Desire Fulfilled Ch. 05

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As usual, I recommend reading the previous chapters. Not only for continuity, but also for even more entertainment and arousal purposes. At least that’s the goal…I hope I succeed. Feedback and comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy…

Desire Fulfilled, Chapter 5

Driving towards to the club where she and Erin met, Sam is careful not to speed or drive erratically. After her drinks, the last thing she needs is to have to try to explain why she was busted for drunk driving, and why she had a variety of sex toys in the vehicle with her when it was impounded. No, definitely not what she needs.

“Are you OK?” Erin asked.

“Oh yeah…” Sam replied, “Just making sure I don’t do anything that will result in us being pulled over.” Glancing over at Erin, Sam saw that she was sitting in her seat with her legs parted, her skirt pulled up uncovering her thighs, and was using a small pale blue vibrator on her clit. Erin was squirming and shuddering…It was all Sam could do to keep her eyes on the road.

“Do you like watching me?” Erin asked, her breaths rapid and short.

“Oh yes…you are making it virtually impossible for me to keep my eyes on the road,” Sam replied, her eyes darting back and forth from looking through the windshield to down at Erin’s spread legs.

Not able to keep her concentration on the road, Sam quickly pulled into a parking lot and stopped. Shutting off the car, only the light poles outside provided light into the car. Sam unbuckled her seatbelt and quickly turned sideways. “Please let me?” she said with an urgent, almost desperate tone of voice.

Opening her eyes, Erin smiled at Sam, “please do Baby,” she replied, removing her seatbelt and sliding her skirt up even higher. Taking a hold of the small vibrator with one hand, Sam reached between Erin’s thighs with the other, her fingers pushing into the warm wetness of Erin’s puffy pussy lips.

“Oh my God, you are so wet,” Sam whispered, her fingers already coated with Erin’s creamy juices.

“Yes…oh God, yes…fuck me,” Erin pleaded. “Oh fuck, make me cum!”

“Mmmmm, yes Baby…how does that feel?” Sam asked as she rolled the small vibrator from side to side over Erin’s swollen clit.

“Ooohhhhhh! It feels amazing…oh yes…please keep doing that!” Erin moaned.

Lifting the vibe away from Erin, Sam leaned down and gently flicked her tongue over Erin’s clit. Reaching down to the side of the seat, Erin fumbled for the lever to release the seat, reclining it back allowing Sam easier access. Resting her hand on Sam’s head, she gently motioned her downwards. “Mmmmm, suck it a little for me Baby…let me feel the heat of your mouth on me.”

Grinning at Erin’s request, Sam slowly closed her lips around her clit, her tongue slowly moving around it in circles.

“Uggghhhhhh…yes! Ohhhhhhhh” Erin moaned loudly. Her hips pushed upwards against Sam’s mouth, her desire to orgasm increasing rapidly. “Ohhhh, make me cum Baby! Make me cummmm!”

Sliding her fingers into Erin’s sopping pussy, Sam slowly began to finger fuck her, working them in and out, curling them upwards and massaging her g-spot. Humming as she sucked Erin’s clit, Sam could feel Erin’s body begin to tense up, her legs shaking. Erin’s moans became louder, her breathing on the verge of desperate gasps for air. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” she stammered. “Ohhhhh fuck! Uuugghhhhhhhhh!! Yeah!! Uugghhhhhhhhh!”

Erin’s pussy clamped onto Sam’s fingers as her body convulsed. Sam slowly slid her fingers from Erin’s pussy as she felt her orgasm subside. Grabbing a hold of Sam’s hand, Erin pulled her hand up to her mouth. Sucking Sam’s fingers clean, she closed her eyes as she savored the abundance of cum that covered them.

Glancing outside, Sam suddenly sat upright in her seat. She noticed a vehicle a couple of spaces away with one person inside. The person appeared to be facing their direction, but with the windows slightly tinted it was hard for her to know for sure. “I think we should get out of here,” she said nervously. “I think someone may have seen us…but I am not sure.”

“Whatever…I just need to catch my breath. Oh, Baby, that was incredible…Thank you,” Erin whispered, her eyes closing in contentment.

“You are so welcome,” Sam replied as she buckled her seatbelt and started the car. As she drove past the parked car, she looked over quickly at it, seeing the person sitting in it smiling at her, giving her a thumbs up. Looking back at Erin, she turned onto the road without telling her anything about being watched. Of course, it probably wouldn’t have mattered to Erin, she didn’t mind being watched, but the rush of excitement Sam felt gave her goose bumps all over.

