Dianne and William Ch. 03

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They kissed all night. Their lips hardly parted; neither had any ideas of taking their lips south of the belt line, but that didn’t stop their fingers. They stroked and rubbed each other until Cam came all over Dianne’s hand. It was then that Cameron took the vibrator and turned it back on and started teasing Di’s clit.

Dianne wasn’t even that turned on anymore and the vibrator felt small inside her. William had stretched her out to the point where she just didn’t feel anything smaller. It was true that he was indeed the perfect size, he was just thick. It had hurt her a bit when he first entered her.

She still longed for his touch. No matter what Cam did, it just didn’t make up for that feeling that passed between them. So once again, Dianne faked her way through an orgasm.

Once they settled down on the bed, Cameron snuggled up against Dianne and drifted off to sleep. Di just lay there, dreaming in the dark of the man that left her. She wondered if she’d ever feel that intensity between her and someone else again. She hoped so.

However for now, Dianne just cuddled herself into Cameron, she just wanted to be held while she slept.


His night had been terrible. He didn’t want to leave her, but Harold was desperate on the phone. He knew he was wrong in leaving her like that.

On the trip back to her car, he tried to touch her leg or at least a strand of her hair, but she’d have none of it. He was truly deep in the dog house.

The thought of her having nothing to do with him anymore scared the living daylights out of him. He knew he had to make it up to her somehow. He needed her; he just couldn’t focus on his work knowing that she was mad at him.

It was then that he decided to surprise her.


The front door was open so he just walked right in; he knew his way around from the times that he and Cam had met here for their usual tutoring sessions.

When he came to the door that she would most likely be behind, he stalled, looking at his flowers to make sure they were indeed perfect. His heart was racing like a horse…he just never expected to find the scene that found.

The moment he went into the room and found them both naked together, flashes of his past relationship flew through his mind. His last girlfriend Christina had left him for another woman. It was from that moment that he became soured on women for such a long time. He never even noticed them when they walked by on the street. He never even looked at Cameron, she was attractive, just didn’t suit him.

Yet, he never expected for Dianne to fall into another woman’s arms. For others it excited them beyond belief. He did like the idea of women touching each other but in their own time and not with someone he is interested in. For that he would prefer to be in the room.

Still questions lingered in the back of his mind; did Cameron make her have an orgasm? Did she enjoy it? Would she ever consider doing it again? Does she even like him?

He just stood there and watched them lay in each others arms. It was true that watching them lay together was fun and he wanted to join them but the betrayal that played in his mind wouldn’t let him.

Instead he put the flowers down on the chair and wrote a note for her and left. He closed his eyes as he shut the door behind him then walked to bathroom and took out his contacts and placed his glasses back on his face. Back to the office he went, trying to leave everything he felt behind him.


When Dianne woke up she saw the flowers on the chair, slowly she got up without disturbing Cam and went to them. They were from William, the note he’d left made tears come to her eyes.

‘I never thought I’d ever have to find you in this way, you seemed like someone that I could end up loving and being with for eternity. Yet it is my folly in thinking so, I’m sorry if I’ve ever done anything to you that would grant your doing such actions that would ensure your unhappiness in my presence. Please, if you don’t mind relieving me of any dispositions that you have for me and I toward you. Sincerely, William.’

Even in her quiet sobs she heard Cameron start to wake up. This is not how she wanted things to end between them. She just didn’t understand why he’d gotten so upset, most men would jump to find someone they’re sleeping with in bed with another woman.

“Who are the flowers from?”


Cam sat up in bed and looked at the note in Dianne’s hand suspiciously. “What does the note say?”

“That he basically never wants to see me again. Why would he say something like that? Most men would jump to find girls in bed naked together.”

“He never told you.” It was all Cam could say, but she even realized how much it must of hurt him. Then to have her friend devastated by his words…the feeling of guilt overpowered her.

Di looked at her sharply after that. “Told me what?”

Cam just looked down and shifted the blanket, “That his ex girlfriend Chris left him for another girl. Escort bayan Since then he just hasn’t been in any mood for girls.”

