at the dental office closing the books out on the last of the month. Our office was in the midst of a remodel and a couple of contract workers were scheduled to do some work in the evenings so we could continue to see patients during the day. As I was closing out the month on the computer I heard the back door open, I figured it was them, as we had given them a key.

I got up to investigate none-the-less, and sure enough it was the construction studs, and I mean studs; they were yummy looking. Both were about 6’1 and very fit. One had dark, coarse, curly hair, a strong jaw line and high cheekbones. His facial features were so pronounced that he resembled Michelangelo’s David sculpture. The other was a fine strawberry blonde haired gladiator type with medium length locks feathered back like Brad Pitt in “Meet Joe Black”. His shirt was skin tight revealing his washboard abs and perky pecks. They could both eat crackers in my bed anytime.

I introduced myself and explained that I would be working late on the computer and that if they needed anything to just let me know. The dark haired stud introduced himself as David, how fitting, and the other chimed in that he was Dillon and that Double D was their company name. I stated that I would not hold them up and that if they needed anything, and I said anything in my best sexy bedroom voice, that they should come and get me as I would be in the middle office. I smiled and they returned the smile in and almost understanding way.

I went back to my office to continue my work but throughout the next hour I found myself peering out into the other room to catch a glimpse of the two hot bodied gentlemen at work in the back. A few times one or both of them would catch my gaze and smile back. I found that after a while my mind started to wonder and fantasize about a sexual interlude, so-much-so that I became very horny and could not concentrate at all.

I unbuttoned my blouse a couple of buttons to reveal some cleavage and went over to the office doorway to pick up some stacks of folders from the floor to give them a full shot down my blouse. I paused for a moment then looked up. They were both staring straight at my breasts; I smiled and picked up the folders to go back to my desk. I started sorting the folders to look busy and glanced out into the back room. They mersin escort were discussing something and did not see me looking.

I continued to pretend to be sorting for a little while and glanced out again to see that David was heading my way. I tried to look like I was concentrating as he entered my office. He asked if I could come out and show them how to work one of the dental chairs so they could raise it while working in that area.

I got up and walked out into the back room, I purposely bent over in front of them several times as I showed them the operations of the chair. Dillon asked if it was hot in there and proceeded to remove his shirt. I could not help but stare at his ripped abs and perfect pecks glistening with slight perspiration. Reflex made my hand reach out and glide my index finger down his chest, between his breast, and over his abs. I brought my finger back to my lip and gave him a seductive look.

David then took his shirt off and stepped closer to me while unbuckling his tool belt. I stepped closer to him and grabbed the front of his jeans squeezing the bulge that lay underneath. As I did this Dillon reached over and cupped one of my breast and David tweaked the nipple of my other.

I stepped back, removed my blouse and unbuttoned my pants. D & D did the same, only they dropped theirs to the floor. I followed their lead and unzipped my drawers and let them drop. I stepped forward and reached with both hands into each mans brief and cradled their manhood.

They were well hung individuals, David’s being slightly bigger and thicker. I tugged a few times on each and they began to grow larger. Both men started to roll my nipples between their fingers, pulling and tweaking them randomly. I could feel my love juices start to flow, and my pussy was getting wet.

I continued to pull on each large cock and felt them continue to grow. “How big can they get?” I thought to myself.

As I was thinking this, David reached around and helped me into the dental chair. As I lay down, both men removed my panties for me and them proceeded to remove theirs.

David began to jack up the chair to the maximum height and while he was jacking, Dillon began sucking on my left nipple and gently massed my clit. After the Chair reached the maximum David kocaeli escort began to suck on my right nipple.

D & D continued to suck and bite my nipples and both took turns massaging my crotch. David would suck and bite while Dillon tongued and bit. Then Dillon would suck and David would bite. Then they would both bite at the same time and I would let out a sigh of pleasure. I reached down on both sides of the chair and started to jerk each mans massive cock as they sucked my tits.

I asked them to bite my nipples and then run their tongues over them while clinching them in their teeth. I shrilled in delight and both men went to town biting and tonguing my nipples repeatedly. I could hold it no longer and came fiercely as they both massaged my crotch and sucked my nipples. The pleasure was immense, and I had never felt anything like it.

I slid down to the bottom of the chair and pulled David’s monstrous cock with me. “I want you in me” I stated.

I then turned to Dillon and ask him to lie down on the chair. I lowered the chair down and he climbed on. I assumed the doggie position at the end of the chair and stuck my ass in the air inviting David in. As he approached from behind I grabbed Dillon’s cock and started to lick his enormous head.

David stated to slide his huge cock into my wet inviting pussy. I could feel the pulses of his heartbeat pushing the sides of my vaginal wall wider and wider as it gave way to his enormity.

I deep throated Dillon as David plunged his huge cock in and out of my pussy again and again. I found myself keeping rhythm with David as I rose and swallowed Dillon’s cock up, down — in, out; up, down — in, out; up, down — in, out; for several minutes until I felt David’s cock begin to pulse rapidly, then it came, the hot shot deep into my uterus and I came again in unison with David’s pulsing hot cum.

This time I came so hard that I thought I might have swallowed Dillon’s cock for good. But alas his cock slid out of my throat as I lifted up. I looked him in the eye and told him that it was his turn to fuck me.

David pulled out and I asked him to lay on the chair upside down so he could suck my nipples while Dillon fucked me from behind. David assumed the position and I bent over him, grabbing the sides of the samsun escort chair dangling my breasts in his face. He began to suck my left breast while tweaking the right with his fingers.

As I closed my eyes and enjoyed his pleasure, Dillon slid his huge cock into my hot, wet pussy. He seemed bigger than David; when I had them both in my hands earlier I would have sworn that David was bigger. I was wrong, Dillon was bigger, or at least longer. I felt him touching deeper spots inside me that David never reached, and it felt wonderful.

David sucked and tweaked my nipples switching from breast to breast as Dillon pounded his large, long cock deep inside me. As Dillon pounded and David sucked, I felt the pleasure welling inside of me. It was not the quick building pleasure like before, but a slow building warmth from deep within.

I couldn’t help but think that I am being doubled by Double D, or doubled by D & D, it made me smile as I enjoyed the large cock in my vagina and my nipples being sucked and bitten and licked by the Double D team.

As I pondered this, the warm feeling inside began to build and build, I tried to hold it off but the pleasure was too much. I began to cum again, this time it was extremely strong; pulsating. I could not help violently pounding my ass against Dillon’s groin area as I came multiple times.

I started screaming “Fuck me harder, fuck me harder”. Then I felt his payload release inside me and I climaxed like never before. As Dillon’s load filled me and the pulsing stopped, I felt completely satisfied. I collapsed onto David in exhaustion. I stayed there for a few moments to enjoy the Nirvana that I was in, then I rolled off of him and gathered my cloths from the floor.

I thanked them for the pleasure as I walked away and headed toward the restroom to clean up.

“This is a fantasy I have dreamed of for many years, and you two have made it come true”, I told them as I departed. They smiled and said that it was their pleasure. They also stated that they would be back every evening for the next two weeks.

“I may have to find a reason to stay late again, we will see, can I bring someone?” I asked.

They had no problems with that. Maybe I will bring my husband I thought, as I got dressed, he has always hinted that this stuff excites him. Maybe three men will pleasure me, a fantasy I have not considered. Maybe two on my nipples as I am on top pounding the third, maybe two on my nipples as I deep throat another, maybe I could be air locked as they say, filling all of my holes at once; or maybe I will do all of the above; who knows, I will have to ponder this over the coming week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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