The rest of the drive to the club was silent. Sam occasionally glanced over at Sam while she lay in the reclined seat, her eyes closed, her breathing slow. She found herself looking at the curves of her tits, the way her thighs were still parted, and thinking that she was so very lucky to have found such an incredible escort bursa and gorgeous woman to fulfill her most secret desires.

Pulling into the parking lot, Sam noticed that there were even fewer cars there than earlier in the evening. “We’re here,” she said quietly, her hand reaching out and resting on Erin’s smooth thigh.

“Mmmmm, good,” Erin replied. “We’re going to have a lot of fun.” Sitting up in the seat, she peered through the window. “Oooh, I like this…..fewer cars than earlier…that makes the prospect of finding people to tease a little harder…” Erin paused for a few seconds and looked over at Sam, “but it also means that we will be much more easily noticed.”

Sam felt her face flush, the sudden reality of the situation sinking in. It was exciting. It was exhilarating. It was by far the most outrageous and spontaneous thing she had ever done in her life.

“Ready to go?” Erin asked quietly. “Ready to go and really make some men hot for us?” she said with a giggle.

“Yes…oh yes I am,” Sam replied. Turning to look at Erin, Sam felt Erin’s hand sliding up her thigh. She closed her eyes and allowed Erin to slip her fingers under the thin fabric of her G-string, gently slipping between the smooth folds. “Ohhhh, you have such an arousing touch,” she whispered.

“Mmmmm, and you have such a gorgeous pussy…I can’t wait for someone to see me touching it…feeling it…and maybe even perhaps tasting it,” Erin quietly moaned. Pushing her fingers deeper, Erin quickly found Sam’s dripping pussy…hot…tight…and so incredibly wet. Slipping just her fingertip into Sam, she just as quickly removed it, sliding it upwards and around her clit. She circled it a few times, gently massaging it. Hooking her finger under the thin strap of Sam’s G-string, Erin grinned mischievously, “Take these off.”

Answering Erin’s request, Sam squirmed in her seat, sliding her skirt up and her G-string down around her knees. Leaning down, Erin separated Sam’s pussy lips and pushed her head down far enough to be able to flick Sam’s clit with her tongue. Sam could only sit there lift her hips up towards Erin’s tongue tip. Sam wriggled in her seat, making the G-string fall down her legs the rest of the way to her ankles, leaving her plenty of room to spread her legs wider apart. With one hand she pulled back her clitoral hood, exposing her clit to Erin, the fingers on her other hand entwining in Erin’s long blonde hair, moving it to one side so she could watch as her clit was so expertly teased.

“Mmmmm… taste….mmmmm… good,” Erin mumbled. She encircled Sam’s clit with her lips, pulling at it, sucking at it gently, while the tip of her tongue pushed and poked at it.

“Oh God….you feel so good….Oooohhhhhhhhhh,” Sam cooed. Her fingers gripped Erin’s hair tighter, twisting them tighter into it, pushing her head against her crotch. Erin pushed her finger into Sam’s pussy again, this time all the way in. Grinding her knuckles against Sam’s swollen pussy lips, Erin sucked even more fervently on her clit, finger fucking her wet pussy harder and faster.

“Ohhhh fuck…..I can’t…..Uuggghhhhhhhh!” Sam moaned. “You’re gonna make me cummmmm!”

“Mmmmmm…yeah…..cum Baby.”

Sam’s hips thrust upwards her knees banging against the steering wheel, her entire body convulsing and spasming. Erin sucked her clit harder, her fingers driving roughly into Sam’s pussy. Erin could feel the pressure of Sam’s pussy restricting her fingers, it pulsating and clamping tightly around them.

“Ohhhh, I don’t know how you manage to do it,” Sam muttered. “You make me cum every time you go down on me…God!”

“Mmmmm, its easy when you have such a sensitive pussy…and yours is such a beautiful and sensitive pussy, Baby,” Erin replied. “I’ve never known anyone to cum as easily and as much as you. And I can’t get enough of you anyway…your pussy just tastes so damn good.” Erin sat up and immediately leaned towards Sam, kissing her. Without hesitation, Sam responded, opening her mouth willingly, tasting her own juices on Erin’s tongue and lips.

Taking their time with their kiss, Sam could hear some noises outside. Opening her eyes she glanced sideways and saw a couple of men, staring into her car. She quickly pulled back from Erin, breaking their passionate kiss. “There’s people staring!” she said nervously, reaching for and grabbing her skirt, pulling it down.

“I thought I saw a couple of people walking by out of the corner of my eye,” Erin giggled, “But I didn’t want to stop what I was doing…besides, this is why we’re here…isn’t it?”

Sighing heavily, Sam conceded, “Yes…yes we are.”

“Do you still want to go through with it?” Erin asked.

