Destined for Algeria Ch. 09

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The smell of chlorine took away Tess’s mind once they walked through an unlocked door and down a flight of stairs, in the direction of a quiet humming sound being generated by the swimming pool’s filtration equipment.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“Somewhere we won’t be disturbed.” Gus told her. “Somewhere where nobody will hear you scream.”

Unable to tell if his words were meant to be some kind of sick joke or not, her legs began to tremble like jelly.

Surely he wouldn’t hurt her when all she’d done was fall victim to the same woman as he had, she thought, Tess had no intention of screaming so why did he even say that to her?

“He just want’s to ask you a few questions. That’s all.” Omar said, lying through his teeth, trying to reassure her a little so that she didn’t become violent. “We just need you to tell the truth.”

Some weeks before Ingrid’s kidnapping Gus had pre-planned for her capture by arranging for a team to renovate an area specifically with Ingrid’s captivity in mind.

He’d requested a small concrete alcove area of the swimming pool’s underground plant-room to be sectioned off, with a wall made of heavy metal bars, having an integrated cut out sliding barred gate in the front, to create a jail cell.

His maintenance team had paid particular attention to detail with regards to security on the project, ensuring all metal bars and fixings were housed in at least six inches of concrete, making it impossible for any human to work them free by hand.

The team had begun clearing up after themselves by moving everything away from the bars, leaving behind a temporary workbench in the plant-room for use when the boss’s prisoner arrived.

Gus’s engineers had made an excellent job of welding chains to the set of restraints, which had been loosely modelled to fit Sofia’s figure, as Sofia the masseur and Ingrid where of similar stature. The shiny polished restraint shackles were spread out on the workbench, with the tools to fit them tucked neatly underneath and the keys to the jail cell hanging from a hook on the side of the bench.

Tess knew it would be pointless trying to struggle or run back up the stairs, so she went along with the two men, hoping that she may be able to convince Gus, with the help of Omar that she wouldn’t say anything about this to the police and that they would be able to let her go.

At first Tess didn’t notice the metal bars over the front of the alcove formed by three concrete walls until Gus took her over to the open sliding bared gate where she stopped and refused to go any further.

Looking inside the six foot by six foot alcove she could see that it had smooth bare concrete on all three walls, with a rough finished concrete ceiling and a smooth, slightly inclined floor leading to an open drain in the back left corner of the room.

Unable to prevent him, she found herself pushed into the cell through the doorway of the metal bars, leaving Gus and Omar standing outside, looking in at her.

“I haven’t done anything to hurt you!” she protested. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Get use to your new home.” Gus said with a look of delight on his face. “You’re going to be staying here with us for a while.”

He slid the barred door shut with a loud crashing slam, latching the spring loaded locking mechanism closed and preventing the heavy metallic gate from bouncing back open from its framework.

“You can stay here for a while.” Gus told her. “When I return, we’ll begin with your provisional training.”

Gus and Omar turned and walked up the stairs, out of the plant room, leaving Tess all alone, locked in her cell with her hands still cuffed behind her back.

Thankfully the lights remained on after she’d heard the door at the top of the stairs close, allowing her the opportunity to check out her surroundings more thoroughly.

Building regulations stipulate that an underground swimming pool plant-room must be able to accommodate one and a half times the volume of the pool itself, to prevent drowning in case a fault causes a flood and a person were to be trapped inside.

Tess could see most of the equipment in the swimming pool’s large plant-room including the workbench, too far out of reach, over by the wall opposite her cell. She could see metallic objects on the workbench’s surface but couldn’t quite identify their shape from where she stood.

Satisfied that she’d looked around at everything in sight, she eventually sat on the floor in the corner, against the back wall, on the opposite side to the drain.

Looking over to the adjacent wall she noticed an ominous metal eyelet ring cemented into the concrete, just above waist height but try as she did, failed to figure out its purpose.

Alone, replaying Gus’s words about her provisional training she began to cry and wish Ally had never stopped her from jumping to her death over the cliff back at home in Wales.

