Deviant Dr. – Red Door

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This is a story about a house on Devante Dr. otherwise thought of as Deviant Dr. Every house on the block had a secret hidden behind the door. Every house was a den of sins and iniquity. This is the story of the deviance in the house with the Red Door.


It started like most things do, too subtly to realize it has begun. On Sienna Moore’s 18th birthday, her dad Mitch began giving her more than presents. It started as the party was winding down a reach to help clean up that brought him in contact with her breasts. The graze of his forearm across her nipples, the brush of a hand on her ass as he walked by. See Sienna was 18, shy and curvy. In the internet-soaked mind of boys her age she was considered too fat. She did not look like a stick figure wearing yoga shorts.

To a mature man she was perfect. Shining chestnut hair, wide sparkly brown eyes, an hour glass figure that looked like it could go all night. Wide hips, huge tits and an ass that looked like a target. The kind of ass a man could imagine covered in his cum… inside and out. So being overlooked by her peers, she was not used to the games that are played and thought that her father was getting clumsy. It persisted, brush, touch, bump, for weeks. Then he began to escalate, when she no longer reacted to the brushes by moving away he upped the game. Would hug her from behind, for long periods, cuddling his cock in the crease of her ass. His hugs always had one of his hands accidentally cupping her breast. He was walking in on her in the shower… accidentally. He was leaving his room with his robe untied, allowing full view of his chest and boxers. It was impossible not to notice that Mitch was good looking, 6’4″ with dark hair sparsely shot through with grey, a goatee to make him look rugged, and a barrel chest that tapered to a v-waist and pointed at a 10-inch monster cock that lay heavily against his thigh like a serpent coiled and waiting for a rush of blood to attack.

As she began to get comfortable with each step he would up his game. Grab his boxer covered cock and stroke it while she pretended not to see. Then let it harden and poke out at her. He would hug her and thrust slightly against her. If she tried to escape he would accidentally slip letting go of her and end up with a handful of flesh. He started buying her clothes a size too small and making her hems shorter.

Sienna didn’t know, she was clueless. She would whine to her mom, Sharon, that she was getting fatter, her mom would tsk and tell her she looked fine. Her mom tsk-ed everything away. She didn’t see the game happening in front of her anymore than Sienna did. Or if she did she didn’t try to stop it.

The subtlest shift came in the way that he talked to her. He told her to call her Daddy because he was sad that his princess was getting so big. Praising her with “good girl” if she did something he liked. For things he didn’t like, he would call her a tease. As things progressed, he started calling her a slutty tease, then shortened that to just a slut. It took three full months of daily insults, touching and accidents before he made his move.

It was family movie night, popcorn and blankets snuggled up on the couch. Sienna was in the middle of her parents curled up and bouncy. The movie was a romantic comedy that would keep the girls focused and attentive. But the film after was a dusty historical western that both would find boring. Mitch hoped that his wife would become drowsy so he could set his plan in motion.

During the first movie he rubbed Sienna haphazardly, so it didn’t seem to be on purpose. Her thigh, her arm, a brush of her breasts reaching for popcorn. He was glad to see that her nipples were erect and pushing brazenly through her night shirt. Sharon kept her rapt attention on the tv as the characters stumbled into unforeseen love.

Sienna was distracted by the flutter in her tummy every time her father touched her. She wasn’t sure what the feeling was, it felt like a mix between anxiety, shame and joy. Her body equally wanted to push closer and get farther away. It was confusing. She hoped her tummy would settle soon.

The first movie ended and everyone jumped up to refill glasses, use the restroom and stretch before the next video started. Her mother was looking a bit spent because the night before her husband had woken her by shoving his huge cock in her ass. He had “lubed” but not enough and the discomfort had kept her awake long after he had blown his load into her bowels. He had rolled over and slept like the dead. While she had pondered when it all had changed. When they had first married he had been attentive and cautious of her delicate body. He had gotten a job at a company that he came to loathe, and as his unhappiness with his job had developed, his slowly stopped bridling his strength. He would use sex to get out his stress, rage and aggression. She became a convenient vessel to deposit his load. When she got pregnant, he started to take every care with her. That lasted until escort bayan bursa Sienna had been 2 months old and lack of sleep and dissatisfaction at his job began to cloud the edges. Then she was once again relegated to the living sex doll life. He was kind to her during the day and made sure that their lives were beyond comfortable. When he was head hunted away from the company he hated she had great hope that things would return to the once upon a time, but patterns had been set. She even hoped another pregnancy would save her but she never got pregnant again. What she was unaware of was that her husband had instructed the doctor to tie her tubes after Sienna’s birth, claiming that the pregnancy had been too tough on her. To this day she did not know the lengths he had gone to in order to keep her in her cum vessel position.