“Well…yes…I mean, I’m not sure…I mean…” Sam stammered. “I guess the liquid courage is wearing off a little.”

“We don’t have to do this…if you’re not up for it…it’s your call, Baby,” Erin replied reassuringly. “We can just go back to your place if you’d bursa merkez escort prefer…it’s OK…just take a few minutes and think about it if you need to. I can wait.”

All of a sudden, Sam felt incredible turmoil within her. She was so caught up in the moment and the idea, that the reality of what she was contemplating doing was beginning to hit home. Closing her eyes for a few seconds, she tried to quickly weigh the possible consequences. It was a fantasy she could fulfill. It was a reality she had never thought would happen. It was a chance of a lifetime.

Taking a deep breath, Sam held it for a few seconds, then very slowly exhaled. “OK, let’s do it…but please just take it slow…I might need a little while to get comfortable with this.”

Beaming a smile at Sam, Erin gently placed her hand on Sam’s thigh. “Don’t worry Baby, we won’t do anything you don’t want to do…we will take is a slow as you need.” Erin burst into laughter as soon as she finished speaking.

“What’s so damned funny?” Sam asked.

“What I just said… we won’t do anything you don’t want to do…we will take is a slow as you need…I sound just like a guy trying to get into your panties for the first time…you gotta admit, it is kinda funny!” Erin chuckled.

Sam sat for a few seconds, not making a sound, then giggled a little, her giggle slowly becoming laughter. “You’re right…you are so right!” She looked over and Erin and smiled, “Thanks…I needed that…’cmon, let’s go.”

“OK,” Erin replied. “But before we go in, do something for me?”

“Sure…what is it?” Sam puzzlingly inquired.

“Take your bra off too. I know those sensitive nipples of yours will be very noticeable with the fabric of your blouse rubbing over them.”

“As long as you do too,” Sam chortled.

“It’s a deal!”

Erin and Sam both wriggled to rid themselves of their bras, tossing them into the back seat of the car. Sam’s nipples hardened immediately, as they always did when freed from the confines of a bra. She looked down and saw how they protruded against her blouse and made a mental note to remember to hold her shoulders back so they would be even more obvious to any onlookers.

“Ready?” Sam asked.

“Yep, let’s go”

Dropping a toy each into each of their purses, Sam and Erin made their way to the entrance of the club. The muffled sounds of the music permeated through the door, the strong aroma of alcohol lingering at the doorway. Letting their eyes adjust to the darkness, Sam and Erin stood just inside as the large door closed behind them. Multiple sets of eyes of the patrons, men and women alike, pored over them…rating them…evaluating them…first impressions quickly being made by the people checking them out.

“Over there,” Erin said loudly as she elbowed Sam and motioned with her head in the direction of a vacant booth with a clear view of most of the establishment. Sam nodded silently as they made their way towards the booth. Sliding in and sitting close to one another, they both surveyed the room.

Both Sam and Erin caught the eye of several men looking over and them, and they smiled back at them, a little girlish giggle shared between them. Both men were quite handsome; tall, one a blond, one a brunette, both with very athletic physiques. Just the type of man that would always catch Sam’s eye at any time, in any place. And this time was no different.

Leaning towards Sam’s ear, Erin whispered, “they can see us…and they are watching us…turn your head and look at me.” As soon as Sam was facing Erin, she felt Erin’s hand on her thigh, it moving slowly upwards. Erin could feel the tension on Sam’s body and leaned closer, “Relax…this will be fun…” Her words trailed off as she gently kissed Sam on the lips, her tongue gently probing her mouth.

Sam felt a wave of exhilaration and embarrassment sweep through her entire body, causing her nipples to harden. Pulling away, Sam glanced around the room, immediately notice a few men staring at them. They smiled at her, and Sam nervously smiled back. Erin slid her hand upwards just a little further and could easily feel the intense heat between Sam’s legs. Applying the slightest pressure, Erin easily had Sam opening her legs a little wider. Sam held her breath as she welcomed Erin’s fingers touching her smooth and moist pussy.

Leaning close to Sam’s ear, Erin spoke softly, “they are watching…see them?”

“Uh huh…I see them,” Sam stammered as she opened her legs a little wider, offering a better view.

“Mmmm, that’s better,” Erin approvingly whispered. She moved her fingertips up and down over Sam’s soft folds, eliciting a moan from her. “Oh yes, that’s much better.”

Sam’s confidence quickly heightened and she looked into the eyes of the taller of the two men who were staring at them. He tilted his head at her, acknowledging her looking at him and smiled. Sam returned his smile, then slowly licked her lips, her eyes not looking anywhere but in bursa escort his.

