Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 05

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It was really nice to have lips sucking my cock again. That Saturday night was a very good surprise. It turned out when Catherine was out, her friends were urging her to at least suck me if she wasn’t going to fuck me. Catherine also really liked having me lick her clit. I also found myself dreaming about having her panties wrapped around my cock, rubbing against, and cumming all over her pantyhose.

For some reason Catherine wouldn’t stay overnight. That was fine with me. When she left my room the Saturday night after sucking me for the first time, I took comfort in her panties wrapped around my cock.

The next morning I got up as normal and had a shower. When i returned to my room Catherine was waiting for me only wrapped in a white robe, her hair still wet from the shower she just had. “I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. You felt so good.”

I only had a towel wrapped around me, but It quickly dropped to the floor and at the same time her robe dropped leaving us both completely naked as we grabbed hold of each other and eagerly brought our lips together. Our tongues met passionately as they darted into each of our mouths. Both of us felt an instant rush of heat from our naked bodies as we held each other tight.

My cock was throbbing hard as it pressed against her virginity. She was already feeling her wetness starting to flow through her. “Oh your cock feels good against me, but I can’t do it yet,” Catherine stated; “I want us to taste each other.”

Despite what she said, we fell down on my bed with her on top, she grinded her vagina against my cock. I bucked my hips upwards against her now moist bush. The roughness of her bush felt good against my cock, and Catherine liked the feel of my cock. “Oh, god… it feels good rubbing against me.”

I pulled my cock more back to rub the head against her clit. This made Catherine pull back. “No… no… not inside, just rub against… maybe I’ll taste it again.” With that she slid down and started what she came for.

She position herself beside me with lying down with her back to the wall and started to lightly stroke my cock. She look back at me, smiled, then turned and gave my cock a big kiss. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the head of my cock, coating it with her saliva. “Your cum tastes salty.” Catherine stated. “I’ll have to try it again.” With that she opened her mouth and took my enlarged mushroom in her mouth. She started to bob and her back pushed the mattress away from the wall separating the top mattress from the base of the bed. Immediately I looked down and saw Amrita’s black lace panties she gave me a month earlier in the bar. I had forgotten about them.

As Catherine bobbed on my cock, I grew more excited with the memory of entering Amrita from behind in the diner’s storage room. Soaking these panties with her sweet nectar while they were wrapped around the base of my cock.

“Hmmm… ccrfrfgf.” Coughed Catherine snapping me out of my memory. “Your cock is too big for me to go down very far.”

“That’s ok.” I reassured her; “Your mouth feels so good, but I want to taste you.” I needed to distract her from seeing the black lace panties, but to my surprise she stayed on top of me and moved her bush to my face with my cock still at her mouth.

“Maybe we should try it like this.” She suggested.

“Wow. Really? Are you ready for this?” Catherine answered with a faint muffled sound as she bobbed back down in my cock.

I was thrilled. Yesterday was the first time she ever sucked a cock and had her vagina licked, and today she already wants to try a 69. I felt her lips around my cock and her tongue pressing on the head. I reached up to her thin hips and brought her bush down to my waiting mouth. I licked up her slit, tasting her wetness, hearing her muffled grown as my tongue explored up to her clit.

“Eeee, eee.” She managed to say çankırı seks hikayeleri as my cock fell from her mouth. “Maybe you should be on top.” She rolled over towards the wall which pushed the top mattress right off the bed, forcing her to slide off and land on the bottom box spring. I caught myself from falling completely on top of her by straddling my legs on either side of her head and balancing myself with my elbows landing on either side of her waist.

“Ha ha ha..” She laughed as we landed and she immediately grabbed my cock again and started sucking. She obviously was ok and I was happy to see her land with her bush right under my face and right below were Amrita’s black lace panties.

I started to lick her virgin clit and lightly rub above it. “Mmmmm. mmmm.” She murmured as she continued to suck my cock. I reached back and lightly pinched one of her nipples, which she replied with a; “Eeeeee.” And then she went back sucking my cock. I felt a sudden increase in wetness after I pinched her nipple so I pinched it again and started to play with it between my fingers while continuing to lick her clit. Amritas panties were right in front my eyes and I was hoping that Catherine’s juices were starting to flow down on them. Her juices were beginning to seep onto my face. She started moaning harder but kept sucking me. She really liked her nipples being played with. She discovered she really liked sucking cock, and also really liked being licked.