They all settled back into the sofa, her mom curled her feet up next to her which meant that Sienna had to sit even closer to her dad. The movie began and within 10 minutes her mom was sound asleep. Sienna glanced at her briefly before turning back to the movie. Her eyelids were getting heavy 10 minutes later but before she had a chance to nod off, her father pulled her closer. He shifted positions so that she was basically sitting between his legs. He pulled her head into his chest as he began to stroke her arm in a comforting way.

“Sienna,” he whispered to keep from waking his wife, “I noticed earlier when I hugged you, I accidentally brushed your breast, your nipple was erect. I am worried that there might be something wrong. I don’t want to worry your mother because she will rush you to the hospital, but I do want to check to make sure everything is alright.”

Sienna tried to sit up as the shock of being ill grabbed her. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back. “Just sit still and I will examine them.” He said, gently covering her breasts with each of his hands. He gripped her breasts and palpitated them a bit. “I really can’t tell what is going on with your shirt in the way.”

He grabbed the hem and slowly pulled the night shirt up until it was tucked into her armpits. He stared at the massive breasts that had consumed him for the last three months. They were so heavy that they swung lower than a perky teen tit should, but he thought they were perfect. So much flesh he would have no trouble wrapping it around his cock. He could imagine tit fucking her endlessly.

He grabbed her naked tits and began palpitating them. Pinching her nipples between his fingers, tugging and twisting them so they stood at attention. As he got more worked up the rougher he became, gripping, twisting and pinching. She began to whimper and press back into him.

“Why are you so worked up, baby girl?” He whispered. “Your nipples are hard like you are turned on. I need to check something else.” He slid his hand down over her stomach and traced the edge of her cotton panties before letting his fingers dip inside. He stroked his way through her pubic hair until his fingers found her slippery slit. He pressed her clit causing her to arch into his hand. “Why are you wet? Is my little slut turned on being touched by her Daddy?”

“I am sorry. I don’t know what is going on. I don’t understand.” Sienna said. “I am sorry, Daddy. Please tell me how to stop it?”

“Oh sweetie, you can’t stop it because you are a dirty slut, aren’t you?” He panted against her ear, his hard cock pressed tightly between them. “Tell Daddy what a dirty slut you are?”

“I am so sorry I am a dirty slut, Daddy. I wish I could control it.”

“So, do I, but it seems that you need Daddy to take care of this for you.” He said grinding against her ass. “Daddy is going to have to train you how to be a good girl. This is totally inappropriate, being turned on by your Daddy.”

“I am sorry Daddy. How do I stop?”

“I doubt you can. A slut, is a slut, is a slut. We are just going to have to manage it.” He said slipping his fingers into her wet hole. He began pumping his fingers into her in the same rhythm he pressed his hips against her ass. His fingers propelled her higher and higher. She began to whimper and shift. “Shhh, slut, you don’t want to wake your mom. She would be very upset to know what a dirty slut you are.”

Sienna was on the verge of tears, her body was betraying her. Her shame at being a slut and responding to her father was converging on her. The orgasm was mixed up with so many emotions, but her turmoil did not lessen the tidal wave that was washing over her.

He grinned. All of his careful planning had bore fruit. She was a mixture of shame and desire, so she would respond to him but be too afraid to rat him out. He was going to have a brand-new virgin slut to break. His glee was almost uncontainable.

“I am so ashamed of you. Your behavior has triggered the biological response all men have to a slut.” Daddy said, pushing her to the side. He turned to face the TV again. Sienna scrambled to right her position. bursa sinirsiz eskort

“What can I do, Daddy?”