Dianne just looked at the note again with new light; it made much more sense this time. The only question is, what would it take to get him back in her life? Seeing this note and realizing what she did last night was the ultimate betrayal in his eyes.

As the tears overflowed her eyes and rolled down her face she promised herself that no matter what she had to do, she was determined to get him back. In the back of her mind she allowed herself to let the secret desires to come forth and be acted on.


From Cam she learned where he worked. That day she dressed in a grey black-pinstriped mini skirt and short solid grey spaghetti tank top. In the mirror she almost looked like a catholic school girl, to throw off that idea she put on a black leather coat that landed mid-thigh. Just a bit lower then the skirt, her shoes were little black straps across her feet with a nice heel.

As she walked into the building, it wasn’t hard to notice that most of the people around her stopped and looked in her direction.

“May I help you with something miss?” A man asked her nearby.

“No, thank you. I know where I’m going.” And she did, she was lucky that Cam had come to his office at least twice when he was running late and was given immaculate directions on how to get to his office.

“Well then, I suppose you don’t want to be late.” He smiled and walked off.

It would have been nice have escort down to his office in case she got lost but it was something she had to do on her own. She didn’t want to explain why she was with another man in case he happened to be about.

As the hallway lead into his area of the building she could feel the butterflies grow in her stomach. Eventually she found the people he must work with, then she looked over and searched for the door that would lead to him. She noticed a few heads stick from around their cubicles and watch her enter through the door and close it.

“William?” She called his name hoping he’d respond.

He looked up at hearing his name, but was surprised he didn’t recognize her voice. “Dianne, what are you doing here?”

He sounded cold and harsh, it only further made the tears well in her eyes again. She walked over to him and held out his note. “Do you really mean what you said in this?”

His eyes moved from her face to her hand, and indeed the note he’d written was in her hand. He was hoping he’d never have to face it or her again, yet weakly he responded, “Yes. I do.”

The tears just flowed from her eyes even more as she came around and sat on the desk in front of him. She crumpled the paper and tried to throw it at him, yet it just seemed to fall from her hand. She watched as if in slow motion as the paper fell from her hand to the floor and roll under his chair. Her voice was just as weak, “Why?”

His eyes also followed the paper, slowly he raised them and looked at her. It was then that he took note of what she was wearing and it pained him at how aroused he was becoming. Without even thinking on it, he reached out and stroked her leg, it was enough of a touch to make her look at him.

The moment she looked at him as she felt his touch he retracted it as if she were poison. She saw the struggle in him, she knew how much she aroused him and vice versa. As if by instinct she knew not to touch him, for that would ensure his struggle and be completely thrown from her. Instead she just looked at him beseechingly and asked, “What can I do to make it up to you?”

He looked at her square in the eyes. “Cam told you didn’t she?”


“She told you why seeing you both there together would bring up such bad memories for me?”


“Did you enjoy it?”



She cast her eyes down and looked up at him again, whimpering, “Because it wasn’t you.”

Her confession about the night she’d had with Cameron made him look at her just a little bit more thoroughly. Her legs were spread rather openly and he took a small peek and noticed that her panties were sticking to her clit and a small shiny liquid was starting to make its way down her legs.

Still he just sat there considering her, letting her squirm for him to say something. He turned from her to fiddle with some papers behind him, “Tell me something that you’d like to do but haven’t had the guts to do it yet.”

She breathed out slowly and gulped, “To let a stranger watch me have sex, but not to join in.”

He turned around and looked at her, one eyebrow raised and regarded her now in a different way. Was she really as adventurous as she just made herself out to be? He had felt that she was hiding something deep within her when they first made their way around on his bed in the apartment. Something inside him told him that she wasn’t being pleasured correctly, and now with her current confession it only confirmed it. Still it was strange how she felt safe enough Bayan escort with him for such activities in such a short time when she and Alex had been together for months, possibly years. “Fascinating.”

