Diablerie Ch. 16: The Ceremony

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Tamara yawned and stretched as she got out of her car, both of ours packed to the brim and still needing at least one more trip back to the old campus for the last of our things. With the day spent moving and then the drive into Oregon we were both drained and hugged briefly. Soaked in sweat and dying to relax, we entered the house to find Evan with his arms open, soft music playing while cool air pumped through the house, and an early dinner set on the table for us. “Welcome home girls.” Tamara and I threw down our initial suitcases and rushed over to hug him tightly. He chuckled and picked us up one by one and swung us gently as he did.

“Dad, I missed you so much.” Tears welled up in my eyes as he kissed me, his hands wrapping back around for another hug.

Tamara held her arms up in the air with a smile as she begged. “Master, can I have more hugs and kisses?”

“Oh sweetie of course you can!” He picked her up and spun her again as he kissed her, nibbling on her ears so she burst into giggles.

Setting her down he sat at the table and started to serve us each a helping of potatoes and brisket. Tamara couldn’t stop poking Evan in the side and I was so tired I set my hand right into my food at one point. I ate until I couldn’t hold anymore and stumbled up to my old room for a nap but Evan had locked the door.

“Hey Dad, what’s going on with my old room?” I called down as I jiggled the door handle a few more times.

“Oh that!” He called back up after the audible releasing of Tamara’s lips from his. “It’s a surprise for later, go have a nap in our room.” I sighed as I got into the room and hit the bed, peeling off my clothing and spreading out over the soft sheets.

Evan and Tamara were already starting to pant into each other on the couch, Tamara’s light squeals of pleasure slowly fading as my mind drifted far away. “Please, use me!” Pressing my head between two pillows with a smile, I let the sounds of lips hitting Tamara’s skin ease me to sleep.

Evan’s hair and cologne woke me like comforting food filling a kitchen as it hit my nose. Dusk had settled through the windows, but above me was the shining smile of my Dad who leaned down for a kiss. “Dad.” I felt tears forcing their way past my face and running over the side of my cheeks.

He kissed me again and again, his eyes reddening as he tried to hold back. “Gabby. I feel like I’ve been in a loop since you both left.” He held me so tight I felt crushed into his chest. “How did you two get this close to me?” Crying together, we rocked back and forth with each other, venting and pushing all the pain and doubt we endured over the last few months.

Curiosity of what was coming when we got home was so enveloping that sitting the moment felt unreal. Tamara came in and together the three of us collapsed into the bed. For hours we talked, laughed, cried, and helped each other let out everything we needed. “Please you two, wait there okay? I need to go get something ready.”

Looking at Tamara with a raised eyebrow and a shrug, I pulled her back into my arms. She and I tried to relax and wait patiently for Evan, breathing in the calm of the house. Evan called us down after a bit, and together we descended the stairs to the arrangement Evan had worked so hard on.

Evan had lit the candles all along the back porch and we stepped out into the beautiful cloth that was draped over the deck and had created a small enclosure where the flicker of the candles cast orange light onto the cloth. Soft music drifted in from an unknown speaker and on the table was a flower in front of each of the collars he had ordered us. Tamara’s was a beautiful blue, mine a deep forest green, and both were handmade out of leather and fixed with a tag on each one with our respective names.

Evan stepped forward and handed me the flower, having asked each of us the other’s favorite under the guise of surprise. He handed Tamara her flower and then spoke. “Come here Gabby.” I got closer and he tucked the flower into my hair before putting a gentle kiss on my lips. He opened up the collar and put a finger under my chin for me to look up as he put it on. His eyes were full of pride as he stared back at me. The inside of the collar was extremely soft and comfortable, making me turn my head just a few times to feel it on my skin. Feeling it protectively wrap around my neck for the first time, I felt like I had been given a suit of armor in his name.

I stepped back, letting her step forward and smile up at his as he put hers on. She wiggled excitedly, her cheery attitude putting a giggle in Evans breath. Tamara jumped so she could hear it jingle and put her hands to her cheek happily. “Master I love it.”

“Step back now you adorable fiend.” He laughed heartily and brushed her cheek with his thumb. Tamara took her spot next to me and gave me an eager look.