The cold of the concrete drained her body of the excess heat in the trabzon seks hikayeleri air generated by the motors of the pumps in the plant room, so she lay down on her front to maximise skin contact with the floor and keep cool.

It must have been hours before she heard the door open, followed by footsteps and voices heading down the stairs.

She immediately stood up, alerted by the appearance of Gus and another man who carried a metal hacksaw in one hand, with a pack of toilet paper in the other.

Gus lifted the cell door key from the hook on the side of the workbench and walked over to the bars spanning the alcove’s walls which accommodated Tess.

“You need to pee?” he asked.

“Yes.” She replied, thankful of his offer.

Gus opened the cell door and told her to turn around. He unfastened the working cuff from her left wrist and pointed her towards the drain in the corner at the far end of the inclined floor.

“This is your shit hole.” He said, ironically agreeing with Tess’s opinion of the whole complex.

Returning the handcuff key to his pocket, he left her to do her business, striking up conversation with the man from the maintenance team.

Gus then approached Tess in the open cell with a roll of toilet paper so that she could clean herself up.

Once dressed, he took her by her right arm and led her over to a vice, fixed onto the workbench, next to where the maintenance guy stood waiting.

The view of the items spread out on top of the bench that greeted her, caused her body to momentarily freeze and her sight see only in tunnel vision. Having an awareness of her surroundings no longer mattered as she focused in on what she saw with disbelief and horror.

There could be no mistaking the chain attached to an open collar, lying next to two open cuffs, attached by individual short chains to what had to be a hinged waist belt. A set of ankle cuffs with a foot long chain were coiled up at the far corner, shining light back at her with glee as though she should be pleased to see them.

By pulling her closer using the open handcuff, he forced the closed cuff around her wrist into the jaws of the bench vice. Winding the jaws closed, he clamped the damaged lock of the cuff tightly into the grip of the vice.

Gus then lifted the shiny polished metal waist belt, chain and wrist cuff arrangement from the bench.

Tess turned her body away from Gus but it did her no good.

The maintenance man took hold of her free arm and held it in a position where his boss could easily fit one of the open manacles around her waiting wrist.

She tried to pull herself free of his grip, shouting and begging in protest, “NO! Stop it! I’m sorry. Please. I can help you. Please. Don’t put that thing on me.”

Her words seemed to be ignored by hitting on Gus’s unsympathetic ears, but her pleading actually served to raise the boss’s excitement levels even more.

He earned his kicks by gaining power over people, especially women, so without concern or hesitation he pulled off the sweatband which Sofia had given to her and simply clamped the cold open cuff around her naked wrist.

The construction of the hinge had a fixed pin running through intermeshing holes, with the opening side having a removable pin slotted through a similar arrangement of holes to those of the hinge. This design of the locking pin would keep the two halves of the clamp closed when fitted in place.

The locking pin had to be slightly longer than the hinge pin because at its narrow end, opposite the wide, ‘T’ shaped head, it had a small dimple drilled into the middle, back along in the direction of the length of its shaft.

Tess watched with disbelief as Gus slid the locking pin fully home until it stopped with a metallic chink once the head of the pin came to rest at the entrance of the aligned holes.

Once inserted through these intermeshing holes at the locking side of the closed cuff, the dimple end of the pin protruded slightly proud of the width of the cuff. The stainless steel pin could then be fixed in place by the means of a large crimping tool, which put a delightful smile on Gus’s face when he proudly introduced it to her.

At first, she didn’t know what the hell the heavy, long handled tool was for but it wouldn’t be long before this evil man educated her in the catastrophic, life changing effect it would be having.

One side had a flat plain jaw but the other side of the crimping tool’s jaws had a small conical spike, designed to splay out the end of the locking pin when mated up into its awaiting dimple and pressure applied.

The wrist cuff temporarily became rigid in the jaws of the tool as it did its job of splaying out the end of the locking pin to prevent it from being pulled back out again.

Tess could see the severity of this keyless feature and so screamed out in shock as Gus let go of the whole waist belt, wrist manacle and chain arrangement, letting it rattle towards the floor where Tess allowed it to dangle.