“When a man is confronted with a slut and her wiles, a man biologically responds by getting hard. It can be painful if the hard cock is not able to find release. So, if you are going to be a slut, you are going to have to fix the issues you create.” Daddy said. “Unfortunately, you do not know how to fix the issues. I am going to have to teach you. I swear, dumb sluts are killing this country. You are going to learn how to be a good girl, one way or another.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Go to your room.”

Sienna ran to the safety of her room without being asked twice. She couldn’t figure out what she had done. She sat on her bed clutching her teddy bear as tears streamed down her face. All to soon her dad stood in the doorway. In his hand was a bottle of baby oil. He walked in the room and pushed her back on the bed. He pulled off his pants and crawled up the bed until he was straddling her torso. He uncapped the oil and sprayed it liberally on her chest. He capped the bottle, tossing it aside he grabbed a nipple in each hand and used her abundant flesh to cover his straining cock. Sienna squeaked at the pain of his grip on her tender nipples.

“This is a titty-fuck, baby slut.” Mitch said roughly thrusting his hips. His cock sliding easily in the valley created by her tits. The tip of his cock thrust so far that it kept bumping her chin. He pictured her playing it up trying to catch his cock with her tongue and mouth. The image was so alluring that he could feel the cum boiling and the base of his spine tingle. It took merely two more thrusts before his cum was shooting all over her face and neck. He pulled back and began painting her tits with his seed. The sight of her wide eyed and cum covered made him shudder with pleasure.

“Is that better, Daddy?” Sienna asked quietly. Holding as still as possible, she waited to see if she was still in trouble. Her nipples had begun to burn from his grip on them and the heat was causing her pussy to pulse. Mitch watched her, his mind filling with the erotic filth he planned for her.

“Get some sleep, slut. I intend to teach you more slut ways tomorrow.” Mitch said touching the tip of her nose.

Sienna slept fitfully. She was covered in crusted cum and tear stains by the time she woke up. She heard her mom pull out of the driveway as she opened her eyes. She was going to be late if she didn’t get moving. As she sat up, her door opened and there stood her Daddy.

Mitch waited until his wife’s car had pulled out to head to the scene of the crime. He was giddy and slightly worried about what he would find. There she sat in her rumpled bedcovers, her crusted tits on display, her face puffy from crying.

“I am so late Daddy.” Sienna cried.

“I told your mom you were sick, and that is why you went to bed early.” Mitch said leaning against the door frame. “Little did she know that your sickness was being a deviant little slut. Even now you are showing your slut ways but sitting there with your tits out covered in last night’s spunk.”

Sienna blushed and tried to grab the covers.

“No point now, you woke the beast. Time to teach you more tricks to fix the problems you create.” Mitch sighed like he was burdened. “First go shower so you stop smelling like a cum bucket. Not that you aren’t a cum bucket but let’s get clean.”

Sienna stared at him. Unsure of what he was talking about.

“Now, whore, get moving.” Mitch barked.

Sienna sprang out of bed and headed for the shower. She was ashamed and confused but she didn’t want to make him angry. After she was clean she headed to her room to find clothes. She was pulling out an outfit when Daddy walked in.

“No need to dress for your lessons, baby slut. It is a waste of energy.” Mitch said. “Stand up straight, spread your legs.”

Sienna did as she was told. Daddy seemed very aggressive and she was not sure how he would react if she balked. She wanted her happy cuddly daddy back. Ever since he had touched her wet pussy he had been disappointed with her and gruff. She wanted to make him happy, she didn’t like it when he was mad.

Mitch toured around her, looking his fill at her luscious curves. There was no reason not to look and enjoy. There was no one to stop him from doing any depraved thing he could think of to her. She looked like she was built to be ridden rough and he was definitely interested in riding her as rough as possible. He had discovered that he liked a woman’s discomfort, a few pain-filled tears, a bit of bite in the fucking to make the pleasure all the more sweet. He had given up on his wife finding the magic in the pain/pleasure dance.

Sienna was fresh. He could layer the pain and the pleasure, the humiliation and the praise, turn her into a perfect plaything doing everything she could to gain approval that he would rarely fully give. escort bayan She would become the cock worshipping cum catcher that all women should strive to be. That was his plan.