“Both of you have the same rules up to a point and then you both have individual rules. Please, repeat them after me.” Each of Evans hands were on the collars and we both put a hand to rest on his. Tamara and I spoke in unison after he Kıbrıs Escort uttered each rule.

“1. I will memorize my rules daily so I may recite them upon command for my Master.

2. When my Master cums in me or on me I will thank him.

3. I will never insult my Master.

4. I will always go over my safe words with my Master before we play, and after we play, I will tell him what I liked and what I didn’t like.

5. I am not allowed to masturbate or orgasm without my Masters permission.

6. I will wear my collar at all times when at home unless given permission to take it off, and will wear my public collar when out.

7. Master will have the freedom to use my body so long as long as I am not hurt or upset.

8. I will ask permission of my Master and my partner before I reveal our secret to anyone.

9. I will keep my word when I swear on my collar.

10. I will follow every order given by my Master.”

We were both grinning by the end of our rules and then he turned to me.

“Gabby, if you’re also going to be a Dominant for Tamara you have to be strong when I can’t be. These will be your extra rules.” His hand brushed my cheek once before he spoke with direction, leadership, and trust being passed to me.

“11. I will protect and care for my pet.

12. I will punish my pet if I need to.

13. I will help to train my pet so they may please Master and I.

14. I will dare to question my Master if it protects my pet.

15. I will act as my Master when he is not around, and hold my pet to her rules while obeying my own.”

Tamara stared at me with admiration for the promises I had taken for her. Evan turned to her next for her individual rules.

“11. I will serve my Mistress and treat her with the same respect as my Master.

12. Each day when the Master returns home I will clean his cock until he says I may stop.

13. I will always tell my Master or Mistress if I become too scared.

14. I will always remember that I am equal to my Master and Mistress, and I deserve love, respect, and attention.

15. I will tell my Master or Mistress if I come to harm at the hands of anyone.”

Evan smiled and kissed her again with a soft pat to the top of her head. “Good girl.” He had both of us rise and then knelt as he took our hands in his. “I will always promise to keep you safe, warm, fed, and give you all of the love and time I have. I promise to never stop learning how to be your Master. My duty is to my own health, my two partners, and to the life we can all build together.” Tamara leaned down and kissed him as he rose. She was starting to cry and we both hugged her. His arms kept shaking and tears had started running down the sides of his cheek. “I don’t understand how I wound up with you two in my heart like this.”

“You have a horny daughter.” Tamara laughed and playfully tugged at my collar with two fingers. As we chased each other back and forth in the little enclosure the jingling of our tags made Evan smile. We sat enjoying the candlelight for a while and discussed the kinks we wanted to try, what was off limits for each of us, and what we would have to get in touch with the community to understand more of. I had plenty of notes as Evan typed furiously on his phone to keep us with us and soon a very full list was ready.

Tamara was looking at the cloth with a large smile on her face. “I can’t believe all of this. I don’t want to ruin the moment, but I have a favor to ask.” We both turned and looked at her expectantly. “When I’m ready, can the two of you come with me to get the last of my items from my family’s old house?”

Evan and I met eyes and a feeling of dread and conviction washed its way through my blood and into my feet. “Should we expect any surprises when we do?”

Tamara sighed and continued to gaze happily. “Nothing as nice as this one. I don’t know of any surprises I’ve had quite like this.”

“Well depending on how you look at it, there’s a surprise for all of us in the basement.” Evan had a smirk and folded his arms happily.

“Wait, the basement? Does this have anything to do with the surprise in my room?” I asked, marveling at the series of events he crafted while we were away.

“That one isn’t quite done yet, but the one in the basement is all set for you to take a look at if you’d like to.” We walked through the house and for fun I jiggled the handle to my old room a few times and stuck my tongue out at Evan to which he bargained, “You’ll see that soon enough okay?”

Turning the handle to our basement, I let the door slowly creek open and was greeted by a soft red light that covered the stairs which were carpet as a child but now were covered in a beautiful tile. Cool air flowed upwards and a curious terror struck me as I carefully walked down the stairs. The basement had been cleared of all the items that were stored in it previously and now across the floor was the same tile as it met the fully furnished dungeon. On one wall was a set of various flogging toys, from paddles to canes to Lefkoşa Escort whips.

