Destiny’s Child

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Clothed Female

This story is because of a fan from Lit who recently wrote to me with a story idea. I hope this will get more of you to send me ideas or if you want to develop this story from here let me know.


What a name Destiny had. Born into a well to do Kansas farmer’s family she lost her dad she idolized at the tender age of 12, He had a huge debt that he couldn’t bear anymore and committed suicide. As the only child she helped her mom slogging in what remained of the farm to make ends meet. She had to be strong for her and the only place she would vent herself was the Internet. She had a nice page where she posted her stories and pics and made friends. Some could see through the badly scanned pics she uploaded that behind that dirty, grimy and unglamorous farm girl exterior was an extremely pretty petite girl.

Destiny is blonde; blue eyed and at 5’4” and 110 pounds, she has a beautifully toned and sculpted body thanks to the years of farm work – all hidden under those dirty baggy overalls.

One visitor to her web page was a fashion photographer in San Francisco named Boyd. He liked what he saw — a very pretty girl with a lot of potential. Boyd was an attractive tall and big 56 year old and felt very attached and attracted to Destiny. They started chatting and became good friends. Destiny saw in him a father figure, friend, philosopher and guide. He kept asking Destiny to model for him. She kept declining the offer as she had to help her ailing mother on the farm. One day Destiny’s mom, crumbling under the pressure of so many hard years, died. She had a massive cardiac arrest.

Destiny was devastated. Her regular chats with Boyd did help her through as she had almost no one else. She decided to sell the farm take care of the debt and use what was left to start a new life somewhere. Boyd helped her through with his contacts and got Destiny a really good price for the farm. He also sent her plane tickets to San Francisco for a four day vacation as a birthday gift to come and meet him finally and maybe even model for him.

Destiny just wanted to leave her old life behind and celebrated the morning of her 18th birthday in transit at an airport waiting for her connecting flight to San Francisco sipping coffee and eating a muffin. She had sold of the farm for a tidy sum and planned to go to college. She had a tidy enough sum left after paying off the remaining debts and bought a little condo — her new home. She never felt so lonely and quietly sobbed and slept as the plane took off.

Boyd waited for Destiny anxiously and his eyes popped out as he saw the young debutante step out of the terminal. He immediately recognized her but for the first time he realized how gorgeous she really was — even in the cheap Walmart skirt and blouse and worn out sneakers.

A huge smile lit up on Destiny’s face as they hugged. She cried softly as Boyd held her close and led them to the car. He suddenly felt even more attached and attracted to her. They talked and joked and she felt much lighter and happier. Boyd told her that he had a special surprise waiting for her birthday. As they drove back Boyd just couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the nymph sitting next to him. His eyes kept drifting up and down her supple body and he couldn’t help but admire her smooth toned thighs as her skirt ride up higher while she stared out the window and marveled at the world outside.

He drove them to his beautiful villa style house right at the waterfront across the bay. It was the most gorgeous sight Destiny had seen. After showing Destiny her room they had lunch that he cooked himself. Destiny loved it though she didn’t understand fusion cooking. As they ate all Boyd could do was admire her beauty. How much he wanted to capture her in his camera.

After lunch Boyd then made her some hot chocolate as they sat on the love seat together and talked. Destiny really liked Boyd. He was attractive, mature, kind, sensitive and was such a good listener. It was mid-afternoon now and Boyd lifted Destiny’s feet of the floor as they talked and placed them in his lap. He slowly took her raggedy sneakers and socks off and gently massaged her feet and toes. Destiny felt she was in heaven. As she spoke about her life and childhood she had to occasionally interrupt herself with a:

“Mmmm Boyd…right there…God that feels so good!”

Boyd smiled and listened and massaged and lost himself in her perfection. She had such a sculpted face and body and for a farm girl her skin was so soft. He didn’t even realize how hard he was as her soles rested on his crotch. The conversation then moved to celebration — she was 18 now — where were her presents that he promised?!

Boyd gently let her feet down and holding her hand said, “Later honey. First why don’t you freshen yourself up and I will show you in the evening.”