From that small word she moved off the desk and stood in front of him and slipped her jacket off her shoulders and let it fall on the desk. She could see the slight bulge in his pants beginning to form as he watched her. “Another is the thrill of being walked in on, of course.”

He pushed back his chair enough and granted her access to be in front of him in which ever position she wanted. A small voice in the back of his mind told him to run now while he still had a chance before getting hurt. Yet he disobeyed his conscience and allowed her to sit in front of him on her knees.

She did indeed make up for everything as she sat there on the floor; first unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out of his briefs. Instead of taking it immediately into her mouth she looked at it from a few different angles, appraising it. Her eyes followed the length of his cock and then directly to his eyes. There was a carnal lust in them but also something else, it baffled her.

After a moment she licks her finger and lightly touches the spot on the top of his head and slides her finger completely down the backside of the shaft to his balls. She continues to stroke him like this until she sees a bit of sticky wetness forming on him. Only then she takes her lips and lightly nudges them against his skin.

Her breath is warm against him and he feels it more as she moves her head down to the very spot of the end of her strokes. So close, so warm on his skin, it sent jolts of electricity into him and back out. It was then that he felt something warm and wet on that same spot; her tongue was playing around the end of his shaft, waiting to move up. When he thought she wasn’t going to move her tongue anymore he felt the soft movements in a slow back and forth massaging manner up the shaft.

The moment her tongue reached the spot where the head meets on the underside she stopped. She flicked her tongue watching his reaction, his eyes just closed and he stifled a moan. With her hand she slid her fingers up and down his shaft before reaching down and massaging his balls. She liked teasing and pleasuring him in this way. Just enough but not quite the whole thing.

To be honest, he had enough of being teased this way, especially at the office. Not to mention the time, he had a conference call in nearly twenty minutes. Just when she was about to put her lips around his head he got up and pulled her up on the desk. The stunned look on her face as he did so only made him want her even more.

She watched him as he slid his hands up under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She smiled as she felt his fingers slowly circle her clit. She stifled a small giggle in the idea that he was teasing her as much as she was teasing him. Thinking of what he had in mind, she opened her legs wider for him.

As she opened her legs, he took his finger and slid it into her once feeling the wetness seep all over it. After he took his finger out, he brought it up to her mouth for her to suck, which she did with some resistance. When she was done he cupped her ass in his hands and pulled her to the edge of the desk, then opened her legs a bit wider and thrust himself into her.

She gasped and moaned silently as he thrust himself into her again and again, she placed her arms around him tightly. “Take me.” She whispered and moaned in his ear at once. It was then that she felt a shift in his stance as the curled her tightly next to him and took her harder and faster.

With all her might she gripped her arms and subdued her moans as she felt herself begin to buck wildly against him. When she felt him starting to come he pulled himself out and held himself back enough to move the straps from her top down, exposing her creamy white breasts. Then he motioned for her to get on her knees. She did so, but made the mistake in thinking he wanted her to suck him. He didn’t. Instead he had her milk him all over her breasts.

His semen spurt all over her chest, then taking a finger and scooping up enough and feeding it between her lips letting her suck his sweet taste. With his other hand he slid the straps of her shirt back up on her shoulders. As he sat back in his chair, admiring the look of his juices peeking out on her chest from her shirt, from that alone he wanted to take her again but hadn’t the time. He watched her as she slid herself from the desk and looked for and tried to reach for a tissue but his hand stopped her, “Don’t wipe it away.”

She looked at him as if he were crazy, “And walk out of here with big white globs of you on my chest? Are you nuts?”

“Please, I’d like to think of it sitting there as you walked out of here, letting everyone see it. Oh, and I’m keeping these.” He scooped up her panties and put them in his desk drawer.

As she watched him do so, her eyes just went wide at the thoughts of why he Escort would want to keep them. What was he going to do, smell them? “Umm…okay.” It was all she could think of to say as her mind raced with thoughts of walking out of here without them on. Would everyone be able to tell?

“Thank you for stopping by, and to be honest, I didn’t want to never see you again.”

