Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 09

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Catherine stared at me with her green eyes. I don’t know why but I was surprised to see she came to my dorm room. I was even more surprised to see she was wearing a miniskirt with the white cotton pantyhose she knew I loved.

“Mike, I don’t know what to say, but I know I want us to be together.” She blurted out.

I was very surprised at this. I had thought things was over between us and I enjoyed myself over the weekend. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, pursuing other girls, being single.

I also thought of Valerie and being with her.

“Catherine, I think our dating relationship is over.”

Catherine started crying and was very upset. She obviously didn’t expect this reaction. I told her she was right and we do think of sex different and I just enjoy being single. This was the end of us being boyfriend and girlfriend, but not the end of our relationship.

That night I felt pretty worn out, physically and emotionally. I felt pretty shitty about ending things with Catherine and thought of giving Jeff a call to go out for beers but instead I just stayed in and went to bed early.

Suddenly at 2:00 a.m. I was startled awake by pounding on my door. “Mike! Mike! Are you there?!? You’re a asshole!”

It was Elisa pounding at my door. “Go away Elisa!” I called out; “You’re going to wake the entire dorm!”

“Not until you open this door!”

“OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!” A dorm-mate yelled out from the room next to me.

Hearing that I quickly got up and opened the door only to have Elisa shove me back inside.

“Holy shit. It took you long enough to answer! I was trying to be discreet!” Elisa cursed at me. “First of all; you’re an asshole for breaking Catherine’s heart! Second; now I don’t need to wait to fuck this cock!”

She shoved me back into my room, and slammed my door shut and planted her lips right on mine. I was completely caught off guard. Elisa’s lips tasted like sweet cherry alcohol. She was obviously out drinking with Catherine. Her hand went right to my crotch and started rubbing my now growing cock through my boxers.

“Elisa stop!” I responded and grabbed her shoulders pushing her away.

She stepped back and slyly starred at me through her black rimmed glasses. I was standing about three feet from her in only a pair of boxers. A seductive smile appeared on her face as the coat she was wearing fell to the floor behind her. “I know you don’t really mean that.” I stood staring at her completely dumbfounded. She stepped out of her shoes, unbuttoned and slowly unzipped her jeans. She opened her jeans revealing a red pair of tight silk panties. She pulled her jeans down and then gravity did the rest as they dropped to the floor.

Looking straight at me she said; “Your boxers are showing me you really want me to stay.” My cock had fulling grown and protruded through my boxers. She stepped out of her jeans and started to strut towards me.

“No Elisa you should go.” I protested.

“Oh, I see your ready… such a nice beautiful dick you have…..hmmm….so long and thick. It wants me to stay…maybe you just need more convincing.”

Elisa then stepped back from me. As she glided backwards she started unbuttoning her blouse. She moved until her back met my door and she arched her back as her breasts helped pop open her last button showing off her matching red silk bra. Her blouse slowly rolled down her arms and body, falling to the floor.

Elisa’s small 5’2″ body stood with her head back against the door and hips arched towards me showing off her red silk panties holding in her lovely warm vagina. Staring at me she seductively stated; “You like my panties? I wore them just for you.” She then unhooked her bra letting them slide down her arms revealing her lovely firm 32B breasts. “Maybe you’d like me to keep my panties on for little while longer?”

I sat down on the side of my bed as Elisa stood, back against my door. Her lips parted and her tongue slowly slithered out wetting her now glistening lips. Her hands ran across her thin waist, rubbing her lower tummy, then up her side to her breasts. She stared right at me as her hands cupped her firm breasts, squeezing them, then pulling on her nipples she let out a sigh. One hand continued to massage her breasts and squeeze her nipples while the other started to seductively explore the rest of her body. It slid lightly over her flat tummy, to her curvy outer hip, along her bare leg. She hooked her thumb around the elastic band of her red panties and slid her thumb along the inside of her panties.

“You like these don’t you.” She purred; “I’ll leave them on a little longer.” While still massaging and rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples with one hand, she humped her waist forward some more, arching back to the door she slid her other hand under the front of her red silk panties and started to rub her warm mound.

“Ahhh…” Elisa groaned; “I’m already so wet.” She ran her finger through her slit, and pulled it istanbul seks hikayeleri out of her panties and sucked on it, tasting her own nectar. “Hmmm. You loved licking my pussy didn’t you?”