Destiny gaziantep escort spent over an hour in the Jacuzzi tub pampering herself surrounded by lavender candles and designer lotions. Refreshed she wore a bath robe and as she stepped out Boyd was waiting for her.

“Follow me honey and close your eyes.”

He held her hand and took her to his sprawling terrace studio. Destiny’s excitement was difficult to contain.

“Okay cupcake. Time to open your eyes,” he whispered.

All she could do was clutch him, jump up and down and scream in excitement. Right in front of her was a bottle of Dom Perignon (1995) neatly tucked into an ice bucket with two crystal flutes next to it. On one side of the room were all his gear and the backdrops and lights and on the other side were two dozen beautifully wrapped huge boxes. Destiny lunged to open them but Boyd held her back.

“Only on one condition honey,” he winked.

“What?” asked destiny a little perplexed.

“I want to do a photo shoot with you,” came Boyd’s immediate reply.

Destiny’s eyes swelled up and she hugged him as she whimpered a very grateful “Yes.”

As she tore through the wrappings, box after box revealed the most gorgeous dresses, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry and lingerie she had ever seen. She just couldn’t stop thanking him. Boyd shushed her and took her to a room where she could change into the clothes and do her make up. He wanted to shoot her now.

Destiny willingly started changing into all her new loot and posing for him. He was so gentle and patient. She adored him. Her father would have been just like him. Boyd was transfixed by her beauty. Whatever she wore the camera loved her. Between the photo shoots and downing 2 bottles of champagne between then, Boyd was able to cajole her into posing in the bikini and lingerie as well. Blushingly Destiny obliged.

Boyd kept showering her with compliments as he took picture after picture, stopping periodically to help her into a pose. He had not been this excited in a very long time. As a photographer it is a dream to find such a natural and as a man he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to just be with her.

Destiny was totally awestruck by Boyd now. She got goose bumps when he touched her. His caress had an electrifying effect on her. Her knees would actually feel weak when he held her giving directions. No one — not even her mother — she felt ever cared so much for her. Not only was he very smart she couldn’t help but admire his well maintained physique. Boyd was obviously lifting weights she could tell as she glanced at his muscles strain under his tight polo and his strong muscled legs stretching below his khaki shorts.

As the evening continued Boyd asked her to pose in a special dress for him. It was a beautiful black off shoulder cocktail mini dress. He gave her a pearl earring and necklace set to wear along with it and a really nice pair of black Gucci open toed 4 inch heels with sheer black thigh highs. As Destiny turned around to go to change in the room Boyd called her.

“Destiny, I don’t want to sound weird but I am an artist. Don’t take it the wrong way but I would like to see you change in front of me.”

Destiny was shocked and very aroused by the thought. Her life had been so cocooned till now that she had barely even kissed a boy, let alone have an attractive man look at her naked. She was already so overwhelmed by Boyd and the champagne that she shyly nodded yes and started slipping the lingerie off that she wore for the previous shoot.

As the teddy fell of her body onto the floor, beads of perspiration started rolling down Boyd’s forehead. His penis was ready to burst through his clothes. Her curves were so perfect. Her 32 B chest was just right. Her little erect pink nipples were so suckable. His eyes savored her flat well defined tummy and down the slopes of thighs, tracing the contours of her beautiful legs down to her dainty feet. She then slipped her thong off slowly and Boyd couldn’t even here himself breathe as he saw her delicately trimmed blonde pussy.

It was torturous for him to see her slowly wear the dress and then slip the thigh high stockings on. Destiny wore the jewelry and slipped her feet into the Gucci heels and then turned to him with an adorable smile.

“How do I look? She asked.

“You are a Goddess,” he replied as he poured them more champagne.

Destiny blushed as he handed her the flute. As they drank Boyd continued to compliment Destiny and lit some candles. He then played some Sinatra and asked her for a dance. Destiny took a step forward and her dainty body was engulfed by him as he held her close and they started dancing. Her radiant body seemed even more alive as the light from the flickering candles bounced of her.