She leaned in and kissed him, slowly sliding her tongue into his mouth, and then doing so with such a force that it took all his concentration to pull away. “Call me.” Before she stood up she brushed her hand back across his pants front and felt him growing under her hand.


Alex was sitting in the living room with Cam when Dianne walked back into the house humming and smiling to herself. It vanished as she saw him looking at her and the sticky white coloring on her chest. “Hi.” It was all she could think of to say to him before looking at Cam who was just sitting there watching the scene before her eyes.

“How are you?” He asked, standing up and walking over to face her. His eyes followed the length of her neck to her chest, he could see the dried semen all over her. “You might want to clean yourself up, you smell horrible and its noticeable.” With that he walks off down the hall way to the kitchen.

Dianne’s lower lip just trembles as she realizes how hurt he looked in his eyes as he saw the remains of her afternoon adventure. Her voice is weak as she looks at Cam who in that same moment had the same fire in her eyes as Alex. “Cam?”

Cam pounces up from her chair and comes towards Dianne. “Do you have any idea what that small thing just did?” Her voice was like ice in the quiet room. “Do you have any idea how hurt he is by all this? You know he saw you in the library, he sat there and watched as you made a spectacle of yourself by running off with Will after such a short time! I could hardly believe it myself!”

Dianne watches as Cam leaves the room in pursuit of Alex. What has her world become? She was loosing her friends over a man. She was dumping them to be with him. That was the cardinal rule of what not to do. She felt tears come to her eyes as they ran down her cheeks with helpless abandon. Her knees sank to the floor and there she sat analyzing the pain she had inadvertently caused. Cam didn’t come back in the room all day and night. Dianne just sat there, in shock, never even noticing that her phone was ringing.


“Alex, calm down.” Cam kept pleading as she sat from the chair at the table. Alex was pacing the floor, muttering words under his breath that she couldn’t hear. “No! I will not! How in the hell did she change so dramatically over night? She never liked sex and now she’s going after it! WHAT THE HELL?” He stopped pacing and faced her for the thousandth time that night. His chest was heaving in anger at how ridiculous all this was.

“Alex,” she started, but at a loss of words decided to keep her mouth closed. Instead she got up from the table and stood in front of him. She studied his face, he was the most attractive man she’d ever seen. His hair was of medium length and black as a crows that shown as blue in the sunlight. His eyes were the exact opposite of his hair, light and green. His skin was like her own, a dark tan. If that wasn’t enough his body was the kind you’d see in the magazines. Tone, sculpted, and smooth as silk.

“Cameron.” He said as he looked towards her chest, he guessed that they were at least a C or D cup. As he stood there with her so close it was all he could think to do to throw her on the table and use her. Use her for being a friend of the woman that broke him. Use him to relieve his own anger and stress. Use her for being attractive and wanton. She moved away from him and went to find herself a drink out of the refrigerator.

“Do you want something?”

“Yes and No.”

“Then which is it?”

“No I don’t want anything to drink.”

“And the yes is?”

He was silent a moment before he answered, “I’d rather not.”

As she bent over to get a bottle of water from the bottom drawer she looked back at him, “Why not?”

It was all he could do not to look at her ass; she was wearing a pair of shorts that had the crotch cut out. She had nothing on under them. He could see the lips of which is own and his cock would love to be on. He could feel himself growing in his own shorts, “I’d just rather not.”

“Alex, you know you can say anything to me. It’ll stay right here between us.”

“I know, but I’d just rather not.”

“Fine.” She gets her water and slowly but surely drinks it all down. When she was finished, “Alex, close your eyes and extend your hand, I’m going to lead you somewhere.” She noticed the bulge in his pants and took him to Dianne’s room where she sat him on the bed and started taking his shirt off.

His eyes flung open, “What are you doing?”

“Taking care of matters at hand.” Her eyes had followed the length of his body to his growing cock in his pants. “Don’t worry, its just sex.” He gulped and allowed himself to be taken by her. It had been one of his long time fantasies to be with her. She was just as beautiful as Dianne, if not more so. Her hair was long and blonde, but her eyes were big and dark.

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