“You loved me licking it.” I managed to respond, and I slid my boxers off exposing myself fully naked.

“Ohhh…. I knew you’d see things my way.” Elisa purred, and slid her hand back down under her panties and continued to rub herself. “You have such a nice looking dick. I’m going to have to feel it this time. But first I want to just look at you.”

Her breathing got heavier and louder as she continued to rub herself under her panties. A wet spot grew on her panties as she stared me down through her black rimmed glasses.

I continued to sit on my bed watching Elisa pleasuring herself under her panties as I started stroking my cock. “Oh yes…you…your loving watching me.” Elisa sputtered out as I stared at her stroking the length of my thick cock, now glistening with my precum. “Oh keep stroking it..”

“No.” I stated and then stood up walking towards her.

“Ohh.” Elisa gasped as I grabbed a hold of forearms and pressing hard against her, I pinned her with my body against the door. My thick, raging hard cock pressed against her stomach, and my balls rubbed into her panties. Elisa looked up at me through her glasses. “Ohhh…” I pressed my lips against hers sucking back her breath and protruding my tongue into her mouth. Then I suddenly spun her around and with a thump, the front of her small body hit the door. She was sandwiched between my body and the door. My thick hard cock grinded against her red panties while my shaft glided between her ass cheeks.

“Eeeh..oohh…” Elisa shreiked as she felt my naked body pressing her into the door. My hands gripped her wrists, holding her arms straight down. My naked chest pushing into her back, squishing her breasts into the door. My upper chest pushing one side of her head with her other cheek squished against the door. Elisa felt my hard cock grinding against her and her wetness flowed through her body. “Ohhh..yesss…. give it to me! Give it to me.”

I pulled both of her arms behind he back and held her tiny wrists together with one hand. “Eeeeuahh.” She called out as I pushed her panties to the side and she bent over slightly. My raging thick cock immediately entered her. Parting her labia, and stretching her canal in one firm fast thrust. “Oohhh Fuck!” Elisa panted with head pressed against the door. “Yes! Fuck me hard!”

My cock thrusted into her from behind stretching her insides and her body banged against the door. “OH YES! OH YES!!” Elsa screamed. I spun her around and pushed her face down on my bed. My cock slipped out of her for only half a second before I started drilling into her again with her face down on the mattress. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK YES!”

“You like it like this don’t you slut?!” I called out to her.



“OH FUCK YES!” She responded as my cock continued to impale her deep. “FUCK I’M CUMMING! FAAAAAAACCCCCKKK!!” Elisa’s body shook and squirmed and her head bounced into the wall behind my bed.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FAAAAAACKKKK!” She screamed out again as I kept pounding her, then I suddenly flipped her over, pulled out and and straddling her with my knees on either side of her waist I shot a stream of hot white cum across her breasts and face. “YES CUM ON ME!!” She screamed. I moved up her body and shot more cum across her face. Cum coating under her slanted glasses and across the lenses. She reached up and grabbed my pulsing cock and opened her mouth and gripped my shaking thickness with her full lips.

“OH GOD YEAH! SUCK ME! SUCK ME DRY SLUT!” She sucked as I continued to spray into her mouth making sure she pulled out every last drop and beyond. Eventually I couldn’t take her sucking anymore and pulled out of her mouth collapsing beside her.

“Fuck yes. That was good!” Elisa exclaimed exhausted. But I thought I’d see if she could take anymore and I reached down and started to quickly rub her wet mound. Her red panties were still on her pushed down and soaked. “No no no! No more!” She called out pushing my hand away.

I laughed and we lay beside each other exhausted. We both quickly fell asleep. I did wake up a few hours later feeling her rough crusty panties against my growing hard penis. Elisa was in a deep sleep and spooning her, I pulled on an nipple and squeezed her breast. She still didn’t wake and quickly I also fell back to sleep. When I did wake, as light started to shine into my room behind the flimsy dorm curtains, Elisa had disappeared. She probably woke up and wanted to leave early before someone saw her leave my room. I’m sure half of my dormmates on my floor heard us last night and I wondered how long it would be before Catherine found out.