On another was a holding place for three collapsible kinds of tables that someone could be tied to, and in the center of the room was a large leather set of beams that formed an X; coated in straps every foot for each limb to be securely contained. Two chests were tiered out and open with dildos, vibrators, odds and ends to please or prepare with, and lastly the centerpiece of his new chamber. Evan had cut a second closet out and formed a gloryhole for people to use. The servicer would sit or even be restrained in the old pantry and used, hopefully with Evan having left the entry unlocked.

“Evan…” Tamara whispered. “How long did this take you?”

He stood proudly and admired the red little bulbs that were fixed in like emergency lights. “This is what I did every time I was horny when you both were at school. Every time I missed you, got angry at myself, or got scared you wouldn’t be back I would look at those collars and then come back down here to keep working.” We were both in shock at just how beautiful it all was. “I would think about all of the times you both made me smile, the first dates and nights with each of you. It carried me.”

“You carried us too.” I whispered, kissing his cheek.

Tamara started curiously examining every toy and object she could lift up while Evan and I smiled. I turned to him and took his hand, kissing it. “Dad, thank you.” He gave me a smirk and tilted his head until I caught onto what I was missing. “I mean thank you Master.” He smacked me on the ass in return and winked at me. “I’m glad to see you liked those books and sites I gave you. It seems like you drew a lot of inspiration from it all.”

He sighed and rubbed one of his eyes. “Gabby I spent two whole days just reading and asking questions to some unthinkably patient people online to even understand what the hell half of this is. I’m hoping someday you tell me where you learned it all.” I bit my lip and looked away so he wouldn’t see. “This whole world is pretty new to me. I feel like we need some kind of dominant tutor to come over and educate me.”

“Master, those exist.” I saw his tired humorous look and laughed. “We could save that for another day.”

Tamara was now grinning as she picked up one of the floggers and gave it a swing. “Easy pet.” Evan chuckled as she accidentally caught herself in one of the excited strokes of the flogger. She crossed the room and threw her arms around Evan hard enough to make him grunt as she jumped up and down in his arms. “If you have that much energy, why don’t you start your new routine and clean your Master and Mistress.” Tamara grinned and nodded.

“Yes sir. Of course.” She dropped to her knees and unbuttoned Evans pants first, then mine so we were both right there for her. Her licks to the tips were gentle but forceful, flicking us with her tongue so the head bobbed as she went from one to the other. In the red light of the dungeon her mouth simply looked like a wet hole as it took in Evan, her head pushing to the base of him and then repeating the same with me. Her hands stroked us as she then took long licks from the base to tip, alternating every few licks.

“Good girl, when Master gets close I want you to get on your hands and knees and spread that little hole for him to fill. I know you missed feeling his cum inside you.” She looked up as I degraded her, taking one of her hands away to remove her pants and wiggle out of them slowly. Her happy swishes of her hips like a tail threw her pants as she bobbed on Evans cock, thick noises of her slobbering him in spit to show her eagerness to make up for lost time.

“Master…I missed your taste so much.” She spoke when her mouth was open after each long push of him into her throat. Resting his throbbing cock across her forehead she started to pull her tongue across his balls in sloppy strokes, sucking from random angles and unable to get as much as she craved.

The sound of her mindlessly readjusting so her knees hit the hard tile without hesitation was inspiring as she gagged herself on Evan happily. The first drop of cum to touch the dungeon crawled down Tamara’s leg before gathering into a thick strand and connecting with the floor. Seeing her wiggles and how her cum twitched from them had revived my low energy for the night, and biting my lip I snapped my fingers at her and pointed to my buttoned pants. “You can start now.”

Evan got on the floor and Tamara let him sink in reverse cowgirl, her mouth then closed around my shaft, and my hand pushing her nose into my pussy. She had a hard gagging on my cock as Evan lifted her hips to fuck her. Smiling down at Evan, I pulled her face off of my cock and leaned down to her. “Where are your manners pet? Beg master to breed your slit for the first time in his new playroom.”

Tamara nodded furiously and started to call out, “Master! Please fill me up! Let me feel my first creampie in my collar!”

Grinning and grabbing her breasts firmly, I started to push her over Girne Escort the edge. Evan had her just far enough from his hips that he could fuck her as hard as he wanted, slapping and turning her overstimulated pussy into a flood. Together we worked each side of her, my cock roughly filling her mouth and making her look up at me with red and watering eyes.