Before long Boyd was nuzzling her and holding her even close. He then took the chance and turned her face to him as he planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Destiny’s eyes were closed as she felt his kiss. All she uttered was low moan and a smile flashed across her face.

“Did you mind that?” asked Boyd.

“No it was awesome. My dad used to give me pecks like that,” replied Destiny.

For some reason that thought aroused Boyd. Since he found Destiny on the net he always saw in her his own daughter who succumbed to a jealous ex-boyfriend a few years back when she was 20. Boyd adored her and never came to terms with that loss which broke his marriage. He always wanted to protect her, be the only man she would ever need and she had to go fall in love with a jerk. Now he wanted to be Destiny’s Dad. He wanted to be so much more than that. He wanted to be everything that he couldn’t be for his daughter.

“Let me be your Dad,” he blurted.

Destiny giggled, “Sure…Dad,” as she kissed him back.

Boyd smiled as he kissed her again as she giggled and this time he opened her lips with his and slipped a little tongue into the kiss waiting for her response. Destiny went very weak suddenly. Her body suddenly just surrendered itself to Boyd as his lips devoured hers. He then picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

He gently laid her down on his huge mahogany four poster bed, continuing to kiss her. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him as they slowly rolled on top of each other caressing, kissing and slowly undoing each other clothes. Boyd was even more excited because Destiny had told him that she had never been with a guy. He was anxious to show her what a real man really looked like.

He slowly unzipped her dress and slid it off as his hands finally started exploring her beautiful bare flesh. He hands, lips and tongue carefully, slowly and deliberately traversed every inch of her body. He slowly moved down her torso as his hands gently rolled the stocking of her legs. He then removed her heels and the stockings and began to gently lick and nibble on her toes.

Destiny had by now given her self up to whatever life had to offer — and it was really good so far. Drunk with a passion she had not even imagined she whimpered and moaned as she realized how sensitive each part of her body was for the very first time. Boyd savored Destiny’s feet and then moved up her legs licking the curves of her calves. Destiny’s chest was heaving as the rest of her body went into little spasms as he explored her further.

His fingers and tongue caressed the slopes of her thighs down to her inner thigh, carefully avoiding her magnificent pussy framed by her neatly trimmed blonde bush. He slowly moved his way back up pampering her beautiful pert breasts with the most lavish licks, sucks, nibbles and caresses as her little nipples grew errect. Destiny couldn’t even recognize her life from even a day back. She had come so far so soon. As she slipped into more delirious pleasure her back started arching up, thrusting her chest into his face as her hands pushed his head down into her bosom. Her body started taking a life on its own as her hips started swaying under him, grinding her mound against his crotch.

Boyd freed one hand from her breasts and navigated it down to help Destiny unbutton his shorts and slide them down. Destiny suddenly felt the warmth of his throbbing 8 inch hard dick on her thighs. She immediately rolled over him and started exploring his body. She slowly ran her fingertips down his chest, kissing and licking his nipples and raking her fingernails across his chest and strong stomach. Boyd grunted with pleasure. Encouraged that she was doing it right, Destiny continued licking his belly and moving down until she came to his penis as her fingernails caressed his inner thighs. It was so beautiful. So much more beautiful than the picture she had seen till now or the odd teen who flashed her.

It looked massive as she held it adoringly in her small hands caressing it.

“Ohhh Destiny Baby, won’t you suck Daddy’s pee pee for him,” moaned Boyd.

She smiled and stuck her tongue out licking the length of his penis. She loved the taste and smell. It was so new, so raw, and so manly. As his fingers stroked her hair she slowly started sucking on it. After gagging a couple of times she quickly got a hang of the rhythm and started driving her new Daddy crazy. Her hand moved along the shaft along with her lips pumping his penis and drenching it with her spit.

Boyd suddenly stopped her and turned her over on her back. They were both dripping in sweat as he started kissing her all over until he reached her pussy and after a moment’s pause to smell her virginity his tongue dove in to devour her. Destiny’s moans now rose into a crescendo as his fingers and tongue danced an intricate dance between her pussy and clit that made her body go really wild. Destiny’s mind was blank and had lost control of the rest of her body. All she could you feel was pure pleasure.