He smiled as she shook her wrist in a hopeless attempt of removing the hanging contraption, at the same time as struggling with her other hand, which remained cuffed and clamped in the vice on the bench top.

The hinge of the waist belt differed from the hinges of the cuffs, in that this one incorporated a ‘D’ ring which could be swivelled from left to right about the central hinge pin. This ‘D’ ring had a polished silver three foot long welded link chain, already attached to it.

Gus took great pleasure in handling the shiny metal band, untwisting the wrist chains and closing the belt, from behind, around the narrowest part of her waist, allowing the three-foot chain to swing freely down behind her.

The cold touch of the thick metal against her bare skin caused Tess to wince slightly as the highly polished clamp closed around her body. She wriggled, noticeably but pointlessly, in protest to try and fight him off.

Her struggles required the assistance of the maintenance guy who stood behind, restraining her with one arm around her neck and his other holding on to her newly captured wrist.

Gus had his mind set on one thing and that was to deliver a girl for sale at the auction as he’d promised.

Her pleading and begging only served to satisfy Gus’s sadistic desires of enslaving her, which rather than discouraging him, actually spurred him on. The excitement of having a squirming frightened woman under his control gave him a thrill.

Once the oval shaped belt had been closed, Gus was able to fit the pin through the intermeshing holes in front of her. He then approached with the ultimate, long handled crimping tool of submission, to finalise the locking pin into its intended irremovable state.

She screamed and cried, begging him to stop, helplessly watching him squeeze the two handles together, flaring the dimpled end of the locking pin out below the bottom hole to permanently lock the belt in place around the narrow strip of exposed flesh around her body.

Tess’s dread grew more and more as she struggled hopelessly against the two men’s strength, screaming as he took away the crimping tool, fully aware that no human would now be able to remove either of the locking pins without the use of tools.

With Gus’s approval the maintenance guy began cutting through the damaged police type handcuff in the vice, still locked around Tess’s right wrist.

Ignoring his cutting actions with the saw, she pulled and twisted against the now irremovable cuff fixed at her side by its two-inch length of chain, in position above her hipbone.

Gus held onto her waist belt as the saw cut through the police cuff in the vice and freed her other hand, but not before removing the second sweatband as she pulled her arm away.

Without giving her any opportunities, he took control of her free arm and twisted it down by her side towards the second manacle, swinging from the belt by its own, two inch, welded link chain.

With the maintenance man’s assistance, it wasn’t long before the locking pin had been slipped through the intermeshing holes and the crimping tool had mushroomed its end, fixing it irremovably like the others.

The two men allowed Tess to take a few steps away from them and observed how the movement of the three-foot chain hanging down behind, from the belt, looked like the bones of some metallic skeleton tail.

They smiled at each other in rejoice as she struggled hopelessly, exploring of the limits of her shiny new contraption.

“WHY?” she shouted, twisting and pulling her at wrists which did nothing more than rattle the short chains holding her hands by her sides. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”

Gus approached her. By poking his fingers inside the steel band, he grasped the front of her belt and forcefully pulled her towards him.

Tess had no choice but to walk forward with him as he turned and dragged her through the cell door, all the way to the back wall where he released his grip on her.

She knew that he meant for her to stay in the cell and so didn’t attempt to run out after him when he exited, turning and slamming the bared door behind him in a masculine show of authority.

“I made a promise for my associates to auction that bitch as a trained slave.” Gus explained. “You made the choice of exchanging your freedom for hers so now you’re going to pay the price by taking her place.”

Tess froze once more, carefully studying Gus’s face for any signs of mistaking what she was hearing as his words were being spoken.

“I will not be made a fool of by you or that bitch in front of my business associates!” he continued.

Tess lowered her head and began to cry. “I want my Ally.” She sobbed.

Ignoring her, the two men discussed Tess’s fate for a few moments in their own language before turning and heading out of the plant room, up the stairs.

Over the next few hours the panic and shock had time to subside, leaving her in a depressed state of bored frustration, stewing in her own dismay of loneliness and captivity, regretting every stage of the events which had lead her here.