He rubbed her erect nipple and grazed her clit. She wanted to move into his touch but she remained still. He continued to lightly brush her in random places until her pussy began to drip. Once she was turned on, he knew that she would stay that way no matter what he did.

Mitch stepped back and faced her. “Alright, you are a slut. Is that correct?”

Sienna hesitated, but as soon as he raised an eyebrow she knew better than to delay. “Yes, Daddy.”

“The fact that we know this about you, accept that there is no changing who you are on such a base level, means that we need to change how you deal with the aftermath of your slut behavior. This means that when you create a problem for the men around you, you know how to fix it. I am your father but I am also just a man that is not immune to your slut ways. Because of this I feel that it is my duty to teach you what you need to know to keep you from causing unnecessary trouble and pain to the men around you.”

Sienna felt a tear drip down her cheek. She had never intended to cause others pain and the fact that she didn’t even know what she was doing to cause it meant that she could not stop hurting people. She was a monster with a double G cup.

Mitch saw the tear and felt his dick pulse. “What is that for?”

“I am sorry that I am like this, I want to be different. I do not want to be a disappointment.” Sienna whispered.

“I understand, but you are a disappointment. I really hope that you can in some small way redeem yourself. Fixing the problems, you create is the first step to redemption.” Mitch said. “I think also that you will feel better if you are punished.”

Sienna glanced up startled. “What do you mean, Daddy?”

“I think that you feel guilty because what you are is painful to men and if you were punished for being a slut, it would make you feel better, like a small act of contrition. I think that we should try it and see if it helps. Maybe ease the guilt a bit.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Mitch felt something akin to glee spread though his chest. But he kept his face straight as he motioned her to the bed. “Put you hands on the mattress and spread your legs. Keep your ass high.” Mitch moved into position next to her. “We are going to start slow, a little open hand spanking like they give to naughty little girls. If this helps, we can get more in depth. We are going to explore our options and find what works best. I think a nice mixture of punishment and restitution is going to make you a much happier slut. You will feel less guilty and be able to attend to men properly.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” Sienna sighed gratefully.

Mitch began slowly, spreading his swats around her ass gently building the heat in her ass until it glowed soft red. Once she was primed he began upping the force, soon he was beating her ass hard. Sienna was crying uncontrollably but not begging for him to stop, she knew that she deserved this and more, so she would not make matters worse by making him feel guilty about having to punish her.

Mitch didn’t slow until his hand hurt to bad to continue. He was going to have to buy a paddle immediately. He caressed her ass enjoying how hot it felt, the raised edges of the welts, the various shades of bruising that were already showing through. It would be an array of colors for the next week and there was a real sense of accomplishment for Mitch. Sienna continued to cry and sniffle as quietly as she could.

Mitch moved his hand down until he reached her slit. The moisture was covering her thighs all the way down to her knees. There were many that believed that the blood that pooled in the area when a spanking was given caused the sex organs to soften and prepare, but Mitch knew that sluts needed the pain, so their natural response was to get wet from it.

Mitch wanted to cement this reaction in her so she would always blend the pain and pleasure in her mind. He began stroking her clit. She started to wiggle so he clamped his free hand in her hair and continued to play with her. When she started humping his hand he slid a finger inside of her and began finger fucking her hard. Sienna was moaning and climbing higher but he would not let her back down. He drove her into orgasm and kept at her until she came again. Mitch held her as her body shook.

“Do you feel better?” Mitch asked.

“Yes, sir.” Sienna panted.

“Well that is good to know, but unfortunately, you have once again behaved so wantonly that you have made things uncomfortable for me.” Mitch said grinding his cock into her hip. “I guess it is time for your next lesson. On your knees, slut.”

Sienna slid to her knees wincing when her abused posterior connected with her feet. Mitch licked his lips at the delectable sight of her discomfort. She kept her head bowed in shame as she sat there.

“Open your mouth.” Mitch said gripping her chin and raising it so he could see her face. Her mouth fell open, he slid his thumb inside. “Suck it.”

Sienna began sucking his thumb. “Good girl. You see how you are engaging your cheeks and your tongue but you are not using your teeth?”

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