She heard Boyd say something and she briefly opened her senses to see his face over hers asking her to brace herself as he kissed her. Suddenly she felt her hands tied together and above to the headboard with a throw. She looked at Boyd lift her feet and rub his big throbbing penis with her soft soles. Destiny’s toes curled around his warm throbbing tool as it twitched under her tender feet.

Boyd then picked up her stockings and taking her right foot in his hands he kissed and licked her wiggling toes as he tied one of a stocking around it. He then tied her leg to the bed poster and then picked up her left foot in his massive hands, slipping his tongue between her toes as he tied the other stocking around her ankle and then to the other poster. Destiny’s mind was in a blur as her body kept twitching with pleasure and fear at what was happening.

Boyd stood up and admired her sweat soaked toned twitching body tied down spread eagled on his bed. Destiny’s half open glazed eyes were beckoning him. He smiled and picked up a huge feather. Climbing back on the bed he slowly ran the feather down Destiny’s delicate face, her neck and chest. He ran circles around her nipples with the tip of the feather. Destiny’s mid was ready to explode. Her muscles strained at her restraints and twitched under the area he ran the feather over. Her chest was heaving uncontrollably as her back was arched totally off the mattress.

He ran the feather down her belly, tickling her navel. He continued down her willowy legs, running the feather torturously down the strained muscles of her spread thighs. Not stopping, he ran the feather down the length of her legs and started stroking the feather across the soles of her feet. Destiny was now screaming in pleasure and tortured laughter mixed with a healthy dose of delirium as Boyd ran the feather now over her clit.

Boyd suddenly stopped and chuckled looking at her. She smiled back blushing as she continued to whimper. Boyd now positioned himself kneeling between her spread legs holding and aiming his ragging dick to her beckoning, dripping pussy. Destiny’s eyes were now wide open as she saw him inch it to her opening and before she know it sharp pain suddenly filled her vagina. Destiny wanted to scream at that moment but couldn’t as her breath got drawn out of her lungs with his plunge. The scream came a second later. It filled the room for a moment and then went into a whimper as her pussy started getting used to the new occupant.

Boyd kept kissing her as he slowly started rocking and rotating his hips. Soon Destiny’s nerves started recognizing it as the ultimate form of pleasure again and they both started smiling and kissing and started grinding into each other slowly. Destiny savored each stroke, feeling his penis in her as she used her pussy muscles to grip his dick tightly as he increased his tempo. As Boyd felt his dick milked in her tight young pussy he continued to marvel at her beauty. Like an artist, each touch of his was a masterstroke. His fingers stroked her beautiful breasts almost with reverence as he thrust in and out of her. Years of experience helped him read Destiny’s body and he varied his strokes until he felt Destiny’s muscles starting to spasm. Her eyes rolled as she started grunting like an animal. He knew the moment was near and picked up his speed.

Destiny had never felt anything like this before. Her entire body was tingling from head to toe. Her muscles started to convulse and her body started getting overtaken by spasm after spasm. She suddenly realized that she was screaming. They were screams of pure pleasure as her body started getting rocked by an orgasm. Her pussy had suddenly tightened and she felt Boyd’s face collapse on her breasts.

As Boyd felt Destiny’s orgasm coming along he picked up his speed and as her body started fluttering with the first waves of her orgasm he too came deep in her vagina and fell on her beautiful breast drained and utterly exhausted but not finished. He quickly regained himself and started kissing her as he continued to pound into her letting his penis drain totally. All she could do was moan and mutter the occasional “Thank you daddy” between kisses looking at him through her half open glazed eyes. He glanced down to see specks of blood on his penis as it slipped out of its “Destiny”.

This was quite a day for Destiny. What a birthday party! Herself exhausted and soar she soon fell asleep in Boyd’s arms as he rocked his baby to sleep. Boyd spent most of night the night staring at her, admiring her, thinking and taking pictures. He had slept with a lot of fine women in his life but had never experienced pleasure like this before. He finally slept, holding her in his arms, impatiently waiting to see what the next day had in store.

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