It turned out that that Catherine never did find out. Throughout the remaining six weeks of the semester Elisa and I secretly met up to fuck, usually after a night of drinking. Amrita had two more visits to our campus, one of those with her boyfriend. She found it extra exciting to have sex with her boyfriend so close. Every time she came by she made sure to leave me a pair or two of her panties.

Only Jeff and Valerie knew about my secret sex encounters. I continued to chat with Valerie regularly throughout the remainder of the semester. She told me about her new boyfriend and also that she was remaining monogamous. I was actually shook by that. I was really surprised how her new relationship made me feel. I realized I did develop much deeper feelings towards Valerie. Those feelings wouldn’t be met head on until a couple years later. There still was another experience this semester that left me with a long lasting panty fetish. That final experience at the end of the semester with Catherine.

We were deep into the two week exam period. The dorm was slowly emptying out as many students had finished their last exam and went home for the summer. I had finished my last exam but I was going to stay in the dorm for the summer. Jeff and I landed jobs on campus doing minor repairs for the next fall semester. Elisa had already went home and most of the students remaining were busy studying.

Catherine was one of those still in residence. We had started talking again and we actually hung out once and a while. I enjoyed us just being friends even with a few awkward moments when she brought up our relationship. We even decided to go out with a few others, for a few celebratory drinks after her last exam on the last possible day of exams.

“Cheers to the end of first year!” Jeff announced as 5 or 6 pint glasses clanged together in the middle of the table. Exams were now over and the stress of the final leg of the semester was quickly melting away at the speed of the disappearing pints on the table.

Jeff and I both got jobs on campus and we would stay in our dorm until school started up again in the fall. The others who were with us either lived in the area or just finished exams and decided to stay until the last possible day which was the following morning. Tonight was about fun, reliving the semester, and feeling the optimism of the summer.

Catherine sat next to me and smiled while clanging her pint glass. “I really did enjoy my first year of university Michael.” She told me as she placed dropped her hand on my leg.

“So did I,” I told her as I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to me. The group of us enjoyed the evening and chatted and joked and slowly one by one we dispersed leaving me and Catherine to walk back to the dorm together.

We chatted and laughed as we walked arm and arm back to the nearly deserted dorm. When we got back Catherine followed me to my room and she took a much more serious tone. “Michael, on the weekend we broke up… I was planning on going home, before we started fighting.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Michael, I was planning on going home… because… well.. I was picking up my prescription for the pill.”

“I… ah…I didn’t know.” I managed to mutter.

“I got my prescription.” Catherine told me; “Even though we broke up, I’ve been on the pill ever since then.” She leaned into me looking up to me with her big green eyes our lips met. We kissed passionately outside my door to my room. Our lips parting, I felt Catherine’s tongue glide over my upper lip, and probe into my mouth. Our tongues dueled as our breathing became heavier and I reached behind her opening my door.

My hands went under her bum and I lifted her. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to my bed. I lowered Catherine down to my bed her legs still wrapped around me, I felt my throbbing hard cock grinding against her virgin mound as we landed on the mattress.

We continued to kiss, our wet lips craving each other. I leaned up above her and started to slowly undo the buttons on her shirt. I opened her shirt and was surprised to see her wearing a red silk bra, holding her firm b-cup breasts.

She looked up at me. Her strawberry red hair flowing around her head and over her shoulders. “Do you like the bra? I got it for you.”

“It’s beautiful. You look beautiful.” Her shirt was still on but fully unbuttoned, and she truly looked lovely lying below me. I knelt back, looking at her for a moment. Her legs were still spread on either side of me. I pulled off my shirt and she slid her arms out of her shirt and I fell back on her, feeling her breasts from over top of her bra.

Our lips met again, but this time I also kissed her cheeks, her neck, her chest, as I continued to massage her breasts over her bra. “Oh Michael, it feels so good.” Her hands went down to my belt and she started to undo my jeans. My hard cock felt freed as she pulled my jeans down. Her leg came up and her foot pushed my jeans the rest of the way off my legs.

I then pulled down her pants revealing matching red silk panties. I knelt above her virgin body. She looked pristine and sexy at the same time. Catherine then sat up and unhooked her red bra letting it fall down revealing her porcelain breasts. “You look so beautiful and sexy.” I whispered to her.