Her breathing became harder as she continued to suck. With her lips wrapping the head of my cock she let out a big slobbering groan and let my cock fall out of her mouth. “Aauugh… that feels so good.” She moaned. Catherine was experiencing sensations all over her body she never felt before. Her body started squirming under me. My tongue continued to lick her enlarged clit and fingers pinched her nipples.

My cock was now pressed against her face and her moaning became louder and stronger. The new sensations were enrapturing her body and she couldn’t concentrate on sucking anymore. Her wetness was flowing over my face and down on Amrita’s panties as her legs were shaking below my mouth.

Suddenly she bucked her hips upwards. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” She screamed out as her hips the dropped down on the box spring, and instantly they shot back up meeting my tongue again. “Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! YES! YES!” She cried out again and her hips dropped back down on top of the black lace panties and she rolled over facing the wall not being able to take anymore.

“Oh wow!” Catherine panted. Her hips and body were now turned facing the wall to give herself a rest. We were still in a 69 position on top of the box spring. I took this moment to grab Amrita’s black lace panties and spun around, tossing them under my bed. After that I spooned Catherine, my still throbbing cock rubbing against her ass, and I continued to rub her breasts lightly pinching her nipples between my fingers. “Oh Mike, I came to suck you.”

She slid off the box spring and dropped to her knees and I moved to the edge of the mattress spreading my legs open. With a mischievous smile she looked up at me. Her big green eyes staring right into me as she grabbed a hold of my throbbing cock. She licked her lips and then planted them down on the enlarged mushroom of my cock. She then started to lick all around my cock. Up and down my shaft while holding it tight at the base around my balls. Then started to lick ferociously around the head like a cat lapping up milk.

This felt great. She alternated between fast and hard licking with bobbing her wet sloppy lips around me, “Oh, god I’m about to cum.” I called out. She dropped her lips back on my head and pulled my shaft down with her hand. I convulsed and shot a bullet of cum in her mouth. Shocked by my cum, Catherine let out a large gag and pulled her mouth away. More cum hit her face as she pulled back. To protect her face she wrapped her arms around my waist and while she coughed up some of cum, my cock pressed into her neck below her chin, release more of my load.

I laid back on my box spring while she coughed and gagged up on top of me. “Oh, wow.” She said as she got her composure. “This is tough to take.”

“That was awesome.” I assumed her. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“My friends gave me some tips last night. We were all a little tipsy. But I am surprised by the cum. I don’t know if I’ll be able to swallow.” She said looking up at me. She looks incredibly innocent despite the cum still on her cheek and glistening under her neck.

“Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to swallow. If you don’t mind the mess, just pull back.”

“Oooohh. It’s on my face.” It seemed she was a litttle turned off by this and I helped her clean up. I actually felt a little turned on from wiping my cum off her cheek and neck. After we cleaned each other off, she put her robe back on, I put on jeans and a t-shirt and we put the top mattress back on the bed. Sitting under the mattress were her white cotton panties. The panties I stole from her room a month earlier.

“I only wore a robe down here. Where did these come from?” She inquired.

“I think you left the last night.” I hopefully suggested.

“Hmmm… Ok. That must be it…I thought I would of noticed if I forgot to wear them back.”

“Well, maybe not.” I nervously laughed; “Last night was a pretty exciting night.”

Catherine agreed; “Yes it was.” And with that she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss.

What a relief I felt. She bought the story, or she just didn’t want to hear the real story.

Catherine went back to her room after that. We both had a lot of work to do. I had an essay to finish and I knew she had to study for a mid-term exam.

The moment Catherine left my room, I reached under my bed and pulled out Amrita’s black, silk panties. How could I of forgotten that I had these? They felt so good to touch. There was a wet spot on them from Catherine’s virgin juices that seeped down to them. I took a big smell and thought of the juices from Amrita’s dripping, experienced pussy soaking these and mixing with the juices from Catherine’s virgin, tight vagina. I laid back on my bed and took a big smell of them. I found myself getting hard again and began to rub them on my cock. The lace, the smell, everything about these panties turned me on.

“I better stop.” I said to myself. I didn’t want to blow another load right then and not be prepared if Catherine came back.

I tried to work on my essay in my room but I found it very difficult to concentrate. Eventually I went to the library to work. I ended up being there all day and didn’t make it back to the dorm until after dinner. The cafeteria was already closed and I was wondering what to do for dinner when Catherine showed up with a sub-sandwich for me.