He nudged the other man standing next to him, saying something to him, but not taking his eyes away from the arousing activity already on display.

Sam felt Erin’s fingers parting her swollen pussy lips, the tips caressing her dripping wet hole. She gasped loudly and slid down in her seat a couple of inches. She was feeling even more bold and daring than ever and she looked away from the man watching her, and kissed Erin very deeply. While her tongue protruded into Erin’s mouth, she felt the fingers at her pussy, enter her…sinking deeper until she felt Erin’s knuckles pressed against her tender flesh. Sam moaned during their kiss, her excitement level building as never before.

Sam reached her own hand down, placing it on Erin’s thigh. Pausing for only a second, she moved it closer to Erin’s pussy. As she reached her target, Sam leaned back and giggled. Much to her delight, Erin was already fingering her own pussy. They sat next to each other, occasionally glancing over at the men watching them, fingering and pleasuring each other.

“How are you feeling?” Erin asked quietly.

“So unbelievably horny!” Sam replied with a mischievous grin. “I can’t believe how much my heart is pounding…it’s incredible.”

Removing her fingers from her own pussy, Erin reached up and offered them to Sam. Without hesitation, Sam gently sucked them into her mouth, savoring the incredible taste she had so quickly come to enjoy. With her fingers wet from saliva, Erin unbuttoned Sam’s blouse button and slipped her hand inside, cupping her breast. She rubbed her thumb over Sam’s slightly hard nipple and pinched it very gently.

“You’re right,” Erin whispered. “I can feel your heart pounding…and your nipple hardening…”

Sam moved her shoulder, turning towards Erin’s hand. How she loved her nipples played with. And this particular occasion was no exception. If anything, she was enjoying it more than ever before. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she relished in the fact she was being fondled and fingered in public with two men watching it all happen. Lifting her hips up and down just a little, Sam squeezed her pussy onto Erin’s fingers. She could feel her orgasm rapidly building, and Sam held her breath in anticipation.

Erin leaned towards Sam’s ear, whispering, “I know you’re close to cuming…Cum for me Baby…cum for those men watching you.”

“Yesss,” Sam gasped. “Ohhhh yes!” Her hips jerked up and down, and her legs stiffened. Sam was on the verge or her orgasm sweeping over her entire body. She was not disappointed, and Sam orgasmed…and so much more intensely than she imagined.

Erin moaned with approval as she felt Sam’s body quivering and spasming. “Yes, that’s it.”

Sam slowly opened her eyes as her orgasm ended, almost as quickly as it started. She saw Erin smiling at her as she smiled back, then glanced over at the two men. They were still watching her intently. She felt her face flush red, and as she looked away, Sam noticed the bulges in their jeans. They were obviously both aroused and hard from the show put on in the booth for them.

Erin nuzzled against Sam’s neck, “I know you enjoyed that,” she said. “And they enjoyed it too,” she continued as she looked at the men, grinning at them.

“Oh God, that was intense,” Sam mumbled, still a little breathless. “It was amazing…I never imagined I could come so hard. I didn’t make a lot of noise, did I? I wasn’t really thinking…just kind of letting it happen…”

“You were just fine…don’t worry,” Erin replied. “Besides, only someone very close would have been able to hear with all the noise going on.” Erin slipped her hand out of Sam’s blouse, giving her nipple one more hard twist, and her cum-covered fingers out of her pussy. Raising her hand, she offered her fingers to Sam. “Here…suck these…this will drive them nuts,” she said as they slyly grinned over to the men. They still had their full and undivided attention.

Sam was always more than eager to taste her juices over and over again. She loved the taste of her own cum, and never missed an opportunity to enjoy it…whenever, and now wherever, she could. Erin watched as Sam lovingly sucked each finger, making sure there was not taste left on any of them. She smiled as she lowered her hand, gently caressing Sam’s thigh.

“Would either of you care for a drink?” came a voice from across the booth. The bartender grinned and continued, “I saw you were busy so I thought I would wait to see if you wanted something. What can I get you?”

Erin and Sam looked up simultaneously and paused a few seconds before answering. “Jack on the rocks…and a glass of ice water, please,” Sam replied.

“Make that two,” Erin followed up.

“Two Jack on the rocks, and two ice waters coming up,” the bartender repeated, then winked at the both of them and walked away. Sam tilted her head slightly and pondered how the bartender would look without a shirt. Wearing black Levis jeans and a tight white t-shirt, he was definitely proud of his looks…and he had every right to be. His piercing blue eyes and short dirty blond hair were just icing on the cake, as far as Sam was concerned. Erin and Sam sat quietly as they watched him return to the bar.

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