She then sat up further and pulled my boxers down while kissing me we fell back down on the bed with me on top, my hard throbbing cock rubbing into her red silk panties. “Oh…it feels so good against me again.” She exhilarated; “Please keep rubbing it against me…on my panties. i missed this….it feels so good… how will it fit all in me?… but i want it.”

Hearing that made me more excited. Her silk panties felt so good against my cock. They were becoming so wet the feel of her labia was seeping through panties as my shaft rubbed more into her. I decided i had to step back and rest the excitement that was growing in me and I slid down her virgin body. I kissed and sucked on her diamond nipples. teasing them by circling them with my tongue then pulling on them with my lips.

“Oh yes,, that’s… good,” Catherine panted as i continued to move down. I rubbed and massaged around her vagina, as her blood flowed from her head and through her body building up the heat inside her. Her panties her soaked with her nectar as I rubbed over them and i realized Catherine had shaved her bush.

I pushed her panties aside and my tongue licked her. Dancing along her slit and up to her clit. “Oh yes…” She moaned as her hand reached down grabbing my hair. “I missed this…” Arching her hips up to meet my mouth I pulled a pillow under her bum to get her more levitation.

My tongue swirled around her clit and i rubbed above her slit, lightly pulling on her, stretching her. “Oh yes….that feels so good.” Catherine panted. “Please…more…please.”

Her wetness was flowing through her. The taste of her virgin nectar was like peaches. I could feel her wet silk panties against my face and my tongue would rub into their folds as I circled her clit. Her hips started to buck up to my mouth and her hands slapped down on my head grasping my hair. “YES…..OHHH…..YESS….MORE….MORE…YESSSSS! YESSSSS!” Catherine screamed in pleasure as her hips bucked to my mouth, her legs clenching my head and her juices flowed over my face as she came in ecstasy.

“STOP! STOP. OOOOOHHHH!!!!! STOP! I CANT TAKE IT! OOOOOHHHH!!” She pushed my head away from her ripeness and I collapsed beside her. “Oh wow!! That was wonderful.” Catherine panted as she regained her composure. “I am so ready for you.” She reached down and pulled off her soaked panties, and I rolled on top of her, kissing her deeply as my my hardness pressed against her wet virgin mound.

I rubbed the mushroom head of my cock along her wet slit. My cock glistened with Catherine’s nectar while rubbing over her clit. “Don’t make me wait any longer. I’ve wanted this forever.” Catherine panted; “Somehow I knew from the day we met, on the first day of school…. Somehow I knew you would be my first.”

Catherine then kissed me deeply and arched her hips, opening herself to me. I brought my cock to her warm and wet cavern and started to slide it in. “Ohhh.” Catherine moaned as I started to move deeper inside. She felt herself stretch and the heat flowed through her body turning to pain as I slowly pushed through her hymen. “Eeeeee Ohh.” I slowly entered deeper inside and our bodies melted into each other. Our lips meeting again. My arms wrapped around her tight.

“Are you ok?” I whispered.

“Yes..Yes… I am.” She looked at me with her green eyes; “It hurts but is good.”

Catherine felt so tight around my thickness as i slowly moved back out. I could feel my hardness on the edge of her and slid back inside. Inch by inch filling her up again. “Ohhh…That’s better. Ohhhh.” The walls of her cavern grasped around me, but her wetness lubricated her so nicely to allow me to slide deep inside of her.

She smiled at me with her eyes wide open as I continued to slowly slide back then inside again. Her smile grew and changed slightly as she gained her composure shifting from feeling pain and being now overcome by pleasure. Her hips now moved up to meet mine as I grew harder inside her. “Oh Michael…” She moaned. “It feels so good….just like that..” She bucked her hips again as I continued to enter her.

My head fell down beside hers, my face falling into her red hair. Her sweet smell uncaptured me. The heat within Catherine and me grew and flowed together into every pore of our bodies. Catherine wrapped her arms and legs tight around me and I squeezed her tightly. Being deep inside her we truly became one as our bodies melted into one each other.

Our breathing became faster and harder. “OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” Is all Catherine could muster. My cock grew even harder deep inside her. Her cavern walls clenched even tighter around me as her heat grew inside. My cock pulsed and shot a warm load of cum inside her. I shook again and my cock continued to pulse and shoot more streams of cum deep inside her.

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