Looking down at her waist, she studied the shape of the shiny circlets around each wrist, noticing how the round rim at the edge of each cuff had been made wider on the outside than in the middle of the cuff. This gave the edges a flared out, almost ‘bell bottom’ shape to them, for comfort, ensuring they wouldn’t cut into the skin of a long-term wearer.

This situation was by no means a turn on to Tess. Playing with the ropes at Ally’s cabin back in the UK had no similarities to this serious and frightening threat which lay ahead of her.

Desperate to find some way of fighting this disabling device, she discovered that by grasping both sides of the waist belt and breathing in, she could rotate the oval shaped metal band around, allowing one hand to be at her front, with her other hand behind her back.

Bringing the chain to her side proved to be of no advantage or disadvantage at all but having her hands in front and behind her meant that after unfastening her shorts, she could use the toilet and wipe herself afterwards.

The narrowing at the rigid oval shape of the belt cutting in to her sides made this position very uncomfortable and quite painful after only a short period of time but she found that she could tolerate it for just long enough to do her business. Re-fastening her shorts however, would take patience and practice due to them being of a size smaller, meant to fit Ingrid and not Tess.

Eventually the fearsome male voices could be heard walking down the stairs, putting Tess more on edge rather than making her feel glad of the company after being left alone for so long.

The sight of the same two men appearing from around the corner caused her heart to sink.

Gus and the maintenance man walked straight towards her and unlocked the cell door.

Tess rolled onto her knees and stood up in front of the two of them to feel less vulnerable in their presence.

“Time for your first lesson.” Gus said to her.

Frozen scared she remained silent, waiting for some kind of understanding of what he meant.

One hand took hold of the front of her belt and pulled her close to him whilst the other hand held onto her arse from behind, enabling him to pull her even closer.

“If I’m to get a good price for a slave like you I’m firstly going to have to test the goods.” He told her.

Disgusted, she turned herself away from his approaching repulsive lips and shouted out “FUCK YOU!”

Unable to step back due to the grip he had on her she instinctively kicked out in defence, catching Gus on the shin with the rough edge of the sole of Ingrid’s ankle boot.

Still holding the belt with one hand, Gus mumbled something to the maintenance guy who reacted by assisting him in a procedure of lifting Tess from her feet and carefully laying her face down on the solid concrete floor.

With her arms out of action the two men bent her lower legs at her knees and crossed them behind her in a wrestling type of pressure hold, giving her the only choice of submission or facing the more severely painful consequences of them pushing harder against her crossed legs.

Gus held her in this stress position on his own whilst his male servant walked out of the cell and over to the workshop bench to retrieve more metal and chains from the remaining collection on the benchtop.

Tess cried out with frustration because of the pain in her knees where the sadist Gus continued to apply pressure to her folded legs. To her side she could see his assistant carrying more chains and the long handled crimping tool but could do nothing except verbally protest due to the position Gus held her in.

Unable to see behind her, she felt and heard a metal cuff being closed around one of her ankles, followed by the insertion of a pin, then the rigid feeling the crimping tool created as it did its work of mushrooming out the dimpled end of the pin.

“FUCK YOU!” she repeated, knowing that it would do her no good at all.

The maintenance man continued his mission of closing the second cuff around her other ankle and permanently crimping its pin in place.

At this point Gus let go of her legs and allowed her to roll onto her side.

The men stood back once more to observe their prisoners reaction to the modification of her restraints.

“You will learn some respect.” Gus warned her.

Tess curled up into a ball as best she could with her arms fixed by her sides and tried to shuffle into the corner of her cell, as far away from the two men as possible.

“You’ll soon be sucking my dick?” He said, smiling down on her with no intention of putting his genitals anywhere near those untamed teeth of hers just yet.

She spat in Gus’s direction, narrowly missing him as it landed on the ground to his side.

“Oh dear!” Gus said.

Tess struggled to her feet, screaming profanities in the corner, no longer paying attention to Gus as he walked over to the bench and returned carrying a padlock in his hand.

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