“Kelly said she saw you still at the library during dinner, so I figured you be hungry when you got back.” Catherine told me as she handed me the sandwich.

“Thank you, this is exactly what I need.” Catherine was wearing her white cotton pantyhose that I loved with her green mini-skirt. “You seem a little dressed up just for hanging out in the dorm on a Sunday night.” I said as I sat at my desk and unwrapped the sandwich.

“I just thought you liked it when I wear this.” She stated while standing directly in front of me.

“I do.” I replied, feeling my cock begin to grow, pressing against my jeans. Catherine then straddled my legs and gave me a big opened mouth kiss.

“I didn’t mean to rush into this.” Catherine moaned; “You should eat first.”

“The food can wait.” I said and I picked her up. With her pantyhose legs wrapped around my waist, we continued to kiss as we dropped down on my bed with her on her back and me on top.

“As you know, I want to wait to have sex but I really liked the way you felt pressing on me the other night.” Catherine told me; “I know you liked it too.” She spread her legs open more, wrapping her pantyhose around my waist.

This brought me to full attention. I was surprised and thrilled from the memory of grinding my cock against her pantyhose covered, virgin, vagina. I immediately unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her bare 32b sized firm breasts. Her hard strawberry nipples were craving to be licked and sucked. I felt her hands reach down to the belt of my jeans, then quickly to the button and undo my jeans.

We were both very turned on. I sat back up pulling my pants and boxers off and she pulled off her blouse while I reached down and pulled off her skirt. Her white cotton pantyhose remained on and I took a moment to look at her sexy legs right down to her covered toes.

“Come here.” She said; “I need to feel you.” She grabbed me as I fell back on her. Her legs were once again wrapped around my now naked waist and my hard cock was pressed, grinding against her pantyhose, trying to protrude into her virginity.

I leaned down kissing her nipples. Running my tongue around the circumference of her hard nipples. “Ohhh.” She moaned as I licked and began to suck on them, while also feeling my cock rubbing against her.

“Oh god.” I panted; “you’ve got me so turned on. You’ve quickly turned into a sexy vixen.”

“You lips feel so good on me.” She said, and grabbed the back of my head while I lightly bit down on a nipple. “Ohhh, and your cock.., feels good..,ohhh.”

I continued to grind against her pantyhose, the slight roughness felt so nice on my cock. She was getting them moist as her vagina started to flow under the pantyhose. Catherine was loving the feel as I licked, sucked and bit down on her nipples. “Ahhhh.” She stated as she seemed to open her hips up even more allowing my throbbing cock to almost sink into her. “It all feels gooood.”

I was so turned on. Her pantyhose felt so good as the head of my bulging cock rubbed into them. “Oh you feel good.” I moaned, “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Cum! I want you to cum for me!” Catherine announced. With that I shot a load right into her pantyhose, which barely separated me from her virginity and mixed with her juices that soaked her pantyhose from the other side. I convulsed again, shooting a stream up on her stomach hitting at the bottom of her breasts. I slid up her grinding against her bare stomach unloading more on her while completely draining my balls. Then I collapsed beside her.

“Whoa.” She panted. I reached on to her belly, getting my fingers sticky with cum, then rubbed her nipples with it. “Ohh whoa.” She giggled; “that feels nice.” I rubbed her until my cum became crusty, and she rolled over giving me a big kiss.

“I always knew you liked these pantyhose.”

I was kind of speechless as we laid there. I did not expect this out of Catherine. She was obviously discovering she really enjoyed certain things.

“I should get back to my room.” She told me. “I have a midterm exam tomorrow and need to do some more studying. Plus I think I need to do some laundry;” She laughed. We kissed each other goodnight and she left for her room.

Catherine kept reminding me she still wants to wait to have sex. I obviously was enjoying how things were going but I knew that I was definitely going to want to have sex again soon. She was also obviously enjoying things. Things progressed quite fast over the weekend and I should be happy with that.

I then reached under my bed finding Amrita’s black lace panties. Knowing that Catherine’s virgin juices seeped onto these was a real turn on. I brought them to my nose and just then my phone rang.

“Hello.” I stated.

“Hey sexy! What have you been doing lately? I’ve missed you.” The voice on the other end came from Valerie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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