Taking my cock out, I leaned down to talk right into her ear. “Go on Pet. Show Master how much you like your collar. Show him exactly what his new playroom is for.” She panted harder, her breasts bouncing as her eyes rolled back. “Give him a reason to bring you down here and play with your needy little cunt every day.” Tamara hadn’t been dropped by Evan in quite a while, and the supspace made her words fail, her eyes struggle to stay open, and her legs spread as wide as she could for him. She came freely, her slit now a poundable squirting toy that Evan was taking his months of frustration out on.

“Good girl.” Master reached up and took her by the collar, pulling her so she was flat against him on her back. “Masters going to breed you now, and you better not let a single drop get out, or we get to test the new canes I got.” Tamara gurgled like a drunken sorority girl, her nods making Evan laugh as he fucked her. “Thats my girl. Open yourself up. Masters gonna fill you.” He panted each of the words as he slammed into her as hard as he could. Tamaras eyes opened more the harder he hit her cervix, and her face all but screamed that she could feel his visibly pulsing shaft dumping his seed inside.

As soon as he wasnt gripping her tightly, she collapsed, falling off of him the side and onto the cold floor. Lifting her up, I carried her to the bench, setting her down where she could pant. Reaching out a hand to help Evan up, he sat next to Tamara, and I dashed for the stairs to fetch water. When I got back, the two were cuddled as they sat up, with Tamara curled into a little ball in his arms. Their smiles alone could have made me do anything in that second.

“C’mon. Lets get you into a warm bed.” Evan said, lifting Tamara who kicked her feet and fussed like a brat. She was still recovering from subspace as she sat in bed with her face sometimes covered in a cheeky smile. Sitting the in the middle, I look at her, and then at Evan.

“Dad the dungeon is beautiful. It’s actually insane how much you got done over the last semester.”

“I didn’t get to try the restraints!” Tamara half heartedly whined.

Evan grinned. “Thank god your back.”


Tamara struggled against the ropes holding her, the ones fastening her legs quickly soaking in the cum her overloaded pussy squirted onto the floor. Buzzing away the vibrator tightly in place was always pressed right at her clit and her lips were locked to the ball gag with drool pouring over the sides as she let out muffled screams.

“Master please!” I screamed knowing the dungeon walls would hold back anything from our neighbors. “I want you to get me pregnant!” He paused his thrusts and leaned over me, panting and giving me a kiss or two.

“Say that again.” His tone left me terrified of punishment considering his enjoyment of the power he had in his own little stone prison.

“Master…Dad…I wish you could get me pregnant. I wish so much that every time you get to cum inside me I might have the privilege of letting my legs sit high on our bed so we conceive. I wish I could honor you with kids instead of what I am.” My voice started to shake and quiver as I realized how truly scared I was inside. “I wish I could give you everything instead of being…this. I’m so sorry Master, I’m sorry I can’t. You deserve to have a real girl.”

I had no idea where all of this started to pour from, but the door was open and tears left streams down the sides of my face. Cracking layers of mental glass were spilling onto each other and tearing holes in my walls. The warmth of sub space turned into the cold and paranoid knives of a bad drug trip as everything around me felt tense.

“Hey, Gabby, it’s okay.” He tried to wipe them but they only continued to fall.

“I know I have to make up for being trans to you, if I was your real daughter I would be able to give us a life you never got the chance to have.” Nothing could stop the cracking of my voice and Evan slid his cock out of me before picking me up in his arms.

He grabbed a washcloth and went to wet it in the bathroom, returning to clean the lube from my body, and then another to clean himself. When I was mostly clean he kissed me on the forehead and whispered “Wait right there okay?”

Tamara’s posture with her blindfold and bound limbs still looked sad and the moment her gag was off she called red and said “Evan I think we should help-” to which he continued to untie her as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile I had started to let out heavy sobs with my head in my hands, spreading my legs in shame at my genitals and not wanting them to even brush the sides of my thighs. The tears stained my hair and when I looked up again, Tamara was brushing the hair out of my face as she squatted while Evan got ready to lift me up. He carried me with Tamara following close behind to the bedroom and set me down in the center so they could hold me from both sides. “Dad, I’m so sorry.” The words were slow to even form on my lips between the heavy panicked sobs.

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